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Patriots decline underway in second quarter

FOXBORO -- What a butt-kicking!

The Ravens scored on the first play from scrimmage and really haven't stopped since. They lead the homestanding Patriots 24-0.

The home crowd is booing Brady because he's already been intercepted and fumbled on a strip sack.

It decline and fall of the Roman empire, I mean, of the New England Patriots continues in the second quarter portion of this live blog.


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Your right finfan

i agree nj fish fan.

That a stupid series by the Pats. This was the same go for it Belicheat and now all of a sudden he punts?

parcells n sparano r tied at the hip,the r going to force pat white down our throats no matter how much he sucks

I think a big reason they picked up Pat White is because of his bowl game record. It does say a lot of him stepping up and performing in big games.

I mean the kid does have heart, no doubt there, but can they settle him down??

Question for everyone:

Better ILB today -- Junior Seau or Akin Ayodele?

One thing about stadiums I never understood, why are we worried about putting a roof on a stadium in the warm South when stadiums in the North freeze their fans to death? You can say home field advantage if you practice and play in the cold, but why make your own fans suffer?

ngata on offense!...ya gotta admit that's sweet!

SEAU , by FAR !!!

Ouch I would have to say Eau.

Both stink, neither one is a true ILB. Didn't Seau start and OLB?

junior....sad but true

this is turning into one heckuva drive.


Seau without any doubt. Anyone at this present time is better than Ayodele

Have not seen enough of Seau's playin this year to make a call.

But its sad enough to even ask the question.

Blurry vision??? Imagine what Pat White must have saw after that hit in the sidelines...I bet he was back in a college bowl game

Nobody said Ayodele. Doesn't that speak to Miami's huge needs on defense?

U mean we need lb's????

FOOD for thought regarding the 3-4 or 4-3 debate. The 2 teams who i think will play in the super bowl SD VS Dallas both play the 3-4. Also add the other playoff teams jets , ne , balt , gb , etc.

Seau and he's 50 years old.

I think Mark said it.. you could have asked us about anyone vs Ayodele and we would have picked anyone, after seeing other teams take advantage of the coverage mismatch when Ayodele tried to cover..

Jenna Elfman is the worst. Ever.

Dont worry,we have Reggie Torbor

Which philosophy do you subscribe to Armando? Parcells wants HUGE LB's who can clog the middle and hit or JJ's speed demons who can tackle from sideline to sideline?

NJ, When the Phins were under Shula and the entire league was changing to a 4-3 and we still had a 3-4 said that you have to put the system to maximize the talent you have. That was under Olivadotti.

I guess it's all cyclical.




If McClain is gone by the time Miami pick at 12,what are the chances of us picking Brandon Spikes or is he more a 2nd rounder?

FinFanEd - At 6' and 190, Pat White is too short and too puny. But nj fish fan is probably right. They will continue to keep him in there until he really gets hurt.

Moreover, I do not think the Fins will pick up any top receivers EXCEPT, maybe, Lee Evans. And that would be a damned good pickup. A quiet, fast, sure handed #1. We just have to pray the Bills don't lock him up before the Fins get a shot (if they are actually going to take a shot in FA - but maybe they're content with the back end of the draft guys and we all know Henning loves Teddy).

If the Ravens win, maybe the Bills will try to get CamCam as their HC. Then we'll be set for at least a year or two until they replace him.

Look, we got an offensive foundation that should be great for a long time...time to work on the D this year...except for a WR we need to concentrate on the big D this draft

Just now getting to the blog. LOL Carlito

If 62-7 Brady and Bellicheat retires...

ProFootballtalk says CamMoreon want to try HC again.

Patsies and Cam Moreon a match made in heaven.

Ginn and his family trade to CamMoreon and Patsies for our 1st round pick back.

Maybe a Patriots ending like Dolphins after the Playoff loss to Bills: end of Marino and Shula

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