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Report from Wed. Pro Bowl practices [Updated]

Want to take a break from Joey Porter saga to tell you what's going on at the Pro Bowl practices I just got back from this afternoon.

As you know, Yeremiah Bell is the only Dolphins player in the game. He said he was on the couch sleeping Sunday night when he got the call that a spot had opened up for him. So he's in, baby! He's the only Dolphins player in the game as offensive tackle Jake Long backed out a couple of weeks ago.

"I was real happy when I got the news and I'm excited to be playing," Bell said.

Bell addressed the Porter issue -- yeah, I'm trying to get away from it, but it's too juicey. Bell said he was not aware of my report that Porter told coach Tony Sparano he's unhappy during a season-ended meeting and went then went on to echo those sentiments on a radio show in his hometown of Bakersfield, California. As I also reported first Porter even talked about wanting to play elsewhere on that radio show.

"I hope he doesn't want to leave," Bell said. "I like having Joey around. I think he does some great things and [he's] a guy that a lot of guys in the locker room want to have on this team. I hope he doesn't go anywhere and I'll be sure to pick up the phone and call him to see what he's talking about."

San Francisco 49'ers tight end Vernon Davis is in this game. And he figures by next year the Pro Bowl is going to be a family affair because he thinks little brother and Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis is a future Pro Bowl player.

"I look forward to playing with him next year. I look forward to finally playing with my little brother because I've never played with him," Davis said. "I think he did a great job this year. To lead the team in interceptions and have some impact games like he did. He made some noise. He'll be here soon."

New England nose tackle Vince Wilfork is in this game. If you read this blog you know how I feel about this man. I believe if the Patriots somehow fall down on the job and do not sign or franchise Wilfork, the Dolphins should back a Brink's truck to Wilfork's lawn and unload all the cash he wants to play for Miami.

As you guys know I talked to Wilfork about this topic three weeks ago when I covered the Patriots' playoffs loss to Baltimore. He told me then that "Florida is home," when I asked if he would consider playing for the Dolphins if he hits free agency.

But the Patriots can obviously tag Wilfork, something he wouldn't be too thrilled about.

"Right now I'm not even thinking about it," he said. "I played my six years and they're up. So what happens is going to happen. I can't control it. But I'd be very disappointed because I worked hard. I gave everything I can give. I expect the same.

"We'll see what happens."

Wilfork was asked if would hold out if he's franchised...

"That's so far from here," he answered. "I'll handle it the appropriate way to handle it and however way I think that is. We'll see. We don't know what they're going to do. We'll see in the next couple of weeks."

The Miami Herald's David J. Neal caught up with deposed Dolphins defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni after the NFC practice. Pasqualoni was fired by the Dolphins on a Tuesday and had a new job within 72 hours as the Cowboys' linebacker coach. The Cowboys are coaching the NFC squad.

Pasqualoni was asked if he was shocked he got fired.

"Well, I think that somebody's got to be accountable, somebody's responsible," Pasqualoni said. "We gave up some plays. At the end of the day, we just gave up too many big plays. I don't know if surprised is the word. As a professional in this league, ever day you go in, you know you're responsible, accountable, in a position of leadership like a coordinator, somebody's got to be responsible. At the end of the day, you're prepared for anything to happen. Shocked? No. Surprised? Maybe."

I agree that someone has to be ultimately responsible. But I'm hoping that responsibility is spread to the entire list of guys that need to take responsibility and that would include some players -- such as Gibril Wilson, Joey Porter, Akin Ayodele, etc ...

[LATE AFTERNOON UPDATE: Kicker Dan Carpenter has been added to the AFC squad. He replaced San Diego's Nate Kaeding, who stepped out because of injury. Carpenter becomes the third Miami kicker -- joining Olindo Mare and Garo Yepremian -- to be named to the Pro Bowl.]

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Vontae is definitely further ahead after year one than big brother Vernon was and look how big brother turned out. Vontae is even playing the more difficult position. I keep picturing that interception he had in the NE game covering Moss down the field. I couldn't believe my eyes. Good things in the future for little brother.


Wilfork is not going anywhere. The Pats DL is thin. They have Warren, Wilfork, Jarvis Green and Ron Brace who are slated to be their top 4 DL next year. Not much depth after that. They will probably draft another lineman this year. This is also another team that will go LB heavy.

Vontae Davis will be in the pro bowl in 2 years .

Pro Bowl practices are over ?? That means Home super Bowl 2010 aka stop the madness will be here shortly. Get ready for the nutjob and his stupidity.

im more interested in the Senior practices...

South practice just started.

Armando, do players have pro bowl appearance bonuses written into their contracts? Like if you get selected to the pro bowl you get a $100K bonus? I wonder how that works out for the guys in the SB?

I dont really blame the former DC at all unless he is the one that pushed for Gibril Wilson. On the other hand, he had a decent second half of the season. I don't feel we have to get rid of him. I think we need a couple of new linebackers and a starting nose tackle on defense and we are set.

For offense, we need weapons! Serious weapons! We need a deep threat TE that can catch. And we obviously need two WR's. A proven #1 and another tall and fast rookie that could hopefully catch. We also should address our hole at right guard as well. Thomas sucked last year.

Good for Bell. He's a solid player and sure tackler. Doesn't make a lot of mental errors. He just needs more highlight/game changing plays to be elite.

Porter's going to go soon anyway. I say cut bait and run while the getting is good. His fake outside go inside move allowed too many QBs to get outside of the pocket and make big plays either with their legs or buying time for WRs. He had a stellar 2008 but it's time to move on.

Wilfolk is going to be tagged by the Pats we ain't letting that beast go anywhere.


"For offense, we need weapons! Serious weapons!"


Interesting that Bell hadn't heard anything about Peezy (I guess there goes everyone's comments yesterday saying he was hurting the locker room). The one defensive star we have (Bell) says A LOT of guys in the locker room want Joey around. Mando, did you break your pencil when you heard him say that? But I agree with you, Wilfork would be a dream, though I doubt we get him.

Flipper013, I don't have any hatred for Pasqualoni either, but trust me buddy, Mike Nolan is a HUGE upgrade from him. Believe that!

South practice is over and the best player on the field was Jimmy Graham the TE from the U. He had a beautiful over the head catch going out the back of the end zone for a td ( tebow on the throw ). He's been very impressive this week and has moved up. Dan williams had some nice stops up the middle on some run plays.

Somebody had to take the fall.....and it started exactly where it should of. With the DC. If you are going to make changes, it obviously starts from the top. They will get to the players so show some patience!!

Forgot to sign in. Mccluster also stood out.

Lets take a break from talking about Joey Porter.

What do you think about Joey Porter maybe not being here next year?



My draft would go..

#1 rd.) CJ Spiller He is such a dynamic, explosive player that would fill holes at multiple positions. He could star at RB, WR, PR and/or KR. He gobbles up ground in a hurry on ST. Then he can allow the coaches a zillion different options play calling wise. After he gashes people, then he can be a decoy as well, freeing up others to make plays. If he is not there and Dez Bryant is gone (S Eric Berry, Suh and McCoy will be long gone) I trade back and target G Mike Iupati. We still have to do a better job of winning in the trenches and things got very patchwork on our OL late in the season. In the Jags game they had guys playing out of position or in positions they had never played...insane and somehow they eeked it out. I believe Mike I. will be a force on the OLine for a long, long time and has already been excelling at the SB practices as a standout. Like a Jake Long type pick, not flashy but you have to win in the trenches and he will be there for a long time.

#2 rd.) ILB Brandon Spikes. He is tough, hits hard, doesn't take many false steps and is decisive. He will be a touch slower than some on a stop watch (Thus second rd) but he can flat get it done from the middle LB spot.

#3 rd.) ILB Pat Angerer. He is fast, in the 4.5 range and should be able to cover and catch the speedy WRs, RBs and especially the TEs that torched us all year on crossing routes and slants.

MY Free Agents: NT Hampton and OLB/ILB Dansby

With this type of draft and FA pickups we can transform the DEF with speed, youth and experience.

DT's Starks, Merling, Langford, McDanials

NT's *FA Hampton, Solai (Ferg if hes 100%)

OLBs *FA Dansby, Taylor, Wake, Anderson

ILB's Crowder, Torbor, (R) Spikes, (R) Angerer His size and speed and coverage ability may allow him to play at OLB in the NFL.

The special teams would also have more solid tacklers to help ST win the field position battle.

One late round guy I think can play and play well is WR Fred Barnes from Bowling Green. His stats are eye popping and he is already showing well in allstar games. Don't let his average height, weight and speed fool you. All this guy does is get seperation, correctly read and set up the def with his routes and catch the ball all day.

It wouldn't suprise me to see the Phins try to add McCluster if they dont go after or can't get Spiller. They are coaching him at the Senior Bowl. He's a pint sized playmaker but man can he cause match up issues. I think his size causes him to go in the second rd somewhere. I know most peeps say "we have to have a big, giant WR" and we would be better off with a good one than not. Above that, the Fins need playmakers in a bad way. Guys that can deliver a quick strike or the chunk yards as Coach says. I feel that's why they still keep Ginn around. To at least have one speed guy that keeps teams from bunching up too much to stop the run. If we add Spiller or McCluster you have your lightning in a bottle player. They help in so many ways their value goes way up. I still go with Spiller as the better of the two options.


What is the title of your novel? ;)


Interesting update.... Do you think Kaeding was injured by furious teammates after missing 3 fg and blowing the game against the lowly Jets? Or do you think he is just too embarrassed to show his face in public?

laces out.

War and Peace... in the NFL. LOL

Sorry for the novel action Carlito. I am such a passionate Fins fan it is hard for me to keep it short. I'll try harder.


Carlito, two titles are being considered - "I Love CJ Spiller" or "I Have No Idea What Bill Parcells Looks for in an Middle Linebacker"

How about " thank god you're not the GM ".

I think it sgonna be Spiller....He can run any scheme including Wildcat....Ronnie will stay and next year Ricky retires....

We aquire BM as a FA if posssible....there is your OFFENCE completed.....

The defense gets overhauled via DRAFT

NJ Phin...

Same question... what are your top 3 choices?

Also when we mock draft it can be what we as fans want or it can be from a what you think the Fins brass will choose perspective. They are two seperate things.

Its cool Rob, I have same love for the Miami Dolphins and understand...


It may be a moot point as the Raiders are always super keenly focused on speed i.e. the Heyward Bey choice last year. McFadden is only doing average and Heyward Bey can't seem to catch.

Also Denver may want another flexible weapon. He can kinda double as a Wes Welker / Kevin Faulk role that McDaniels saw for so long in NE.

Spiller may be gone by #12

I'm curious if the players who sub for the Pro Bowl get the same contract incentives as if they were voted in?

Porter sees the writing on the wall, he is due a huge roster bonus and his porformance this yr was not worth the $$ spent. He is a yr older and will never put up the #s he used to. Wake will be ready to take over this yr and for alot cheaper.

JT might be back after all because he plays better at Weakside. We will draft a 3-4OLB at some point and will be ok at the position without Peezy.

Carlito... Thnx bro. You are great with the many one liners on dis here board.

I sure as hell hope that whether The Fins get the players I think can play or whether they get any others... That they have pro bowl type ability.

We have been mediocre at too many positions for too long.

Mark in Toronto? NJ Phin?

Just asking for the top 1st -3rd round players you guys already have etched into your heads as the best route for the Fins to take?

I agree with Rob, I think they should take Spiller if he is still available. Our offense needed a big play maker this year and he could fill that void. He played a lot of reciever at Clemson so he can be put in a lot of different plays. If you get him you can trade Ginn in a package deal with another WR and address some of our needs on defense with another draft pick or a veteren ILB or OLB.

Rolando McClain is clearly the best fit, I just hope he is there at 12.

Other Good ILB prospects for 2nd and 3rd round Brandon Spikes and MIcah Johnson

Derrick Morgan is clearly the best OLB prospect, but he probably wont be there at 12

Some of the guys that are very good that might be there in the 2nd are Ricky Sapp and Eric Norwood

I hear ya Carlito and respect your choices. I would say that I would be shocked if Morgan is gone before #12.

Rolando is the census #1 ILB and he is definitely big and fast. That is exactly why I understand when people say OMG you have to be crazy not to like him...so I get that. I just keep thinking he should be able to blow up more players with that size and speed. When I watch him tackle it seems to be more of a run over and grab a guy to the ground type tackle. He also happened to be on one of the best teams in the country so I think maybe the guys around him had a lot to do with his success.

I absolutely acknowledge I could be wrong. That is why I don't hesitate to stake my claim to players I feel can play.

In the end I want the Fins to win so badly I would gladly eat a major crow samich if the Fins did draft McClain and he ended up being "the goods".


You lucky dog......

Keep us informed of the seniors that really stand out.

Thanks, and I'll have a Beer for ya in return.

Derrick Morgan will be gone before McClain, he is ranked in the top 5 prospects...

That being said if by some ungodly chance Morgan and McClain were still on the board 12, I think the fins would take McClain...

The guy is an absolute beast and above all he is a very smart football player... McClain knows his stuff and the trifecta likes that type of thing... He would be an instant starter here


McClain will be a bigger hit than Long...

I watched the Senior Bowl practice on my TIVO and read Mando's twitter and I think we agree that Jimmy Graham seems like a good TE prospect for the Dolphins in the middle rounds.

He's 6-6 and runs well. He's a project but he's already better than Nalbone that I could see. Liked him down here in Miami.

The U!

Kaeding is suffering from an injured ego...you can't miss 3 kicks and get your team booted from the playoffs then go to the Pro Bowl.

the one problem i have with Derrick Morgan is his fitness. all i remember is, him coming out of the CANES game every chance he got b/c he was tired,extemely tired! i could be wrong!!!:(

i thought graham was 6'8

Us being from S. Florida, Willie, I think we have a greater appreciation for good football talent than some other posters.

High school ball down here is among the best if not the best in the nation.

The area turns out more great college talent than just about anywhere.

So I agree Graham is going to be pretty good once he gets more of a football attititude and gets a little meaner. That's something basketball players lack when they make the transition at first.


hey baby!!!!


how did mt. cody look at senior bowl practice today??

FYI , this past draft produced 6 1st rounders from the state of NEW JERSEY that included BJ raji , Brian cushing , kenny britt . eugene monroe , knowshon moreno and malcolm jenkins, Shon greene from the jets is also from jeresey. To sit here and tell somebody they have a greater appreciation of good football talent is complete nonsense and idiotic. LMFAO !! Then to completment somebody on graham when i already talked about graham on a earlier post just shows how envious and jealous you are of me. I get you don't like me but to talk BS just shows your true colors. Pretty sad if you ask me. :)

I still say this Coaching staff better take this draft more serious then any they have ever seen. This draft is thin on outstanding talent... so, that mean there are good picks, now great picks... all the way through the 7th round. #'s 1 & 2 may be important... built Miami needs to hit at least 2 or 3 Every down players in the later rounds. This team can either stay on a decent track for a long play-off run within 2 years and maybe a SB in 2 or 3... or, should it bust out on 50% or 73% of this draft... be set back by 4 years. There are way too many guys who are either on the bubble to get bounced out of town for high dollar contracts... or... there are guys who's contacts are coming due. Miami need to get people in place NOW... we saw what happens when the weight of the season falls on rookies... they may do okay... but not good enough to win against teams like NO or Indy. We HAVE to stay on task with NYJ also.

BAM !!!!! Who's your daddy ??? LMFAO !!!

Pardon my post ... I said "NOW" Great picks... I meant "NOT" Great picks... Thanks.

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!

Aloco , how do you like me now ???

when are you going to realize i keep arguements going. i was born(first) before christ himself, will somebody give me a cookie. i have all the knowledge in the world but i just dont comprehend to well

Mando...id like some updates on some of the players that we DIDNT hear much about this year....where are they at in their development???

1 JD Folsom
2 John Nailbone

Plus....Walden, Moses etc....anyone have info serious info on these guys?....are they gonna make it?

Alfy from OZZ

FLPD , thanks for stopping by :) .

later people !!

that means i'm over at the sun sentinel blog now!!

the only LBs i like on the team are taylor,wake,and channing the rest seem to have to many shortcomings. porter=garbage,to big not to be a force in the run game,and he dont show up in pass coverage either,akin=pure garbage,to damn slow and never seen during the game unless he's trying to run down somebody(which aint gonna happen),moses was getting beat the last time he played serious minutes. i like anderson a little more than these guy but he's not great either.i would keep anderson and moses for special teams if for no other reason. like i've been saying all year "WE NEED LB's.

Mc Clain Won't be there at # 12 , two teams before us will pick him either the Browns or Denver ,If Dez Bryant is not there at # 12 , they need to trade the pick and get more picks.

i think we trade down just low enough to get the best available NT first and will worry about the rest later but a NT is a serious need. the reason i say this,is the fact parcells passed on a franchise QB for a left tackle. not to mention we have been trying to find that next NT since parcells has been here. ferg is not promised next year and solia might not ne the long term answer! i could be wrong!! like other posters already said the gap in talent isn't that much different from 1-7 at many positions of need

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