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Please Dolphins, don't bury your heads in sand

INDIANAPOLIS -- Do you believe me now?

For weeks since the regular-season ended for the Dolphins, I've been on the soapbox preaching the need to pass the football in today's NFL. Well, have you noticed the two Super Bowl teams?



The No. 2 passing team in the NFL versus the No. 4 passing team in the NFL.

Oh, but Mando, you have to play great defense and run the ball and wear leather helmets to play for championships.

Um, the Colts had the No. 18-ranked defense in the NFL this year. The Saints had the No. 25-ranked defense this year.The Colts had the worst rushing offense in the NFL. The Saints were ranked sixth overall rushing, which makes them supremely balanced, but let's face it: They're a passing team first and foremost.

[Update: A reader reminds me that for the second consecutive year, the team with the NFL's worst running attack is in the Super Bowl. Last year Arizona made it while ranked 32nd rushing. This year Indianapolis is 32nd rushing.]

One thing to worry about: As I wrote in my column for The Miami Herald print edition, the Jets know their "ground and pound" approach is about to change and that's bad news for the Dolphins. You see, the Jets intend to be more balanced on offense going forward.

"They get a big beast at wide receiver," South Florida's Michael Irvin said on NFL Network, "and you got yourself something going forward." 

And as the Jets are already a better team than Miami (you can't bury your head in the sand, they advanced to the AFC title game) that means the Dolphins can't be happy merely celebrating New York's Sunday loss. They have to improve their own passing game as well.

Sure, the Dolphins need to address the defense this offseason. Sure they will continue to run the football in 2010. But Miami must throw the football better in 2010 to keep from being third-best in a four-team division.

As they were in 2009.   

[Newsy Note: Safety Yeremiah Bell is in the Pro Bowl! A source tells me he will be asked to replace Colts S Antoine Bethea, who obviously will be playing in the Super Bowl.]


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Good point for this year, but.....what kind of teams have been still winning the Super Bowls? Teams that pound the ball and play great defense. One point you did not recognize is that the Saints and Colts were also tops in the league in scoring defense and takeaways. These are also important defensive stats.

last time i checked who was the only reciever to beat the suppose BEST CORNER deep this year was none other than your favorite whipping boy. TED GINN vs. darrell revis. we got barely any to none of that this year. outside of ginn who else has speed on the offense. noboby. we have a team filled with wes welker clones, and the last time i checked wes welker had 70+ catches without a TD to end the season and is not a threat to run away from nobody. there are alot of player who run out of bound to avoid taking big hits, ginns not the first but i mastered it

he mastered it

the dolphins is the only team who have players worth no thing and getting millions .

the dolphins is the only team who have players worth no thing and getting millions .

Posted by: ALoco | January 25, 2010 at 07:26 PM
exactly!!! we better off just straight up letting them go. what would you get for ginn a 5th,why would the cards want greg cam,who wants joey porter or akin. funny!!


I hear ya on the Def needs help before the offense point. I really do. My draft strategy always centers on collecting potential pro bowlers. If we can keep layering the Fins team with PB type players, one day we look up and we have a good, solid, deep squad. In my draft world it would be better to have Ronnie, Ricky and draft a guy like CJ Spiller than to deaft Def if the guys that we draft become another Jamar Fletcher or Jason Allen. I believe Spiller is going to be much closer to a Chris Johnson than McClain is to a Patrick Willis. Just my opinion and we will see how things play out in 2010.

Now it goes without saying that ANY pick can be a complete bust. No NFL teams go 100% on the college player talent calls.

S Berry would be my #1 choice bar none. He will be gone in top 3 imho.

My contention is I would stack CJ Spiller and what he can bring to the Fins vs any DEF guy that I think we can get on draft day at #12. Spiller may be gone or McClain or both by #12. If that is the case I think they should slide back however far they think they can safely get a Kindle or Cody. I would not take either of those guys at #12.

McClain is intriguing but I see him guess a lot and he drags guys down more than goes through them. He is an awesome physical specimen guy being big and fast. Zack T tackled everything based on study, no false steps, desire and technique. I just feel McClain is missing some of these ingredients right now. Maybe, they can teach him better tactics and coach him up...I would actually feel more comfortable if they moved back and targeted Spikes if they want ILB. I think he would be a much better value where they could get him if they have to pick up an early ILB.


your right po white trash, you really can't judge 1 year. well see what he does next year.

im out! ckeck back later!! its WADE vs LEBRON time

Later 73

the dolphins is a team of a few players and the rest should let go w/their millions unless we can get a vlue for them which i doubt very much .

players making millions and worth no thing ;

ted ginn

77, next year will tell the tale on many different levels, then there will be accountability.

YBell in the probowl for the 1st time Congrats


I think Crowder can tackle pretty well but, makes almost NO game changing plays. The one pick he had vs Tom Brady to seal that game came courtesy of Cam Wake putting insane pressure on Brady. They recently signed Crowder to a big contract so I doubt he is going away soon.

The other person is JT. He bleeds aqua and orange. Although he doesnt have all the same crazy moves, skills as he used to, he is still a steady veteran that will do whatever is asked of him. He has bigtime game exp and can still mentor the youth thru work ethic. The main reason why you keep JT is that he is a bargian at his salary.

Every single other person on your list is dead on. They are all collecting way bigger paychecks than their performance merited.

Joey Porter, if he is truly pulling this stay on the field stuff when they sent in a player to relieve him he should be gone immediately.

Jason Allen is basically a multimillion dollar special teamer.

They just got Wilson so I dont think they will give up so soon. Maybe Nolan will have him playing in the box more and he can become more effective?

Fasano showed up only once in while. He seems to have some talent but I think they need a better athlete if the TE position is going to become a true weapon in our offense. I thought he may blossum when they went from Pennington to Henne but not.

ditto Sean,

Thats a big accolade for a guy like him. YB has had injury issues and had to work harder than most in the NFL to make himself worthy.



i a gree w/ most of what you say but why we live in the past ,jt and the rest ,why can't we get young players like the clots and saints ??????

young players from HAITI .


We can, just not all at once imho. JT represents great leadership, value salary wise and stills makes enough plays to be relavent. Z Thomas was my fav Fin ever but the game finally caught up to his age, speed, etc. I would only want him as a LB coach of which I think he could make a great one with his knowledge and exp.

I know above all else its a young mans game. I think every team needs a certain blend of vet leadership. I think it differs from team to team how many exp vets. I would much rather see JP go then JT.

Lol, ALoco...young players from Haiti.

WR Garcon... a 7th rd find for the Colts. Thats why I say collect as many draft picks as possible and then evaluate your butt off to find they are difference makers.


Still will disagree with you here Armando. Let take a look at the Miami Dolphins from 1983 until 1996... A PURE passing team. Danny Marino used to throw the ball with and against the best of them. We had arguably the best tandem receiver core in the league for at least 3 years running. But what did it garner? One trip to a Super Bowl with 25 yards rushing and a loss. Our Defense gave up 38 that day as we all remember. Nope... you can make an argument that having a great passing game is a good thing. But no one will ever convince me the only way to win in this league is to heave the ball up and down the field. Granted the games rules has made passing a joy. Pass Interference calls are nasty and will lose a game for you. Still... if you Defense is incapable of pressuring a QB, and if you are incapable of dominating the clock with a Running attack... your team will be suspect against any team who can.

I watched the senior bowl today and they featured the north squad . Guys that stood out were 2 OL . They were OT Vladimer ducasse of umass-amherst who at 6-5 330 pounds and 35 inch length arms with ahletic feet remind of Jeff otah. The other was Mark Iupati from idaho. This guy can play guard and even OT. He could go in the top 20 which is rare fora guard. CB Kris wilson from boise st was locking down wr 's all day including mardy gylyard who had a horrible day with about 3 or 4 drops.

T Cody weighed in at 370 pounds for the south squad. YIKES!!!!

Receiver from Ohio - Taylor Price (6ft 200lbs) looked good in the practice also - showed good hands and good speed. Could be a late round steal if he's around in the 6th (which looks doubtful right now).

Yes he did.

I would like to send a very huge SHOUT OUT To YERIMIAH BELL for making the pro bowl. My sincer CONGRTULATIONS to you, and your family my fellow KENTUCKIAN.

Did anyone see this Koa Misi kid out of Utah?

Mando, when the Tuna leaves the Dolphins, I hope that you get offered the GM job, you seem to know what it takes to win in this league.

- GO Armando!

mando enough about the sorry jets and their idiot coach and fans. What about the senior bowl and some of the college prospects our coaches are looking at/working with...

Rob said " The one pick he (Crowder) had vs Tom Brady to seal that game came courtesy of Cam Wake putting insane pressure on Brady."

He also got that pick because he was out of position, instead of playing the pass. Typical of him. Being out of position paid off once the whole season. The guy cannot tackle and is out of position more than he is in it. HE has not matured since college and still plays at that level. He is a "slow 'em down" type of LB. He gets a hand on the ball carrier, slowing him enough so that the next tackler can get him down. Three yards later (IF it happens: which, if it's Wilson who's next, it won't).

The Dolphins need more big beefy players and some nice ripped in shape guys that know how to move their hips. I just love a variety on my team!!!

I'm so tired of u run defense guys. Get in the now, please. It's a passing league and if u can't tell by how the colts and saints (who both handled us in the end with their great passing) or te patriots dominance or Arizona (need I go on)....WE NEED WR OR WE ARE NOTHING WITH THIS TEAM!!!!

LOL . What a Buffoon !!!

We need 2-3 Wrs-who ever heard of Collie/Carcon before this year-did they do anything in college?

I am interested in seeing what Cam Thomas the big DT out of North Carolina does at the Senior Bowl practices; guy is 6-3 325lbs - perfect build for NT and is not projected to go very high - could be a later round pick for the Fins. Sparano already mentioned that if Mount Cody were to play for the Fins he would have to lose weight; so that pretty much puts 1 strike on him. He was pretty strong in the 1on1 drills as was Dan Williams - who made a lot of plays on the run drills. Tomorrow they get the full pads on so it should be good.

Just remember the 2008 Sr Bowl featured Matt Ryan and Joe Fucco but the MVP of the game was Chad Henne. That was 3 weeks after he won the MVP in the Orange Bowl by beating Tebow's Gators (that's right Henne is the only QB to beat Tebow in a bowl game and outplay the newly crowned Heisman winner).
And what QB beat more ranked team than any other QB in his college career: Henne
And who is it that brought manhood back to the QB position in Miami, after Penne & Henning & Sparanus made the whole team and all of it's fans look like h0m0's with the fukking backdoor wildcat?
It Was Chad F u c k i n g Henne!
Heil Henne!

Two comments. I agree that a team needs balance. Look what happened to Philly and Arizona in the playoffs. I you cant run the ball you will not do well. On the other hand can you say Brandon Marshall. He would be available and even a high draft pick would be worth what he would bring to the dolphins.

As you noted in your live blog Mando, the Dolphins drafted Pat Turner and Pat White before the Colts picked Austin Collie.

"I'd take Collie over either of those guys.

And last year, while the Dolphins got Davone Bess as a free agent, the Colts got Pierre Garcon in the seventh round. Again, advantage Colts.

There are reasons the Colts can throw the ball downfield. And there are reasons the Dolphins cannot."

Yeah Its called Peyton Manning! Bess would be as good if not better if he were in that system with Manning. Give Henne all the saints receivers this year and results would not be the same as it was for brees. QB's make there receivers much more that the other way around.

As for manning being better than Marino....Manning is the hardest worker, biggest studier and a true student of the game. He has a strong arm and is very acurate. Marino was born, hand crafted by God to throw the football. enough said. if all your argument is Super Bowls your ignorant to the fact that it takes a whole team, not just a QB. THE DEFENSES WERE HORRIBLE!!!!

I love the trifecta. I agree with most that they have done but unless Bill Parcells has a huge change of heart the Dolphins won't get their number one receiver. Unless of course someone shoots him in the butt with a tranquilizer gun before the draft.

Hey FL Jets fan Chris Johnson ran for over 2000 yards and broke the ALLTIME record for yards from scrimmage but was NOT the league MVP even though Titans maybe wins 5 games without him. The MVP award has become a marketing tool beauty contesy for the leagues QBs.

Posted by: Bigwillystyle | January 25, 2010 at 06:36 PM

Well it should have been Revis this year then. Jets were the Cinderella team this season correct? As far as Johnson, he would have won if the Titans made the playoffs. Peyton and Indy showed up every Sunday. Johnson and the Titans DID NOT.

Anyways, that's my point. OFFENSE WINS GAMES AND CHAMPIONSHIPS. Defense just makes the stop when it counts. I'd rather have a QB/WR combo making big plays every QTR than a ILB making a big stop once or twice a game. That's ASSUMING he's NFL good and not just COLLEGE good.

Jimmy Jam,

Unfortunately it is true about Crowder. It is also true he is the best ILB we have at the moment. Maybe in a draft or two or a draft plus a FA pick up the Fins can change that.

Although I marvel at the size speed ratio of McClain I am against drafting him at #12. I like Brandon Spikes better especially for his draft position value. The Fins could slide back and still pick him up as well as get additional picks. Pat Angerer looks to be pretty fast and I believe he would make a good addition particularly vs the pass. (We need someone that stops those pesky TE's from moving the chains all the time on us)

Forgive me all the McClain fans if I am not drinking the kool-aid on him @ #12. Hear me at #12. The later you get him the more his value goes up as you can trade back and gain extra picks. I do NOT believe he will be the next Patrick Willis.

The players I like as Fins in order:

1.) N Suh (Not gonna happen)
2.) S Eric Berry (dream pick also not gonna happen)
3.) CJ Spiller (potentially goes to Raiders or Denver with his kinda speed)
4.) Dez Bryant
5.) trade back and get Mike Iupati (I simply think hes a pro bowler in the making)
6.) trade back and get Brandon Spikes (prolly goes early second rd)

These are the players in the order I want them on the Fins with Spiller being the 1st real possibility. Spiller will make ANY offense more deadly and could be a league leader in punt/kr. So he gets you in great field position and then helps put TD's on board to seal the deal on the scoreboard. Oh by the way he can catch as well so can be split out wide as a Percy Harvin type. I see his versatility being a huge asset.

We would have beaten the colts if it weren't for the defense. How can anybody look at our team and say that the #1 need is on offense. A true #1 would be nice, but that is probably #3 or 4 on our list! Behind MLB, FS, OLB, and NT. Our D let us down numerous times last year. We had teams beat on offense and they could not close the deal. Defenses do win championships and the best D will win it this year. It is about slowing down the QB's that have all the advantages from the rules. If you hit them hard enough, they ALL lose confidence and start making mistakes. I look at the Saints as the more physical D. If they hit Manning, at least as much as they did Farve, the Saints have a very good chance of beating them. That is what happen in the second half of the Indy game. We could not get to him and harass him. He is just too good to let sit back there and pick you apart.

Who from the 2008 draft will be a break out player? This is Tuna's 3rd draft guys. That means his 1st draft should be full of break out players correct?

He is a genius correct? The Tuna can do no wrong in your minds right?

Mando, I would dispute the jets being better than us. We beat them twice, and they backed in to the playoffs.

We could have beat those teams the yets beat in the playoffs. Bottom line is we are not ready , just like the yets. Next year should be very revealing.

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