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Jets "formula" is a mirage not the plan to follow

I am praying to survive this week and reach Sunday's demolishing of the New York Jets by the Indianapolis Colts because my head wants to explode with all the J-E-T-S stuff the East Coast Media is laying on so thick these days..

I'm not hating here. I believe the Jets, a mediocre team, have grabbed a great opportunity and are holding on with superhuman grip in making their way into the AFC Championship game.

They took advantage of two teams laying down for them the final two weeks of the season -- after the head coach himself said the season was done -- to qualify for the playoffs. Then they beat a flawed and wounded Cincinnati team in the first round of the playoffs and a San Diego team that had a wide receiver that could kick better than the kicker and a man who has never won a championship-caliber game as the head man.

And so now the Jets are the best thing since turboprops?

You guys are as guilty as the media of overstating what the Jets are. I've read some of the comments about how the Jets formula should be the Dolphins formula going forward. You know, run the ball like crazy, play aggressive defense, win championships!

A couple of things: The Jets have not won any championships. The Jets will not win any championships during this postseason. And they do what they do out of necessity, not out of choice.

First, separate the Jets defense from this conversation. That unit is championship caliber. They deserve great respect and admiration for playing an attacking style of football few teams match. It's the reason the Jets allowed fewer points than any other.

But the offense?

Rex Ryan on Sunday called it, "old fashioned ground and pound football." He said it with pride as if that's what his plan was all along. And I'm calling B.S. on that.

The fact of the matter is the Jets are ground and pound because when they tried to be what they truly want to be -- a multi-dimensional team with a dynamic passing game as well as dynamic running game -- and they recognized they don't have the horses to do it.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez threw more interceptions than TDs while the Jets were hoping to be a multi-faceted offense. And the team lost games against the likes of lesser teams such as Buffalo, and yes, Miami, during that time.

How do I know the Jets don't really want to have a one-dimensional offense based completely on the league's best running game? Because Ryan has said so himself. I've heard it with my own two eyes (LOL).

Earlier this year, when the Jets figured out they had a fine defense and running game, they recognized they needed to throw the ball to win championships, so they went out and traded for wide receiver Braylon Edwards to do just that.

Ryan called Edwards, "the final piece of the puzzle," when the trade with Cleveland was made.

Ryan said the Jets gave up good players for Edwards and that would, in turn, prevent teams from stacking the box or disrespect New York's ability to go downfield.

"I think we get a receiver who draws a team's attention," Ryan said. "It's almost about what the defenses can't do to us anymore."

Of course, we know Edwards hasn't quite become the consistent threat the Jets had hoped. But that's irrelevant to this writing. The point is the Jets desperately wanted to become something greater than "ground and pound." They knew they were incomplete without a great downfield threat and gave up players and draft picks for a wide receiver they thought would, pardon the pun, bring that completion.

And that brings me to you guys, the Dolphins fan community. I've been hearing troubling rumblings from you about how the Dolphins should mimic the Jets. I've been hearing that the Jets have the right formula, which in many regards is akin to the Dolphins formula, and so Miami should simply stay the course.

All the Dolphins have to do to make it to the AFC title game next year is spend this offseason improving the defense and then ground and pound -- the passing game be damned.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Once they are eliminated on Sunday, the Jets will go into the offseason and continue to address their flawed offense. Their young QB won't be a rookie forever and they will try to surround him with more weapons so he can throw the football. I guarantee you this.

Yes, they will continue to run because Shonn Greene looks like a star in the making. Yes, they will continue to play great defense because Kris Jenkins will come back next year and the draft will augment what they already have, which is scary.

But they will also look to throw the football like a championship team.

And so it would be a mistake for you, and certainly for the Dolphins, to get lulled into thinking that simply running the ball and playing great defense will match the Jets.

Defense and a running game may indeed be good enough to get a into the playoffs when a couple of teams lay down. It may be good enough to advance in the playoffs when you face teams like the Chargers that continue to under-achieve in the postseason year after year after year, dating back to 2007.

But it isn't otherwise good enough. To be a complete team you have to, well, be a complete team. The Jets know this. And they tried to address it even as the season was underway.

I just hope and trust you know it. I hope and trust the Dolphins know it.

Yes, you have to run and play defense. But in today's NFL you have to do that other thing just as much if not more: You have to throw the rock. Just ask New Orleans, Minnesota and the Colts. Those are the teams to mimic.

Not the Jets.

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While Jenkins (going into 10 year) may come back, Woody and Faneca are not going to get younger either. Older isn't better in football. Jets also benefit from missed field goals which they celebrate like they had something to do with it. Jeez

Let's give Henne some weapons. At the same time, let's settle the nose tackle position, add a linebacker or two and replace Gibril Wilson!

What happened to my post?.....

How many draft picks do the jets have this year?
I think they have a 1,2,3,4,6,7 and you have to rest the edwards trade...which was?

And by the way Armando, what are the phins picks for next year?

Dead on Mr. Salguero. They as you have stated could't have gotten luckier in getting where they have and if somehow they win against the Colts it will be more of the Colts throwing up on themselves like the never win Norv Turner. I would be a very po'd Fins Fan if we mocked the jets in anyway and if Henne started to run around like the 12 year old sancheese I would move to Miami and make it my lifes mission to run him out of town. I believe in the Trifecta even through some questionable calls but I think thet have my team on the right track and set up for many years not 1 or 2 like the wets

While you are stating offense take a look at the blowouts. It isn't just the offense, it is the defense that is kicking butt. And there lies the problem. Sure we could have won 3 more games if Ginn could catch. A great receiver was not the deciding factor Indy, NO or NE. These are just games I remember. How about Buffalo, Tennessee and Houston? Defense could have won the games.
I agree we could use a good or even great big receiver but the glaring problem is defense. We were minus 30 total points. Defense is a hole that has to be filled.

I have been in many NFL cities, and I have friends who are fans of various teams, but I have never seen the hatred and jealousy that the Miami fans reek towards the Jets.
I spent all of my life in NY as a Jet fan, and I have never met another Jet fan that spent more than 2 seconds thinking about the Dolphins, or their fans. Our thoughts were about the Raiders, the Bills, and the Pats. This "blood feud" that you Dolfans have is 99% in your own head, not ours.
The fact is, Armando, you write like a fan, not a journalist. And the lack of class can be seen from miles.

Don't lump me in with the rest of these bozos saying that we need to copy the Jets. The j-e-t-s S-U-C-K. You said it, they're winning because other teams are screwing up (though I guess the Cheatriots won a few championships that way). Everything is going their way. If they didn't get that ridiculous bounce on the punt that pinned the Chargers right inbetween the Rivers' picks, the Jets would have lost.

That being said, the Dolphins almost beat the Colts and the Colts played pretty well on offense that game. The Jets will be able to run the ball on the Colts (like the Dolphins did) and they don't have Gibril Wilson. So, they don't figure to give up the huge pass plays the Dolphins did. Sad to think, but the Jets could actually win this game.

Look at the other teams left though. It's all about throwing the football. Manning. Brees. Favre. The Jets have lucked out. Period.

Alberto must be your first time on this blog if you think jets fans are so classy and do nit waste their time envying the fins. Get real man.

I'm not a jet fan rather a jet hater
but it doesn't matter what you do through the reg. season, it matters what you do when it comes down to crunch time.

the thing miami should mimic from the jets is,
to come up big when it's crunch time.

jets have come up on the + side of things when it was crunch time ,winning game at the end of the season.

if miami came up big in crunch time miami would be in the jets place right now, and the jets would be home watching.

any team moving through the post comes up big in crunch situations,just watch the vik's , saints and colts.

the 72 dolphins had that type of team .
they came up with the play that saved them all year.they weren't the best team stat wise up to present,the reason they are the only team undefeated is they made plays they needed when through the years other teams didn't.

that is what miami should emulate is, the get it done way the 72 dolphins did it without the superstars at the time.
not the jets


While what you've seen may be true in your case, I can assure you it isn't as common as you think. Having spent most of my life in Miami, I've seen many Jets fans walking around town, proclaiming their team's superiority every chance they get. I don't mind too much; it's part of the fun. Still, I feel it's a little ridiculous when Jets fans go to Miami games - in which the Jets aren't even the opponents - decked out in Jets gear and STILL talk smack. Can't help but laugh at it.

I mean hey, we're all just trying to have fun, so it's not that big if a deal. But don't think for a second that there aren't plenty of NY fans who build up this rivalry just as much as we do.

And of course Armando writes like a fan - he is, and this is a Dolphins blog. He reports the news pretty straightforwardly, but he's also entitled to the occasional opinion piece (which this clearly was).

Very entertaining post, Mando. Well written, humorous and also good because it's true.

Good stuff here. But please fellow bloggers, can we get off the we almost beat the colts and the saints trip?

In fact, we did not beat the Colts or the Saints. OK?

Saying we almost beat the Colts and Saints is like saying Tampa Bay almost beat us this year. It didn't happen!

Get over it.

Hey Mando, Im a dolfan through and through but what I see is a team that's getting the job done period! Now my question to you is this what if the jets take care ofctge colts let's say the score is 17-13 jets then what ? The reason why I ask this us because I see a jets team that has so much confidence right now it's unbelievable. Now they may have beaten a wounded jets team and an underachieving chargers bunch but the bottom line is that they are getting the job done (so far atleast) !!!!

Dolphins asked permission to interview Nolan while he was still employed... Then he resigned... Espn is reporting a deal is almost done to bring him to Miami... Looks like the kinda stole him... Didn't expect a lateral hire

He resigne only to take the miami job over denver... Clayton said it was nolans choice...wow that's interesting...glad to hear we found such a great dc who wants to be here.. I'm really excited about this if it really gets

Hey Alberto Gomez. Jealous of the Jets? Are you kidding me? Obviously you've never been to a game vs the Jets here. Trust me, you guys do more than your part to stir this one up. Miami fans hate NY because in part NY rivals Miami in many other sports too. Plus they smell and have disrespectful attitudes towards the people here.

If I'm Bill Parcells I'm building a team to look more like the Colts, Vikings or Saints than the Jets.

Of course, if I'm Bill Parcells I'm 350 pounds and old with man boobs.

There are 28 teams that would like to be in the same positon the Jets are in. You come across like a sore losing fan. You don't have a running game like the Jets have, nor a defense, nor a coach, nor an organization like the N.Y. Jets.When push came to shove they did what they had to do to win.

All you fans that want the jets scheme to be the dolfins scheme, please go be jets fans now, and don't come back. The colts, patriots, rams, packers, etc have multiple rings because of the passing game. It works for Pittsburgh and that's it, and it's horribly boring and crap to watch. I grew up watching dan marino. U mustve grown up watching Fiedler. Now, the jets defense is amazing, but we don't have darrele revis, the best corner in the game, or Bart Scott or kris jenkins, etc. But the rest of the team besides some f the offensive line is HORRIBLE. and they are about to be found out.


I see you point about the colts and saints. But the vikes are different, they run the ball to set up the pass. Thats what we should be about. If our offence runs 60 plays per game we should look to be running the ball just over 50% of the plays. There will always be the odd game where its is bombs away and i think henne has showed he can do that. What we shouldnt do next year is hide henne, if he has to win us a game then let him try !

For me its all about upgrading the d !!
Our offence is not great, but next year if the players stay the same they will be ranked middle of the pack at worst. We need either a big play wr or te.

I'm not going to comment on who we should model our team after, but I will comment on who we model our cheerleaders after. We should model them after the cheerleaders from that "The Replacements" movie. They can start dry humping and slapping each others ass to distract the other team.

Now, I enjoyed reading the post but I ought to disagree. I don't think the Offense was the problem, except for a WR that can catch. the big problem was Defense, this year. did the Offense lost the game against the Colts (except for a dropped catch)? No, the D allowed 2 extra-quick TDs. Can you blame the Offense for the loss against the Saints, after hanging up 36 points? No, the Defense allowed play after play, beginning last in 2nd quarter.
Want more proof? The DC was fired only a few days into the offseason! That should tell you what the FO think of O and D.
Face it: for as much as we can hate it, the Jets do have a chance (Marino dixit) and that depands from their specific build. That proves that the formula CAN be successful, not that it's chanceless or outdated.
Final thought: seen the RB stable we had at the beginning of the season, can you fault the FO for playing to the team strengths?

This is comical. A sports writer that has as little amount of class as a drunken bleacher fan. No wonder this guy works for a second class rag. Go home to your one bedroom apartment
and cry your eyes out until Sunday. Then.....well, I would be very afraid, if I were you....if the Jets win, you will look more pathetic than you do right now, which is very difficult.

Armando, funny how Alberto Gomez writes about Dolphin fans bad mouthing the Jets on a Dolphin blog, does anyone else see the irony in that?

There are always things to take away from other teams, things they have done well, but obviously there is no magic formula. Drafting Ferguson and Mangold, then signing Faneca and Woody to FA contracts before drafting Sanchez makes perfect sense and we did similar with Long and Smiley and Grove. There is no secret that the game begins in the trenches and most good teams have good OLs and DLs. But of the 4 teams left the real secret in 3 of them is behind the center at QB. This is QB league and if a team has a great one they win and if not they can be good but never great. Maybe the Jets did the deed with Sanchez and maybe not, time will tell.

The thing that gets lost when fans talk about the Jets is a commodity most teams don’t have and is as valuable to an attack defense as the QB is to the offense, the proverbial shut-down corner. The reason the Jets can do all those exotic blitzes, the stand-up defense and line stunts comes down to one player, Darrelle Revis. When a defense can use one player to take out an offense’s main big play threat then all kinds of possibilities open for exotic schemes and the Jets have that player.

Although I absolutely hate the Jets, I think we were to take one lesson from them it would be to somehow find that guy. We may already have him in one of our two rookies but a shut-down corner is what makes an attack defense. I believe Mike Nolan would be a great choice for DC but he needs that one player if he wants an exotic attack defense. No magic, just one very special player makes being a DC a heck of a lot easier. If the Jets did one thing right it was drafting Darrelle Revis.

the jests fans dont give the fins a second thought b/c their to busy thinking about the raiders and bills...WOW!! I guess thats why you come to the fins blog to post...what an ass... Anyhow, Mike Nolan will be a great upgrade. Patrick, from above, the player we need is McClain from Alabama. He will be the attacking, smart, physical LB we have lacked for quite some time. He is a smarter Bart Scott, bigger James Harrison, faster Patrick Willis. This is where we need to start. Beyond filling this one LB spot, Miami needs to get a least 2 other LBs, either through free agency or draft. But I think the spot we are all overlooking is TE. I don't like to agree with Henning, but Martin was missed. Imagine the Gators Hernandez screaming across the middle of the field, a la Dallas Clark, this would pull the LBs out of the box and force the safeties to be aware. It would open everything else up for receivers and RBs.

1) R McClain
3) TE - Hernandez
4) RB
5) NT
6) OG
7) Who cares

FA- will be the way to go for both of our new WR's

One could make the argument that a great offense with decent defense is not enough. Look at Arizona! Sure, Colts, Vikings and Saints are the teams to emulate, but at this point I would rather work on our defense and that way we too could compete with and beat teams like the Bengals and Chargers.

Again, looking at how Arizona lost to the Saints just adds more weight to the fact that you need a defense that can stop the other team. Not all games lie GB vs Ari end in your teams favor.

The great teams have the ability to cash in on short fields or go and get a three play 80 yard drive. But all of the remaining teams have a defense that contributes each week, by being shut down when needed, by getting the ball and giving the offense a short field, or by bringing constant pressure and making the other qb rush an be more prone to error.

Mark my words, the colts will score and win this week, but it will be their defense causing the weaker jets offense into mistakes that will play as big a part as any.

JR, buy a vowel F"CK YO" no one cares what ur stupid NY A"S thinks...here's a Namath shirt wear it with pride, now get lost

Excellent article, Mando and how true it is.

By the Armando, good article exposing the fake team in the playoffs...

Bobby, Ignore Jets fans, They cant help it, Iam right in the middle of Jetsville and all these guys are going crazy, the beautiful thing will be sun evening after the jets lose to indy, I bet every guy in my precinct on this game, Iam going to buy a ticket to Miami to visit my folks. with the winnings, How sweet is that....NY Jets fans paying for me to go to Miami for Superbowl Sunday

Oh Yea Rex(Jabba the coach)Ryan's so fat he's got his own Gravitational field...

Armandito...great article this is what I've been telling all of my Jet fan friends. I live in North Jersey and they think this had been the plan all along. I'm with you this is all LUCK in it's purest form. I want to see them succeed next season with their under achieving over hyped rookie QB. The thought of the Jets and WRECKS RHINO in our stadium playing for a Super Bowl is driving me crazy

What Alberto was saying is that in New York, The Jet fans main rival is not the Mullets, but the Patsys. Living in New York and attending Jets games in the Meadowlands I can attest to what Alberto is talking about. Mullet fans can go to games there and not be ridiculed or threatened by fans. Not so in Miami as I have also attended many games at JRS over the years. The Jet fans living in South Florida are more obnoxious and say some pretty ridiculous things when it comes to Jets-Mullets. The reason South Florida Jet fans are so concerned about the Mullets is because they live work and spend time with Mullet fans so naturally there is more of a rivalry in South Florida.Hoefully all you fish fans can now understand what Alberto's comment really meant. As for the Jets team itself, if they are fortunate enough to make their way to the Super Bowl and win, what are we to do put an asterisk next to their name and call them lucky? There were two teams trying to advance on Sunday in San Diego and the Jets were the better team. Any one who watched the game saw the Jets Defense disrupt the Charger offense all day. But Mullet fans must have seen the game in a different version than the rest of the country. Maybe the Mullets braintrust should mimic the Jets blue print but I seriously doubt they have the right coaches or players to do that. Show patience with your team, as any Jet fan can tell you, it takes time and a little luck sometimes. You don't have to like the Jets but you really should respect them for what they have accomplished. Try it you might learn something about sportsmanship. Stay tuned!

Armando, you are right when you say, “You have to throw the rock.” 3 out of 4 teams that remain in the playoffs all have a great passing attack. Lets go back to before the start of the season…

We have Pennington throwing the ball (love him but no deep ball) so the coaches are thinking, save our money, get a big time WR next year with no cap when better WR are available, we will use Ginn while we have to pay him (unless we can trade him).

We had Ronnie, Ricky, Cobbs, and Lou… plus the wildcat and Pat White, why not run the ball for 2009? We ran over teams and controlled the clock. But injuries, Ted Ginn, and horrible referee calls plagued Miami this season.

We were not going to be a passing team for 09 with penny’s lack of arm strength and no big play WR. But we were going to change the face of football.

Jets S-U-C-K S-U-C-K S-U-C-K...dirty Sanchez and his overweight wind bag of a coach is nothing but a lucky benefactor. Repulsive to think they've made it this far but the Phins had many final chances to stop that. Next year they will and until then Manning fans we've become.

We are the TEAM of the future. I hear and read that people think we are a 1990’s team. I laughed cause I see their point and it is funny but I can assure you we are the future.


Who provided the most entertaining games at the start of the season? Miami!.. Including the Monday night against the Wets. Who stayed in the playoff game despite starting 0-3 and losing their starting QB, RB, CB, NT, and special teams man, Cobbs? Miami! Who introduced the Wildcat into the NFL? Miami!

Like it or not, the Dolphins, revolutionized the game by going back in time to 1952 and bringing back the single wing. It takes leaders with vision and courage to go against the grain and try something new. We have that in Miami.

Yes, Parcells is old school, tough, strong, and physical. Im glad most of our coaches are cut from the same cloth. Many teams are going smaller and faster on defense. Well it is easier to follow then lead. But I’ll take Miami’s philosophy… control the line, control the game.

Armando, How much have the jets given up in the last 3 years to get Favre, Sanchez and Edwards. It seems to me that the jets have been giving away their future to win now for the last 3 years and being a dolphan fan forever i know for a fact that isn't how teams become great and win championships. It's how teams become good but NEVER great.

Angry, I agree on your assessment of our needs. ILB and NT are where I'm thinking the early draft will be focused.

The point I was making was Darrelle Revis is the reason the Jets can do so many "exotic" things on defense, without him they wouldn't dare do some of the stunts they currently do. A shut-down CB is critical to an attack defense because he affectively frees up a safety to play in the box.

I'm hoping Smith or Davis becomes that guy because we would not be talking so much about Wilson if that were the case.

I'm looking forward to the Colts running a whole bunch of crossing patterns right in from of Revis. I believe they will try to force him to make decisions instead of sticking Wayne out there one on one and hoping for the best. The crossing patterns will decitate switches in the secondary and can negate some of Revis' ability to take a certain reciever out of the game. He will make his plays but so will the Colts if they keep him moving and switching.

are the locker room ready ? clean and ready to go .

Don’t get me wrong I want to rain over all the other teams. I think we will in 2010. We are going to see a special WR this year. We are going to see amazing Wildcat plays that make your eyes pop out. And Henne… get your jersey now cause they’ll be sold out! Lol

Most importantly, our defense will bounce back in 2010. Get ready for the Wake Sack Machine! I think we will see JT have a solid year w/ the team. Our secondary will be much improved too! With an upgrade at safety of course.

Have Faith

I'm a Dolphin fan. Had to say that first. Now, whether we like it or not, the Jets are doing the unexpected. They look alot like the 2000 Ravens. I also remember the Giants and Steelers backing into the playoffs as 5th. seed, and winning the super bowl. Whether or not they are a complete team, isn't as much an issue, as the fact they are still playing. And stranger things have happened.
Now, my picks for the big game should be the Colts and Saints. Both "modern day" (media wording) teams. Does a "modern day" team also have to play all home games in a dome? Ahhh, the future of foosball. Oops meant football.

Lol inum or whatever your name is. You said the Colts, Rams, and Packers all have multiple rings. Well, out of those 3 teams, the only one who actually does is the Packers, and 2 of there 3 were in 67 and 68. So those 3 you mentioned, have a ring each in the last 30 plus years. As for NE, there 3 were when they were a defensive team that ran the ball. Once they switched there philosophy, they haven't won squat. Time and time and time again, defense wins championships. And I'll say it again Armando Sulguero, the 4 teams that won this past weekend, allowed 34 points. 34 points. 34 points in 4 games. Did you not see what attacking, playmaking defenses did? Arizona scored 51 the week before, scored 14. Baltimore, 33 then 3. Dallas, 34, then 3. SD had a streak of 22 games in a row scoring 20 or more. Sunday, 14. And even if a primarily offensive team wins it this year, it is still not enough to change the overall philosophy that wins championships. After about 3 or 4 more, maybe we can talk. Passing was never done more so than this year, and here we are, defense winning championships.

I want to mimic the Jets defense and the Saints offense. The only thing I like about the Jets is that "walkaround" defensive set. Looks like chaos.

Seriously, Colts 27 Jets 3.

A healthy Ronnie Brown, with our young WR getting more experience, Henne getting to take all snaps with the the first team through everything, we can and will score 21 to 25 a game. Add in short fields from turnovers caused by our defense, scoring gets higher. Defense. Please, upgrade the defense.

has your visa expired? your english sucks

Chris, I wonder why more teams have not tried to quick snap that walk around defense? Just quick snap and run right at it and catch them on their heals. The Jet defense has not been tested since the last time they played the Dolphins. The Colts will have some tricks of their own ready for this one.

norv turner should be fired already. And the only thing the phins should try to mimic from the jets is their defense. That's it. I could probably do what sanchez is doing for them

Armando, nobody hates the Jets more than I. I grew up in Batlimore and remember watching my first SB, the Colts vs Jets in 1969 as a 10 year old. Rooting for what was my home team thr Colts at that time and prior to the disappointment of their move to Indy. Johnny U vs willy Namath. The irony on all of this is, what if Indy fails, will they regret rolling over on the Jets? Personally, I think the colts organization and the coach did themselves a disservice. How many undefeated teams out there that can make that claim. The Dolphins and before anyone says well Peyton could have got hurt? Heck as coach Shula said, "he only had Earl Morell and Bob Griese". If Earl went down they would have used the next best player as qb. Hate the Jets and I hope you're right? I'd hate to see the Jets representing the AFC!!!!


From an English professor to a writer, here's a tip. It's "lie down," and not "lay down." The Colts didn't "lay down" they "lied down." To lay is a transitive verb. You can only lay something down. You can even lay yourself down, but you cannot "lay" unless, as in this case, you are laying an egg. Besides that I think you're column is right on the money. And don't you hate the way Troy Aikman always adds extra prepositions to every sentence, as in "They have the ball to where they can run it in" rather than "they have the ball where they can run it in"?

If Osama bin Laden was playing the Jets this Sunday and him winning means I'd have face East and pray five times a day...I'm going to spend Saturday shopping for a prayer rug. Gladly.

I hate the Jets, their fans and puke green.

You wanna understand what it's like to hate the Jets...read this book about this Dolphins:
This Could Be the Year.
The author nails it.

Alberto Gomez, you are delusional!!! The Jest have the WORST fans in the nation. If you spend ANY time on these Miami Dolphin's blogs you will see that the Trolls (Jet fans) spend all day on here stirring up crap, rather than on their OWN blogs talking about their team. And to say Armondo writes like a fan is WAY off base. He is one of the biggest sh*t stirrers around here. The NEGATIVE articles and blogs that come off his desk more than outway the Rah-rah articles!!

Mando, I don't think anyone is questioning whether the offense needs to improve but the fact of the matter is that the offense is way ahead of the defense right now. The offense is young and in the last half of the year could go score for score with anyone including the Steelers with their 3rd stringer in there.

The defense is older by comparison, half of their starting unit is over the hill and will not get any better. The other half is young and emerging. They need to supplement this unit with another draft before we look offense with high picks again. That's just the way it is.

Go get'em Jets. Have your 15 minutes of fame. Your win at the end of last year helped Dolphins have their moment. Dolphin injuries this year let you have yours. It's our fault you get to fly the AFC East banner this year but, you do, so fly it high - while and if you can.

Next year guys. We will do it on the field, not just with our mouths/

Nice blogg Mando. Jets suck.

The Jets sold the ranch to try and get to the Super Bowl in the next year or two. This is not the model to follow - when they don't get there, it will go down as the biggest flop. Ryan and the organization is under the gun now and when they don't have the picks in later years they will be bottom feeders for years to come.

New Orleans (once the joke of the NFL) is the team to model in my opinion. Aggressive on offense and defense. Their offense has so many playmakers, with a great QB. And they haven't sold the farm in draft picks to get where they are today.

Nolan will be a great add to the DC spot if he signs. Aggressive D that maximizes the skills of the players on hand.

colts 4,572 Jets 2

Amen Mando. I agree that nobody should want to emulate the Jets (offensively). But their defense is spectacular. But to have that you need a shutdown corner, and good linebackers. So far, we don't have either, so it'll be tough for the Dolphins to match the Jets defense in one year. However, I'm very interested in what happens with Mike Nolan, because I think he is one of the aggressive defense "brains" of our time. Like Rex Ryan, he's got lineage in this league, and has been coaching great defenses for years. We better not let him go.

The only thing I would mimic is the defensive style they play. They are agressive and have no fears. Their players are not much better then ours but they are not afraid to blitz.y to often we sent 3 or 4 guys on the line. We gave QB's to much time and that is what hurt our rookie corners. How many times did we hold teams to 3rd and long and they converted? Way to many. Blitz and blitz more often that is what we needed and must do.

Jets suck. Tough week to be a fins fan in NY. I a teacher and all the Jets fans are after .

The Colts got a free ticket to the Super Bowl this year...

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