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Ravens pounding Pats, 24-7 to start third quarter

FOXBORO -- Well, the Patriots have fought back somewhat. They got a special teams break when a muffed punt was recovered inside the Baltimore 30 yard line.

Then Tom Brady eventually tossed a TD pass to Julian Edelman to close the game to 24-7.

And that's where we are as we start the second half.

I would say to you that if the Patriots were the team of the last decade, they haven't exactly started this decade with a bang.

Join me in the comments section to see what happens next.


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I think the pats make a run at it but come up short in the second half.

One thing about stadiums I never understood, why are we worried about putting a roof on a stadium in the warm South when stadiums in the North freeze their fans to death? You can say home field advantage if you practice and play in the cold, but why make your own fans suffer?


If McClain is gone by the time Miami pick at 12,what are the chances of us picking Brandon Spikes or is he more a 2nd rounder?


If McClain is gone by the time Miami pick at 12,what are the chances of us picking Brandon Spikes or is he more a 2nd rounder?

FinFanEd - At 6' and 190, Pat White is too short and too puny. But nj fish fan is probably right. They will continue to keep him in there until he really gets hurt.

Moreover, I do not think the Fins will pick up any top receivers EXCEPT, maybe, Lee Evans. And that would be a damned good pickup. A quiet, fast, sure handed #1. We just have to pray the Bills don't lock him up before the Fins get a shot (if they are actually going to take a shot in FA - but maybe they're content with the back end of the draft guys and we all know Henning loves Teddy).

If the Ravens win, maybe the Bills will try to get CamCam as their HC. Then we'll be set for at least a year or two until they replace him.

Spikes at 12 is to High .

I know the jets have a great defense, but I'm confused with the talk here as to how they're the team to beat in the AFC...there are two teams with byes this weekend, and the jets fell backwards into this postseason event. Yes, they beat Cinci twice convincingly, but it was Cinci both times...they have to prove much more than that before I crown them with anything.

Spikes is a Real reach at 12. IMO.

Unless the talk was the AFC East...can't remember...then, maybe.

Take em in the 2nd For sure.

The thing that bugs me about rebuilding projects is when you have to cover ground that has already been covered.

The Dolphins traded for Ayodele and gave Crowder a big contract and neither a big playmakers.

The Dolphins have drafted two receivers and signed several others as free agents or undrafteds and the position is still an issue.

The team spent a ton of money on FS and the position is still a problem.

The team signede two OLBs last year but the position is still uncertainty.

I HATE that.

Well said Mando.

draft will be loaded this yr,defense n wide receiver a must

We down graded at FS.

If you can't bring the fans because of the team then bring them because of the stadium.

It might be time to build a brand new one. Get one of those Jerry Jones TV's installed.

I agree mando. it pisses you off.

Totally agree Mando...I'm still puzzled with the Crowder contract.

I agree, Mando. It does feel that we're sliding backward a bit. I have mentally tacked on an additional year to the rebuilding process. I don't see us competing at a much higher level next year unless we just have a superb draft and FA.

BTW, How come Typepad says this site isn't registered?

mando dat should tell u something about the guys making the calls on those players

Groh is apparently going to Georgia Tech according to reports from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

I'm torn, I hate both teams equally! Can they both lose today!;)

I don't think crowder is the problem . The last 2 games can attest to that. it's the akin o , g. wilson , some of the wr's ( i.e turner wilford ) that's been the problem.

Agree with NJ.

Real simple. You have make more good decisions than bad ones.

So how long does it take to rebuild Mando? Assuming a team is at ROCK BOTTOM (1-15) season. Then new management comes in. How long does that new management GET to rebuild?

I say 3 years so next year is the 3rd year.

Even then, what should be the expectations after 3 years?

By the way, the Cameron offense hasn't really done much since that Ray Rice run.

83 yards on that run.

73 yards since.

Mando I understand your frustrations but you also have to figure in about 25 percent of the problem of attrition on injuries. We were fairly healthy in 08 but plagued with injuries in 09.

debate/discussion was the AFC East, not AFC in general....if pats lose today, by sheer logic jets are no. 1 in afc east, much as we hate to admit it.

mando who picks the players in the draft ireland or parcells?

you need to make that catch.....

The whole rebuild concept is old school IMO.

These players aren't loyal enough to stick with one team their entire career.

That's why its more important to aquire top notch FA.

menace/nj fish fan , show your face.

Cam calling a terrible game, 50 yard bomb on 3rd n 2? WTH? He also seems scared to throw against a very weak secondary too.

No player gets picked by the Dolphins without Parcells approval.

And some players he picks out personally -- like Pat White, for example.

They have one of those 8 balls that you turn over and read the message. How do you think we got Pat White?

If we pair crowder with bamas mclain we will be set at ilb. Cut your losses with Wilson. Let Clemons start and draft another free safety. Let wake start. If there is a cba then I would try to get v Jackson as free agent for our no 1wr. With those moves that would equate to at least three more wins next year

Max , you mean the same LOYAL free agents who are leaving their team in the first place. LOL

HaHa Joe....

Max your right about loyalty, these days it's about the benjaimins, I think Johnson proved that theory.

dude im not the menace

Heck, a lot of teams have trouble signing the draft picks. There is no loyalty from these players.

NJ It is my understanding from other readings that Parcells is the man Sporano or Ireland need to convince to place the pick.

Rebuilding is year to year, Max.

I don't think the Dolphins will be ready to go to the Super Bowl next year based on the fact it is the third year of Parcells and Co.

Craaaaap! I hate thinking about this stuff.


Game over.

THAT was sweet.....wish we'd hit people & picked off passes like that

3 INTs gotta love it!

thanks tnphinfan

I don't think we really needed that much rebuilding since that forgetable 2007 season just a change in attitude/leadership. 9 of our 15 losses were by 10 PTS or less 6 were by 3 pts or less. We have a hard time closing out games for a while now. Now how do you go about changing that??

Signing FA and spending money like crazy hasn't helped the Redskins lately..

I think you need to make good decisions, not overpay.. and get lucky..

So far, I think we overpaid a few good but not great players because we had need..


So really we have no expectations from Parcells and company right?

Shoot...we need to get some FA on this team then. Building through the draft just seems like old school stuff to me. Yeah, it adds depth but man it don't win superbowls.

Pats getting pushed around, in the playoffs, in their own stadium. Never thought this day would come!!!!

Free agency isn't going to be that great this year without a cap. Most of the fine players will be restricted or franchised.

NJ Fish Fan Is it lonely up north. It sure is here in TIT-ian country.

That's why I mentioned the injuries Mando, it's hard to build the perfect sand castle when the waves keep rolling in!

Groh is apparently going to Georgia Tech according to reports from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Come on, Mando. I reported that in the 1st quarter. Give me some props.

Off topic but I kinda like that fuzzy ball on top of Belicheats hat. Got to get me one of those.

Max , You have to be f'n kidding me RIGHT ?

With the step back the fins took last season, I really don't think they can make a serious run next yr. I do think 2011 is their season. Having said that, do you think there’s going to be a lock that yr?

NFL is all about hired guns nowadays. You get the good QB in the draft, maybe the good RB, occasionally the good WR, but everyone else is a crap shoot. The really good QB's stay with a team. Everyone else up and runs if the money ain't right.

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