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Patriots not quite team of this decade

FOXBORO -- And then there was only one AFC East team left standing.

The Patriots have taken a thorough whipping, 33-14, at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens today. That leaves the New York Jets as the only AFC East team left in the postseason.

Thank a great day by the defense, and a great day by former University of Miami standouts Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Willis McGahee.

Cam Cameron's offense also got the better of Bill Belichick's defense. Where was that three years ago?

Anyway, tell me what you think ...

Is this the close of the Patriots dynasty? 

[UPDATE: I just got back from the Patriots locker room and getting ready to write my column. You guys will love to hear what Vince Wilfork said after the game about going elsewhere.]


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Guys...the AFC East is so wide open. Declining Patsies, lucky Jets, disorganized Bills and Miami.

This division is wide open for the owning.

What are we going to do about it?

All of you guys say that an elite reciever this an elite reciever that but before this season we weren't talking about it as much , know why because we finally have a qb that can do something with one

Fish head, Turner is just not ready for playing time . Hartline was a 4rth round pick and was starting. That's because he gets it was ready. same for edelman.

max the trifecta will draft more players that will only play,if someone gets hurt look at there track record,i want speed on this team n draft some players from state of florida

whoever said 52-45 OT please provide picks for next week

fish head i love it,im not mad dude im just pissed watching these two teams that r loaded with weapons on offense.henne needs some weapons n i have no faith this crew knows how to draft speed

Cards and pack playing amazing game

Wish our offense was this good

fish head . Who's mad ? I thought it was appropriate . How far do you these 2 teams are going to go in the playoffs with their AWFUL defenses. Miami needs to fix it's awful defense first. That's what wins super bowls.

Typo : think.

NE has there first round pick, and 3 second round picks, so they still will be able to build through the draft.

This will be the offseason that will make or brake the Parcells era

Wish our offense was this good

Posted by: Bigwillystyle | January 10, 2010 at 07:39 PM

Wish we had half the productive offense as either of these teams have, hopefully our management is watching these types of offensive explosiveness and r green with envy for the offseason.

Lol I said 51-45 in OT I hope it's not 52-45 in regulation.. But with this D just could be haha

pack may be screwed, scored too fast.

This will be the offseason that will make or brake the Parcells era

Posted by: MiaFins1 | January 10, 2010 at 07:45 PM


I agree assuming that's worth anything. The AFC East is up for grabs right now. No way am I convinced the Jet's are calling dibbs on this division. However, if we do nothing then we are just turning it over to them.

Ace, do u have a 900 number with guanteed picks for next week?

Lol I said 51-45 in OT I hope it's not 52-45 in regulation.. But with this D just could be haha

Posted by: BlazzinAce | January 10, 2010 at 07:46 PM

how bout 48-45 in regulation*lol*

Looks like 48-45 now, what a shootout haven't seen a FG in 4ever forgot it was even possible lmao.

And looks like 51-45 in OT is still alive! Haha

o WOW, another missed fg, That kicker better run out of the stadium.....FAST!!1

NE has there first round pick, and 3 second round picks, so they still will be able to build through the draft.

Posted by: Bootang25 | January 10, 2010 at 07:45 PM

So the difference will come in the offseason right? This patsie team is currently beatable by Miami.

What are we gonna do? Since when has Belicheat been a draft builder? Who has Belicheat drafted that made them OWN the AFC East for a decade?

Who Dat! 51-45..

kicker off the hook, nice call blazinace. Who would of thunk it that a defensive play would;ve decided this one. Packers had their shot and rodgers missed it.GREAT GAME

Mark, personally, if we can't get a big time NT, DT or ILB at number 12, personally I think we might trade down...I still think there will be something on that board at 12. By the way NJ Phin Fan us more attuned to the draft so you may want to ask him same question

They weren't the team of the decade last decade. They cheated. You'd have to give that title to the Steelers. The Steelers would have won at least 3 SBs if the Cheatriots hadn't cheated.

BlazzinACE , can you hit me up with tuesday's mega-million #'s. It would be greatly appreciated. :)

is steve breaston a free agent?him n henne were teammates im also a big wolvirene fan

Listen I'm a fin fan. Just saying. Jerod Mayo comes to mind. Chung and Butler played pretty good. Edelman was a 7th round draft pick. Many Fins fans wanted us to draft Ron Brace, they ended up with him. Vollmer played really well for them this year as well. I won't let my disdain for the Patriots make me blind to things they've done. And they also picked up a 1st for Seymour, they could very well package any of there 4 picks in the top 2 rounds this year with one of there two number 1's from the next year to get anywhere in this draft, including to number 1. I would certainly liketo be able to say that.

bellicheck will now be making the picks lets c how good he is,no more pioli

Bobbyd12. You did good. right now there's no NT worth drafting at 12 and after mcclain there's no Ilb's worth drafting at 12 . So a trade down is a possibility. However there are some good pass rushing OlB's that could be there at 12. Also remember that every year players drop and others move up. 12 is a good spot.

What is problematic is that both us and the Patriots target similar players. So even if they stay where they are at, they may take a player we highly coveted. I think we are both on an even playig field, and while we may seem to be the riser and them the faller, they won't sit idly and not try to improve. Belichick won't go into another season with a lack of pass rush. So that's my point, they just as badly, and maybe even more than us, need to add edge rushers. So not only would it hurt to miss out on a great pass rusher, but have to try and block that same guy in the coming years too.

Great game!

I watched the rest of it on the treadmill at the gym. Figured I'd get 30 mins just to say I did something today, but the game kept me there for the full hour!

Not only an exciting end of game, but a good cardio session. lol

Dear Mr. Willfork:

Pretty please come join us in our quest to return to preeminence. We will throw you a parade just like we gave Shaq when he arrived. You will be nice & warm.. If they have not done so already, we will make sure the UM puts you into the Ring of Honor......hell, we'll see to that even if you are already in there. Solve our NT situation (you & Fergie can even alternate & spell each other & save your well-worn bodies).

I recall seeing him on the sideline at some point toward end of game & thinking he was thinking NE is done for him. Or maybe it's my wishful thinking.

Bootang25, Exactly. I said the same thing.

Fun game to watch, like an All-Star NBA Game

Right now we are VERY early in the draft process. The big board from these experts today looks nothing like it will in even 6 weeks. We are lucky to have the ability to see many prospects firsthand in the Senior Bowl, see how they respond to coaching. See if they fit what we want to try and do. I think 12 is a great place to be, considering we were in playoff contention until the final week of the season. While we have misses, we have many hits in the last 2 drafts, makes me anxious to see what we get this time.

is safety a need for this team? heard somewhere earl thomas from texas declared,he is highly rated

12 is a great place to be, actually - not burdended with a crazy contract but can still pick up an impact player, unless you decide to draft TG or JA..

You write all the letters you want to mr wilfork but when/if NE slaps the franchise tag on him , he won't be going anywhere . :)

free Safty is a need and earl tomas is top 20 material.

I SERIOUSLY believe of we can add Wilfork before thedraft, tha we WILL trade up together Rolando McClain. I think the regime thinks there are 2 or 3 good NT's to be had at 12, and will stay and pick one if McClain is gone. Or the aforementioned edge rusher. But if we already have that NT, I think the regime understands the type of player McClain is. I know I can't stand Nick Saban as much as anyone, but say what you want, he can coach defense. Not only is McClain physically ready, at 6'4 and 258 lbs. but mentally ready and coached up in a 3-4 scheme already. This would be my wish of all wishes. Wilfork and McClain. And I don't think it is entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Because McClain will NOT be available at 12. Only way we get him is to trade up.

mcclain is also my #1 also dez byrant would look good in a phins uni ,or golden tate or arrelious benn mardy gyillard in second round

Po white trash...Great point about Dolphin fans even asking the question. I've been riding with this dolphin franchise for 30 years. What I'd do to have people asking "are the dolphins the team of the decade?" Haven't been since the 1970's. Hate New England but they had a great run, often at the expense of the dolphins. Frankly, I'm still not sure where in the rebuilding process this team is after this years results.

Patrick willis was picked at 11 because ilb's drop. miami has a good shot at mcclain at 12. it all depends if a couple teams take qb's bradford and clausen and somebody takes dez btyant . all possibilites.

nj phinfan if mcclain is off the board n dez bryant is still there what do we do?

My reasoning behind him not being there at 12 is a few things. The dropoff between him and the next best ILB in the draft is substantial. And do you not agree teams who want an ILB look at the board and know if they want to get McClain, they MUST trade ahead of Miami. McClain is a gamechanger, and I believe he will be highly coveted. I think comparing him to Willis, McClain's time in an NFL style defense helps him tremendously as well.

I can not see us taking Bryant, much to my chagrin. Too many NT's will be available, and there are going to be too many edge rushers that this regime places a higher priority on than a WR. And I think the disparity between the best WR in the draft, and the fifth best, isn't as far as the gap between the NT's in the draft.

There are alot of good ilb's including brandon spikes of florida . Teams usually don't trade up for ilb's . Teams trade up for qb's , OT's and pass rushers.

Let me ask you guys something. What do you think of Aaron Hernandez? I know he's not a good blocker. But when put on the field lined up outside, and with Fasano and/or Haynos in to block, I think hernandez presents matchup nightmares for defenses.

Bootang, what effective NT do u think will b available at 12???

Fish fan , i can tell you miami woon't draft dez bryant at 12.

There are NO good nt's that will be available at 12. T. Cody is a 2nd round talent and Dan williams of tenn is a late 1st round pick.

I really like Dan Williams from Tennessee. I watched him a few times this year, and realy think he is every bit as good as McCoy from OK. I am not a big Mt Cody guy, he will be available though. I think Williams is athletic enough to line up any of the 3 spots on our line, and one thing you know this regime likes is guys with versatility.

The reason Williams is a legitimate option at 12 is the regime by the time the draft rolls around, will know how much of a priority NT is. If we weren't able to land a difference maker by then, our staff knows we just can't expect Nog Ferg to hold up throughout the season anymore, and Solai just doesn't make enough plays. I think that is what makes NT a priority. Great 3-4 defenses have studs at the NT spot. San Diego struggled
Mightily at first without Jamal Williams this year. The Jets weren't the same without Jenkins either.

The Patriots will franchise Wilfork unfortunatly,the Dolphins trade down to about 20 and pick up a second second rounder. They pick Williamson or Mayes wwith their first, Cody or Spikes with their second and the best wide out with their second second.

Bootang, I agree with NJ here..I don't think Williams will rate out a 12 either...might as well drop down and pick up an extra pick if that's what we plan..somebody always seems to make a head scratching pick in the top 10 though so I think 12 still gives us what we need... Time will tell though

McCoy is a DT in the 4-3 or can play DE in the 3-4. He's no NT that's for sure. Add that all up and you don't have any NT's worth drafting at 12.

I didn't say I liked Williams at 12. I agree with you guys. Someone asked who would be available, that's all. Trading down always sounds easy, but a player has to slide usually for someone to make a trade. Teams are much smarter about draft picks now, so we may end up having every desire to trade down, but not have anyone to trade with.

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