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Steelers lead Dolphins, 14-7, in second quarter

The Dolphins wanted to get off to a fast start today. And the offense did that, scoring on their first possession of the game on an 11-yard pass from Chad Henne to Lex Hilliard.

The defense?

Those guys have work to do.

With a secondary that has replaced Gibril Wilson as the starting free safety and has lost Vontae Davis to a wrist injury, the Dolphins are getting abused.

Ben Roethlisberger just completed a 54-yard pass to rookie Mike Wallace, a third-round pick, for a go-ahead score. Nate Jones and Chris Clemons, the man replacing Wilson,, got burned on that long bomb. It didn't help that Tryone Culver knocked down Jones on the play.

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When does the application of the scheme start to get questioned? Where are the adjustments? The same crap has happened from Week 1 to Week 17...

Who is our new defensive coordinator?

Gumble is an idiot.

Playing off the ball on defense with 6 inches to go? That sounds like a good idea to me...


Brady is also out of the game at Buffalo.

I don't care what skills Camarillo might be lacking...I love him

Wildpat (all 121lbs) up the middle. Don't get it!! Let him at least throw..

nice 1st down pick up

Kory Sheets

Kory Sheets signing, you can tell he's got some speed

The Wildcat is back with White as the trigger and Kory Sheets running the end around.



Get the commish out of there. Nobody cares.

That last TD by Pitt was caused by a pick.Rothlisberger is garbage.

I can't even hear what's going on with the game. Will the commentators shut up?!

that could work if pat could throw.

Thanksgiving massacre suspect caught!

Too hard a throw to Ricky-again-don't get so nervous

Excellent, excellent, excellent protection on that last play. Wow!

They talk up this crap during are drive

Get the hell out of the booth. Godell sucks.

terrible interview,lets pay ball


Gumble is an idiot, and incentives to play hard? I thought they were called playoff spots and game checks. This commish is messing with the game too much.

Where's Ginn's speed now to make the 1st down? No 2nd effort.

Ginn catches and falls as usual. Oops, I'm sorry he slipped. Big difference!

Again, henne doing well with time in there. If the pass protection stays up it will be nice.

Love Henne!! Love him!!! Imagine wit a true #1!!!

No, this is a national game and no one cares about the Miami Dolphins outside of SoFla. Most would rather watch Dierdorf comb his back hair than listen to them talk about the Dolphins Offense and trying to grasp at reasons to be optimistic if you like Miami. So lets hear more from the Commish.

Please no field goal

Is there any reason why Chad Pennington would not be on the sideline to help Chad Henne? I just saw Thigpen.

I thought he was to be the great mentor / coach?

I know if I were to throw to Ted I'd make sure it wasn't a 1st down, so they could crush Ricky on the next play!


Nice Bess...

Henne is completing everything....underrated mobility in the pocket

who is in charge of ginns cleats???

Offense looks good if we just had a number one receiver we can be awesome

Henne is gonna have another 50 attempts today.

One more receiver and with Bess, Camarillo and Hartline, we become a solid pass team!!

Henne is definitely our guy. Why are we getting so cute in our play calling?

that pass in the end zone was behind Hartline. Only the second poorly thrown pass of the day by henne.

Bad Pass.

fellas, Ginn has been playing much better lately and can still be a great threat in any offense...some of us need to realize he's probably going to remain a Dolphin

Bad throw, behind Hartline. This sucks man. We needed that TD.

Gut Check Time defense.

well that sucks. cant afford field goals with the way the D is playing

I sure hope Ted does remain a Dolphin.

Nothing like watching him cower and drop passes.

We are slipping all over the field! And this is are field.

They are treating Hartline's lower leg.

anyone have any live feeds to watch the game

So can the Miami defense stop Pittsburgh today? Just wondering ...

Did you see how 50 Walden gave up on the play? What an idiot!

CALL A F*CKING HOLD!!! I am tired of this $hit. Steelers get EVERYTHING!!!!

wow...bad coverage

Are the coaches teaching then to be pus because we can't tackle worth shitttttt

Walden should be chewed up by the coaches and cut tomorrow.

It's not the offense everyone. Think back the past 15 games, how many games has the offense lost?It's our defense and has been all year and it's the same today really mo reason to expect anything different.

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