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Report from Wed. Pro Bowl practices [Updated]

Want to take a break from Joey Porter saga to tell you what's going on at the Pro Bowl practices I just got back from this afternoon.

As you know, Yeremiah Bell is the only Dolphins player in the game. He said he was on the couch sleeping Sunday night when he got the call that a spot had opened up for him. So he's in, baby! He's the only Dolphins player in the game as offensive tackle Jake Long backed out a couple of weeks ago.

"I was real happy when I got the news and I'm excited to be playing," Bell said.

Bell addressed the Porter issue -- yeah, I'm trying to get away from it, but it's too juicey. Bell said he was not aware of my report that Porter told coach Tony Sparano he's unhappy during a season-ended meeting and went then went on to echo those sentiments on a radio show in his hometown of Bakersfield, California. As I also reported first Porter even talked about wanting to play elsewhere on that radio show.

"I hope he doesn't want to leave," Bell said. "I like having Joey around. I think he does some great things and [he's] a guy that a lot of guys in the locker room want to have on this team. I hope he doesn't go anywhere and I'll be sure to pick up the phone and call him to see what he's talking about."

San Francisco 49'ers tight end Vernon Davis is in this game. And he figures by next year the Pro Bowl is going to be a family affair because he thinks little brother and Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis is a future Pro Bowl player.

"I look forward to playing with him next year. I look forward to finally playing with my little brother because I've never played with him," Davis said. "I think he did a great job this year. To lead the team in interceptions and have some impact games like he did. He made some noise. He'll be here soon."

New England nose tackle Vince Wilfork is in this game. If you read this blog you know how I feel about this man. I believe if the Patriots somehow fall down on the job and do not sign or franchise Wilfork, the Dolphins should back a Brink's truck to Wilfork's lawn and unload all the cash he wants to play for Miami.

As you guys know I talked to Wilfork about this topic three weeks ago when I covered the Patriots' playoffs loss to Baltimore. He told me then that "Florida is home," when I asked if he would consider playing for the Dolphins if he hits free agency.

But the Patriots can obviously tag Wilfork, something he wouldn't be too thrilled about.

"Right now I'm not even thinking about it," he said. "I played my six years and they're up. So what happens is going to happen. I can't control it. But I'd be very disappointed because I worked hard. I gave everything I can give. I expect the same.

"We'll see what happens."

Wilfork was asked if would hold out if he's franchised...

"That's so far from here," he answered. "I'll handle it the appropriate way to handle it and however way I think that is. We'll see. We don't know what they're going to do. We'll see in the next couple of weeks."

The Miami Herald's David J. Neal caught up with deposed Dolphins defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni after the NFC practice. Pasqualoni was fired by the Dolphins on a Tuesday and had a new job within 72 hours as the Cowboys' linebacker coach. The Cowboys are coaching the NFC squad.

Pasqualoni was asked if he was shocked he got fired.

"Well, I think that somebody's got to be accountable, somebody's responsible," Pasqualoni said. "We gave up some plays. At the end of the day, we just gave up too many big plays. I don't know if surprised is the word. As a professional in this league, ever day you go in, you know you're responsible, accountable, in a position of leadership like a coordinator, somebody's got to be responsible. At the end of the day, you're prepared for anything to happen. Shocked? No. Surprised? Maybe."

I agree that someone has to be ultimately responsible. But I'm hoping that responsibility is spread to the entire list of guys that need to take responsibility and that would include some players -- such as Gibril Wilson, Joey Porter, Akin Ayodele, etc ...

[LATE AFTERNOON UPDATE: Kicker Dan Carpenter has been added to the AFC squad. He replaced San Diego's Nate Kaeding, who stepped out because of injury. Carpenter becomes the third Miami kicker -- joining Olindo Mare and Garo Yepremian -- to be named to the Pro Bowl.]

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all this depends on free agency

NJ took FLPD to school . That was a beat down.

Not that it matters but California produces more NFL players than any other state followed by Florida, Texas, Georgia and Louisiana in that order. New Jersey is 15th

wow!! im not going to debate about this but NJ and FLPD was talking about two different things. slow down and read both post. im sure they play decent football in NJ but it's not close to florida high school football! NO WAY!! im willing to bet $100 to a busted goose egg thats the first time NJ had 6 first round picks in any draft for any sport ever! gotta go heat playing!!!!!!!!


I belly laughed the 1st time saw that screen name Rex Ryan's FUPA. That's awesome.

We are both on the same page with Spiller. I hear Coach S. harping on position flexiblity so much on the OL. It should carry to other parts of the team.

Spiller can be one or all of RB, WR, PR, KR.

I feel like they could package Ginn if they wanted after a Spiller pick up. I am just not sure what they would get in return. Anything lower than a 3rd maybe high 4rth would be terrible. I have not heard anything about the Fins trying to trade Ginn. I am not sure if they are and its just a poker face or not? Maybe Ginn and other considerations for Anquan Boldin? That way it lessens the loss of a quality WR in AZ. Change of scenery might do both well.

The Cheatriots know that Wilfork will go to the Dolphins if they don't tag him. That gives them extra incentive. The Cheatriots would have given Wilfork a big contract by now if they ever planned to do it. Wilfork's taking the same path as Asante Samuel. He might be a Dolphin in 2011 (if there's even a season), but next year he'll be playing for Belicheat.

3 Players on Miami's Radar in the 1st round, Mc Clain , Morgan, Bryant , neither one will be there at #12 , trade down and get an extra pick in the 2nd Round

NJ PHIN and Mark in Toronto...

What are your top three realistic choices?

Carlito stepped up and delivered the goods. He even offered other good prospects if those picks were not there.

Your turns... still waiting.

why would the fins trade for BOLDIN with all the injuries he has had!! can we count on him to be there at the end!! just asking! plus you still dont have true speed at the wr spot by adding boldin

navy, do u mean all 3 wont be there? You said neither after listing 3 players...just askin.

phinfan from 73,

The comment I posted was in a situation where the Fins had drafted Spiller. He would be the new and much improved home run hitter for the Fins. I was also offering up a possibility that they could then afford to package their only speedy WR on the team in Ginn.

Bolden has been injured and been nicked up some. Ronnie Brown has too. Does that mean that they are both bad players? Would you not pick up AB and jettison Ronnie Brown as well as Smiley, Cobbs, Ferguson, Allen and anyone else that went down with injury?

When playing AB is a really good receiver and is the polar opposite to Ginn and most any WR on the Fins. AB is big, bruising, can run after the catch, can leap up high and take the shot and still come down with the ball. Pat Turner is the one that best describes and he could not even make it on the field last year.

Another factor is that because Miami can point to the fact he has had some issues healthwise they can get a lower price tag on him. The compensation to get Bolden goes down. Also AZ has emerging WR's in Breaston and Doucet. That can further lower the AB price tag.

It ends up being getting a pretty darn good football player, when healthy and at more of a bargain price. That's why I say it would be a pretty good pick up.

i dont think ginn goes anywhere and everybody else is smaller and slower than the wr azi already have. imo!!

I'm glad Kaeding dropped out; he didn't deserve it after the Jets game.

I think Spiller is a Reggie Bush type player, but possibly better! Bush plays RB, WR and return man. Spiller I believe can be even more dynamic than Bush has been (when he has not benn hurt)!!!

One option you guys are missing out on is Michigan OLB Brandon Graham. This guy is an animal, pure pass rush speed and excellent against the run. Was the only reason Michigan won any games last year and the only defensive player on a really baaaad defense.

Unless he knows something we dont know, Vernon will have to play AGAINST his brother and not WITH him, and they play in different conferences.

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