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Patriots dynasty on the ropes to start 4th quarter

FOXBORO -- The Patriots did score a TD in the third quarter and that did close the gap to 27-14.

But the team of the last decade is teetering on playoff elimination.

It is the fourth quarter. Time for heroes. And time for reality.

We shall see what they got. If anything.

Join me in the comments section.


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Looks like Faulk hurt his arm/shoulder

Computer chips in the footballs. No thanks something else to break down.

No just Po.... NJ.

You add Flavor round hear.

I'd love 2 see the Fins get Vincent Jackson if they can. Parcells & Co have to be kicking themselves for not going after Miles Austin last year.

I rent a Brinks truck and fill it and drive it to Wilfork's house and hand him a contract, a pen and the keys to the vehicle.

the patriots are playing like it is a 1 posession game...just nickel and diming, ravens will give them that all day

thanks mando that sounds reasonable,hope it happens also lee evans of buffalo could b signed dude im tired of watching ginn every sunday fall down lol

Lol Mando, well said.


Did you see that guy bounce off the ground!!!!

Patriots postgame brought to you by Advil and Butterfinger.....

lol Armando

Aiken is aching!


aiken looks like pat white...not good

I'll even drive the truck.

wow, it looks like aiken literally bounced off the turf...oww

I already said that earl.

Is Balt this good or the Patriots that bad?

OUCH!! Aiken bounced off the field like a rubber ball. Glad to seem him walking off.

Yay were still gonna lose!!!!

edelman a 7 round pick pat white a second rounder parcell ur a genius

Wilfork is so big when he wears a red shirt kids mistake him for the Kool-Aid pitcher.

I think folks forget the Ravens went to the AFC title game last year.

wow, just give brady a day and a half to throw and he'll complete a pass...am I the only one who thinks he's lost a step?

Demeko Ryans, Dumerville of denver, Richard Marshall of carolina.

Now we need the sorry NY wets to lose. I didn't want them or the Patsies infecting the Dolphins locker room.

This year we will get the answer to the question……

Does great Offense of defense win Super Bowls?

Armando, What's your take on the 2011 season....Is there going to be on?
That's the yr I think we can take a serious run at the title



Good Night New England

Nice pom pom bellycheat.

1st time I've seen Brady call for a penalty and didn't get one.

Armando, had frozen Cuban anoles (lizards) in my back yard. Reminds me of how the Pats D has played. Weather appears to be a nonfactor both teams play outdoors. How are you holding up? Suite warm enough?

LMao waving to the crowd.


Ryans will be restricted if there is no cap.

Elvis Dumerville is 5-11 and is a hybrid 4-3 DE not a 3-4 OLB. No coverage skills.

Rashard Marshall of Carolina? Don't know anything about him.

the ravens should not let up on the gas pedal...make a statement saying that the patriot dynasty is officially OVER!!

Mark Malone on radio sez Moss is pulling his pouting POed act since it became clear Bunchen wasn't throwing his way & Palto had him covered well.

Funny that the Pats won their SBs before Moss came on board.


Isnt Tully Banta-Cain a UFA as well?

Jests get San Diego, Colts vs. San Diego finals...Baltimore got a great defense but I don't believe Flacco can score enough to keep up

Good to see Balt exact revenge on all the games that were stolen from them by the patriots.

Patsies fans being nasty to the ravens players, they just wave and say it's over. Lovin it!

D, I am wearing a t-shirt, a shirt, a sweater, a sports jacket and have a long leather coat on the hanger. I am ready for this day, brother!

Oh, forget the double-lined gloves and ear muffs.

I'd have to say Ray Rice is better than MJD, anyone disagree?

wont all be RFA if no cap?

Poor Junior Seau. NOT!!!

I mean RFA with no cap and less than 6 years?

Lol, Armando. Stay warm and have a beer on all of us!!!

Mando, have you read that the owners want a lockout in 2011?

Is it really that cold in south beach...I'm in Hawaii, i wouldn't know anything about cold

Thx for the blog today Mando I get to enthralled to be here during Dolphins games.

Yeah Mando,

These blogs are always fun...


I think Moss has had it with Bellicheat, will he walk in the off season.

I like GB in the next game.

Cold enough, 3 blocks from the bay to drop iguanas and most reptiles out of the trees. 37 degrees, windchill 26!!

Like to see Baltimore get one more...Bellicheck deserves nothing less

wow...see they should have kept the Pro Bowl in Hawaii!

Think you are right NJ.

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