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Please Dolphins, don't bury your heads in sand

INDIANAPOLIS -- Do you believe me now?

For weeks since the regular-season ended for the Dolphins, I've been on the soapbox preaching the need to pass the football in today's NFL. Well, have you noticed the two Super Bowl teams?



The No. 2 passing team in the NFL versus the No. 4 passing team in the NFL.

Oh, but Mando, you have to play great defense and run the ball and wear leather helmets to play for championships.

Um, the Colts had the No. 18-ranked defense in the NFL this year. The Saints had the No. 25-ranked defense this year.The Colts had the worst rushing offense in the NFL. The Saints were ranked sixth overall rushing, which makes them supremely balanced, but let's face it: They're a passing team first and foremost.

[Update: A reader reminds me that for the second consecutive year, the team with the NFL's worst running attack is in the Super Bowl. Last year Arizona made it while ranked 32nd rushing. This year Indianapolis is 32nd rushing.]

One thing to worry about: As I wrote in my column for The Miami Herald print edition, the Jets know their "ground and pound" approach is about to change and that's bad news for the Dolphins. You see, the Jets intend to be more balanced on offense going forward.

"They get a big beast at wide receiver," South Florida's Michael Irvin said on NFL Network, "and you got yourself something going forward." 

And as the Jets are already a better team than Miami (you can't bury your head in the sand, they advanced to the AFC title game) that means the Dolphins can't be happy merely celebrating New York's Sunday loss. They have to improve their own passing game as well.

Sure, the Dolphins need to address the defense this offseason. Sure they will continue to run the football in 2010. But Miami must throw the football better in 2010 to keep from being third-best in a four-team division.

As they were in 2009.   

[Newsy Note: Safety Yeremiah Bell is in the Pro Bowl! A source tells me he will be asked to replace Colts S Antoine Bethea, who obviously will be playing in the Super Bowl.]


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I personally think the Jest have a more complete team than the Dolphins (i.e. we have more holes to fill) but there is no question in my mind that head to head we have the better team. We just match up real well with them to the tune of 3 wins in a row. Yes they made it to the AFC Championship game, but they backed into the playoffs (right team at the right time) so it's hard to use that as a measuring stick. You can't just ignored 3 wins in a row.

I think we could beat Cincy and when has Norv or the Chargers ever done anything in the playoffs? I give credit to the Jest for making the most of their opportunity but I don't see it as definitive proof of their superiority considering the circumstances.

O'brien schofied just hurt his shoulder while getting pancaked by ot ducasse. He was in alot of pain. It looked pretty bad.

Armando - the reason these teams (arizona last year, Indy this year) are last in rushing is because they do not rush the ball that much. It is not the fact they can't rush the ball, it's the fact they just don't do it. If you were a coach and had Manning as your QB, would you pass or run more? If you were a coach and had Henne (first year partial starter - 13 games) would you pass or run more?

Question 1: PASS
Question 2: RUN

Supermike13 - niether does head to head matchups. 2009 Season Wins: Miami 2 Jets 0


Jason - He picks apart things, because it his job to do that. Not everyone is perfect and it is his responsibility to do what he does. He cannot be bias and say they are doing everything right all the time...

There it is! CocoaJoe said--> "Mando, I heard that Parcells is trying to get the rules committee to bring back the leather helmet and outlaw the forward pass. Have you heard the same thing"?EXCELLENT Armando turned another one against his own team. Good job man! This guy actually believes that Parcells has no intention on keeping up with the rest of the league and he credits you with showing that to him! Awwwww that's just priceless, HEY COCOA, Salguero jerseys are on sale but are going fast, better get out to the store because before you know it the team's going to fire Bill Parcells and hire Armando because he's so much smarter than the Dolphins management. Then the price is going to skyrocket! We're doomed everyone! Armando says so everyday and we SHOULD listen because after all he's the only one in the world that knows the NFL has changed their rules to allow higher scoring games which in turn means passing the ball is easier. And he figured this out before Parcells. Aww man, I'm going back to put my head in the sand because Im sooo saadddd, boo hoo.

hey jason, everyone is entitled to an opinion about the team, players, the regime,coaches etc. im glad we have a guy like armando who's not afraid to ask the tough questions the fans want answers to. its his job to dig and report what the scoop is from all angles. most media members suck-up to the dolphins brass to spoon feed you what they're told to report. i like mando because he's not a cheerleader and doesn't sugarcoat the issues. he gives you facts, opinions and "his take" on a situation. we may agree or disagree in the blog. we have some good debates but some resort to namecalling too often. we are all dolphin fans and all have our own ideas about how to best help the team win games! its obvious the brass has missed on some early round picks. we all want an excellent draft in 2010 so its fun to discuss it mis-steps and its good picks! mando is the best of the south fla. media because he really is a fan but that doesnt mean blind allegiance!!

Indianadolphinfan, it is NOT his job to pick apart our team it is his job to report the news. All ofthe other stuff is his OPINION not the news. He writes a blog and he states his opinions. And his opinions 9 times out of 10 are that the Dolphins are fools and the rest of the league is so much smarter. He ignores the absolute mess that this regime walked into and expects them to make filet mignon with the ground chuck that was left for them. And when they make a mistake on a player he acts as if they're the only team making mistakes on players. He constantly undermines what this regime is trying to do by pointing out that other teams do it differently. Okay this is his blog for his opinions, I know that. But I'm a Dolphin fan and am smart enough to differentiate between opinion and fact. What frightens me is that so many others who come in here can not. Check out cocoajoes post and realize there are many others just like it. Trust me I know what Mando is doing, I was reading his stuff for years and am not new to this blog. Just sick of being told my opinion is wrong and his is right when I know he has a bias against the current regime.

The Jets are better than us because they have a better coach that knows how to attack offenses.. Thats why they made it as far as they did.. Our defense sits back and waits to be attacked theres attacks and creates opportunities and that wins alot of Ball games for them . If Rex was our coach this season we would have won more games. Could you imagine if they had Peyton playing for them . They would be number 1 for sure..

"we have some good debates but some resort to namecalling too often". Please..... I came in here a month ago and was called every name in the book because I disagreed with using this forum to talk politics. I've come in here and read an entire post about what some guy was eating for breakfast and then everyone else chimed in with what they ate. This in no way is a good football blog in that there are no boundaries or rules. Last week a guy took up an entire page with the phrase "NJ LIKES TO SNIFF POOPERS" or something along those lines but nothing was done to stop it. BECAUSE, the more hits on the blog the better Mando looks at doing the blog. So I am sure you have good discussions and are an intelligent poster but spare me the "great place to debate football" crap.

I thought Big Ben and Santonio Holmes won last years superbowl on a last second throw. Where exactly is this defense thing coming from?

What early RD picks have the Trifecta missed on? If you consider the first four rds early, than is all this crying about Shawn Murphy? Most real football experts say it takes 3-4 years to evaluate a draft. Way to early to say any early pick was a mistake.

"mando is the best of the south fla. media because he really is a fan but that doesnt mean blind allegiance"!!
GREG Z. Armando IS NOT a Miami Dolphins fan. I REPEAT ARMANDO SALGUERO IS NOT A DOLPHINS FAN. Don't believe me? ASK HIM. He's admitted it in here many times. Not saying he has to be just trying to set you straight on the facts. There was another long time poster that said he witnessed Jason Cole and Armando (back when Jason was with the paper) high fiving at the end of a game the Dolphins had lost. Armando never denied this statement. So no Armando is no Dolphins fan and won't tell us who his team is. So could there possibly be a bias against the Dolphins coming from Salguero? Lump that into the fact that the media had the run of things when Cameron, Wanny, and JJ wer in charge. Always in the locker rooms and around the facilities. Then Parcells came and changed poilicies, more like the Patriots, and they have very limited access now to players, coaches, etc. That's exactly when I started noticing the change in Armandos writing and I'm not the only one. You may be new to this blog but I am not and there are many others who have left who agree with me. They actually started their own site because they were sick of the B.S. You should have seen this blog 4 years ago. Great contributors and awesome discussions. Those were the days.

Hey bignasty, according to Mando they missed on the Collie pick because they took Hartline, White, and Turner before him. I guess Mando thinks Hartline sucks and he must know Turner will never be productive. You know, with all of his years as a football analyst and player backing him up. OKAY White was a bad pick but every team makes them. But when I read Mandos stories you would think the Dolphins have cornered the market on bad picks.

#1 pick Mcclain
#2 pick te or satety if gresham or thomas is there
#3 pick package w/ Camarillo to Cards for Boldin
anything after this in the draft is great
Add a Free agent NT and a Free agent LB
Many problems will be addressed with this
Wilson - gone, Haynos-gone, Pat White -change positions, KR PR.

Jason, the main thing that I can critique about Mando's work is his stubborness towards his opinion. Every time an exampe happens that supports his opinion - he trumpets it to the sky.

However when we have an example of something that contradicts his opinion - he simpy shrugs it off as an exception.

Fact is, there are no complete teams. The playoffs are a toss up and all too often determined by home field or just being the hotter team.

It is not necessarily the best throwing teams that win it all. Houston was the #1 team in passing offense in yards during the regular season but yet didn't make the playoffs. Yet you will never hear Mando say that here. New England was #3 in the NFL yet trounced at home in their first playoff game. So he says 2 of the top 5 passing teams are in the Super Bowl. I say 2 of the top 5 teams weren't Super Bowl contenders. Can't have it both ways.

I point more towards overall QB play rather than passing offense being the most important factors. Who were the top QBs in the NFL this year? Manning, Brees, and Favre were outstanding. Rivers was incredible and should've have rounded out the top 4 but his kicker and coach went screwy.

Hey Jason,

Obama walked into a mess correct? Why doesn't he get 4 years to fix it like you want to give Tuna 4 years to fix Miami's mess? Fixing America is a lot harder than fixing a team with NO LEGIT WR on the roster.

Tuna get's 3 years. He has to get this team to a divisional game next year or he should be fired BEFORE he quits.


I'm not ready to give up on P. White. I didn't like the pick but not ready to give up on him. To many guys in the NFL like J. Harrison of the Steelers. Cut by a couple of teams to NFL Def. Player of the Year. As far as B. Hartline, let him put on 10-15 lbs. of muscle and he could be a stud.

NJ, Where are you at?

Mando, if thats the case what would you do if all our picks are going to our defense, how on earth are we suppose to increase our throwing game if we alternate qbs like dirty underwear ? And thats not mentioning the fact that we dont have threating recievers

Lawrence Taylor was the last MVP of the league that was a defensive guy.

That was in 1986.

Defensive guys DON'T normally win MVP of the NFL or the SB.

Does that not tell you guys something about defenses winning championships? All they need to do is make ONE key stop so the offense can go to work.

Dolphins were and are a better team than NY Pets. How do I know? We sweeped them this year. Henne is way better. I couldn't believe how often Sanchez laid the ball up in the air in the championship game not even knowing where he was throwing it! Henne is way more accurate and smart. Just one wide receiver improves out game 200 percent. We will be just fine. Pets had a ton of luck this year and shouldn't have even been in the playoffs. So what if they beat Cincy? Who can't. Yea beating San Diego was at least something but they got wiped off the stadium floor by a good team. We are way better already and will be better yet at the beginning of next year. All our injured players are coming back too! Go Fins!

man PAT WHITE will be golden for us as far as the packages he runs for us! first he need more work in the offseason working out the kinks, i look at white being a kid going from elementary school to jr.high, you're a little unsure about things but once you're their awhile you get it(it's all the same). second the coaches either need to use him for a series or not at all b/c if he succeed we're happy and if henne comes in say 3 and 13(like so many times) we're questioning the logic and finally he needs to put on maybe 20+ pounds some kind of way. the kid college resume stacks up against anybody's whoever played, so like so many have said let's give the pick a chances to grow before we label him a bust. thats with all the picks.

I agree with phinfan from birth. Let's give the kid a chance to learn, adapt, and grow. However, I must say that I was a little confused seeing how they were using him thus season. I kept thinking that they were holding him back only to unleash him when our opponents least expected it, but the unleashing never happenned! Anyway, I have not given up on him yet. And I would ask everyone to show a little support. If we are not behind him then his confidence will suffer and show in his performance.

We made enough key stops against Indy and NO this season. But guess what...we couldn't score!

It took us 45:07 to score LESS points than Indy did in 14:53.

The horse goes in front of the cart guys!

We have no choice but to give White a chance, the one thing I will say bout the Kid is he has Heart. That I have no Doubt about.

He better be hittin the Gym and eating a lot of meat.

dark meat and a lot od meat balla and ducks .


Someone Abused your good name yesterday. I would not let that stand.

At least we know white will take a hit and not go into the fetal position like ginn... Then again watching whites injury just made ginn an even more chicken $h!t!!! Haha

Yep, White will go Head to Head. Size is the issue.

All the guys that are bashing mando are stupid ignorant jet fans!!!! Go bash your own obnoxious sports writers...Fact is stupi ld jet fans spend their life on a phins blog... Who's the idiots now!!!!

"On January 7, 2010, Cribbs cleaned out his locker at the Browns' training complex and announced his intention to walk out on the final three years of his contract"

Exactly how are teams going to build through the draft with UN-LOYAL players like this? He's lucky Cleveland gave him a chance. This fool was UN-DRAFTED and Cleveland gave him a chance. Imagine what a drafted player would do if his team "don't pay da man."

Building a franchise through the draft can't be counted on nowadays. Win NOW by any means necessary.


With the off-season program the Phins have P. White could put on 15lbs of muscle easy. Then work him at WR/KR and QB in the Wildcat.

all im going to say about GINN is 17.7 yards per touch with a min. of 100 touches second in the nfl behind percy harvin's 17.8. either a new WR coach or staff that's not afraid to use him! if we let him go everbody will wonder why he didn't play like that for us. this will be his 3rd year in the same system, if after this year he dont show nothing i say he never will. oh yea put the man on punt returns too.

damn where's my post

Its slow tonight 73....

as a matter of fact who is our WR coach

73, With all due respect, you can’t coach Balls.

You either have em or ya don't.

yeah, a good QB makes a receiver, but we don't have a good QB. henne is not the answer. he's not going to take us to a super bowl,he might not even take us to a playoff game.

Hey FL Jets fan Chris Johnson ran for over 2000 yards and broke the ALLTIME record for yards from scrimmage but was NOT the league MVP even though Titans maybe wins 5 games without him. The MVP award has become a marketing tool beauty contesy for the leagues QBs.

Phinfan is right,but we need to draft CJ Spiller if he is available,instant offense with him,when you look at the Jets they are loaded,Pats are declining.

And Joe Cribbs will be fined and won't get a paycheck, he also won't play for another team if Clevland takes a hard line...ask Ricky Williams how walking away worked out for him. He was going bankrupt before he came back..and we are not trading the number 12 pick so go away

Jets are letting go five coaches... A day into it and fattys is cleaning house... Haha

Dolphin77...ur either a psychic or an idiot, I vote for the later

Bobby12, Good to have you here and speaking the truth.

PWT,truth be told we can say the same thing about sean smith!! he's to big to be so passive tackling! i think ginn's hands are just as good as anybody's on the team except greg c.. do you forget the finger tip catch in the back of the endzone ginn made, besides everybody except cam dropped crucial pass this year. i see the potential from the indy game 11 catches over a hundred yrds,how many times he get behind defenders for the ball to be short or too long. he dont fumble for as soft as most think he is but the foolish are gonna say he runs out of bounds every time he touches the ball which isnt true. he plays for us so as long as that happens i pray he gets right and hope he never blossom for another team if not ours!!!

wrong bobbyd12. you suck just like henne does.

wrong bobbyd12, you suck just like henne does!

Understood 73, He could learn a Little from Pat White, That boy has Balls. That is My Only B i t c h.....

Go on the record of Givin Ginn a shot, as long as he grows a pair.

Smith is another story "Possible Punk and wanna be gangsta" Not a Professional, hope I’m wrong but the rumor is out there.

bobby12 if we hit the FA market and grab 2 stars for the defense i would trade the 12 for more picks. tampa has 2 2nd round picks and if you fill frisky(wanna make a deal with the devil) the PATS have 3 . i'm just saying, this draft have plenty of the same talent sprinkled in the spots of need for this team, the key will be finding player who want to still play football and not get caught up with the money and the SOUTH BEACH lifestyle. i think if you put the dolphins anywhere else they would always make the playoffs like the early 80's and mid 90's but since SOBE is so popular player tend to get caught up now!!

I disagree, our Defense is to week to be worried about the Offense, we averaged 22 pts a game last yr which is good, our problem was we couldnt stop anyone.....If you want to outscore everyone then I suggest you trade for Brees or Manning because without them you aint going anywhere......Ask Dan Marino how he feels about a great passing attack with out a Defense? You would think a Miami fan would not need this argument, we already know the answer.

Birth73, I'm not saying we won't or shouldn't trade down if what the Dolphins want at 12 is not there...I'm saying that Parcells isn't going to trade that pick for a Free agent wide receiver or anyother Free agent...not how he operates

Dolphins77, no sense arguing with a complete moron, you are the type that would have said Peyton Manning suked to after his first year...here's ur "I ride the short bus" jersey... Go elsewhere

I have given Ginn a ton of time, effort by coaches to make him better, tougher, stronger. I gave him every benefit of the doubt coming into the league even though I didnt even agree with the pick. He has even worn out my backing him as it just seems like he cant become a tuff guy, heart filled were contact doesnt frighten him.

I feel his only true killer value will be on go paterns and deep posts n post corners. Simple, mostly straight line, run far, run fast type paterns. If/when he gets by people he seems to relax and catch the ball better when not contested. I think the brass should try to hit these deep paterns 2-3 per game on average if, they don't trade him away. This whole its what the def gave us crap does not cut it unless there was a blitz and then I would check to a bubble sceen, smoke route or hot slant to anyone but Ginn as he would be catching the ball in traffic = no catch or no yac. Not his forte`.

I think he will have to make some pretty crazy strides to remain a Fin under this regime. I think he wants to do really well, is a good citizen and has some talent....it just gets washed away with his frailty and lack of fight. Fight for big plays, for TD's and for 1st downs.


Ask Dan Marino how he feels about a great passing attack with out a Defense? You would think a Miami fan would not need this argument, we already know the answer.

Posted by: John | January 25, 2010 at 06:58 PM
AGREED!!! as i look at teams in the league we really resemble DALLAS without all the parts. if you think about it dallas has a strong team but seems to make the bone-head plays to keep them from advancing thats the key with this team just look at 08 to 09. 08 we rarely beat ourselves but in 09 we seem to write the book on it,whether players or the coaching staff everybody took a step back!!

B12, Brutal, I like....

bobbyd12 you might as well play QB. sorry if i took your seat on the short bus.

77, How do you judge 1 year?

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