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Owner Ross: Signs indicate Bill Parcells back

The primary question that looms this offseason about the Dolphins has not changed at all from last season: Will Bill Parcells return as the team's football czar next year?

Owner Stephen Ross believes he will be. I asked him after today's 30-24 Dolphins loss to Pittsburgh if he is certain Parcells will be back?

"You can never be certain," Ross said. "I mean, I can't speak for him. I'm certainly hopeful and all signs from my conversations with him would indicate to me he will be. So I'm optimistic. I believe he will be. But I can't speak for him."

Parcells, in the third year of a four-year contract next year, is free to walk away from his deal and still be paid.

Aside from Ross's optimism, you can infer Parcells will be back because he's been spending a lot of time studying the Dolphins current players on tape (suggesting he was to reach his own evaluation on them) and he's been studying college talent (suggesting he's going to add to the Dolphins in the offseason).

Despite the obvious satisfaction with Parcells and the expectation he will be back, Sunday marked the second season in a row former Kansas City president Carl Peterson is on hand for the Dolphins' season-finale. I don't know what it all means, but he was definitely at LandShark on Sunday. 

As an aside, Ross told me he was told by the team doctors and trainers that Pat White will be fine.


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Great move, not only that but the shula steakhouse will be glad he's back......

All the Golden Corrals too........

Mando what about the draft any word yet? Will it be LB or WR with the first pick?


What # in the draft are we? Is it set? Some one said #10...

El Guru, Chill, Mando's not related to Nostradamus...(Are you mando?)

Parcells will b back,I can't see a man like him walking away incomplete

If you are give me some Power ball numbers for the Tri stae area....

Do we have player to trade indraft to move up?

Gertudys, I agree 100%, there's still plenty of All-you-can-eat places in miami that the Tuna hasnt been.....

Is he fat like that?

Also Mando,

Please tell us when they waive Ginn, Wilson, Ayodele, Torbor Ect.....

Gertudys, OH yeah he be packing serious weight buddy......, He looks like 6 foot 2 pear...

BRANDON MARSHALL, please guys lets jump on this beast, it looks like he's gonna be available!!

Can give away all the "players" white trash mentions to move in draft?

Think of the trouble Marshall can get in in Miami Canfan.....

I think tuna don't like guys like Marshall but that would be nice

I would say trade Ginn for a pick but Ginn is a major Pus*y, no one wants that cancer on their team.


The team regressed...I haven't seen a Dolphins team as passionless as this one since the Dave Wannstadt days. They lacked passion in most of the basic elements of the game: tackling and catching...I would hope that Ginn Jr is already on the waiver wire, for the lack of dropped (and catchable) balls, as well as the appearance of running backwards on kickoffs (except the Jets game)...Sparano needs to take some heat too for not inciting passion into this team...Hopefully they will put a better product on the field for the 2010 season.
PS. Pat White, I hope you're not seriously hurt, brother.

Unless Marshall has a 96 ounce T-Bone steak around his neck , The Tuna wont even look at him....

Hard to sell that kind of puss..

Hard to give away that kind of Pus*y.

Pat White at least has guts.

Will I have to buy this iPhone app again nex year?

I hear Ted(I fall down )Ginn isd having the 1st nut sack surgery in 2 weeks, lets hope it helps.......

Pat white will be great in a couple of years , remember you heard it here first folks !!

I think Parcells walks . . . and it will shock and devastate the management and the team. What else does this team have but the hope that Parcells is the messiah who can fix this franchise?

Mando, Can you confirm this Nut-sack story for us??????

White now know what this this league is watch yo head.he do got guts. Good luck pat...

They messed up,he's now a unik

can you imagine marino setting out the second half of a football game that mattered that much i know houston won but they didnt henne needs grow some balls even if the coachs told to sit put up a fight demand to be the game another year another let down

Why is Parcells being back a good thing Mando?

We just completed a losing season.

Bruce I could not disagree more. The team went out there and fought despite losing their starting QB and RB. We knew coming into the season we didn't have an elite team and losing the two guys who played at that level last year on offense was a big obstacle. A lot of good came out of this season just like last year. I think we have found our answer at QB and CB and hopefully can patch up the holes in the defense. Also obviously dropped balls were a problem but hartline and bess proved they can be a #2 and 3 receiver in the NFL with a big #1 threat I think the offense could explode. Another season in the new fins era, and another positive offseason to come. Go fins, I wouldn't want to watch any other team as a fan. Great job this season Armando looking forward to the offseason blog

come on now, the wild pat experiment failed. the guy is going to get killed. oh, by the way thigpen f@#$in sucks too! trade everyone or cut them whatever you have to do and start from scratch.

Hello!this team isnt done,he'll leave when he feels coaches r in complete control

Good opinion MC

Gertrudys, you know the sun go's super nova in 5 billion years right????lol

Pam Oliver is still fine as hell!


we need a qb secondary and linebackers

I got crazy faith

We need lb's n wr's not qb

So do I, Its been a love/hate relationship for my whole life.....

Pack it up pack it in, get rid of Ginn. Send him and his family to Baltimore so Cam can renew his love affair. Get rid of Gerbil. Keep the players with heart: JT, Polite, Bell, Hilliard.

It's like my last chick,going back n forth...

Guys,i've watched every Dolphins game this season and i have to admit,Defense is the way to go in the draft. Dont get me wrong,i'm sick and tired of waiting for an elite WR in a Dolphins uniform but even if Miami picks Dez Bryant,who is apparently the most explosive WR in this years draft,it generally takes WR's 2-3 years to really blossom. Think about how many points this Miami offense has put up compared to the points given up.

Parcells also does'nt like picking Receivers in the 1st so just cant imagine that would happen.

Please take a look at the footage of Rolando McClain....this guy looks fookin awesome and i'm predicting you guys,once you've seen this footage will be gagging for the Fins to select him...


You can ignore me question on Pat. Thanks for the update.

I hear you brother, just when you think everythings good, she breaks your heart.....AGAIN......

I'm outtie,love dolfans Jehova watch over pat peace out

Hope he stays! A couple of things, first, could you possibly furnish us with the stats of how many plays of 40, 50 and 60 or more yrds we gave up, and how many of those we had? Second, your view on keeping Pasqualoni. I know it's not likely, but i really think we need to go in another direction there.


Has us @ #12 pick.

Peace out Gertrudys......

PO, what do you think the top pick should be??

I dont see how thigpen was 3rd
String QB all this time.

Don't know yet, Defense for sure, waiting for the combine.

Mark , we've talked about Rolando Mcclain . he isn't new to us thank you. LOL !

True a defense player has more impact then a offensive plaer except maybe a running back...

LB or NT, Trade for WR. Lets see what happens in Free agency.

Too many variables.

Ud think with the defensive additions thru FA last yr we could focus on getting our go to WR, but we clearly need LBs as evidenced by Bell being our leading tackler 2 yrs in a row.. Thanks to torbor and ayodell for being just good enough to be backups but nowhere near good enough to play every down

Only one bright spot on this team. Vontae is the only player I have hope for. Everyone else is just a bunch of losers like our losing season.

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