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Jets "formula" is a mirage not the plan to follow

I am praying to survive this week and reach Sunday's demolishing of the New York Jets by the Indianapolis Colts because my head wants to explode with all the J-E-T-S stuff the East Coast Media is laying on so thick these days..

I'm not hating here. I believe the Jets, a mediocre team, have grabbed a great opportunity and are holding on with superhuman grip in making their way into the AFC Championship game.

They took advantage of two teams laying down for them the final two weeks of the season -- after the head coach himself said the season was done -- to qualify for the playoffs. Then they beat a flawed and wounded Cincinnati team in the first round of the playoffs and a San Diego team that had a wide receiver that could kick better than the kicker and a man who has never won a championship-caliber game as the head man.

And so now the Jets are the best thing since turboprops?

You guys are as guilty as the media of overstating what the Jets are. I've read some of the comments about how the Jets formula should be the Dolphins formula going forward. You know, run the ball like crazy, play aggressive defense, win championships!

A couple of things: The Jets have not won any championships. The Jets will not win any championships during this postseason. And they do what they do out of necessity, not out of choice.

First, separate the Jets defense from this conversation. That unit is championship caliber. They deserve great respect and admiration for playing an attacking style of football few teams match. It's the reason the Jets allowed fewer points than any other.

But the offense?

Rex Ryan on Sunday called it, "old fashioned ground and pound football." He said it with pride as if that's what his plan was all along. And I'm calling B.S. on that.

The fact of the matter is the Jets are ground and pound because when they tried to be what they truly want to be -- a multi-dimensional team with a dynamic passing game as well as dynamic running game -- and they recognized they don't have the horses to do it.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez threw more interceptions than TDs while the Jets were hoping to be a multi-faceted offense. And the team lost games against the likes of lesser teams such as Buffalo, and yes, Miami, during that time.

How do I know the Jets don't really want to have a one-dimensional offense based completely on the league's best running game? Because Ryan has said so himself. I've heard it with my own two eyes (LOL).

Earlier this year, when the Jets figured out they had a fine defense and running game, they recognized they needed to throw the ball to win championships, so they went out and traded for wide receiver Braylon Edwards to do just that.

Ryan called Edwards, "the final piece of the puzzle," when the trade with Cleveland was made.

Ryan said the Jets gave up good players for Edwards and that would, in turn, prevent teams from stacking the box or disrespect New York's ability to go downfield.

"I think we get a receiver who draws a team's attention," Ryan said. "It's almost about what the defenses can't do to us anymore."

Of course, we know Edwards hasn't quite become the consistent threat the Jets had hoped. But that's irrelevant to this writing. The point is the Jets desperately wanted to become something greater than "ground and pound." They knew they were incomplete without a great downfield threat and gave up players and draft picks for a wide receiver they thought would, pardon the pun, bring that completion.

And that brings me to you guys, the Dolphins fan community. I've been hearing troubling rumblings from you about how the Dolphins should mimic the Jets. I've been hearing that the Jets have the right formula, which in many regards is akin to the Dolphins formula, and so Miami should simply stay the course.

All the Dolphins have to do to make it to the AFC title game next year is spend this offseason improving the defense and then ground and pound -- the passing game be damned.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Once they are eliminated on Sunday, the Jets will go into the offseason and continue to address their flawed offense. Their young QB won't be a rookie forever and they will try to surround him with more weapons so he can throw the football. I guarantee you this.

Yes, they will continue to run because Shonn Greene looks like a star in the making. Yes, they will continue to play great defense because Kris Jenkins will come back next year and the draft will augment what they already have, which is scary.

But they will also look to throw the football like a championship team.

And so it would be a mistake for you, and certainly for the Dolphins, to get lulled into thinking that simply running the ball and playing great defense will match the Jets.

Defense and a running game may indeed be good enough to get a into the playoffs when a couple of teams lay down. It may be good enough to advance in the playoffs when you face teams like the Chargers that continue to under-achieve in the postseason year after year after year, dating back to 2007.

But it isn't otherwise good enough. To be a complete team you have to, well, be a complete team. The Jets know this. And they tried to address it even as the season was underway.

I just hope and trust you know it. I hope and trust the Dolphins know it.

Yes, you have to run and play defense. But in today's NFL you have to do that other thing just as much if not more: You have to throw the rock. Just ask New Orleans, Minnesota and the Colts. Those are the teams to mimic.

Not the Jets.

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OK Guys lets calm down for a minute, As a "Transplanted" Miamian I love NY, NY so great they named it twice, But my Love is south fla especially Miami, The place of my birth, upbringing and soul, I can understand why New Yorkers love there city, Its great, But so is your home town,What i'am trying to say is where ever your born that's where your heart will always be... that's the way it's been for thousand's of years so that's the way it will be for Eternity.... Now can we get back to how fat Rex(Three ton) Ryan is or what??

jeff, you're just digging yourself deeper in a hole. Of course we're not all the same, but we have one thing in common, we're all Dolphin fans. You are not and therefore you don't belong here so since you continue hang around and tell us you're not obnoxious you're only proving that is indeed what you are. That or stupid, both are the traits of every Jet fan so you fall right in and are correctly stereotyped.

Did U People forget??? WE OWN THE jets!!!! Remember we won the last 3 straight against them!!! We were among the rushing elite until Ronnie got hurt (again). Plus we had a harder schedule & NFL refs hate us. Jets paid SD kicker $$$ to miss those FGs otherwise they lose.

i hope if we don't make a move to get brandon marshall we get to draft mclain. mainly so i can do my die hard impersonation!! Mclainnnn!! in my best german accent!!

Hey duh you've misread the intention of that post. You'll have to explain to me how that's hypocritical so I can tell you why you're wrong.

How can you call a guy out for saying New Yorkers are a-holes by pointing out what a bunch of a-holes people living in middle America are? Duh…LMAO

Sorry, moron, but the franchise is THE NEW YORK JETS. Playing in NJ is just a venue. Sorry, that means "location". I didn't mean to type a word you can't understand. So this means that you're a lying sack of spit, on top of being a moron.
I hope you are careful walking around down there....I hear it's awfully dangerous. I wouldn't know since this is the safest big city in the country.
Now go find some lush friends to fill a bar, on Sunday, since you "strunzes" can't fill a stadium, and root for the Colts....you have no team in this game. OOH it must suck being a Fin fan, right now.. I hope you choke on it, clown

How can you call a guy out for saying New Yorkers are a-holes by pointing out what a bunch of a-holes people living in middle America are? Duh…LMAO

you people? lol

BTW jets are from NEW JERSEY... Not NY!!!! All New Yorkers who think the jets are from NY need to look at a freaking map.

LOL, let me guess, when I said "I know the exact people you are talking about" you thought I meant Jewish?! HAHAHAHAHA I meant loud New Yorkers you dolt. Ofcourse they exist, I don't have my head buried in the sand up here. The point was not everyone in NY is loud.

My bad on the double post. Computer is wigging out. What a bunch of a-holes these IT people here at work are…

By the way I'm not a Jets fan but know a lot, some good some bad, but they're not ALL obnoxious as some of you believe. I ran into this article searching for football news and couldn't believe some of the things being said about ALL New Yorkers and decided to quickly defend myself. But then it just got fun and I would rather be doing this than my spread sheets which is sad because it means I will have to stay late. Go Giants! (fishing with the Dolphins :(

You're right Bobby, no problems in Florida. You guys are so much better than us. LOL

JR, the only clown is YOU typing on s Miami blog...u realize the Jests have won NOTHING since 1969.. So here's ur Namath shirt and go away

DUH, WOW, That name suits you so well. You have no understanding of what we're even talking about do you? I didn't point out that middle americans are stupid I was making a point about how stereotypes are perceived by ignorant people. You really need to start paying attention. I know you're trying to get back at me for defending myself but you need to try harder.

Again Jeff, no income tax, low cost of living, beautiful weather, whatever problems we have pale in comparison to NY

The worst fears of Phin fans...the Jets get two gifts from teams laying down for them, and then they all come out of the woodwork talking trash, like their head coach does.

It has been a perfect storm for a mediocre team. In case all you Jets fans forget, the Phins beat you twice...it will be more heartache and pain for the Jets come Sunday.

Like Rodney King once said"CANT WE ALL GET AlONG?????"

Pat, not a Jets fan and couldn't care less about the Jets or Dolphins. My team is in the NFC so neither of those team are of any interest to me.

Rodney King was and still is a criminal...he wasn't beat down hard enough

New Blog up........

bobby, I'm sold. You did it man, you convinced another New Yorker to move to Florida! I'm looking into the housing market right now. Maybe I'll move in to Del Boca Vista.

“The reason they don't talk to people like you isn't because they think they're better, it's for this exact reason. It's the way middle America is still viciously racist and anti-semitic that keeps them to themselves, afraid to be who they really are.”

No Jewish person made this comment. You did. You perceive Middle America as viciously racist and anti-semitic (sp). Or you stereotype Jewish people by saying “they” feel this way. Either way, it’s a common perception just like New Yorkers being loud and obnoxious is also a common perception. If you really don’t see the irony of making that statement in an argument with a guy over him stereotyping New Yorkers that’s too bad because I find it hilarious and say duh to you sir. LOL

Guys I'm not trying to fight with you. I read one ignorant post and was trying to defend my friends and family, all of whom reside in NY and all of whom are very good (not loud) people who you would be proud to call your friend. Good luck to your Phins in the offseason and I hope our D-coordinator works out for you as your new linebackers coach. If you guys get sick of Sparano and Parcells please send them up here. We could use some good old fashioned toughness on this team! Peace.

Jeff, Maybe Morty Sienfeld can help you get a condo.....,

Bobbyd12. yeah and YOU HAVE NO JOBS!!!

Amen Mando, Amen.

I agree Bobby........

"No Jewish person made this comment. You did. You perceive Middle America as viciously racist and anti-semitic (sp). Or you stereotype Jewish people by saying “they” feel this way. Either way, it’s a common perception just like New Yorkers being loud and obnoxious is also a common perception. If you really don’t see the irony of making that statement in an argument with a guy over him stereotyping New Yorkers that’s too bad because I find it hilarious and say duh to you sir". SIGH, and I was leaving. Many Jewish people have made that statement as you see because I work in an office with Jewish people and some of them feel that exact way. I shouldn't speak for them but they have admitted to me on more than one occasion that they are afraid of leaving the city because of an attitude around the U.S.A that is very real and very frightening for minorities in this country. Either way it's not my fight and I shouldn't have got involved. I was simply sticking up for New Yorkers that I know and love.

Cuban, Morty told me there's no room left at the Vista! Could this be true?

JR = jets retard

Jeff, you seem like an alright guy. I’m just giving you a hard time. You are probably right about Jewish people feeling that way and that isn’t even the point. I just found the argument amusing. We all stereotype no matter how hard we try not to. The best we can do is try to be good to people and not judge somebody before getting to know them…except for Jets fans because they are jerkoffs.

I think this rant of yours is in response to my comment on your Op-ed piece regarding the Jets smash mouth approach versus your desire for the Dolphins to be a high octane pass oriented offense. I asked you to think what #13 would have like to seen during his tenure. His one and only appearance at the Superbowl was lost because Montana and company had possession of the ball the entire time. History has taught us, that you can win on smash mouth football alone sans the pass oriented offense ('85 Bears). And #13 will tell you that a pass offense alone can not do it. In my comment i stressed the word balanced offense. And i don't think you and i are in disagreement here. The Jets do not have balance, yes that is true. Neither do the Dolphins. However, abandoning the wildcat which is what you are proposing does not make sense to me. Remember, Ronnie Brown went down. If he is healthy, i bet the Phins win more games. That system worked. And the Dolphins ability to hold on the ball for most of the game helped the defense. When you have an anemic defense, the best thing you can do is hold onto the ball on offense. So, i propose that the Dolphins concentrate on building their defense first, because a high octane offense will not win championships either. Just ask #13.

NJ,nobody has jobs, no state has been safe...

JR you are the pefect example of the low class trailer trash typical jets fan!!! I drive all the way to NJ to see my Dolphins stomp those NJ jets every year. But I had to stop bringing my family with me because of all the low class trailer trash idiot jet fans like you, who like to be disrespectful to woman & families. I guess that's comes from years of hatred & jealousy toward the only perfect franchise in NFL history (Miami Dolphins) I understand it must be tough being the bast*rd child of the AFC east, but that's no excuse to be disrespectful to women & children. The facts are very clear. The jets play in NJ not NY, look it up genius. BTW real tough guys don't use the Internet to talk sh*t. It says a lot about what kind of person you really are.

well said! you have to have all phases working to win in this league

Take it back, the most Republican state in this union has jobs, Texas and population growth

hey everybody,

I wouldnt be to worried about the Jets, didnt they trade away alot of there draft picks this year to get Sanchez, and the trade for Braylon Edwards. i thought they traded like 6 draft picks just to move up and take Sanchez, any way hopefully we will sign Mike Nolan so we can have a aggressive defense after all I think if we would of had a aggressive style this year we would of one atleast 4 more games which would of gave us the division and the play offs, so i think with a mike nolan and some good draft picks we will be a better team in 2010, and we will be partying on south beach with a AFC Champs title.

Kindry, what three games did Ginn lose?? Just thought I'd ask...

There are alot more and i mean alot more job opp. here than there are in florida. Better paying jobs too. People are moving out of florida to the carolina's , virginia and tenn. I've seen it first hand. Also the humidity is unbearable. I love the season change . The fall in the northeast is beautiful. There's nothing like christmas in the city. Florida is good for vacation , some fishing and retirement. That's about it.

pro football is not an exact science mando it does not matter what style of offense or defense you run all that stuff is great for us to talk about but the way it is today with parity and all the only thing you have to do is catch a couple breaks and get hot at the right time. jets this year giants a couple years ago etc.

The Miami Dolphins don't play in Miami either (look it up genius). They are the NY Jets not NJ Jets and arguing stadium location doesn't make you look smart, it makes you look clueless.

You got it wrong. NY and Miami are very much alike. Both are dirty cities and populated with a bunch of morons who should be shipped to some little island and left to fend for themselves while communicating in mangled English.

Lets make it simple. We want to read about the Dolphins and get real insight. I don't care to read posts from mental-defectives about race relations or their myopic viewpoints on which geographical location is nicer or which culture of people are the least dim-witted. Its obvious by the amount of concrete and asphalt vs old growth trees.

Maybe I am missing something here and freely admit I am not a offensive Guru, but what is with this standing around defense the Jets were doing, when the opposing QB is under center? As soon as they do that why doesn't the center automatically snap the ball and hand it off this would allow the O line added leverage to knock the D on their A**. Seems pretty simple to me.

NJ, that's ur opinion...I moved from up there... I hate the season changes, I hated the dirt and filth, I hated paying high taxes...I love the heat, it's no more unbearable then Nzy in the summer...and there is more scantily clad beautiful women here then anywhere in America...I live 100% better here then I EVER lived up north..that's not my opinion, that's a fact

A-frikin-men Armando!!!!!! I can't beleive the high that jet fans are on, drinking that kool-aid flavor of " We are superbowl champs". I hope manning drops reality back on them like an A-bomb. Colts 31, Jets 14. Rex Ryan 3 tissue boxes and 6 Denny's Grand Slam meals on the morning after

No, the Fins do not need to follow the Jet's fomula on offense. 90 yards of passing by that turnover machine Sanchez was enough to win since the better team(Chargers)did not play physical enough, commited 10 penalties, went 6-19 on third down with the weapons they have, dropped passes and missed gimme field goals. The Jet's are a mediocre team and very fortuanate to be where they are. The Chargers just don't get it. You got to play very physical and smart in the playoffs. Peyton Manning and Company are going to show them(Chargers)how when they destroy the Jet's Sunday.

great article- correct- jets suck

I have been in many NFL cities, and I have friends who are fans of various teams, but I have never seen the hatred and jealousy that the Miami fans reek towards the Jets.
I spent all of my life in NY as a Jet fan, and I have never met another Jet fan that spent more than 2 seconds thinking about the Dolphins, or their fans. Our thoughts were about the Raiders, the Bills, and the Pats. This "blood feud" that you Dolfans have is 99% in your own head, not ours.
The fact is, Armando, you write like a fan, not a journalist. And the lack of class can be seen from miles.

Really?? Then why do we get so many Jets fans on here bashing the Dolphins? I'm a big fan of this rivalry and I H-A-T-E the J-E-T-S!!!

the backed in argument because their opponents laid down becomes moot once they dispatch the same team that obviously couldn't beat them when they were trying and the hottest team in football. and last I checked Norv Turn made it to the AFC Championship game two years ago with no running back and a QB playing with a torn ACL, dispatching the defending Super Bowl champs along the way and almost knocking off the undefeated Patriots. yeah, but their coach has never won a big game. Logic and intelligence does not have to be your enemy, Armando.

Excellent post Armando! I remember we tried the three yards and cloud of dust thing for more than a decade and wasted a good defense!!!! We tried the bombs away with Marino without building a defense or running game and got nothing. We need dynamic playmakers. You NEED a balanced offense to win in this league. We've tried these things separately, besides to win in the northeast you have to be able to run and stop the run.

However, the one thing these teams that are left have in common is that except for the Jets all play in a dome.

It's your opinion but definitly NOT A FACT !!! The only thing bad is the high taxes. You have some of the most beautiful woman in the world here. This is after all the Fashion capitol of the US and the world. Some of the hottest models you'ii ever see. Most of your women are tourists from other places in the world. There's are alot of dirt and filth in florids too. To each their own.

LOL.....this has turned into a hate fest really quickly. Stick to football? LOL

Amen, Mando. The Jets will be exposed by the Colts on Sunday as a pretender, rather than a contender, as the East Coast media would lead you to believe.

You sound like us fans. As a columnist and sports writer, you should rise above that.
But saying that, I like your train of thought.

Colts are really smart. They figure if they let the jets win week 17 & end up facing them again in the playoffs = easy road to the Super Bowl. Brilliant!!!

To the Jet fan, Mr. Gomez, Dolfans are not jealous of the jets.

If you are going to be an obnoxious idiot....try being an accurate obnoxious idiot. Jets have a ring, the Mets have two. May not be a lot to you, but it is what it is. You're obnoxious, and an idiot.
Take two aspirin and sleep until Monday. Pray that The Jets don't win because if they do....I will hire a few thousand goombahs to flood this board with Jet fans!
I hope you Fin fans sweat all the way up until Sunday. Just imagine....J-E-T-S in the S-U-P-E-R B-O-W-L! Ouch, that's got to hurt you loser Fin fans.

This article mad me so happy. we are not only one win away from the Super Bowl in being played in Dullfin land, the writers and fans of my most hated team by far, are dying watching us succeed. Thank you Armando and all you other posters, you made my week. See you 2/4/10 and get ready for 30K jet fans coming to your town!!!!!!

Well what can I say, the season is over for the Dolphins and the J-e-t-s are hunting for the Super bowl . The jets Defense is for Real they are tuff, they have good safety’s that play the run aggressively and help out on the corners very well. Sanchez even though he threw 100 pick so did farve, and rivers, and manning their rookie season and quite frankly I would prefer to see a Latin QB get a chance to go to the Big game why not?? Because they are from New York? So what last I heard New York is one of the greatest cities in the world and it is still part of the USA. Stop hating the dolphins had their chance and the Defense let the Team Down. Now be a men a stop crying, there is no crying in football . may the best Team Win I personally would like to see the vikings take it, farve is a classy QB and I hate the Colts anyways

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