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Patriots not quite team of this decade

FOXBORO -- And then there was only one AFC East team left standing.

The Patriots have taken a thorough whipping, 33-14, at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens today. That leaves the New York Jets as the only AFC East team left in the postseason.

Thank a great day by the defense, and a great day by former University of Miami standouts Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Willis McGahee.

Cam Cameron's offense also got the better of Bill Belichick's defense. Where was that three years ago?

Anyway, tell me what you think ...

Is this the close of the Patriots dynasty? 

[UPDATE: I just got back from the Patriots locker room and getting ready to write my column. You guys will love to hear what Vince Wilfork said after the game about going elsewhere.]


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I'm calling the Manatee Endangered Species hotline...Rex Ryan may have ate one for lunch

Aloco, Do you have a good recipe for Manatee just in case Two ton comes to Miami in Feb.?????

Who do you think the NFL will embrace for there flag-ship team now that the pats are on a decline??? Discuss....


I thought they were snuggling to the Saints till they dropped there last 3, maybe the Vikes seeing how Brett(Iam retiring..Again)Farve is the Illegitimate father of roger Goodall's daughters child....

Oh, you said NFL I was thinking Media...

I am sick and tired of the blatant bias of the League and Media. Miami gets snubbed and told that if our stadium is not updated no more superbowls. Ridicules.


Definately Cowbows will be the rebirthed America's Team. Goodle will be able to get a good view of himself on that obstruction in the middle of their stadium.

TN, The stadium is 22 years old......LOL

Cuban, I'm going to say Dallas, since Jerry Jonas spent like, what, a billion dollars for a 130,000 seat stadium??

maybe, but still functional. Is the NFL a fashion show? I am a purist old school ass. If the stadium is safe why remodel to appease the league.

You can bet your Bottom Dollar that there's gonna be a Sh2tload of super-bowls in Dallas after all the Media attention done to Jerry(Liver spots)Jones dream stadium.....

Cam Camoron is a great offensive coordinator , he just can't assemble or motivate one.

Bobby, Thinking alike.. Maybe you should seek help.....LOL...

Morphin please don't mention that name again.... thank you for you corporation...

With the way Bucette is stepping up I wonder if Arizona will be willing to deal Bolden at a reasonable price

wow, imagine that? it's hard winning in the nfl when you are not allowed to cheat, isn't it belicheat. since having to give up your spy camera your teaM IS AVERAGE AND YOU STRUGGLE TO WIN EVERY GAME. your record of 2-6 on the road was pathetic. cheater--cheater

boldin for a 3rounder sign me up



Offer him unlimited Cheeseburgers...

What about Brandon Mashall? Would any of you take a chance on him? I would with a non contract year front end enticing signing bonus and reasonable yearly contract with opt out clause to protect agaisnt cap hits in future years. I think he would be trustworthy for a few years if treated right.

For Boldin I was thinking a 4th rounder and Ginns Family. And Grabb Marshall after Denver parts ways with him.

The Patriots were who we thought they were.

All dynasties come to an end....the 70's Steelers, the 80's Niners, the 90's Cowboys so the crumbling of the NE dynasty shouldn't come as a surprise. In the league of parity, you cannot remain on top 4ever! Pats, like Steelers, may go on hiatius for awhile then get better in a few years.

I wish people would stop with the trading draft picks for a receiver talk...I realize other teams do it, BUT the fact is Bill Parcells in his career has never and probaly will never trade a pick for a receiver AND he will not be taking anybody who puts self over team...so forget Marshall, forget Ocho Sucko, forget B I mean T.O. It's just a waste of time talking about something that won't happen...Parcells has a plan, he sticks with his plan and doesn't deviate from that plan...and I'm not saying there isn't some good ideas out there, it just won't happen

these playoff games have been less than good thus far. Altho it was good to see the pats get spanked at home, pretty much every team thats won has had a huge lead and won easily.looks like GB is well on their way to getting blown out of arizona.

Agreed - in addition to being Dolphins free, these playoff games have been excitement free (unless you like the winning teams).

Turnovers and sloppy play has been dominant...

WOW, that was a catch!!

I hope GB can pull within 7 by the time we go to 4th.. would like one 4th quarter where the game doesnt appear to be over..

Got ur wish Lips, still 4 mins left in third!!

Bobby, maybe it wont happen, but, still fun to play armchair GM. Other than this year has Marshall always been this way or was there maybe some inside stuff going on and he got bad advise?

We will never know and besides when he learned that his tantrum would not get him out of that situation he played good selfless ball from what I can remember. The suspension was arrogance by both parties. The rift was there and Denver cut off their nose to spite their face.

I would not trade any draft picks for a WR. Especially, one of those "in the media" types. I say we keep our draft picks and rolll on. Besides all of the WRs you guys are talking about will be tagged or their price is too high.

You have a better chance of keeping players you draft than players traded for or signed via free agency.

TNphinfan. are you kidding me ? Marshall has been arrested multiple times including some for domestic violence. He threw a temper tantrun during pre-season and got into a shoving match on the sidelines with his teammate K. moreno a month ago. This guy is the h1n1 virus ready to infect an team . i'll guarantee you the tuna isn't even thinking about him.

Maybe Parcells needs to go away from his usual self and take afew risks like trade for a Marshall or a Boldin. Playing safe by avoiding trades has'nt exactley worked so far has it?

watching this game i cant help but wonder both teams r loaded at wide reciver,yet for two years now,we still dont have a #1

2 years??

Try 10 bleedin years....

The patriots are done, that was a demoralizing lost a la' jacksonville killing the dolphin's once powerful marino days. The dolphins are the afc east team of the future. With that said, isn't it funny that the jets are the only acf east team left in the playoffs? can anyone say spoof?

look at the wide receivers on both teams do u see parcells drafting any of those players? i myself want speed dont really care how big the are

richard3000 we r a 7-9 team do u really have faith in saying team of the future

I think as we add playmakers, whether a WR or TE, and Henne gets better, it will be FUN watching him get in a shootout like thaw 2 are engaging in right now.


I don't know if you can call it a dynasty knowing they were caught CHEATING.

Instead of dynasty I prefer lucky.

They will always have an asterisks next to their lucky decade. Think about it, the commish fined them for cheating. That means they CHEATED.

Mark, look how successful Parcells has been over the years...It has only been TWO YEARS in Miami..u have to have some patience bubba...what ur recommending has been done by Saban, Cameron, Wandstadt and that's the reason we are where we are today...we have to many holes to fill to trade draft picks so we can what, lose a second round playoff game??? I want to be good on a consistent basis, and trading for band aid fixes won't do that

thank god, at least we have one exciting game this weekend.

Too true Max,too true

packers r loaded at wide receiver,maybe the should be drafting offence for the dolphins

NJ, obviously I have not done my homework on Marshall. If what you said is the case I would not want him either. But I still say it is time to get some proven FA Help. We have spent the last 2 offseasons building 2nd, 3rd team and practice squad. We have a decent foundation to add some luxury items at the skill positions while continuing drafting depth. I am more than patient enough to wait out the process, but, thing a few sweets in the grocery bag aint so bad either.

Here's what bugs me. If the lucky decade is over and the division is up for grabs, then what are we going to do about it in the offseason?

Smart people see the blood in the water.

Do we have smart people running this organization?

Damn this is 1 hell of a shootout!! Where's the D.. Ends in OT 51-45...

max i smell wat ur cooking,smart people dont draft players n not let them play ie pat turner,or put pat white into a game henne was playing well,n i dont believe henne hurt his eye in the last game

packers needed that stop badly.


You are dead right fella but i'm just alittle frustrated with this Miami team at the mo. I know this offense has the potential to be really good if we were just to get an elite WR. How long have we all waited for one? Bloody ages.

This is a very deep draft and I look forward to see who Parcells get rid of and the new draft class bought in...there will be some BIG time changes, that i'm sure of

Fish fan , you're right about henne not hurting is eye , that's because he took a shot to his temple and was still experiencing blurry vision 2 days after he got hit. By the way the trifecta are alot smarter that you.

Mark, I know bro, we are still not sure if Turner isn't going to be that guy either...maybe it's just me, but I'm excited about next year..and being a season ticket holder for so long, I'm definitly invested and believe we are headed in the right direction

what a packer turnaround in this one, nice comeback.

Wow, Packers tied it up


If McClain is gone by the time Miami picks,would you recommend we trade down for more picks considering our Defense is somewhat of a mess at the mo or is there another player ay 12 that you'd like to see Miami pick?

The reason i ask you is that you seem to know your stuff regarding the draft...

nj fish fan,

I guess from where I'm sitting the Patsies and the Dolphins are pretty neck and neck if we look at the body of work from this season.

The difference will come in the offseason. Pats can't build (that much) through the draft this year because they were a playoff team.

I think major moves in the offseason by Miami would FINALLY crush the Patsies into oblivion. Jet's did get lucky so the AFC East is still wide open IMO.

He who makes the best offseason moves OWNS this division.

njphinfan dude im not drinking the kool aid,the r so smart julian edelman was a 7 rounder pat white a 2 rounder pat turner a 3 rounder out of those 3 players who would rather have?

Max , what are you talking about ? NE has 4 draft picks in the 1st 2 round this year , including 3 2 rounders.

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