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Sun Life Stadium comes on line Wednesday

The stadium where the Dolphins have played their home games since 1987 has had more aliases than a fugitive on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

Let's see, it was Dolphins Stadium, Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphins Stadium again, Dolphin Stadium (big difference, no S), and this past season, Land Shark Stadium. Well the team has invited season ticket holders to attend a "major announcement" at the stadium formerly known as, well, everything to announce the re-renaming of the facility.

As The Miami Herald reported first on Dec. 24th,the Dolphins have entered into an agreement with Sun Life Financial and will call the place Sun Life Stadium starting Wednesday. The name will apparently be in place for the playing of the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl in a few weeks.

SportsBusiness Daily reports the naming rights deal pays the Dolphins approximately $7.5 million per year.

How is the extra $$$$ important to you, the fans?

Well, the hope is the extra funds will mitigate the need for a ticket price increase in 2010 or, at the very least, help keep some seats at current prices.

And this likely being an uncapped year, it will benefit the team having a couple of extra million bucks in the coffers to use on, say, a free safety that actually makes plays.


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Great for mr. ross,Maybe he can invest in some washed up celebs....

Or are there any left that dont own a piece of the fish???

Maybe they can buy some cool throwback uni's with grey facemasks. The orange jerseys are uber-gay....

I quite like the name.I'm sure it'll grow on me unlike the name Land Shark Stadium which was horrific.

I quite like the name.I'm sure it'll grow on me unlike the name Land Shark Stadium which was horrific.

If the Jets make it will it be "Scum Life stadium"???? Just wondering...

Let's name it the Ted Ginn Memorial Stadium, get back the $$ we paid him, give it to any SD Charger backup WR and call it success.

If the Dolphins raise their ticket prices after losing four more games last year than the year before, they might have to call it No Life Stadium, because nobody will be there on game day.

They should probably call it Giants 1991 Stadium because the Dolphins offense looks like that old team of 20 years ago.

Please update the offense, fellas!

Can the Jets get any luckier?

First, they get two gimme games against Indy and Cincy to end the season, as those teams had nothing to play for and rested their players...

Than, they catch a Cincy team with numerous significant injuries, that also missed 2 FG's, and had Ochocinco drop a TD...

Than SD completely choked on themselves (as usual), missed 3 FG's, droped numerous BIG catches, etc...

I am starting to think that GOD is a Jets fan, because how often do you see a team have 5 missed FG's in 2 games against them... That stat alone seems like divine intervention to me!

FLPD , how did that out of date offense of a jets team fair yesterday ? We need better players on defense !!!!

get your locker room cleaned for sanchez.

Did we name a Defensive Co-Ordinator yet ?

Someone wake me up when we do .....


Hopefully you'll be a good sport after next week when the Jets lose and post. And BTW, the Jets are winning despite Mark Sachez, not because of him.

Who cares what the name is? It's a business deal. If someone paid me $7.5M to sponsor my home, I'd paint their logo on my roof! What matters most happens between the lines on the inside, not the name. Let's get the staff in place and draft a MLB, NT and WR and become relevant again. Go Dolphins!

forget d coordinator i wish the fins can get a head coach in here that at least seems like a pro coach someone whos gets excited but also acts like a leader, seeing sparano botch timeouts and his bad clock management etc then watching him jump around and fist pump like a 12 year old when the other team misses a first quarter field goal has already grown old and ridiculous

Peyton is gonna break their hearts next weekend. count on it. beating the chargers is never an "upset". it'll be saints-colts in the Sun Financial with the juggernaut saints on top. good for new orleans.

Business is business, if Ross can get someone to pay money to name the Stadium, good for him...

I trust we take the best available that fits our needs, but if there are any toss ups on the value chart, they best always lean on defense... we need it badly...very badly...

And if that 7.5 million keeps ticket prices at the Stadium where or close to where they are right now, fans should be happy

Willie, I love ur attitude bro!!! If more people like you would stand up and just say NO I would be able to get my lower bowl 50 yard seats much quicker!!!

Names kinda catchy.. Goes with the logo too.

Armando = the man.

No big deal to me, but their commercials aren't funny.

First of all, this means nothing to the fans and ticket prices. Don't even try to equate that here. No business in the world would think that way. What it will do is, help Ross recover some of the money he sacrificed by selling parts of his team to the likes of Gloria, Marc and Fergie at discounts, in hopes they would help sell tickets. How has that worked out? Now, it will help make up for the bonus money paid to Wilford and Wilson. Both big mistakes. The fans don't care what it says out side the building. I still call it Joe Robbie. Ross likely knows in order to raise ticket prices, he'll need a winning team on the field.

I hate the Jets as much as anyone But you have to give them props they are one win away from the Super Bowl. No one cares how you get there as long as you get there

Armando, you forgot to mention which nation the great Sun Life Financial hails from.

Let me fill in the blank - Canada.

I will personally help all my American cousins learn the words to Oh Canada.

What a great day - my favourite country and my favourite sports franchise joined together.

You forgot the Pro Player PARK variation, that lasted a moment or two, if I recall correctly.

This too shall pass...

What we have here is a lesson in indignity.

Listen PO, at least it's not the Shung Hu Chinese Buffet Stadium... Yet

is the new name has any effect on how clean the locker room will be for sanchez ?

Dream on Douchejet...

Hey jet,

I would stop with your wet dream already, because unlike the last time you played the Colts, Manning is actually going to play!

I don't see Stover missing three FG's, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark droping 3-4 1st down catches, and lastly, there will be no balls bouncing off of the Colts receivers ankles into the lap of Revis..

Manning is going to shred U!

LOL Mark! Oh Caaaaaaanadaaaaaa our home and native land...?

name change doesn't mean diddly, we have an owner more concerned with D list celebs rather than football.

"And this likely being an uncapped year, it will benefit the team having a couple of extra million bucks in the coffers to use on, say, a free safety that actually makes plays."

Nevermind a safety who makes plays, I think I would settle for a safety who doesnt get embarrassed by a WR every time he lines up.

There are only a few stadiums left without some corporate name. And that's a shame but it's what the NFL has come down to. Make money without regard to the unwashed masses. Home games overseas, corporate advertisers and blackmailing owners into new stadiums or upgrades in abad economy.

So, 7.5 mil is going to almost pay for one of Parcells mistakes....Wilford? Big f'ing deal. For a lot of us, we liked to see Dolphin Stadium when we turned in to the parking lot. It was our house.

A perfect example as to why Miami Dolphin fans have cracked the top 3 in DUMBEST FANS IN THE NFL. Every time the Dolphins hire a coach or an assistant that doesn't immediately work out for them the media starts picking the person apart and the fans follow suit by calling for their firing putting an enormous amount of pressure on the ownership to make a move. Spielman is doing one hell of a job in Minnesota, Cameron is doing a great job in Baltimore, and it will be fun to watch the rest of our "castoffs" become succesful on other teams around the league. They will do well because other cities allow their coaches and assistants more than the one to two years the Dolphin fans and media afford our coaches. Hell lets fire Sparano fans are saying! Yeah, can't wait to see the Bills hire him and then watch them go to a superbowl in three years while we break in our 10th coach of the decade. Also so much for that Miami media "theory" about defensive teams being a thing of the past, "In todays game it's the high powered offenses that will win superbowls". Tell that to the Chargers, Bengals, and possibly the Colts. Apparantly a great running game and defense is just as good if not better than a good passing game.

Can I put on my GM hat 4 a minute? As much as I am not a fan of LT, I think he's done with San Diego. He needs a change,and wouldn't it be good to have him as a possible insurance policy just in case Ricky retires or if Ronnie gets injured? All he needs is a team that's committed to running the ball as we are. With a offensive line that is on the rise like ours. Also we have LOUSAKA!!! Hey, he should be cheap in price 2! Say a third round pick since he's under performing behind a weak and soft SD running attack. Offer him a 2 year deal ( league minium for his position & years) loaded with incentives and see how he performs. I think he's better than lex hilliard or Patrick cobbs. There's no way he could ask for a multi million dollar deal with his recent years performances; so it could happen?? Ps: I'm still not a fan of his! Personally I think he's a cry baby because it's now Phillip rivers team. But it's just a thought ?

Jet, you know what FU'K u clown...tired of u already..the only Bowl ur Jets will see is the toilet bowl while watching Indy in the Superbowl...go have mommy make u dinner and turn on ur night light while the men talk here

Who asked ya Jeff?

Ya Jeff, who the FU'K asked for ur opinion??? If we want ur opinion we will dial 1-900-douchebag and pay 1.99 a minute

Jeff , tell that to Arizona TOO !!

Like that one B12.

NJ, got a question for u...u use Creatine?? It dissolves in nothing..I'm down to putting the stuff directly in my mouth dry and drinking water so I get it all without waste...U know of a better way to dissolve this stuff? V

Bobbyd12, What name creatine do you use. I don't have any problems mixing it with water.

any windows in the locker rooms for sanchez to look out to relex ?

Also don't go over 10-12oz of water. First Pour the creatine is the glass then add the water. Mix is good with a spoon. Do it 30 minutes before workout.

Pro gain, I just always get sediment at the bottom, guess I'll keep doing it dry, at least I know I'm using it all..recommend something better???

Just a window for you and he to jump from to die a painful death.

DC Dolphan man you said it all

Thks NJ

Mix it with grape or cranberry juice, stir it and drink it while it is still swirling; that keeps it suspended. Also, never known any Creatine to dissolve.

Bobbyd12, forget about that shyt , it has to much Maltodextrin. It's like suger , that's why you might have Trouble. Try VPX-NO SHOTGUN , USPLABS-JACKED 3D OR MHP -DARK RAGE. These 3 kick the shyt out of pro gain and have either no or very. very little maltdextrin.

Dick Butkus for defensive coordinator or at least the pep talk when we interview for a defensive coordinator

Not gonna address the stadium name except for this. Land Shark Stadium!?!?!? I mean really, aren't we the Dolphins. How is a Dolphin a Land Shark. What are we...Saturday Night Live or something?

Anyways, A FS ARMANDO? Our guys are 50/50 right now. Half the time they make the play and the other half they don't. I think they will get better next season. I'm looking at 60/40. 60 they make the play and 40 they don't. Two rookie corners are bound to miss coverages. Once they work more together in the offseason I think we have something.

The whole team couldn't tackle Armando. So I don't blame Gibril that much. I blame that relic of a coordinator we had. We need someone to teach these players how to hit people in the mouth. I'm willing to try Ginn out at FS. He can't catch but he sure can knock the ball down with his stone hands.

Allright NJ, I'll try one of those and see if I get better results!!!

Hey Jeff stop being a shmuck... U a jets fan... U and your pigeon toed Mexican qb

Excessive amounts of creatine will ruin your liver. But of course, NJ PHIN FAN doesn't advise anyone of that. I think he injects the creatine into his fingers. He's on here 24/7/365.

Your fat ass coach is an ox tail away from being the biggest loser... What a fat ass... So an image of him from the waist down... My lord!!! 48 inches isn't enough!!! Throw a eclair on the 50 yard line and he will be like george. Costaza in seinfeld... Won't know what to do with himself as manning is lighting up the boards

Idiot Slayer, your name Co notates you are a suicide risk.

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