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Patriots not quite team of this decade

FOXBORO -- And then there was only one AFC East team left standing.

The Patriots have taken a thorough whipping, 33-14, at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens today. That leaves the New York Jets as the only AFC East team left in the postseason.

Thank a great day by the defense, and a great day by former University of Miami standouts Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Willis McGahee.

Cam Cameron's offense also got the better of Bill Belichick's defense. Where was that three years ago?

Anyway, tell me what you think ...

Is this the close of the Patriots dynasty? 

[UPDATE: I just got back from the Patriots locker room and getting ready to write my column. You guys will love to hear what Vince Wilfork said after the game about going elsewhere.]


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Dynasty ova!!!!

END OF a DYNASTY...music to my ears!!

ABSOLUTELY, the pats will fall into the middle of the afc pack while the dolphins (and maybe the jets:()make the jump to elite afc status...these next ten years will be the dolphins and jets fighting for the division every year with the losser getting a wildcard

How about the crowd. Have u ever seen a more empty stadium. Wait till next year. And do u notice that they only show two tone shirt boy when they score. Love to see him weeping.

The Parriots will still have a good team because of the atmosphere and attitude in NE. However, their overpowering rein is over. It was not gonna last forever and it is now on it's downhill turn. I don't think it will be a sharp turn but it will be gradual and to the side as they pass Miami on the way up.

Like the fact we can even ask the question.

Belicheat decides he needs some time off with family and retires. (for at least a year). ESPN picks him up... He looks worn out.

Like I said earlier, Moss is done in NE, he ran into locker room immediately. He had 5 receptions 48 yards he is done.

Lol oddly enough my misspelling of the patriots looks like parrot which is exactly where NE is headed for the birds.

Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves here. The Patriots have 4 picks in the first two rounds next year and that can go a long way to rebuilding a team!!!

Will be interested in seeing who they pick up in the draft.. while Pioli is gone, that doesn't preclude them from getting some good players...

But ya, they do seem to be on the decline..

I sure hope so Lips

Brady is not whi he was before injury, wife and kid! Moss is no longer interested in football. Defense, whole Team needs rebuilding. Can't cheat, everybody else figured out Belicheat. He retires!

Hey Armando do you still tyhink Bellicheat is quitting?

Whose everyone like in GB vs Arizona???

I say GB.. but hope it is a good, close, exciting game.

I hope `Zona!!!

In my eyes,they were never a dynasty anyway. It's easy to video opposing teams playcalling then lift the Vince Lombard the way the Patriots have done,so everything the Patriots have done since 2001 have been because of cheating,plain and simple.

In my eyes,they were never a dynasty anyway. It's easy to video opposing teams playcalling then lift the Vince Lombard the way the Patriots have done,so everything the Patriots have done since 2001 have been because of cheating,plain and simple.

niether GB or AZ will make it to Miami. Hope this is a good game to watch.

I like GB too, they seem to have Arizonas number winning 6 out of last 7

Besides having 4 picks in the First 2 rounds this year , the pats will have 2 1st round picks in 2011 including oakland that might be a top 10 pick. To right them completely is premature !!!!


Armandito (same name as my bro)

Who do you think will take over in NE once Belicheat leaves...Cower?

completley off. Typo.

Cowers going to Carolina, mark my words.

Only Barry Switzer can handle a team like New England

Hd8. Cowher stays in the booth in my opinion

new rumor is USC interested in Fisher, so, would Cower be interested in TN if Fox does not leave?

Patriots have too many draft picks coming

Typo : write them off. LOL !!!

On a side note, I think Laundry Day in the Lips household should also be "walk around naked day."

As I put the last load in the wash, all I can see are people walking around wearing the next load.

Will it never end!

Bill Belicheat does not look like someone who wants to keep going through this. Has lost quite a few pieces in staff. Has to teach new rookies, and staff. Plus a QB on the decline. I say he is gone in 2010 or 2011 at the latest. Has same body language as Moss.

Lips, talking about loads did u get a good look at Pam Oliver's lips??

patriots are over. bellicheat threw away the franchise last year in a desperate attempt to buy a super bowl win. he mortaged the future and this year he was left with a shell of a former team. Next year it will be worse. He knew what he was doing as he tried to buy the championship last year. Now that is paying off against him. The cheats are over. Can't call them a dynasty when they only won because they cheated . But those winning days are over

Belicheat mortgaged the future ? Really ? Where ?

How does NE CONTINUALLY get all these muliple low round picks? Please tell me.

they trade quality players to crappy teams and have depth to cover the loss

Um the pats d is in a rebuilding mode, and they have draft picks out the ass coming their way including a couple of extra firsts in the next couple years. As much as i hate them we will be dealing with them for years to come.

31. Ted Ginn Jr.: He had more dropped passes (nine) than receiving touchdowns (one) in what everyone with eyes agrees was a disappointing year.............................................Mando, How many times did he fall down??? and how many times did he go stright to the sidelines????

Because he trades to dumb az' teams like Oakland who Al Davis gave up first round picks for a veteran that has a big name but accomplishes NOTHING for his team...Team owners are willing to give Bellicheck picks for big names, almost past their prime players..Bellicheck is smart in these regards, once ur over 30 and on the wrongside u go for draft picks, younger, bigger stronger..a Parcells strategy that works over the long run

The trade is a first round in 2011 not 2010.

That's why having depth and be willing to always have that younger guy in to take the place of a veteran is so big...teams hold on to veterans tooo loong because they are fan favorites and use them up...willing to pull the trigger and obtain draft picks for the future works well, as u can see

wow @ GB down by 14 already

Arizona iced tea baby

cheaters, cheaters cheaters.
Asterisk, asterisk, asterisk

when you know what the other team is doing, it's an unfair advantage, and your wins are severely tainted. anyone who doesn't see that is an apologist or a retard. so much for genius.

dansection156 . who said 2010 ?

Guys down in miami, My pops says its supposed to get in the High 20s??????WOW, Global warming taking effect...Huh NJ????

That's why I think this was the last year for Porter, Taylor, and maybe Ronnie Brown...they are valuable enough to get some picks for them to SOME team, and all are on the downslope of their career, and Taylor isn't even signed so he may not be worth renewing already


What did Wilfork say after the game??


What did Wilfork say after the game??

Am going to stock up on Orange Juice now... its gonna be $40 a litre after this freeze

Yeah, yeah, realize all that but they always seem to come out on top. A lot of it was Scott Pioli....at least he's gone now.

"I need a cheese burger".......

Wilfork, you'll love Miami...

Death of a dynisty:AMEN

prediction: Wilfork wants to be a Dolpin.

Belecheck calls it quits

Moss smokes a dubie

Jets loose next week

Rex Ryan gains 20 pounds

Just realize something, by Friday it will be 76 degrees down here, it will still be in the 20s up north till ohhhh April???

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