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Patriots decline underway in second quarter

FOXBORO -- What a butt-kicking!

The Ravens scored on the first play from scrimmage and really haven't stopped since. They lead the homestanding Patriots 24-0.

The home crowd is booing Brady because he's already been intercepted and fumbled on a strip sack.

It decline and fall of the Roman empire, I mean, of the New England Patriots continues in the second quarter portion of this live blog.


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Cam is a good OC. Maybe he'll be in buffalo. Trade for ginn and two picks? Lol. Good family.

LOL Mando...right as usual.

Rex Ryan wore a XXL shirt during a CBS interview earlier. Does anyone believe he only wears a XXL?

Bad Pass!


Ginn to bears. Will Allen for picks and Briggs.

Does Moss still play for the Pats?

Baltimore known for not finishing lik our phins.

i hate the pats but game not over yet,remember phins were leading both indy n saints bigtime n lost both games

It does not surprise me that Cam Cameron's offensive genius is trying to keep NE in the game.

run the ball!

LOL @ MANDO . How the hell can you read anything about belicheat. The guy is expessionless !!! :)

A lot of 3rd and shorts now. Maybe some play at line going pats way?

fake punt anyone?

Mando do you think Grice-mullen is the answer to our WR problem?

I just feel like Belichick has mellowed. Now he's only a second-degree butt wipe instead of a third-degree dojo butt wipe.

Well, the patsies biggest play thus far came from their biggest playmaker. The REFS!

This game is still close. Let flacco fling it. Run some screen passes. Run the wildcat with Willis.

I think people forget how special Brushci, Vrabel, Milloy, Law etc. were for the Pats. It was more than the coach and QB.

BTW, they never won a Super Bowl with Moss. Interesting.

Do the Phins have a deal with the BC Lions? Like they are our farm team?

LOL @ H8dpats. Are you kidding me ?

H8dpats, I have not seen Grice-Mullen play but all accounts are he has inconsistent hands and is more like a return guy than anything else.

Huge opportunity to get back in the game, Brady blew that one

It's amazing how ordinary this Patriots team is when they dont cheat

Mando, 3-4 or back to 4-3 for phins? Any chance on getting Suh?

NYFINFAN that was funny...

Does Moss still play for the Pats?

Posted by: beerndrums | January 10, 2010 at 02:06 PM

No doubt! There must be moss growing on moss. Ouch! Was Welker carrying Moss all this time?

LOL @ mando with 2nd degree buttwipe.

Say what? Seau?

Check out Seau!

I need to be honest. I think Chad Henne is better than Flaco and Ryan. I know both were injured some, but the other two either have more weapons or a better defense.

I like Henne.

Let's get real conservative now.

LOL on the refs, Max!

Cam needs to change it up. Dial up Ernie

Pats score here and they get the ball first in the second half? Could make it a game.

Dolphins are not changing from a 3-4.

Maybe belly was laughing when we took white and he got Edelman for less and more production.

If Ne scores here , this game will NOT be over.

Mando all of the film I saw on him at his best was college footage. It looked impressive but then so did Teddy Ginns and see where that got us. We might be just trading one lame duck for another.

Thanks mando for answering the 3-4 question. I just hope they get a 3-4 DT.

Hey Armando,

Did you ever find out if the Henne second half against the Steelers was actually an injury or the coaches pulling him?

I hate the Pats.

That's the trouble with "elite" WRs. They will disappear on you sometimes. Ain't saying we don't need one but sometimes........

Maybe Brady's injury is showing on his short passes.

Moss was single covered.

Yann, last year I got ripped on this blog when I wrote the Patriots had moved ahead of the Dolphins.

Nobody said anything about that when the Pats won the division. Trust me, one comment I make in January will not carry over all the way to September. Lots of things can change between now and then.

Hennes vision was still blurred the next Fay he said.

Day even

Patriots closer to getting back into the game.

Edelman not drafted.

I just feel like since the coaches made that diva comment that tells me they won't be looking for a star WR and just settle for mediocre even though mediocre will not be acceptable.

Almost went cfl.

I think you got the answer nyfinfan, the guy said his visionn was still blurry the next day. he said he got hit in the temple.

Chad Johnson available?

Nice offensive pass int. On moss?

Chad Johnson sans Twitter?

Good stop bal.

Call a timeout Baltimore....now.

If we settle for mediocre the we are already there. Using sporanos own words.

mando henne was lying n u know it,dont drink the koolaid

Hey Calphin, even though it makes more sense to run the 4-3 when you don't have the people, Parcells ain't going to change. I was in a dream world the other day and Mando had to straighten me out.

LMaO what was he doing going under that circle of patriots!?!?

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