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Steelers beating Dolphins 24-10 in fourth quarter

This game has gotten out of hand.

Chad Henne left the game with an eye injury.

Then backup quarterback Pat White got knocked out and is out of the game. He was moving his legs and arms.

And, of course, the Steelers are pounding the Dolphins, 24-10.

The final quarter of the live blog continues in the comments section.


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My opinion.... Dolphins will be in playoffs in 2012. just need some good drafts on defense.

should clarify... 2012-2013 season.

wow a losing season because we dont know how to play 60 min.

Pat White has been loaded onto an ambulance and taken to local hospital.


Okay Armando ... find out about that non flag on the H2H on Pat White when he was freaking out of bounds!!!!!!

Mando: think we'll get top 15 pick?

Hope the team pitta need to lose win in the last sec would be good torture lol


no i think we make the playoffs next season...we will learn from the mistakes of this year, i think next season will be great

Mike Tomlin sucks. I cannot believe he has a Super Bowl ring. It is like Mark Rypien getting one as a QB.

Lets hope pat is ok. Thingpin has a shot 2 put himself in de window.

Armando, thanks for the updates on Pat White moving arms and legs, we are praying for him in California.

This is almost too hard to watch... Just heartbreaking

If Henne's stinking eye is still in the socket he should be plaing. Marino would, Greise would, Feidler would...even FREAKING Pat White would.

I hope Pat white is ok AND that is not too serious

I'm gonna have to call BS on this so called eye injury to Henne.

I assume Thigpen is now our quarterback?

I get the feeling we're about to witness what I've been saying for two months: Tyler Thigpen is better than Pat White.

Work is gonna be hell tomarrow

Okay, Armando, Pat's in an ambulance ... NOW find out why there was not call on the H2H personal foul on the hit?

Antonio Bryant scored a TD, Mando.

White wasn't going out of bounds and he was running beyond the line of scrimmage so helmet to helmet is legal. Read a rulebook instead of cluttering blog with your ignorance.

Bad coaching, bad defense, predictable offense= Miami dolphins

C'mon mando nobody should take any job in this

Here's the question... is it PC to let Thigpen outshine White if you're Sparano/Parcells? Do you run vanilla plays or do you let him shine. That could be controversial.

Armando-Why is Cameron Wake not sacking Big Ben-won't they let him play again?

Why is Henne not playing?
The friggin playoffs are on the line and he his eye hurts????
WTF? Pat White is clueless, sorry he got hurt but we have a better chance with Thigpen

Did Henne have a fit in the locker room or something?

I don't think that hit on White was intentional. If the offensive player lowers his head to get the first down, what's the defensive player supposed to do let em run him over?

Actually, I really wanted to see White run a few series.... that's not what I expected

link anyone?

Guys, replays clearly show Ike Taylor hit Pat White with his shoulder.

Well at least we now know WHO WON'T be on this team next season.

Get Rid of our safetys, all linebackers except (Wake), Ted Gin, Vernon Carey, Pat White, all TE, DC, and OLine Coach.

Can anyone defend the coaching decisions this year? I challenge you.........

Good call KS. Where's the eye patch? He's not even blinking!

H2H is NOT legal! #24 has got a check to write this week after the league looks at the hit.


What happens if Thigpen gets hurt? Who else do we have that can play QB. This season seems a lot like our injured prone 1-15 season...SUCKS!!

Henne looks fine to me, I think this is another head-scratching coaches decision.

A catch! Yes!

Thigpen can sling it, boyz

27-10 hmm that score sounds familiar

Ginn needs to go. It is two yards for a first down and he's backing out of bounds?

That is complete crap.


Lousaka....! Always clutch!!

What's up with no flag on the h2h?

Ginn way to curl up in the fetal position like a girl instead of fighting for that extra yard for a first down.

henne is not hurt pat white was in to justify a draft pick im praying he is all rite

Blitz and no one picks the guy up. Our OL sucks!

Time to get jiggy for Thiggy boys and girls...

Shame on Henne..... Shame on sparano

We need 7 in the nxt 2 min.


May God be with White!

So now that were out of the playoffs who should go after in the draft/free angecy??

Hey look at the refs, a call for us

Mr bill , you forgot pat white.

Get off the field Tomlin.

And I can see Ted Ginn's lady parts from here. Thank you HD TV!

Miami has 4 unrestricted FA's heading into the offseason: Pennington, RB, Taylor, and Jason Ferguson. any takers on how many will actually get signed?


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