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Rex Ryan tells Dolfans you're No. 1 (sort of)

Super Bowl week is great because many celebrities come to town and get to experience my town. Enjoy! But some of these characters also get rowdy or drunk or somehow sloppy. And the local media basically feasts on this because it can then show you what your heroes are like in their off hours when they're not all prim and proper and telegenic.

Such is the case with Rex Ryan now.

Last night, the New York Jets coach attended a local MMA show according to various reports including this one in The Miami Herald. And while in Dolphins territory Ryan came across a couple of Dolphins fans.

According to David M. Hildenbrand of Miami, he and his friends approached Ryan and told them they were Dolfans. I'm not certain if they said anything else to him, anything that might have upset the coach.

But Ryan's reaction to the fans was quick and visceral. He shot the fans the bird.

And the fans shot Ryan shooting them the bird (with their camera). They e-mailed the picture to various local media types including myself and Jorge Sedano of 790 The Ticket.

I cannot post the photo here (yet) because this is a family newspaper and a family website. I'm working on posting it to my twitter account away from the Herald website. The Herald is also going to purchase the photo and blur out the extended digit for possible publication.

Ryan was interviewed during the show. The youtube.com video is at the end of this post. In it, Ryan tells the crowd: "I just to to tell everyone in Miami, hey, we're coming to beat you twice next year."

Point of the story?

The Jets coach doesn't have a lot of love for Dolfans.

Dolfans carry cameras.

Embarrassing photos are born.


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If ur going to defend the most classless head coach ever, go to another comment board. This is for dolphins. And even if they were obscene, vulgar, whatever, what coach would do that Instead of just ignoring it. He doesn't say the things he says to get people riled or to pump people up or even have fun. He says and does these things because he's an emotional arrogant, rude jerk. THAT'S the problem.

Cannot help but to admire this guy. If I was a player, I would love to play for him. He is exacly what the dolphins have needed for years, a coach with ba..s not afraid to ruffle some feathers and one which his players would emulate and admire. We are used to the bland, boring, soft, non confrontational Dolphin teams . We need a change. We need passion, we need thunder and lighting, we need football players, coaches and no nonsense ownership. We need a field advantage not a Mickey Mouse approach to "family sundays". We need nasty fans, not cry babies.



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