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Ravens pounding Pats, 24-7 to start third quarter

FOXBORO -- Well, the Patriots have fought back somewhat. They got a special teams break when a muffed punt was recovered inside the Baltimore 30 yard line.

Then Tom Brady eventually tossed a TD pass to Julian Edelman to close the game to 24-7.

And that's where we are as we start the second half.

I would say to you that if the Patriots were the team of the last decade, they haven't exactly started this decade with a bang.

Join me in the comments section to see what happens next.


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It's a three TD game now, folks.

I don't think the Pats have it in them. We'll see.

parcells rebuilt cowboys,so we have to be patient but when does our patients run out?

Groh is apparently going to Georgia Tech according to a report by Wayne Fontes in the first quarter of a Dolphins In Depth live blog.

There. How's that?


tnphinsfan i live in jersey wit alot of jet fans work tommorow is gonna b hell

Hey Phin Fans do not be impatient about rebuilding enjoy the ride cause when we reach the promise land the wine will be sweet, then, before we know it we will be over the Hill like the patsies wondering what happened.

No i'm not kidding. Even if you build through the draft what's to say your draftee's will stay on the team past their initial contract? If they're any good then they will demand more money. If they don't get the money then they walk.

Armando, when Will Allen comes back do you think Smith will still have his job or would you change him to free safety and put Yeremiah as SS?

Nice YAC for Moss. NOT!

My patience is running thin too and I would like to see the Lombardi back in Miami sometime in my lifetime then I could die happy. Isn't that sad???

Max, I suppose that's why you hope the Franchise tag and restricted FA at a clubs disposal. So, even if they do lose their player they at least get something in return.

Phantom flag time.

THAT was a phantom Sack!!!

Refs at it again.

nyfinfan, when Allen comes back, if he's 100 percent, he'll compete to start and the best two guys will start and the other guy won't.

But I think Allen will take over for Nathan Jones as the slot corner in nickel and dime packages while the younsters handle the CB duties. Watch for that.

Was it really a no call on illegal formation???

NFL trying to save the Patsies season.

NJ Fish, kill them with kindness and praise. They will be horrified and you will spoil their fun.

What r everyones opinions on pats situation? They're always smart and always have a ton but this yr they have a bunch! Much more than usual bc of trading semore. Will they rebuild and maintain? Or has the sun set on their dynasty?

da refs are helping the pats

Max , then if you're Not kidding , then you know nothing about football . Thanks for stopping by. :)

Yeah, That makes sense Armando, Jones had a couple of good games but towards the end of the season is seemed teams isolated him and went after him.

Like Mando said after we beat them, the Dynasty is over!

12th man for the Pats....

The Ref.

nyfinfan, agreed but these players have been known to sit out an entire season because their team basically stopped them from getting the bigger contract.

Patriots not going quietly into the night. 27-14.

Like the old 80's show, dynasty is over.

Lot of time left, would it really surprise us if they come back and win this one. They have the refs playing for em.

Cribbs cleaned out his locker and said he wasn't taking another snap for the browns.

o0o0o nice score edleman.. We need to start hitting on some draft picks like the pats! Forget those 2nd round throwaway picks in the 2010 draft fins (Aka turner and wildpat)!

Too little too late for the Patsies. Where the heck is GoPats?

tnphinfan there r very arrogant,the dont think the back into the playoffs


The Crows need to keep fightin.

Julie Edelman looks like a bad SOB.

I think I know just as much as you do NY.

Fans are Booing, I love it!

hartline is our edelman

Crows need to run the clock.

Mando nice talking have a safe flight home.

Thank you Mando. I saw it on a blog so I will give collegefootballtalk.com credit....ha ha ha!

Yeah I think hatrline will explode nxt season.

If the Pats lose.all their fans and ESPN will still call them a dynasty and get mad when you Try to tell them they're not.


In the past, I've seen GOPats say he was on his way to the game.. so maybe he is AT the game and isn't an Iphone user?

While he supports his team, he does give Miami props from time to time and is quite reasonable when here.. unlike tortureddouchebag


Lol yeah ur right beerndrums.

Fist off it's NJ and you know jack shyt about football if you think free agency is the way to win super bowls and drafting to win superbowls is OLD School !! LMFAO !! I've Forgotten more football than you'll ever know about football.

Looks like Welker was making the rest of the WR's look pretty good.

Aaaayyyyyiiieeeee rhe fourth qtr blog not showing up for me :(

You've forgotten more about football than I'll ever know? Somehow I doubt that very seriously. Building through the draft is old school man. These guys are not loyal enough for that anymore. Owners don't like to WAIT to win a superbowl anymore. Look around the league. These coaches get fired at a moments notice. Parcells was pretty muched fired before he quit from Dallas.

It's a win now league New York. You sure you're not part of Parcells old school coaches? Because then I would believe you've forgotten more about football than I know.

Refs and NFL now just embarrassing themselves with the cheating. How far does Flacco have to stick that ball over the line to get the first?

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