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Jets "formula" is a mirage not the plan to follow

I am praying to survive this week and reach Sunday's demolishing of the New York Jets by the Indianapolis Colts because my head wants to explode with all the J-E-T-S stuff the East Coast Media is laying on so thick these days..

I'm not hating here. I believe the Jets, a mediocre team, have grabbed a great opportunity and are holding on with superhuman grip in making their way into the AFC Championship game.

They took advantage of two teams laying down for them the final two weeks of the season -- after the head coach himself said the season was done -- to qualify for the playoffs. Then they beat a flawed and wounded Cincinnati team in the first round of the playoffs and a San Diego team that had a wide receiver that could kick better than the kicker and a man who has never won a championship-caliber game as the head man.

And so now the Jets are the best thing since turboprops?

You guys are as guilty as the media of overstating what the Jets are. I've read some of the comments about how the Jets formula should be the Dolphins formula going forward. You know, run the ball like crazy, play aggressive defense, win championships!

A couple of things: The Jets have not won any championships. The Jets will not win any championships during this postseason. And they do what they do out of necessity, not out of choice.

First, separate the Jets defense from this conversation. That unit is championship caliber. They deserve great respect and admiration for playing an attacking style of football few teams match. It's the reason the Jets allowed fewer points than any other.

But the offense?

Rex Ryan on Sunday called it, "old fashioned ground and pound football." He said it with pride as if that's what his plan was all along. And I'm calling B.S. on that.

The fact of the matter is the Jets are ground and pound because when they tried to be what they truly want to be -- a multi-dimensional team with a dynamic passing game as well as dynamic running game -- and they recognized they don't have the horses to do it.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez threw more interceptions than TDs while the Jets were hoping to be a multi-faceted offense. And the team lost games against the likes of lesser teams such as Buffalo, and yes, Miami, during that time.

How do I know the Jets don't really want to have a one-dimensional offense based completely on the league's best running game? Because Ryan has said so himself. I've heard it with my own two eyes (LOL).

Earlier this year, when the Jets figured out they had a fine defense and running game, they recognized they needed to throw the ball to win championships, so they went out and traded for wide receiver Braylon Edwards to do just that.

Ryan called Edwards, "the final piece of the puzzle," when the trade with Cleveland was made.

Ryan said the Jets gave up good players for Edwards and that would, in turn, prevent teams from stacking the box or disrespect New York's ability to go downfield.

"I think we get a receiver who draws a team's attention," Ryan said. "It's almost about what the defenses can't do to us anymore."

Of course, we know Edwards hasn't quite become the consistent threat the Jets had hoped. But that's irrelevant to this writing. The point is the Jets desperately wanted to become something greater than "ground and pound." They knew they were incomplete without a great downfield threat and gave up players and draft picks for a wide receiver they thought would, pardon the pun, bring that completion.

And that brings me to you guys, the Dolphins fan community. I've been hearing troubling rumblings from you about how the Dolphins should mimic the Jets. I've been hearing that the Jets have the right formula, which in many regards is akin to the Dolphins formula, and so Miami should simply stay the course.

All the Dolphins have to do to make it to the AFC title game next year is spend this offseason improving the defense and then ground and pound -- the passing game be damned.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Once they are eliminated on Sunday, the Jets will go into the offseason and continue to address their flawed offense. Their young QB won't be a rookie forever and they will try to surround him with more weapons so he can throw the football. I guarantee you this.

Yes, they will continue to run because Shonn Greene looks like a star in the making. Yes, they will continue to play great defense because Kris Jenkins will come back next year and the draft will augment what they already have, which is scary.

But they will also look to throw the football like a championship team.

And so it would be a mistake for you, and certainly for the Dolphins, to get lulled into thinking that simply running the ball and playing great defense will match the Jets.

Defense and a running game may indeed be good enough to get a into the playoffs when a couple of teams lay down. It may be good enough to advance in the playoffs when you face teams like the Chargers that continue to under-achieve in the postseason year after year after year, dating back to 2007.

But it isn't otherwise good enough. To be a complete team you have to, well, be a complete team. The Jets know this. And they tried to address it even as the season was underway.

I just hope and trust you know it. I hope and trust the Dolphins know it.

Yes, you have to run and play defense. But in today's NFL you have to do that other thing just as much if not more: You have to throw the rock. Just ask New Orleans, Minnesota and the Colts. Those are the teams to mimic.

Not the Jets.

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Hey Bobby, ALF chamionships dont mean squat anymore.... This is the NFL son. You can't win a Super Bowl by beating a AFC team!!! Lmao how many NFL rings do ur jets have ??? ZERO buddy, so who's jealous now???

saint diego... A whales v@gin@... Which is what I think of norv turners coaching abilities... Jets won in a game of the lesser of two panzyies... The jets came out on top which is always the case when Rex Ryan is thinking about the last time he had meal.. Ryan had to go ...not eating since halftime wouldn't work for old rexy.. and turner was acting like a whales v@gin@!!!!

Good blog Armando! I agree with you 100%!

Sorry Scott the Jet fan, you and Alberto are both on a Dolphin's blog. You're both obviously obsessed with your #1 rival.
Also, you say the Jets were the better team against the Chargers? Well, the Jets won so that's all that really matters. The better team? According to Rex Ryan, the Jets were the beeter team against the Dolphins because their total yardage was higher in the second game. He thought his special teams cost them the game. (Ted Ginn, Jr., of all players, burned Revis in the first game and the Jets' special teams in the second)
Anyway, the Chargers outgained the Jets 344 -262, The Chargers special teams (their kicker) missed three field goals in what turned out to be a three point game.
Based on your coach's logic, if the Jets are better than the Chargers, the Jets can't be better than the Dolphins, right?

The Dolphins are better than they jets on offence, we just need better receivers. The jets are oviously better on defence. to me a realist untill the jets beat the Dolphins Two games in a row like we did this season the jets eve if they win the superbowl would be less than the dolphins because we ownthem. i still wish Sanchez good luck against Indi

Damn this is exciting!!! I wish we were still playing, but the time leading up to the draft is AWESOME! Hopefully we can score Nolan as DC and get him a starting ILB, OLB, and NT in the draft to work with. Throw in a FA WR and another ILB/OLB, and OL depth and we'll be doing fine. We can wait another year for TE, Safety, and RB. Fasano and/or Haynos are very servicable. Culver or Clemons should be able to replace Gerbil. Bell is a very good SS and should be good for two more years. Ronnie, Ricky, Cobbs, Tyrannosaurus Lex, and Sheets can hold down the RB position for another year or two.

Even though I hate them more than any other team...except the Steelers....we have to congratulate the FN Jets on their run. I hope they get c*ckpunched this weekend, but they are playing great defense. Luckily, their lack of draft picks last year and this year will hurt them bigtime in a season or two. Just in time for the Dolphins to start their dynasty.....I hope. woohoo!!

Mando, us fans are right, and respectfully, you are wrong. We SHOULD ground and pound. All the heartbreaking plays our offense turned in this year occurred on passes. Henne interceptions. Thigpen interceptions. Ricky Williams THROWING the ball...another interception that cost us the game. Fatso Sparano knows we CAN run the ball, but he calls passes anyway. Fatso Ryan knows he can run the ball, and he calls running plays. Which coach is smarter??
I will not forget nor let up on the first drive in the Buffalo game. Ricky ran left, ricky ran right, ricky ran up the middle, and the Bills COULD NOT stop him, not once. So Fatso decides to pass. Brilliant.

I agree with Armando, the jets are not the model to follow as far as their offense. Their defense is another story, The Dolphins need to work on the defense and I think the Dolphins know it with their new Hire Mike Nolan. I am actually really stoked about next season though because of What Henne showed us and because the offense is moving in the right direction but I agree with a lot of folks on here, the defense needs work.

I don't have time to read all these posts, but if nobody above already mentioned the obvious; 3 years ago the Jests drafted Revis and Harris while the Dolhins drafted Ginn and Beck. enough said...

"You don't have to like the Jets but you really should respect them for what they have accomplished. Try it you might learn something about sportsmanship. Stay tuned!" What has your team accomplished? When was the last time that you won the division? Your team went twenty plus years without winning more then one playoff game..Dude get your head out of the gutter..Better yet do as Alberto Gomez and go spend 5 seconds thinking about the Raiders, Bills, or Rams..Idiot Scott the Jet fan

"We will be an aggressive football team and a physical football team. We want to have an all weather offense. What kind of offense? We're going to have an all weather offense, and that starts with a running game, being able to run the football, because I think it's important." -REX RYAN IN JANUARY...OUCH

Nice article on the Jets?

Got a green card buddy?

Wow...I didn't know it was possible to be a journalist and a moron. I didn't think they hired fools like this.

The Jets are a very good football team that got better as their young talent matured as the year went on. Not like your columns.

You mean relying on your opponents' to miss a lot of easy field goals isn't a good Super Bowl strategy?

I agree that it's really tough to go far with a bad passing attack. On the other hand, San Diego showed that great passing and mediocre running is also vulnerable. Need to be good at both.

Armando, please read:


You know what the difference between NY and Miami media? The NY media is actually objective, if not overly critical, of its hometown teams. Armando shouldn't be opining on what a playoff team is made since he's probably never had an occasion to cover one. He's also the reason there's the anti-Jets obsession down here; the other three AFC East teams care less about your team than any other in the division. Worry about your pathetic offense and stop critiquing others. Enjoy the rest of the playoffs.

I would like to respond to the Jets fan that claims that Miami fans see the feud as "in their own head" and that Jets fans are only focused on raiders, bills and pats.

I lived in New York City for 15 years as a fins fan and I took a lot of heat. I remember several occasions sitting at a sports bar and noting that the jets fans were as interested in rooting against the fins as they were in rooting for the jets. The fins jets rivalry is listed as a top 10 rivalry by SI.

Don't think for a second that this isn't a two way street. That is a load of BS

If you lived in NYC than you would know that whatever "rivalry" you claim there is between the Jets and Dolphins completely pales in comparison to what exists between the Jets and Pats and, to a lesser extent, the Bills. It's not even close.

And tell me where SI claims the Jets-Fins is a top-10 rivalry? I must have missed that issue

I hate the jets going back to the Richard Todd days. Somebody remind me the name of that little Wes Welker type receiver they used to have that gave us fits! Anyway this years Jets team is ballsy and since my beloved Fins are put i hope the Jets kick the poop out of the Colts Mr Salguero.

Wayne chrebet is the player. That was a football player with a set of nuts on him.

The awfulins think we care what they think?
I don't listen to losers with garbage players.
I've been tellin these losers all year are water boy could start for the Doofins.
Whatever they say it's all jealousy. they can't stand that their team Blowssszzz! And our is better and will continue for years to come.
I think they're hilarious, the more garbage they say the more I laugh!

Go get'em Jets. Have your 15 minutes of fame. Your win at the end of last year helped Dolphins have their moment. Dolphin injuries this year let you have yours. It's our fault you get to fly the AFC East banner this year but, you do, so fly it high - while and if you can.

Next year guys. We will do it on the field, not just with our mouths/

Nice blogg Mando. Jets suck.
Your fault? Your team stinks, man!! Get over it!
It was a fluke you beat us..104yds of total awfulence? Who the hell are you think your foolin? We lost our best D-lineman and our backfield threat, we don't whine and make up excuses like you sissy's, You losers are pathetic. The only reason you won last year was a girl scout schedule. You'll be at the bottom for years baby! Hey, It aint too late to jump on the Jet bandwagon and become a winner! aaaaaaaaaaaaaght!

Remo51, I wish more Fins fans were like you. Give credit where credit is due.

Jet Fan, I'm not sure who you're quoting but he seems about as dumb as they come. Miami made the playoffs in 08 because of two factors: (a) they had the easiest schedule in the history of the NFL and (b) their QBs for their primary competition (Jets and Pats) were injured. I could also throw in a third fact -- namely that you had to rely on a Jets' castoff, Pennington, who is only good enough to get you beat in the playoffs, to get you in -- but I'll save that argument for another day. I'll also remind you that the Jets had nothing to play for at kickoff in week 17 last year.

Nice article

Hey Alberto, are you kidding?

Miami is the most hated team that any true Jets fan has.

I hate Dol**** way more then Cheatriots. Especially after this season???

I enjoy every second of your jealousy, Miami.

Remember Monday Night Miracle? It feels almost as good ;)

I want to know your excuse this week when the jets beat the colts, armando. You sound so disgruntled your boys havent done anything since 73. Stop hating and realize were a problem in the playoffs sir. You and sedano are the biggest haters and need to start addressing your teams problems before you look at the jets.

These losers got excuses for everything! They drink gallons of Koolaid and come on the forums like they are as good as that 11-5 fake year they had. I couldn't wait for this year for them to play a "real" schedule and prove they really suck! Not so much thier record, but starting 0-3 and ending it 0-3 when it mattered most show everyone this team should be at the bottom of the afc east. They did nothing to improve thier team,busts-green,wilson & grove, then busts in pat white,turner. While we picked up sanchez and greene, who by the way was available when they picked Pat white. Now they hire a DC that denver emploded with, nice move!

Hey JET FAN (it should be JETS FAN but no surprise there since they have to continually spell out their team's name so they don't forget how like this oaf did): the bottom line is that the Dolphins beat the Jets the last three times they played them and should have been four times if not for a last second fluke in the endzone. The Dolphins lost their starting QB, their star RB, a pro bowl lineman, and a star in their secondary...and we still beat you twice this year. When you're in over your head, you'd best KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT...or you'll likely swallow a lot of saltwater.

Hmmm come to think of it, have the Jets ever been able to really beat the Dolphins??? Wow, I'll have to look that one up. Don't expect another post too soon, I'm sure I'll be googling for a while here.

I get tired of you losers lucked out and beat us.
I look into the statistical side and how teams peform. It proves out because we played basically the same schedule and your losers, no talent and just gaa-bage of a team.
We had a one armed Farve and nothin to play for last year, this year, 2 101 yd returns, you got manhandled, beatup and chushed 104 total yds to 372yds and you losers only score 10 pts and 2 first downs, I look at that and say you suck, ok?
If you have to win games with 2 100yd kickoffs and a fumble, your team sucks..plain & simple.
So i proved everything I was sayin from day one.
We would be in the playoffs and you losers wouldn't. That's all that counts baby!!!
See ya in the SUPA BOWL!! hahahahaarg! I love these awfulins that eat the cheese and drink the Koolaid! It's ssooo funny, keep it up you guys are hilariuos!

Jets Rule baby!!! #1 defense #1 pass defense #1 running game #1 in points allowed.
What are you losers #1 in?
Nothin~~~aaaght! GO JETSSSS!!!!!

Don't even think about modeling your team after the JETS. BURP! It would take you losers too long like till 2025.
GO JETSSS Baby! were on top! Best defense and best running game and a top rookie QB! Burp!

Kevin11c, are you kidding with your question about whether the Jets have ever been able to beat the Fins? Except for the past three games, we've been spanking you for the past decade and will get back to doing so next year. And spare us the crap about how bad you've had it with injuries this year. Pro Bowl lineman and defensive back my ass. Who would that be? Don't even answer that because it doesn't matter -- uou've got one pro bowl player (Jake Long) and he played in both games against the Jets. The talent level of your team sucks and losing Pennington at the beginning of the year was the best thing that could happen to your team. Congrats again on sweeping the conference runner-up/champion this year. Hope that helps you sleep better over the next 6 months.

when florida messed up that presidential election they set the country back 20 years
think about that one
and their team plays similar, just one big clusterfk
yes they beat the jets twice, but does that matter? the jets are clearly a better team by making it to the AFCCG and defying odds
also LOL at the people who say "the jets havent won anything before"...only dolphins fans dont look into the present, and are way too caught up in the past...i bet you guys are still bring up the perfect season any chance you get, LOL

We save your "perfect" season Twice now, we beat the 11-0 Titans last year and the 15-0 Colts this year soos "the grumpy old men can live another day") LOL.
Can anybody tell me the last time the Miami Awfulins went to the AFC championship game?
First tell me when they won a playoff game.

Wah Wah Wah Dolphin Fans cry some more wah wah wah, Jets are played well towards the last couple games and got some momentum Dolphins choked as normal, why complain and complain worry bout your own teams, there's a reason there have been Championship teans with NASTY defenses (Steel Curtain, Bears, Ravens)


"Rex Ryan on Sunday called it, "old fashioned ground and pound football." He said it with pride as if that's what his plan was all along. And I'm calling B.S. on that."

Great point. It's not like Ryan established, well before the season started, that the Jets would be a dominantly run-oriented offense.

The jets shouldn't even be in the playoffs to begin with. The only reason they made it was because at the end of the season their opponents took the week off and gave the jets a free win, and now the jets are in the afc championship because they had a very easy playoff schedule so far. Its BS and they do not deserve to be there. Also if the broncos are looking to trade brandon marshall, why aren't the dolphins trying to get him? Hes one of the best wide outs in the league and the dolphins need a wideout badly.

1) Are the Jets in the AFC Championship? Did the Dolphins even make the playoffs even after sweeping the Jets? I don't think any Dolphins' fans can dispute that Ted Ginn's KO Returns & the Wild Cat Offense beat the Jets this year.
2) What's with all the IF this, and IF that? Rex Ryan had a plan and he stuck with it. He told everybody what he was going to do from Day One. "Ground & Pound, Stout Defense!" From week to week, I hear the announcers talk about "Who the Jets Are", and yet they've made it this far, despite not having to constantly "Throw the Rock"! So how can you even write this article? Because you're a mad Dolphin's fan, simple! Get over it. Baltimore did it 10 years ago (Rex was there too when it happened!), why not the Jets? Because you're a Dolphins' fan. You have nothing better to do!
3) @ Alberto Gomez... I thought the same thing... he definitely writes like a fan, and not a journalist.
4) Now that my team is finally here (since I'm not a journalist), and especially to all the Dolphins' fans...


Sour grapes much? Somebody get the Dolphin fans a tissue.


The Jets have had an easy playoff schedule? Are you kidding me? They played the AFC North division winners in Cincinnati, who swept their division, and beat them in Cincy. Then they went to San Diego who won 11 STRAIGHT GAMES and beat them in Cali.

The hate for the Jets is one thing, but to say that the Bengals and Chargers are "easy" teams is just inexplicable.

The Jets already beat one of the teams that "lied down" for them, so the effort the Bengals put in in week 17 is moot. The Jets have proven that they didn't need a disinterested Bengal team to win. Next Sunday they have to play the other team that lied down. The Colts weren't exactly destroying the Jets when they pulled Manning. Why don't we let the game be played before judging who's worthy?

Hey Armando, you share something with another Armando that share the same first name, Armando Benitez. You both show your value when the pressure gets to be too much.

The fact is that the Jets didn't just bring Edwards in just they wanted to pass the ball more. They brought Edwards in to be a deep threat which draws two guys on him to help with the rushing attack. Edwards is also an excellent blocker which helps with running the ball.

I love hearing the Dolphins fans yap about the Jets not being about to win a championship because they are a running team that plays great defense. Someone even said that only the Steelers were successful at it. I'm not even going to go back to the days when running was number 1. Like when the Bears or Giants won with great D and were focused more on the run. I'm just going to take a look at the teams since the turn of the century. Teams like Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay all won championships with great D and a focus on run first.

The truth of the matter is that a team with the best D in the league to go along with a top running game win championships. It's the great D that keeps them from scoring while the long 15 plays drives keeps the D fresh and the high powered offense off the field.

The Jets just held the Charges to under 20 points for the first time in almost two seasons. I guess we can just through that under the rug.

Puke green? How about the cheesy 80's orange and teal? J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! Talk about sour grapes.

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