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Patriots dynasty on the ropes to start 4th quarter

FOXBORO -- The Patriots did score a TD in the third quarter and that did close the gap to 27-14.

But the team of the last decade is teetering on playoff elimination.

It is the fourth quarter. Time for heroes. And time for reality.

We shall see what they got. If anything.

Join me in the comments section.


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Anybody here? I hear echoes ...

Is Moss injured or is this one of those games he tends to quiet in the night?

Well, Armando what do you think of Armando's writing this season?

Wilfork looks tired.

Mando , how many teams you know won super bowls through free agency and how many teams won through the draft ? LMFAO !!!!

Gawd I hate the Ravens, but i hate the cheatriots more.

I thought Armando started off strong but, like the Dolphins, hit a tough stretch at the end of the season.

But you've been better since the season ended.


Welcome. You are my fave.


that was a first down even simms the brady lover agrees

you talk to yorself alot Armando?

Servers acting up again.


Mando, I liked your writings this year. The Buffalo prediction was not too hot nor your take on coach's challenges. However, you are the best and most reliable in South Fla.

Omar Kelly is THE worst. Everything he says, the opposite happens.

NJ, most teams wins doing a bit of EVERYTHING.

To say you only do it by drafting ... not usually.

By free agency only ... never.

Both? That and trades, practically all the time.

So, Armando, whats with the elite 8 and free agent pick up restrictions? Can you explain that a bit more?

Wilfork looks tired.

the Buffalo prediction, Wayne Fontes? Specify ...

Refs just embarrassing themselves now with the bias.

The elite 8 restriction is simple. You make the Elite 8 you cannot add a free agent unless you lose a free agent. Simple as that.

Yay I'm in!!

Refs got one right...

for a change.

T.D. ends this!!!!!!

Mando , I was joking around . First you build your teams through the draft for about 3 years to be good enough to implement a few free agents and trades here and there.

Is that in place every year or is that somehow related to the CBA?

Head referee looks disappointed he had to move the spot.

Armando, will there be a blog each weekend during playoff?

NJ bustin chops...

Mando, still think Brady as the comeback player of the year?

Should be using rive here me thinks.

How come Belicheat's face hasen't been plastered on the t.v this game?

I guess I fall in the school of do everything as soon as you can do it, NJ.

The Dolphins made like three trades their first year of rebuilding. And they've been signing UFAs all along.

Do EVERYTHING immediately to get better immediately!

Or Rice.

We can relax now, game over.


What are your AFC predictions for next week?

Ravens @ Colts

Jets @ Chargers


There is the nail in the coffin of the Patriots "dynasty"

Game Over. Pat's D is a shell of what it used 2 be

Yup, the final nail in the Pats coffin is named McGahee.


imagine if the phins had won the last 3 games we would be playing today

he definitely crossed the plain... come on...

Anquan Boldin is inactive today for the Cardinals.

Why go for 2? anyways, mcgahee was over and of course the refs dont give it to him. Anything to keep the Patsies alive!!!

You said that the game at Buffalo was a guaranteed win. Bad prediction. Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL...maybe Wilson's play is, but that is it.

Yeh.....and most likely having the same results as the Pats!

The dynasty is over.....too bad ESPN.I hate ESPN.

this is hands down the best game of the weekend

mando would u trade for boldin? if yes what would u give up?

Armando, Parcells has been building depth and attitude. We are still not very deep but attitude (culture) has changed. By adding playmakers this offseason we will build on character. We should sign 2 to 3 proven players on defense (pay them) and continue to draft for depth and find the diamond in the rough playmaker.

Po , you were max ? LOL!! Good one !!

I would trade for Boldin if the price is a third round pick and maybe a sixth or something. Otherwise, no thanks.

i love how phil simms still thinks the pats can comeback...what a patriot homer

Refs suck, whats new?

The ref looks happy!

Agree with Mando.

TNPhinFan, you got names in mind?


If Wilfork tests free agency do the dolphins throw everything in their wallets at him?

I agree. Get quality every chance you get, anyhow you can. I hate the Jets and I have rediculed them for doing it but they paid the money and got the players.

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