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Sparano to Sean Smith: Time to get physical

I was standing in the middle of the Dolphins locker room earlier this week when rookie Sean Smith walked through and, looking at the kid from a distance, he seemed kind of skinny to me.

Don't get me wrong. Smith isn't skinny skinny.

I mean, he eats. He lifts weights. He works out. He weighs 214 pounds.

But he is NFL skinny. His arms don't bulge. His upper body isn't ripped.

Basically he has some growing to do yet. And that's what coach Tony Sparano says is the next step in Smith's progression toward next season.

"I would say with Sean, it’s just some strength, some physical strength," Sparano said. "Training, when you get young players out of the draft, and you’re training them for the 16-week, really the 22-week period that we’re going to have them out there, the amount of time you get them from the draft until the time you can train them and do that is not really close to what the veterans have been doing.

"Having these guys, Sean, Vontae [Davis], Pat White, Andrew Gardner, these guys all with the full offseason under their belt, I think is just going to help them down the road, the stamina that it takes to play as many games as you have to play, particularly at their positions, Sean’s position, all those things."

As you know, Smith doesn't have an interception this season. He's been around the ball, but on at least two occasions, I can remember he either got out-fought for the ball that became a completion or the receiver knocked it from him for an incomplete pass.

That is about strength. And Smith will add some in the offseason. Then, of course, the other stuff will come. Smith will have to learn to study himself and his opponent better. That time he spends thinking about the mall these days? He'll grow as a professional and think about more film study. That is part of growing up as well.

"I think, watching himself on film, watching some of these very good receivers that he’s played against each and every week. Going back through it with his position coach and really being able to hack out his fundamentals and technique, and then spend some time in the offseason doing some of those things whenever we get to that point I think would be the best thing for Sean," Sparano said. "Right now, I think the best thing for Sean is to make sure that the guys with the black helmets on don’t do that this week. We need to concentrate on that game first."

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So next year with a full offseason he will come in and be alot faster stronger and more aggresive. He will only be that much betterthan this year which he won a starting spot being nfl skinny and weak! Cant wait to see him.

Sean S looks almost doughy to me, and Andrew Gardner was one heck of a prospect heading into 2009, tore a labrum, and now is behind the curve.

Gardner was a 40 game starting LT and All ACC player.

Vontae Davis lays the wood, SEAN SMITH just aint as good...

Seriously, I've seen Teddy Ginn tackle better on special teams, or INT's...

Just part of the progression from being a boy to a man. Metabolism slows down later for some. When that happens, it gets easier to get stronger and add muscle mass.

Are we going to see any of P.Turner this weekend?I hate to beat a dead horse but I really want to see the kid play.

If the Front Office ever went on Sean Smith's Twitter account they'd be flabbergasted. Smith spends way too much time tweeting, where he's always hustling chicks, gaming, acting like a wannabe gangsta, and praising his own play or deflecting criticism.

He needs to get serious about football, starting this offseason, and cut the crap.

I am not concerned with either CB. I love when people get on these guys for giving up big plays, yet we have no idea what defense was called, what they're assignment was on the called defense, and I think most importantly, why the safety help wasn't there. Many fans have unrealistic expectations. Sean starting right out the gate is a sign of a few things. The staff was more comfortable with Sean than Vontae. It shows Sean came In and worked his tail off. INT numbers are also a tough thing to determine a players success off of. I remember reading after the NO game, Drew Brees said Sean had the best coverage of anyone he had played to that point. I believe that the INT total has a lot to do with the way these 2 guys approach the game. Vontae seems to be very much the high risk/high reward kind of guy, with Sean not taking as many chances. Who gave up more big plays, Vontae and it's not even close. I do know this. We won't ne reading anywhere in the coming months about CB being a priority of this team. Actually, I think Will Allen is one of the most intriguing guys for us heading into next year. Nate Jones has done pretty good overall, and being able to have a guy to line up with the opponents top 4 players is something that will help this defense. Especially when these guys can finally play knowing they have the help behind them. Mando, do you feel this is a fair assessment of our CB situation? Do we know anything about W Allen in his recovery?

Emo, this day and age they know what he's doing, however, it would be great if he would deflect passes rather than criticism, lol

I agree. Smith's very good. Lots of potential with Smith, but he has to put in that extra time, effort, and physical training if he wants to be great.

its easy to look back but how did we end up with 2 strong safety's? the pro scouts were aware of it. they also felt us starting 2 rookie corners was not a success because they didn't have to earn it by winning the position (disasterous was their term). in hindsight why couldn't we keep goodie and hill? or we could have signed veteran corners who are seasoned and alot "tougher" to school the youngsters. guys like brian dawkins, darren sharper, l.bodden, foxworth etc. we shoulda kept matt roth and released porter who chooses when he wants to practice! lets get back to "let the players win their jobs"!! just like we made jt do it. too many others got a free pass!

start jason allen....so shaun can get into the game....

Sean Smith is no 214 pounds. More like 195

yeah... I stopped following Sean because i got tired of hearing about his XBOX. Less call of duty, more film study. I think he has great potential, he just needs to focus more... fight for the ball more. He needs to WANT the football, like Vontae Davis... now thats an aggresive corner. Its funny, prior to the season everyone was talking about how good Sean was, but Vontae has really stollen the spotlight.

Also funny how going into the draft it was Vontae who had the maturity rumours surrounding him yet he's played like a man all year. Has he got beat? yes, but show me a corner who hasn't - especially early in his career. Vontae really reminds me of Cromartie in SD. Similar career paths too. Vontae is stronger though.

Sean Smith really reminds me of Bobby Taylor of the Eagles back in the '90s. Similar size and neither really that physical in tackling despite their size. Entering the draft, Smith was compared to Mel Blount. I'm too young to remember Mel Blount but I saw some film and he's nothing like Blount. Blount was mean, if he played today, he'd be the baddest man in the game.

Mando- do a report on this guys Twitter account. Disturbing signs from a young player.

Make the guy accountable to what he is saying on that thing.



Didn't see the game but saw the highlights. I don't hate the Bruins. Don't even care for hockey all that much. I just hate when my teams are mismanaged and the Toronto Maple Leafs are the all time leaders in sports mismangement - well maybe 3rd to the Cubs and the New York Jets.

I don't like the way the coaches won't play the better players like Wake, won't experiment with giving Turner playing time won't let Taylor rush the passer-comes out on passing downs-is generally stubborn to their-and our detriment.

The kid will get bigger and improve with time. What cracks me up are the fans on here who think these players need to do 24/7 football. There is only so much weightlifting you can do. How many of u work 24/7 at your jobs? When you don't have kids or other responsibilities it gives you time to play video games or chase girls. Have some percpective.

Smith needs to work on his agressivity.
He's excellent in coverage, but he doesn't fight for the ball and opponents block him too easily.
I'm not too worried about the Twitter & XBOX thing. That is the NFL XXI century style.

Is it just me or was Smith drafted behind Davis and started before our 1st rounder. And is it just me who think our opponents are going to pick the weakest link in our defense to score TDs. You virtually dont see Smith during games because the plays are on Vontaes side and that tells me loads about Smith!!!
Cheers and a happy new draft!
1st rd: Dan Williams or Terrence Cody
2nd rd: Aurrelius Benn or Brandon LaFell
maybe Selvie or Sapp

Mark In Toronto-

Thanks for the laugh about mismanaged teams...All I know about the Toronto hockey club is 1) they have one of the best uni's in all of sports; 2) It really seems like it should be Maple Leaves, and; 3) they have a defenseman who is better than Gibril Wilson TODAY.

Oh, and your list should be reversed. The New Jersey Jets are the worst managed team in all of sports and their fan base is the worst. Period.

Just sayin.

memo to everyone...Cody is not a first rounder. He is only a two down player who may eat his way out of the league. R. McClain first round, Eric Norwood in the 2nd. Athletic TE in the later rounds.


shane, I was born and raised in Toronto and still have no idea why they are the Leafs - not Leaves. I don't know if they have a D Man better than Gibril but they have Mike Komasarek who is a pretty decent basketball player.

HP - Agreed on Cody. Looks like another Paul Soliai to me. You don't need your NTs to be 350 pounds. 2 of the better ones in the league are Ferg and Jay Ratliff who are both barely 300 lbs. Liked what I saw from Dan Williams though.

FINALLY make it down to MIA for a game and it's cold! Oh well, at least it's not 23 degrees and snowing! Heheheeeee GO FINS!

mando, i hate to bring this up all the time not having to do anything with this subject, but i can't believe they stuck it out with gibril wilson playing the way he did, unbelievable!!! Why didn't they give J.Allen a chance at F.safety.. That secondary would have been much much better, I don't think their giving this guy a fair shot.. I'm telling u the guy is talented!!!! and as for sean smith the guy can play, I don't think they have had that many reception on him, but he does need to get more physical!!!

As bad as Gibril has been against the pass this year, I have a feeling he will be allowed to compete for a job next year. Maybe not as FS, but maybe SS or as an extra DB - especially if it's an uncapped year.

another thing we need to change is our coordinators, we need a more aggresive defence coordinator, for that 3-4 defence.. Play calling was an issue this year.. Period!!!

I love it, the Jets ownership decided there would be NO alcohol sales at the stadium this week..I guess they just have to make sure the children don't get out of control!!!

Does any ome know when was the last time the fins won in september????


I agree about the 24/7 thing, but if you look at it Smith tweets immediately after games, & before and after practices, about all his nonsense and all the "chillin'" and partying he's going to do...AND he makes statements indicating that he does not need to work on his game AND that he's a world-class baller AND that ANY criticism of him is unfair......go read a couple of days worth for yourelf, it's truly distressing to a Fin Fan, IMHO.

Never mind my last"Q", How about this, The mighty air breathers are 2 and 12 since "06",hopefully the fins next year will win at least two games in sept, kinda hard to dig yourself out of a 6 foot hole when it's covered by 4 feet of dirt............

greg z, to answer your question, Parcells.

Bonjour, Mando. Don't you think Sean Smith will end up as a free safety by next year. They get Will Allen back and have Smith replace Wilson.

Bon chance

Steve, the Dolphins' website lists Sean Smith at 214 pounds. You should know better than to question Salguero's knowledge.

Only the St. Louis Rams have a worse record at 2 and 14.......Sad, Thanks Wayne(Be kind and rewind)(or I'll charge you $ 5.00)Huizanga............

Cuban Menace were you a bedwetter when you were a child?

Only till I was tall enough to use tRaining potty....

Smith is still a kid at heart. Don't like the gangsta bs. Don't even like a guy like that on the team or in the same universe. If he has a bad tude, he isn't going to be in the NFL for long. If the rumours are right, he best get to work like a man and drop the high school crap.

Did Sean Smith tell the fans to "get used to the interceptions" after he got a couple in the pre-season?

All year Dolphins fans watched the Colts wondering if they were going to go undefeated. Well they did not. Neither did the saints. But the stinking jets may end up with a better record than us. by the way. I dont know what one has to with the other.

Just a note on nick satan to Dolphins Fans. He is a vacuum cleaner salesman and a wimp. I wonder why the press this week didn't ask him why he was such a misrable failure in the NFL? Good at yelling a boys, not so good at yelling at real men? He is such a puss_! I hope Tjas beats the snot out of AL.

If the Dolphins don't draft a wide receiver in the first round, I will challenge Bill Parcells to a boxing match. Proceeds to charity.

^ my money is on Parcells

Sparano should know that Smith had only 79 tackles in his whole college career. He's never been physical and probably will never be.
He (almost) graduated in Mass Communication: that explains the Twitter addiction I suppose...

our dolphins have a nice corners package. davis and smith only needs experience. smith needs to want it like davis does. by the way we (dolpnins) are a young team.

One thing I notice about smith is his lack of concentration at times during the games... I wonder if BP is planning on moving this kid to safety in a year or two...

I like food....

Sean will be great. U r right. Rightnow he plays like a kid. He is always on his video games. Less time on those and more on film will help. He has to grow up a little. He's only 22 an learned what it will take this year. I think he can be very good. Jason seems to be a mentor. He will explain it to him this offseason

mama maria coming home soon to cook some chicken wings and some liver with onion .

this is classic armando...i used to be on this guys twitter list and he would send out these twits re: the mall and playn video games.... i would get angry and tell him to focus on the stuff thats gonna make him and the team better, (film room weigths etc like you mention in the article).......if he gets stronger and toughens up he could be a pro bowl caliber player, but we'll see soon enough.......i think with his size and skill he can be as good as anyone in the league but that all depends on him,

Your training begins tomorrow, at the crack of noon...

u dont have to be a good tackler to be a corner anyone heard of deion sanders?

him and everyone else in that secondary not named davis or bell needs to get more physical (heres looking at you GIBRIL WILSON)

Both cb's will be fine, let's not forget they r rookies. On a side note.... Anyone else pulling for Texas just to see saban get his ass kicked? Hope to see this app here again next year, great job!

You cant compare Davis and Smith. They have completely different skill sets. Davis has always been a risk taker, big hitter, aggressive corner. Davis also doesnt have the cover skills of Smith. I could care a less whether Smith gets bigger or more aggressive. If QBs never throw his way because he is a great cover corner that is good enough for me. Deon Sanders wasnt a physical corner and was one of the worst run tacklers of all time but he completely shut down half of the field with his cover skills. The INTs will come with time as Smith gains experience. It isnt for lack of strength he isnt intercepting the ball. QBs simply dont throw it much in his direction.

I can't believe what has happened to this franchise. The Miami Dolphins have become a stupid team. And I'm being nice. They could have been in the playoffs again already. And this has happened many times before. Ever since Shula retired this franchise has become a disgrace. From Jimmy Johnson until now Tony Sparano. Whats so hard about winning. First, tackle. Second, find a reciever. Third find someone that can cover. And last a smart quarterback. This team will always be a disgrace and a joke. I live in New England and have been a Fins fan since 1972. I'm 45 yrs old and I can't believe whats happened over the years. Maybe if they find ONE owner instead of the Motley Crue they have now. And they know nothing about football, they can salvage something and keep there heads up. Unitl then, sell the franchise. Your only going to disgrace yourselves even more. sell.

Not to change the subject, but let us see Patrick Turner play today!!! If he was good enough to get Sanchez drafted by the Jets, he should be good enough to play!

how come we can start 2 rookie corners who are allowed to make all the mistakes they want without fear of benching yet patrick turner is deemed "not ready". none of these rookies including henne are "ready" without snaps; alot of snaps just like the 2 corners got! the fans would like to evaluate some of these guys to see what we got for the future. did we make mistakes draftin these guys or is it the coaching for not developing them(ie. shawn murphy). why are we starting 2 strong safety's????????

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