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Rex Ryan tells Dolfans you're No. 1 (sort of)

Super Bowl week is great because many celebrities come to town and get to experience my town. Enjoy! But some of these characters also get rowdy or drunk or somehow sloppy. And the local media basically feasts on this because it can then show you what your heroes are like in their off hours when they're not all prim and proper and telegenic.

Such is the case with Rex Ryan now.

Last night, the New York Jets coach attended a local MMA show according to various reports including this one in The Miami Herald. And while in Dolphins territory Ryan came across a couple of Dolphins fans.

According to David M. Hildenbrand of Miami, he and his friends approached Ryan and told them they were Dolfans. I'm not certain if they said anything else to him, anything that might have upset the coach.

But Ryan's reaction to the fans was quick and visceral. He shot the fans the bird.

And the fans shot Ryan shooting them the bird (with their camera). They e-mailed the picture to various local media types including myself and Jorge Sedano of 790 The Ticket.

I cannot post the photo here (yet) because this is a family newspaper and a family website. I'm working on posting it to my twitter account away from the Herald website. The Herald is also going to purchase the photo and blur out the extended digit for possible publication.

Ryan was interviewed during the show. The youtube.com video is at the end of this post. In it, Ryan tells the crowd: "I just to to tell everyone in Miami, hey, we're coming to beat you twice next year."

Point of the story?

The Jets coach doesn't have a lot of love for Dolfans.

Dolfans carry cameras.

Embarrassing photos are born.


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I hate that Fat Pr!ck. Lord help me I hate him so!

& mando---Show the Photo somewhere, anywhere, with no pixilation.....the NY papers would not show US any deference were the situation reversed

Piss on that Fat B a s t a r d.


That guy needs to grow up.

Jets only got in the playoffs cause Colts laid down for them. The team is old and has only 4 draft picks and 2 of those are in the 6th and 7th rounds. They'll be in last place next year behind Buffalo with no talent for the future. LOL JETS SUCK NOW AND FOREVER!!!!

like father, like son, big loud mouth that doesn't know when to shut it!! , but with that said. the NFL needs people like this so the averge person has something to talk about other then work & family.

those dolfans got exactly what they deserve.what the hell kind of greeting did they expect to receive approaching enemy lines. and this crap about its just a game, the season's over, can we all just get along now? is B.S. Then let me have season tickets for free, since its just a game, or stop paying coaches and players billions and tell them to play for the federal wage. I love what he did, and I am a dolfin fan. eternal enemies on and off the field. J.E.T.S. JETS! JETS! JETS!

i like big hairy balzzz.

sweaty ones too. balz that is

rex ryans too.

We will be waiting with our three game winning streak on the line fat boy!

Go fins!!! Sweep the JESTs again in 2010.

@ narvell, you are a jet fan. Stay off our boards losers.

Rex (Manatee) Ryan was able to lift his arm up too shoot the bird??? Can't wait till he flatlines on the sideline, fat Fu"k

wow...after watching the youtube clip, he was actually pretty tame and it seemed somewhat good natured/meant for fun.

What would you expect him to say? The Jets suck and we plan on losing both times next year?

Lighten up Francises

He is at an event in Miami - he could focus his comments on the event and his predictions on the Super Bowl, the only prediction he was asked to give.

He basically took a shot at the fans in attendance. Sure, he did it with a smile, but he is always smiling when being an over confident blowhard arrogant basterd.

Oh my, he just owned Miami on the youtube video. Too bad we have to wait 10 months to see if they beat us twice.

Personally, nice to see a coach talk smack.

Yeah, Twice?

He ought to try beating us just Once.

Has anyone sent a copy of the unedited picture to the League HQ? Coaches are supposed to be at an equal or higher standard than the players. Players get fined all the time.. Let's see if someone could send the picture to the league and have him a few dollars lighter!

Rex Ryan is a pu***!

I guess we can complain about Rex getting a an eventual fine, buy we still have to win.

W-Tenn, guys an as"hole but u don't call I'm the swat team cause he shot the bird....as is the No Fun League takes enough fun out of the game, this is gonna make an intense rivalry all that more fun!!!!

Sparano really had a bad outing with guys that don't fit Phins system. Cody is the only guy worth checking into. The North seemed stocked and Gilyard is worth a look. He could be like Deshaun Jacskon.

Calphin, thought Dan Williams was a lot better than Cody. Although I really admired Cody's move of falling on his fat face when he tried a move and got tired.

Isn’t it bad enough that Rex is starving most of the third world with his eating habits as we speak?

Think of the children Rex......

I live in NYC and I saw him right before Xmas with his family in a bank. My first thought was to say something to the guy but I was like "Hey, he is with his family, I should respect that."
Now I regret not talking smack. Hopefully Ill get another chance, evidently one of his son live in my neighborhood.

Wow... Dolphin fans sure are a sensitive bunch! lol Seriously, Rex Ryan doesn't hate the Dolphins, but I am sure he would love to beat them twice next year. The guy is all mouth, and with an arena full of Dolphins BOOING him, what did you really expect?

If Ryan flipping you the bird is too much to take, then maybe you should avoid MMA events, too. They aren't for the weak of heart.

Rex Ryan must be stopped!

If Rex adds one more pound on his fat a s s he will implode the earth into a black hole destroy our solar system and kill us all.

The Horror......

The Horror.....

I think this blog is phoney. It's nothing but NJ PHIN FAN talking to himself.


It is common knowledge that Rex”fat ba$tard” Ryan, is the main cause for the depletion of the worlds known fisheries!

Some of us might like fish to Rex?


We are talking about that piece of crap Ryan!

Please get with the program.....

It is also of worry that Rex might go down in history for bringing all farm animals to the brink of extinction!

PO , you're NJ. everybody on here is NJ. You need to get with program .

What ever.....


If he continues eating 24-7 and the farm animals are all consumed, he will have no choice but to eat our beloved Pets. I don’t know about ya’ll but I love my cats and dogs……

For the record....

I love my cats and dogs but not in the way Rex Ryan loves Sheep I'm told.

That’s vulgar and Distasteful.

Rex is really a great guy, he donated his old clothes to haitie for refugee tents.

I love to hate Ryan the Hutt!! Dolphins/Jest had been lackluster due to our lack of significance the last 6 or 7 years prior to Parcells and Co.

I kind of appreciate the fact that I looked forward to the 2 Jest games more than any other games this year. He has helped add an intensity to this rivalry with his arrogance (good-natured or not). I can't wait to go for #4 and #5 in a row next year!!

Rex Ryan is a fat basterd!!! We hote u too fatty... U make the jets an even more big mouth embarrasment to the NFL... We will see how they turn out next year... They will win 7 games and they will want golden corral ryans head on a plate just like mangenous!!!

All I can say is we beat the jets twice this year.. Loved when calvin pace and Bart Scott talked smack.. It's great... Bunch of bums are stuck... We will see how it gold out next year because the jets have serious offensive holes...

Rex Ryan is so fat that I took a picture of him last Christmas and it’s still printing.

Rex Ryan is so fat that he sat on a quarter and a booger shot out of George Washington’s nose!

He's a joke.. A real coach coaches...doesn't talk smack... Only losers talk smack like he does.. It's a fact!

Rex Ryan is so fat that he got arrested at the Miami Airport for ten pounds of crack.

Rex Ryan is so fat that he has more chins than a Chinese phone book.

Rex Ryan is so fat that he wore a yellow raincoat and people yelled “Taxi!”

Rex Ryan is so fat that his beeper went off and people thought he was backing up.

Rex Ryan is so fat that his belly button makes an echo.

Rex Ryan is so fat that fat his cereal bowl comes with a lifeguard.

See, i told you Po was NJ

Rex Ryan is so fat that his cereal bowl comes with a lifeguard.


Rex Ryan is so fat that he had to get baptized at sea world.

Rex Ryan is so fat, when he walks past the window we lose four days of sun light.

Rex Ryan is so fat and stupid; when it was raining he used the freeway for a slip and slide.

you right kris. do i ever tell i love you.

Rex Ryan is so fat he was attacked by Japanese military; they thought he was Godzilla.

PO , STFU Already !!!

stop the madness,

Stop cruising this blog for tail! We are discussing Rex Ryans finer qualities.

Please get with the program, you too Kris!

Not done Kris....

Rex Ryan is so fat when he went on school field trips the school had to raise a fund to feed him.

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