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Patriots decline underway in second quarter

FOXBORO -- What a butt-kicking!

The Ravens scored on the first play from scrimmage and really haven't stopped since. They lead the homestanding Patriots 24-0.

The home crowd is booing Brady because he's already been intercepted and fumbled on a strip sack.

It decline and fall of the Roman empire, I mean, of the New England Patriots continues in the second quarter portion of this live blog.


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Lol bossy amondo lol

Some one go find GoPats for me please!!!

Looks like Al Groh is going to GT as their DC.

The end is near.

Wow crazy break

That kind of BS stuff is the only thing that can get the Patriots back in this game.

Red flag!

It is NOT like a receiver.. all he needed was control for a second then it is a fumble out of bounds...

No challenge!?!?

Why didn't they challenge?

I mean, am not sure he had that possesion, but the announcers are wrong with respect to holding on to it through the play like a receiver..

I thought Harbaugh would challenge. I guess he's the anti-Marvin Lewis.

Terrible coaching by Harbaugh. I cannot stand him or his brother.

still think the NFL Refs aren't biased?

24-0. I'm thinking it's not worth the challenge right now.

why didn't that schmuck challenge?!? That was the anti-Marvin Lewis (overchallenged last nite) decision.

Lol WTF !?

The refs tried to give them a first down.

MArvin Lewis managed that game HORRIBLY last night.

I'd laugh if the patriots don't get that 1tst down

Defense playing pretty tough. Could end up with just 3 points.

mando---i swear i didn't see your comment until i posted mine (& i had to repost from below)......great minds, etc.

Mando- can you share what path the Fins will take in free agency/draft. We know the positions they need, but what position might be more draft-like and other spots via free agency.

Lol that ref really did try to give them that first!!!

NJ, I don't base my opinion on Belichick based on what picks he's got coming or not.

I just don't see the same fire in the guy. Just that.

Three points would be a moral victory for Tom.

Between Gnata and Gregg that Raven interior is stout. That's where need to start and build out.

Brady is a wuzzy

Lol he could of ran for that TD he's such a woss

3 years ago Brady would have ran that one in.

he could have ran and scored

Is Brady growing a mullet? He looks a little shaggy, Mando can you confirm this?


gnata rawks......that's what every 3-4 needs........

That dude is way better than Welker,no wonder Tom wasn't worried when Wes got hurt.

I will be leaving the live blog for a while to go confirm Brady's mullet length for Carlito.

Mando, the pats may definitely be in a decline, but they sure are positioning themselves to build back up. They have four of the first 59 draft picks in what is being called the deepest draft in years...scary.

Mando . i agree it over for the pats for now . Age has caught up. I did read you saying this might be belicheat last year. I was a LITTLE suprised because NE has alot of draft picks coming up the next 2 years to reload including 3 second rounders this year ( including their 1st ) and 2 first round draft picks next year ( oaklands could be top 10 )

Former Dolphins Jalen Parmele deep for the Ravens.

I don't think Brady wants to run knowing Ray Lewis is somewhere on the field.

Lewis speared Julian's neck real good.......wish our guys would learn the art of unflagged dirty plays.

15 yard facemask

Sad thought... If the jets are the best team in the afc this second and we all know the pats are done the bills suck monkey balls.. The only team to stop the jets next year will be us so I hope the big tuna gets agressive this offseason. I couldn't bear to see the jets running the AFC East!

Mike, everyone, I know the Pats have a bunch of draft picks.

But the guy who made those picks in the past -- Scott Pioli -- is not in New England anymore. Remember that?

This game is not over. Stupid st play gave pats life.

miami has to have an awesome draft this yr no whiffs in the second round.a wide receiver such as arrelious benn or golden tate if he fell

Faulk over there like JT does I don't think the dynasty can pull it out today haha!


If Belicheat walks next year who do you have in mind as a new head coach for the Patsies?

The Ravens should have challenged the fumbled punt recovery. Dumb. Especially if the Pats comeback.

My only concerns are with an uncapped season, do the rich owners such as Jerry Jones BUY their team??

Good point Mondo. No pioli. Bad picks.

way to go Carlito..

now you need to fill in for Armando!

Blazzin, I don't think the Bills suck monkey balls.

I do laugh when I write that, tho.

Was edelman undrafted?

Run Ray run!

Tom Brady hasn't looked this bad since drew bledsoe went out. His down season is making Bellichick hate his life. I think bellichick is over football.. He gone sooooooonnnnn

Max, Brady doesn't want to run knowing Lewis is somewhere in the country.

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