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Steelers lead Dolphins 17-10 going to 3rd quarter

The Dolphins finally stopped the Steelers in the second quarter. But it was more the Steelers stopping themselves when Santonio Holmes threw an interception on a receiver pass.

Unfortunately for Miami, the offense hasn't been able to convert. The defense, meanwhile, has been terrible to start the game three consecutive weeks.

So the Dolphins trail at halftime.

By the way, anyone wondering if the Dolphins will make a change with Paul Pasqualoni as defensive coordinator, that became more unlikely today. ESPN is reporting that Romeo Crennel, a trusted Bill Parcells man who might have made sense in Miami, will be the defensive coordiantor in Kansas City next year.

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Wouldn't it be great to generate a rushing game in second half?

How about them changing the designs of the defense, Mando. The same crap happens all the time. Make an adjustments.

1. Big Plays
2. Shabby Pass Rush
3. TE's running wild.

That's right. Keep paying attention to sports or American Idol, MySpace, or whatever while the government slips into the hands of international & monied interests who have been waiting for America to fall. That's OK, because when the Security & Properity Partnership merges Mexico & Canada with the U.S., you'll have even more teams to root for.

We need to draft NT WR ILB OLB TE CB FS

we need a more consistant pass rush and that will make the whole back end of the D better.

Pats and texans tied, browns leading jags by 10 we HAVE to win this game and pray

Can someone at the game send me a piece of Don's cake?

It already has, it's called NAFTA!

Has Joey Porter done anything against his former team?

I'll have some of whatever MODREDNEMO is drinking or smoking...might make watching the fins a little easier!!!

Rush the ball more like they used to do. No Ronnie doesn't mean you give up on it

1 sack

new link?

i dont care so much about a win cause to much has to happen. i do however want them to play well and with some heart. something to build on for next year.

Wow, and I though stopping Mike Wallace was the priority.

That's right Modrednemo and you probaly helped that happen by voting FOR obama.

75 yard bomb to ted ginn. I would love one of those right now.

Right now we're getting all the help we need. We just need to win, is that so hard to do? Gosh!

Will Ginn ever break another one?

Pat White?

Agreed FB

Pat White going to play for a while.

Pat white for the rest of the game, wow!!!

Pat throw it!

WTF no henne are they trying this pay white crap

Why is Henne out of the game?

whats going on?? is henne hurt??

Oh no now we r in deep
Doo doo

expect the....expected!!

WTF is going on??? What is going on?

Mando: why????

Henne out ????

We did not make the playoff why are we sitting him down

Yeah Mando, as long as Parcells hangs on to Pasqualoni and Henning, we'll never get anywhere.

doggone it... this game is depressing...

Here we go

What is going on Mando?


Game over looking forward to the draft

Way to go staff! Pat White.... Yeah.

Steelers defense smelled the weak zebra of the herd on that last play


OL has looked bad today.

This is great coaches for half time were they watching a movie or what

That went real well, didn't it? always do the expected and you'll get the expected results!

This is disgusting! Where the hell is the blocking? Is this how we're gonna introduce this young man to the NFL? Screw you Sparano!

Henne has an eye injury.

oooo my godd!!!!

Great he was about to pass.

well i guess thats it

Mando what the F>>> are they giving up?

Mando, is that the training staff?

At a bar with no volume! Why is Henne out?!

Are we giving up? What's up with Pat being in the game!!!!!

LMFAO !!!!!

Our kicker tackles better then our defense

but why armando

Almost as many yards on that punt return as Ginn had on his KO return!

Glad we defferred at the beginning of the game to get the ball at the start of the second half That competative advantage needs to be taken advantage of. Tie it up.

Tyler Thigpen....go to the number 3.

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