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Steelers defeat Dolphins 30-24, season over

It looked bleak for the Dolphins when their starting quarterback left the game against Pittsburgh with an injury, and then their No. 2 quarterback left the game by the third quarter with an injury, and they were trailing 27-10.

Enter third-string quarterback Tyler Thigpen and he directs two touchdown drives to make the score 27-24.

Fact is the Dolphins got the ball inside Pittsburgh territory after a Ben Roethlisberger fumble and Miami looked like it had chance to take the lead. But midnight struck for Cinderella.

Thigpen threw an interception. And another one.

Then the Houston Texans beat New England to elminate Miami from the playoffs.

Then the Steelers clinched the 30-24 victory with a late FG drive.

And so the season is over. The Dolphins finish at 7-9.

So where are we?

Are the Dolphins a team that regressed as their record shows -- going from 11-5 in 2008 to 7-9 this season? Or are they a better team than they were in 2008 that ran into a tougher schedule? Or somewhere in the middle?


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That hurts, once again

And people wonder why Miami fans drink alot....

who cares at least we swept the sorry jets! and we some decent draft picks...

This doesn't really hurt, we expected it, come on. You know what though? I think dolphins were good last year due to one person and one person alone. He got injured in the third game this year.

Team regressed. There were 3-5 very winable games. Coaching, in my opinion was abyssmal.

Well thanks for a roller coaster season. Large holes to fill in defense. Offense looks good with two positions left to fill at WR. Defense needs some real work and hate to say it, but get rid of porter and keep Taylor; develop wake and get crowder help or replace him. Akin is too slow, sorry. Next year should be more competitive and at the very least the Fins have one strong trait: a desire to win. Coaching is not bad but offense needs a better throwing style and line needs to be better on shifts for screens. Again thanks to all and have a great off season.

And why I still have complete faith in the Tuna, he needs to realize he may have missed the mark on a couple of players and let them go. No better time to do it than this offseason!

Dissappointing loss again!

The Dolphins lost a starting QB, RB and CB this season and still had a meaningful game in week 17. There's no way of knowing how good they really are but a 7-9 season with this roster is impressive.

It was a combination of things, they made the right calls last year, but just made is scratch our heads this season. We need to evaluate the ILB's, receivers and our QB situation.

wow!!! how did ben's arm heal so quickly after the game??

Out of all the teams fighting for the wildcard, we came in last, now it's time to draft! And we get the better draft spot than any of those teams. Blessing in disguise.

Ben has been hanging out with WWF play fighters too much.

I believe on the planet Zorcon, Dolphins can still make playoffs due to united federation rules


what spot do we pick at

Crowder, Wilson are terrible. Ferguson is all done. That means Fins are very weak on defense where it counts. Up the midde and at Lb.

Richard3000, agreed Pennington brought some real leadership to this team. Haven't seen it since, though Henne played well.

George; is that thd planet you have a chance getting laid; dork.

We lost a ton of players. Hell we were on our 4th QB for the last quarter on this game and we pulled close to beating them. We need some better D and a WR and we set next year

The most important thing to come out of this year was we got to look at Henne. In know he made mistakes at times, but overall I LOVED what I saw. Of course I'm a biased Dolphin fan hoping for a franchise QB, but I'll take Henne's first season any day.

get to work on our draft options mando...

How many games were we NOT in a position to win this year? Maybe 2? injuries hurt. i like the resiliency, but dont like the immaturity. we need to learn how to finish games.

We are who I thought we were. Very, very average. Armando, stop with the playoff references. "Houston beat New England so we were eliminated". No, the Dolphins lost three games they should have won, (Indianapolis, Buffalo, and New Orleans) they eliminated themselves. No wonder the fans on this blog are lost. The blog administrator is lost!!!!

Time to take the flag down from the front yard and deflate the infaltable dolphins player in the front yard for the last time this season. See you all next season!

Update of white med cond???

I'm not ready to blame the trifecta..now if we are 7 and 9 next year..that will be a problem..it's time they move past that 1980's philosophy and get the kid with a cannon arm a special kind of weapon on offense...the same can be said about the defense. We need a ball hawk who's flying around and making plays!! Get those 2 things and another offseason in the program and the Afc east is ours...

WR is not are most glaring need, anyone who has watched this defense this season should know we have holes all over it! No penetration on runs, No QB pressure, and no speed!

Henne looked fine to me. If Sparano wanted to see White in extended action, why not P. Turner?? Some of the coacing decisions this year are mind-boggling >:

I think this last game was a winner. We found out that Henne is the best quarterback, and Pigpen is next. Pat White needs to change positions, maybe receiver. There has to be somebody that knows why, when the Dolphins win the toss they elect to receive. But when we locate that guy, he needs to be killed or maybe just tortured, not fired. After he is disposed of and we do not have to start every game behind, we need to tranquilize Bill Parcells until people with a bit more sense draft the best, fastest, good hands receiver available. Then plug the other holes as best you can and hungrily await next season.

What the heck was the deal with Chads eye?

Deal for Marshall!
Bring on Wilkford!
Draft Tebow!
Get a couple of decent int LB's!
And Fins will be real contenders!

The story of the season is injuries.. It is a simple fact. We finished 7-9 without our starting running back Brown and key backup/special teamer Cobbs. We also lose Pennington in week 3. Lose Crowder (even if only for one game) and Allen on defense. Oh lets not forget a mountain in the middle in Ferguson. Was there someone else? Oh yeah, David Martin. Plus rotating injuries on offensive line. Then, in season finale we lose two quarterbacks. Sprinkle in a much tougher schedule and we are lucky we are not 4-12. This team was inspiring to watch all season. Stayed competitive and in the playoff hunt all season. Now, if we can add some talent and stay healthy next season we are in the playoffs.

Go Dolphins.

Sparno sounds like he is bull shitttting about henne said he got hit in head and dazed bull crap

Man...I LOVE the 'never say die' attitude of this team. I think it was a very flawed team this season and thanks to the coaching and some really gritty performances the tea, hung tough. I like what I saw from Henne and you guys have to admit that Wilson and Jason Allen played well today. It would be a mistake to get rid of these guys. I think the defence needs to get a little younger and a bit tougher. Not sure if Ferguson will be back but Wilfok would be a great addition. I also think it's time to say goodbye to Porter and probably Jason Taylor and draft and sign some fresh blood. Thanks for giving it a great effort guys!!

you know there comes a point in time when injuries just become too much to overcome...when jason ferguson went down that was the final blow:
-Chad Pennington(19TD 7INT last season)
-Ronnie Brown(was tied for secong in the league in TD's when he wnt down)
-Will Allen(the only starting caliber vet at CB)
-Jason Ferguson(another vet and plug in the middle)
-Patt Cobbs(Kevin Faulk like player who just makes plays)

I thought so he looked fine wearing his ball cap on the sideline.

Chads eye was fine, it was an excuse to get White almost killed, I really think they packed it in, meaning I think it didn't matter to the staff if they won or lost. They pretty much knew that this team wasn't ready for any playoff run.

I think key injuries, poor defensive play, and questionable play calling in key situations killed the season. Obviously, the tougher schedule proved that the dolphins are not yet equal to the elite teams in the NFL, but my feelings are that they are headed in the right direction.

Somewhere in the middle. The season as a whole cannot be seen as successful. Certainly the schedule was a couple games tougher than last year. In the bigger picture there were some positives, namely the maturation of Henne, Davis and Smith. Good year for Ricky.

Hopefully management took these last three games to evaluate some of the more questionable picks such as White, Ginn, and FAs Porter and Wilson. Surely they're much smarter than anyone on this board and most of us can see what's going on there so I'm hopeful they can too. Here's to a great off-season!

Why wasn't the helmet to helmet on White a penalty. Not once did I see Henne mess with his eye. If it isn't closed and he isn't rubbing it, it can't be that bac.

Tell me why our coaches have Pat White as the #2...most of us fans knew all along he wasn't effective and now everyone knows Thigpen is more than capable. Just another head-srcatcher coaching decisions...

There was one play that Henne got smacked in the face. But he continued to play in the game, it was a really soft smack to the face mask, who knows?

They are better than 2008 that, with key injuries AND a tougher schedule. Plus you can't beat all the great calls from the refs we have this year

We're a team getting younger and cleaning the mistakes from previous (and current) regimens, which means it take a little time to get better.

Mando, which will be our draft position (we're tied with Jax, chicago and maybe tennese)

If they were better the schedule should not matter!

Tell me which team...just name it...that can lose a starting QB, CB, RB, Center, middle LB, and have the injuries on the line that we had this year and still win...name the team...com'n...which one...a season of coulda, shoulda, woulda...we were close but no cigar...should make some dramatic changes, particularly if noncap year...dump all the older players, those who haven't lived up to expectations, those who cost more than they're worth...J. Allen, Ginn, Porter, Taylor (unless he comes back as a pass rushing specialist), Ayodele, Torbor, Walden and Wilson...Go younger, faster, stronger...I'd rather have another building year than another almost year...needs? NT, ILB, OLB, Safety, Receiver, TE...alot left to do, but I have faith in the trifecta to get it done...I think everyone really knew this would be a step back year... if we were honest about it...

Hmmmm. Thigpen make a touch pass, on the run, cold off the bench, for a touchdown, and you don't think he will challenge in camp? Can you show me a Henne touch pass all season?!

You hit the nail on the head mtnman

Cheers to that Im with you all the way!

I agree with others henne was fine, it was a chance to see white. who has talent but only wiht his legs. He needs to change postion !! Kudos to thigpen though for giving us a chance. I know he threw 2 ints but at least he had a go !! He has to be the no 2 next year,

7-9 is a tad disapointing, there are holes like no 1 wr. But for me we need a stud ilb and young olb. The stud ilb would improve the d more than any other postion. Get rid of anderson, moses and ayodele. Especially akin who has been awful this year. re - sign jt and use him just as a pass rusher, give porter and torbor the chance to come back on reduced salaries of bye bye. Oh and sorry ted ginn but you have to go as well. already hartline is better wr than you !!

Still work for parcells to do !! But i believe we are on the right track. 09 we had a career year out of penny, easy games and no injuries. After the 1-15 season we would have taken the situation we are in now !!

Or, I forgot Ferguson was injured and Cobbs was injured...name one team in the NFL that could overcome that...Indy (not); NO (not); Pitt (not); Minn (not)...who could lose so many starters and still win...that one factor played the biggest role...think about who this could have been if at least Ronnie and Ferguson weren't injured...just those two...think about it...

But alot of the top teams from 2008 fell down to miami's leavel with the exception of Indy, S.D. And N.O. So I don't bye the strength of schedule thing, if anything are road games schedule was tough.

for the flaws we have on this team, i think they are with the elite teams as far as mental toughness. we were in every game we lost!!! a #1wr, two beast at LB to replace joey and akin, and better overall game management and we easily could have finished 12-4 or 11-5. if we address these problems we will be in the mix next year!!

Sparano bailed on this season, we'll never find out the truth but Henne looked fine to me and I believe he was clearly told at half time that Pat White was gonna start to justify his draft pick, way to see a decision backfire, your frail Backup QB nearly gets killed whilst proving he cannot play in this league, you piss your starting QB off and the fans too who nearly all see though the BS that Chad had an eye injury!!
Hope Pat White is ok after that though, he had no business being there and that is on Sparano!!

It kinda sucks that we couldn't have spent all this season seeing if White could make the switch to WR. Without ever seeing him run a route, I'd guess he's closer to being useful as an NFL WR than an NFL QB

The difference between last year and this year is the fact that last year,the Dolphins had a far easier schedule. On top of that,Miami had Pennington starting who rarely turned the ball over and Miami got very lucky with injuries all season. The injuries this season were just too damaging but i do feel having a losing season and not making the playoffs might just help this team in the long run,especially the young rookies and Henne. I hope the Dolphins somehow grab an elite WR and pick some talented players on Defense.

Team is obviously worse, getting younger but I don't know about more talented. Wr remains a huge concern yet again and lb is also a huge hole. That being said I'd rather draft a lb and get a free agent wr. Drafting wr's takes waaaaaayy too long to reap benefits. Henning and pasqualoni should be fired yesterday. The last two weeks this team was ill prepared at gametime and only fought back after insurmountable deficits. Sparano is a young hc and just needs more talent around him to succeed. With Henning and Pasqualoni around next year would be worse

God, please help us in the draft.

On to the offseason. Where do we pick for the time being? And who's a possiible 1st round for us?

The team regressed...I haven't seen a Dolphins team as passionless as this one since the Dave Wannstadt days. They lacked passion in most of the basic elements of the game: tackling and catching...I would hope that Ginn Jr is already on the waiver wire, for the lack of dropped (and catchable) balls, as well as the appearance of running backwards on kickoffs (except the Jets game)...Sparano needs to take some heat too for not inciting passion into this team...Hopefully they will put a better product on the field for the 2010 season.
PS. Pat White, I hope you're not seriously hurt, brother.

The only thing I want for next year is no more excuses!

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