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Patriots not quite team of this decade

FOXBORO -- And then there was only one AFC East team left standing.

The Patriots have taken a thorough whipping, 33-14, at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens today. That leaves the New York Jets as the only AFC East team left in the postseason.

Thank a great day by the defense, and a great day by former University of Miami standouts Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Willis McGahee.

Cam Cameron's offense also got the better of Bill Belichick's defense. Where was that three years ago?

Anyway, tell me what you think ...

Is this the close of the Patriots dynasty? 

[UPDATE: I just got back from the Patriots locker room and getting ready to write my column. You guys will love to hear what Vince Wilfork said after the game about going elsewhere.]


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NJ what do you think of A Hernandez? I'm curious to see if others think highly of him like I do?

No way in hell do you reach for a player like dan williams at 12 because NT is a big NEED. you draft the best playe ravailable at one of your positions of need i.e. Olb , ilb and safety. if you followed what parcells does , you would know that. LOL !!!

The Patsies traded down 3 tomes last year?

Again I didn't say I wanted to draft Dan Williams at 12.

Aaron hernandez is a dustin keller clone. Miami wouldn't take him no sooner than the 3rd round.

I just wanted to know what people thought of him. And I agree with your assessment. Keller had a major impact yesterday against the Bengals.

Alright all I am heading out for the night, fun talking with all, unfoetunatey the next few months are going to be many 'what-if' conversations, should be fun though.

" the reason williams is a legitimate option at 12 ...... Bootang25. Your post at 9:11 pm. responding to that post.

Where are the pat fans on our blog! Suckers! See they are bad losers.

we lost today to a good team ,next year we will come back ,


What are the chances the Fins go after Carlos Dansby and Steve Breaston from Arizona during free agency?

gopats... you are done. finished. its over. no superbowls after spygate. worse this year with tom brady, than last year without. downhill from here.

The obituary for the Patsies shouldn't be written just yet. With all the draft picks they have right now, they can maneuver and get into the top 10. They could even get SUH if they wanted. And get something in return for Wilfork if they chose to let him go. Dynasty dead? Yes, but I wouldn't underestimate them.

Although seeing Brady knocked around was fun and Belicheat scowl all day was better.

Mel kiper and I are both MYSTIFIED why Miami did not try White at wr???????????

does anybody know how many picks miami has this years draft?

Lol Gopats all week you been saying that u were gonna tear up the ravens and that u were going all the way this year and how the ravens arnt that good lol glad you came to your senses lol now come join us in golf lol see u next year buddy

Speaking of "so-called" great coaches, I just returned from seeing the film "Blindside". The man who destroyed our team and gave away some of our greatst players, Wes Welcher among others, has a role in that film. It was hard not to throw up at his sight, but the expletives came out quite easily. It is hard to accept that he now has won the National Championship at Alabama.
Double Yuk!!

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