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Jets "formula" is a mirage not the plan to follow

I am praying to survive this week and reach Sunday's demolishing of the New York Jets by the Indianapolis Colts because my head wants to explode with all the J-E-T-S stuff the East Coast Media is laying on so thick these days..

I'm not hating here. I believe the Jets, a mediocre team, have grabbed a great opportunity and are holding on with superhuman grip in making their way into the AFC Championship game.

They took advantage of two teams laying down for them the final two weeks of the season -- after the head coach himself said the season was done -- to qualify for the playoffs. Then they beat a flawed and wounded Cincinnati team in the first round of the playoffs and a San Diego team that had a wide receiver that could kick better than the kicker and a man who has never won a championship-caliber game as the head man.

And so now the Jets are the best thing since turboprops?

You guys are as guilty as the media of overstating what the Jets are. I've read some of the comments about how the Jets formula should be the Dolphins formula going forward. You know, run the ball like crazy, play aggressive defense, win championships!

A couple of things: The Jets have not won any championships. The Jets will not win any championships during this postseason. And they do what they do out of necessity, not out of choice.

First, separate the Jets defense from this conversation. That unit is championship caliber. They deserve great respect and admiration for playing an attacking style of football few teams match. It's the reason the Jets allowed fewer points than any other.

But the offense?

Rex Ryan on Sunday called it, "old fashioned ground and pound football." He said it with pride as if that's what his plan was all along. And I'm calling B.S. on that.

The fact of the matter is the Jets are ground and pound because when they tried to be what they truly want to be -- a multi-dimensional team with a dynamic passing game as well as dynamic running game -- and they recognized they don't have the horses to do it.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez threw more interceptions than TDs while the Jets were hoping to be a multi-faceted offense. And the team lost games against the likes of lesser teams such as Buffalo, and yes, Miami, during that time.

How do I know the Jets don't really want to have a one-dimensional offense based completely on the league's best running game? Because Ryan has said so himself. I've heard it with my own two eyes (LOL).

Earlier this year, when the Jets figured out they had a fine defense and running game, they recognized they needed to throw the ball to win championships, so they went out and traded for wide receiver Braylon Edwards to do just that.

Ryan called Edwards, "the final piece of the puzzle," when the trade with Cleveland was made.

Ryan said the Jets gave up good players for Edwards and that would, in turn, prevent teams from stacking the box or disrespect New York's ability to go downfield.

"I think we get a receiver who draws a team's attention," Ryan said. "It's almost about what the defenses can't do to us anymore."

Of course, we know Edwards hasn't quite become the consistent threat the Jets had hoped. But that's irrelevant to this writing. The point is the Jets desperately wanted to become something greater than "ground and pound." They knew they were incomplete without a great downfield threat and gave up players and draft picks for a wide receiver they thought would, pardon the pun, bring that completion.

And that brings me to you guys, the Dolphins fan community. I've been hearing troubling rumblings from you about how the Dolphins should mimic the Jets. I've been hearing that the Jets have the right formula, which in many regards is akin to the Dolphins formula, and so Miami should simply stay the course.

All the Dolphins have to do to make it to the AFC title game next year is spend this offseason improving the defense and then ground and pound -- the passing game be damned.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Once they are eliminated on Sunday, the Jets will go into the offseason and continue to address their flawed offense. Their young QB won't be a rookie forever and they will try to surround him with more weapons so he can throw the football. I guarantee you this.

Yes, they will continue to run because Shonn Greene looks like a star in the making. Yes, they will continue to play great defense because Kris Jenkins will come back next year and the draft will augment what they already have, which is scary.

But they will also look to throw the football like a championship team.

And so it would be a mistake for you, and certainly for the Dolphins, to get lulled into thinking that simply running the ball and playing great defense will match the Jets.

Defense and a running game may indeed be good enough to get a into the playoffs when a couple of teams lay down. It may be good enough to advance in the playoffs when you face teams like the Chargers that continue to under-achieve in the postseason year after year after year, dating back to 2007.

But it isn't otherwise good enough. To be a complete team you have to, well, be a complete team. The Jets know this. And they tried to address it even as the season was underway.

I just hope and trust you know it. I hope and trust the Dolphins know it.

Yes, you have to run and play defense. But in today's NFL you have to do that other thing just as much if not more: You have to throw the rock. Just ask New Orleans, Minnesota and the Colts. Those are the teams to mimic.

Not the Jets.

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knock on wood mando

Hey Mando,

Couldn't agree with this post more. I rarely comment, but honestly, I live in NJ and can't take anymore of the Jets lovefest. Being completely honest, the Dolphins aren't far away..They played 3 of the 4 remaining teams; beating the Jets twice, controlling the Indy game only to let it slip away; and jumping out to an early lead on NO. The Dolphins aren't far away...And with Henne's development and a good offseason, the Dolphins could be playing in the AFC Championship in 1 year

Fact is, the Jets have had every card fall as it needed to. I hope they get pounded this weekend.

Mando, When Rex(Jabba the coach)(Thanks Chris)Ryan flies commercial does he have to pay for two or three seats????inquiring minds want to know...

Here's a question... Will the Fins draft Tim Tebow in the second round??????

I'm not hooked on Chad Henne yet!!!! We also need a good wide out and please... GINN must go. Let's just use a hypnotically.. Say we get a Moss caliber wide who would be doubled (well, not if your a Fin coach), that would leave Ginn man.. But you see.. Ginn would get wide open and drop the ball for a touch or not leap for it for anything.

He's a coward and a wash up. Get rid of him or just use him for returns and ploys when we go 3 wide but DONT throw to him, ever, even if he's wide open as he cant catch!!!

All Jets and Dolphins fans. I used to travel several times a week on Delta from West Palm Beach to New York for about 10 years. The flight attendants always told me the flight from NY to WPB was the considered the worst flight by all the attendants. The reason was the New Yorkers were the most obnoxous group of people in the country. It is one reason so many Floridians moved out of the area where the New Yorkers moved into. The trades people and workers in the West Palm and Palm Beach area that had to deal with them raised their prices to have to deal with that group. It is not just football where that group of people are ill thought of. They have a superiority attitude and an entitlement issue that goes back to the Germans and World War II. Get over yourself. A lot more then you have suffered injustices! Act like a descent human being and you will be treated like one.

Keyshawn, Teddie actually came on at the end of the year when the demoted him. Ginn IS NOT a #1 WR, never will be, but he could be a pretty good #2 or #3. While that doesn't live up to his draft position you can't worry about that any more. If we get a viable #1 WR Tedd can and will get better. (the last 6 games of the year Ginn stopped dropping balls the way he was at the first half of the year.) To quote Scam Shameron "Ted Ginn is a Miami Dolphin" I think he still has value to the team and will be on the roster next year.

I'll hate on the Jet's and New York for you Armando, I'm a big time hater. lol No one wants to see Rex the dog Ryan on the sideline in Miami twisting his nipples on his man boobs like the Cajun in the Water Boy. What the hell did Rexy's daddy mate with a hippo ?

Typical jealous Miami fans. The only reason for such hatred of a sports franchise from NY is J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y. You second rate fans from a crime ridden, second rate city with a high school newspaper, have NOTHING to do but sit back, on your bar stools and pray that a team 2000 miles away, loses. That's the only way you and this punk of a sportswriter can find your jollies. Fine. Squirm. The future for the Jets is VERY bright. They did NOT mortgage the future, you dummy. They have a young team. The best offensive line in the game, along with the #1 defense. The cap room is manageable and they have plenty of draft choices coming up. I hope you poor excuse for sports fans, in a city that can't fill up the stadiums, chew on this possibilty: The NEW YORK JETS CAN PLAY, AND WIN, THE SUPER BOWL IN YOUR BACK YARD!!!
That would be the truest of justices for an undeserving fandom such as you. Then this sportswriter can use his crayon to attempt to write a post script to a football season with the words "SUPER BOWL CHAMPION NY JETS"
Funny, I don't know of ONE comment, in any NY paper, about the Dolphins, or ANY Florida team....I guess we have lives.

Dolphins officially name Bill Sheridan ILB coach. Damn the Herald is getting slower and slower.

Its a confusing world for Alberto Gomez, he was literally born yesterday.



This is old news, the Herald has already report on Bill Sheridan last week, the Dolphins just taking a long time to formally announce it.

Everyone already knows he is the LB coach

LOL @ JR. Troll!

This is a Miami paper where we Dolphins fans like to come and discuss out team. We of coarse have to deal with all the jack ass jets fans who post here as well. WE don't go to the Jet's blogs (do you guys have a blog or do you have to tag along on the Giants blog too?) to post negative stuff about your team. we do that here on the DOLPHINS BLOG! just go away you jerk!

Our formula worked well enough to stomp the jets 3 straight times. Did everbody forget we own the jets, so why the he'll would we want to play like them??DUH! The jets chant should be j-e-t-s (beeping sound of a truck backing up). Guess our coach should cry more too huh? Pathetic!!!

Armando is a good and intelligent fin fan. Thats why I read this paper more than "the other one", where beat writers are admittedly not Dolphins fans.

I would agree with this if the Giants didn't just win a superbowl 2 seasons ago with an excellent defense and running game. I also didn't agree with the Dolphins "disturbing trend" of not hiring new coordinators right away with the assumption that there would be no one else available. Kind of jumped the gun on that Mando especially considering the best teams in the league are still playing games and we could've interviewed anyone of the fine coaches on their staffs after the superbowl. But looks like we won't need to now, Nolan would be an AWESOME hire and I hope they make it happen. Glad they didn't rush to hire the old man Groh or the unproven guy from Pittsburgh.

Copy the jets? No but I do like the way their D line and LBs keep other team's offense guessing and off balance. That's something that Pasqualoni never did. The other team always knew when we were going to blitz.

Aggressive, attacking defense? That shouldn't even be a question. You hit even the QB hard and often and they come unglued. Hit that WR hard enough and he'll hear footsteps.

If not Nolan (who seems to be the number one choice and it looks like a done deal hopefully) I like some of the names that Armando had mentioned:

Vic Fangio
Chuck Pagano (not just because he coached at the U either; but it helps)
Don Sutton
Dennis Thurman

Nolan would be a good hire - hopefully we can pick up another good LB coach to go with Sheridan (Reggie Herring from the Cowboys?)

I heard an absolute ridiculous discussion this morning on a sports radio station that shall remain un-named.

The host was talking about how Locals should root for Jets to go to super bowl because people from Minnesota and Indianapolis do not spend money!

I think this is so stupid, its for the most part not even fans at the super bowl... its a corporate event. It is crazy to say that people from certain regions will spend more or less money. Not to mention if the Jets make the super bowl (and they wont) there are huge numbers of Jets fans already in South Florida that would not spend money at Hotels, Restaurants, etc if they went to the Super Bowl. Besides, Jets fans are trailer trash scumbuckets with no money anyway. ;)

One thing I learned from, NJ Phin Fan:

You can type any insult to anyone as long as you put ;) right after.

So now not only are all of us New Yorkers obnoxious, we're also all Jewish?! Jeez you're just about as stupid as they come and that is the dumbest made up story I've ever heard. You do realize there are over 9 million people living in the city right? Thank you for proving how incompetent the FLA school system is with this post. Hey, when is the class 'How to use a voting booth'? Make sure you get to it because we wouldn't want you morons f***ing up another presidential election.

You know what, instead of putting a fence along our border with Mexico, we should put up a fence in Jacksonville..if ur from NY and ur a Jets fan, we don't let you in

"They have a superiority attitude and an entitlement issue that goes back to the Germans and World War II. Get over yourself. A lot more then you have suffered injustices! Act like a descent human being and you will be treated like one".
So now not only are all of us New Yorkers obnoxious, we're also all Jewish?! Jeez you're just about as stupid as they come and that is the dumbest made up story I've ever heard. You do realize there are over 9 million people living in the city right? Thank you for proving how incompetent the FLA school system is with this post. Hey, when is the class 'How to use a voting booth'? Make sure you get to it because we wouldn't want you morons f***ing up another presidential election.

Your best post ever Armando. I don't comment on here often but was beyond disgusted reading the posts by these half-wits about concentrating on the defense and the incredibly stupid rationales including pointing to the Marino years. Simple fact is a one-dimensional team does not consistently win. Baltimore won the SB with a suffocating defense and a journeyman QB. Everyone implemented that model and it provided success to NO ONE including Baltimore, yet these LazyBoy GM's would repeat the failure of the past.

Statistics are also a funny thing - everyone points to the Jets and their number 1 defense but I watched Miami - with a crap offense - destroy the Jets twice. The best defense in the world isn't going to take you to a championship if your offense can't score and I have never seen a defense which could hold every opponent to 0 points.

Miami's secondary will be far better, particularly if we get a decent safety and we need no more than a DT and a LB or 2 to be dominant.

Our offense. Pure crap. There are only two wides on our team we should even consider keeping and they are 3rd and 4th level receivers. We MUST have at least 1 real threat at WR (and the draft doesn't provide WR's who are worth a damn their first couple years - there is the occasional exception), we need a threat at TE, we need some more work on the line (we can't run when we want to and we can't pass when we want to), and we need a real bruiser at RB. Henne will be great - but we must surround him with real talent.


Maybe they could put the fence right under Jacksonville, maybe St Augustine or Daytona...

You ever been to Jax... yikes!

Hey Jeff, I wouldn't talk about living in a state with the highest taxes in America along with California..People are fleeing NY like Haitian refugees

Good news, Sheridan hired this morning as LB coach

HEY JR, your talking about New Jersey right??? After all that's really where your Jets are from last time I checked. So u would rather live in NJ than Florida?? Guess u love the smell of sewage & sh*t huh? Typical jets fan. Jet fans are sooo stupid that they don't even know what state their team plays in lol. I actually live in NY, not NJ & do not concider the jets a official NY team. Teams like the Knicks, Yankees, Mets, Rangers etc... Are REAL NY Franchises. No need to cross the George Washington Bridge to see these teams play... Can u say that about the jets???? NOT!!! So keep ur stinkin ass In NJ with ur stinkin ass jets.

I know it's been going on for awhile carlito. IMHO I just figured when the guy is officially inked the paper should report it. Makes sense to me at least especially since multiple sources have pointed out that the Dolphins were waiting to formally sign him until they had signed or were close to a deal with a defensive coordinator.

Carlito, problem is as soon as you let them anywhere in Florida they start voting their same old failed politics that has made NY a hell hole that it is today...and they are rude, obnoxious people who think they own the world, stop em in Georgia and let them deal with the rednecks with guns, help straighten their attitude out

Mando is right on target. The Dolphins need to improve the center of it's defense. From NT to ILB to Free safety. And it needs to improve the outside of it's offense: TE and WR. Defense has higher priorty than the offense. I would hope they use their top 2 picks on Defense. As for specific positions at specific draft positions, well that's anyone's guest. Depends on who they sign in free agency and who's available when they pick.

The Jets have what it takes to win it all......a crappy QB and a good defense.Peyton should be able to keep their D in controll, but I wouldn't bet too much money ,cause you never know.The funny thing about the Jets is that they actually believe they deserved to be in the playoffs..... now that's funny.

A couple of things: The Jets have not won any championships. The Jets will not win any championships during this postseason.
From your lips to God's ears Mando...from your lips to God's ears!!

Carlito, I'm gonna try that...Jeff and JR, ur both AS"HOLES so go back and blog on the NY Post where no one cares about the Jests either :). Carlito, ur right

You have to throw the rock just ask NO, Minn & Indy?
Why stop there? Let's also ask Arizona, Green Bay, Dallas, Philly, SD etc.

Passing the ball is fun. I love Henne and his future in this league. He's going to be a big time QB for the next 10 years and we will be a playoff contender year after year.

But in football defense and running win championships (in baseball it's defense & pitching). You can run and defend in any weather against any opponent.

Just ask Dan Marino.

Hey Bobby I'm not talking about "the state" I'm talking about the people who reside in it and my point is valid. Especially when arguing with an ignorant anti-semitic jerkoff. To stereotype an entire state or city because of your backward uneducated way of thinking is ludicrous no? The shot at the school system was proving that point in reverse.

Parcells is a run and defense guy since his time at Army in the '60s.
That's what we signed up for when he came here.

Couldn't agree more. While it is important to run the ball well, we need to open up things offensively and defensively. While the Saints and Colts aren't the BEST defenses in this league, they play aggressive and create turnovers that only helps the offense. And man when they have the ball, they know exactly what to do with it. I say go total revamp on offense, continue to get youung and athletic on defense and lets see what we can do. Screw the Jets

And believe me I'm well aware of what is happening with our redidents moving out and our taxes being high. It's been going on since the fifties and started with Grumann leaving the Island because of crooked politicians. You don't need to lecture me on the problems in my state. Maybe you should worry about your own problems seeing how you have just as many. No one's leaving FLA because they can't read the road signs!

Yea Jeff, but whether u want to admit it or not, the prevailing attitude around this country is most people dislike NY ers...you people are loud, obnoxious and rude...move to Florida and believe you should do it the NY way...I grew up in Westchester and was the biggest Giants fan EVER. I moved to Florida and immediately bought Dolphin Season tickets 15 years ago...why, because this is my home and u support the local team....Leave ur Jets, NE, Dallas whatever team u root for back where u are...that's my point

Alberto Gomez you fool. Wet fans are OBSESSED wit hthe Dolphins. You have always looked UP to us as the trolls that pollute our threads is like no other team period. Too many sappy NJ'er here in Florida

No income tax here Jeff, and if u didn't know, Florida is fair to retired people and don't tax their pension like NY, which is the main reason NY retirees move here...I don't know what problems u think we have here, but it's certainly not taxes, cost of living or the weather...I love Florida and wouldn't move back north for ANY reason

"I have been in many NFL cities, and I have friends who are fans of various teams, but I have never seen the hatred and jealousy that the Miami fans reek towards the Jets.
I spent all of my life in NY as a Jet fan, and I have never met another Jet fan that spent more than 2 seconds thinking about the Dolphins, or their fans. Our thoughts were about the Raiders, the Bills, and the Pats. This "blood feud" that you Dolfans have is 99% in your own head, not ours.
The fact is, Armando, you write like a fan, not a journalist. And the lack of class can be seen from miles."
Posted by: Alberto Gomez | January 19, 2010 at 05:53 AM

Says the Jets fan on the Dolphins blog...


bobby, I'm an a**hole? You're siding with a guy who is pro-Hitler and I'm the a**hole? Wonderful. I was portraying a stereotype to prove a point but now I'm starting to think the stereotype is a reality. I'll make sure to tell my Jewish friends to stop acting entitled because of the holocaust. Acting entitled by what, being smart, having money, getting good jobs? The reason they don't talk to people like you isn't because they think they're better, it's for this exact reason. It's the way middle America is still viciously racist and anti-semitic that keeps them to themselves, afraid to be who they really are. All the while they're paying taxes and being model american citizens. Can you say the same for all of your residents? Can California? Welfare is wonderful isn't it.

Hey jeff, if we're so ignorant why are you here on this blog? None of these people are on some Jet blog because they care about their team getting better and not about bad mouthing another team and its fans.

If these comments piss you off then realize one thing, expect nothing less when you come into our territory... You bring it all on yourself and where I went to school, that's what we call stupid. So since you're so damn smart get TF out of here or take the abuse because obviously you like it. Of course we hate the freaking Jets you idiot we're Dolphin fans, we hate New Yorkers because of people like you who come into another place and act indignant when we insult you.


I'm with you in regards to the NYers coming down here and always complaining and bragging about how great NY is and their teams are - if it's so great head back upstate and deal with the cold and taxes. I don't mind Yankees and Giants fans as those teams have actually won something and have something to be proud of; but Mets and Jets fans (funny how they rhyme because the both suck) don't have much to say as they are the ugly redheaded stepchild of that city. By the way, I've been to NY many a time and can only take it in 2 week increments before I start wanting to get back home (to Miami) by any means possible.

But people should be able to cheer for any team they like - except the Jets.

I hate the Jets as much as anybody but the fact is they have a great attacking defense, LB's that make plays, a shut down corner and more importantly when push comes to shove the Jet defense stands up....They have a very good o-line, good RB's, a threat at WR and a TE who can get deep Which allows Sanchez to manage the game and make plays...The Dolphins need help on defense and we need playmakers on offense and I hope we can do it But we need a lot of help


We have to become like the Jets. They have a championship caliber defense and we need one. They have a the league's best running game and we are not quite there, but we are close provided eveyone stays healthy. Those two things would serve us pretty well right now.

Then there is the passing game and I agree we need to be like the Colts, Vikings, Saints...and even a few others.

So the bottom line is to surpass the Jets (and Pats) we need to be like the Jets and to surpass those other teams we need to be like the Jets as well as those other teams.

"you people are loud, obnoxious and rude"..There you go again stereotyping. I'm from an old fashioned family, loud rude and arrogant is not in our DNA but I know the exact people you're talking about. I know people around the country don't like them but the problem is not EVERYONE in NY is like that. So it makes you sound ignorant when you continue to say they are. You're telling me that over 9 million people all act the same way! Do you here how stupid that sounds. 1/4 of the people who live here weren't even born here but you think they just moved in and started acting like that? Than another 1/4 are people like me who detest the loudmouths and the way they make us look bad. But yet people all over the countery lump us into one ball. And here's the really ironic thing about that, when you people do that you're acting as if YOU'RE better than us. As if YOU'RE entitled. I mean lets lump everyone in the country into a stereotype while we're at it. Californians are either sprout eating hippies, gun toting gangsters, or illegal immigrants right? Floridians are all uneducated, or blue hairs, or cuban immigrants and refugees right? Middle americans are ALL dumb rednecks who live in trailers and chase tornados. Hell evry time you see a cops episode in Florida they're busting some stupid looking redneck with a mullet, no shirt, and a budweiser in his hand. Are you all like that? NO.

This perspective reveals the typical lack of insight inherent to those whom have never played the game. What is seen is emphasized while what is unseen goes unnoticed. This article gives the Jets way too much credit. Do you really think that "smashmouth" football and the "pound the rock" philosophy of play defense and run the ball was invented by Rex Ryan?
Parcels doesn't need to look at other teams for a model, he has his own plan and it will work. The best teams are able to physically dominate opposing teams consistantly by controlling the line of scrimmage. Running teams can accopmplish this, passing teams can not. Does that mean you can be one-dimensional? Of course not, because one must have at least a credible downfield threat in order to run the ball consistantly.


You People? What are you trying to say? ;)

bobby I'm happy you love your state. It's a good thing, but man how in the hell can you like that weather?! The oppressive humidity is unbelievable and I can't stand that feeling of always being wet. You can't even walk out of the hotel without working up a sweat. No snow on Christmas seems weird to us up here. Couldn't imagine opening presents and then going for a dip on an 85 degree Christmas day! They don't write Christmas songs for the south! To each his own. I would hate missing the changing of the seasons and Fall time in the Northeast is a beautiful sight to behold.

I have said it before and I will say it again... THE JETS ARE OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRATED... It is a media hype people... just like when they started the season 3-0. They are lucky and everything including ref questionable calls fall in their laps.... YES.... even their defense is a little over-rated. They are fake and the Colts will put them in their place this weekend. OVER-RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRATED J-E-T-S Stink with media hype.

"It's the way middle America is still viciously racist and anti-semitic that keeps them to themselves, afraid to be who they really are."

"‘you people are loud, obnoxious and rude’..There you go again stereotyping. I'm from an old fashioned family, loud rude and arrogant is not in our DNA but I know the exact people you're talking about."

Do you realize the incongruity and blatant hypocrisy of these two statements? Just asking...

bobbyd12, you are one of the few northerners who move here and actually root for a Florida team. Most of them wear (insert non-Florida team) the ball caps tee shirts etc. It gets worse: All they seem to talk about is wherever they came from. And yet, you couldn't run them off with a $hitty mop. I used to complain about it. Now, I just try to avoid them

"You people" as in the people who constantly stereotype others. Carlito I'm sure you've dealt with this in your own life or have at least run into someone who has tried to stereotype you.

What in the world are Jets fans doing here anyway? Shouldn't you be trolling a Colts blog? You guys suck. At least Sanchez is happy they are playing in Indy this weekend, he won't have any grass to cut at halftime.

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