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Patriots dynasty on the ropes to start 4th quarter

FOXBORO -- The Patriots did score a TD in the third quarter and that did close the gap to 27-14.

But the team of the last decade is teetering on playoff elimination.

It is the fourth quarter. Time for heroes. And time for reality.

We shall see what they got. If anything.

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Have a safe flight home mando.

32 degrees tonight, wind chill warnings on TV..15 years here and this is the coldest I remember..Global Warming my A'S

is there going to be a blog next week when the jets go to San diego to lose???

Why they gotta talk bout the Phins?

I hate that.

Mando with this admin , you'll need some luck and a safe trip back home.


Wilfork prob gets franchised by Pats, but what about Casey Hampton from the Steelers? Word is he could be avail for the right price as a FA this off-season. He'll be 32 going into next season...no spring chicken but still young enough. How about adding a Pro Bowl NT this free agency?

flacco wins third playoff game, dolphins better b in the playoffs next year no excuses

Jets representing AFCE, turns my stomach. Need some more rum and coke .


These type of games just remind me of all the U. of Miami talent the Dolphins have missed out throughout the years. Perhaps a result of the Yatil Green pick? who knows? At least they have Vernon Carey but there is no excuse for the Dolphins to have passed on so many great Hurricanes during the last 15 years.

Mando when do you get to use your boat, you're always working?

It's funny how the Pats haven't won with Moss OR Welker.It just makes spygate easier to believe if you ask me. Brady can't win with 2 of the best receivers......I LOVE IT!!!

Moss caught a ball!!!

Stadium looks kind of empty.

Hahahahahaha Tough to play without an edge on the team isn't it..., BelleCHEAT..... Hahahaha you'll never win another playoff game again.... Your being watched! Hahahahaha

How about we re-sign Ferg and add Hampton. D-line set. Draft LB's (preferably McClain cause he already knows the 3-4). Try to get Boldin for that 3rd and 6th Mando talked about. That would be a dream off season for me.

hscnumba3 dude ur right on,never understood why a team in florida doesnt tap in to all the talent out of its home state

chargers over jets
colts over ravens
chargers over colts

Thinking the same thing about UM players.

trade ginn for cribbs straight up!

Rice looks so much better at the point of attack than MJD. The cuts this guy makes is pretty impressive. But MJD seems to find the endzone more often in the regular season.

I got to go with MJD.

the dynasty is slowly dying hope it moves waaay south

IF we don't get Cribbs we should draft Ole Miss Dexter McCluster. He's got the same potential...and many WildCat possibilities

I just had some dynamite home made split pea soup!

Hey Armando, what about Floyd from san diego? is he number 1 material or just a good #2. Whats his status for the offseason?

New post up

mc cluster would b big time,but doubt sparano would know how to use him,he would hold him out of games then say he didnt prove himself in practise lol

If Ronnie is going to get injured again next year and Ricky is going to retire at the end of the season I would like to see us draft Jahvid Best or C.J.Spiller in the first round and Mountain Cody in the 2nd.

Pea soup sounds good, Made some Chili myself, These sub zero temps in KC are really getting on my nerves.

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