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Sun Life Stadium comes on line Wednesday

The stadium where the Dolphins have played their home games since 1987 has had more aliases than a fugitive on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

Let's see, it was Dolphins Stadium, Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphins Stadium again, Dolphin Stadium (big difference, no S), and this past season, Land Shark Stadium. Well the team has invited season ticket holders to attend a "major announcement" at the stadium formerly known as, well, everything to announce the re-renaming of the facility.

As The Miami Herald reported first on Dec. 24th,the Dolphins have entered into an agreement with Sun Life Financial and will call the place Sun Life Stadium starting Wednesday. The name will apparently be in place for the playing of the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl in a few weeks.

SportsBusiness Daily reports the naming rights deal pays the Dolphins approximately $7.5 million per year.

How is the extra $$$$ important to you, the fans?

Well, the hope is the extra funds will mitigate the need for a ticket price increase in 2010 or, at the very least, help keep some seats at current prices.

And this likely being an uncapped year, it will benefit the team having a couple of extra million bucks in the coffers to use on, say, a free safety that actually makes plays.


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He's a suicidal jets fan... Remember the elclair I'm telling ya. Caldwell will use it and coaching schemes will forever change against the jets

Idoit, So does excess drinking, What's your point???

The defense will be called Eclair 2... One eclair a half...

LOL Gman...

you got the wrong team.....thats fedex field in washington.

LOLOL Po....

But Idiot Slayer does make a valid point bout creatine, in excess, it's been shown to damage the liver. That's why they tend to mix it with Malto.

Did not know that Ny...

Idiot Slayer, point taken...recommend u go to the Mayo Clinic web site, one of the most respected in the world...They recommend Creatine use, and give proper and safe dosing instuctions...I don't remember NJ recommending excessive Creatine use in any if his posts

Will it ever be Joe Robbie again?

Creatine works by retaining water. If you don't work out and I mean work out regularly, you'll just gain weight.

If you really want to do some good, go to the gym every chance you get, even when you don't feel like going. And be careful when good looking chicks come in. You might have a tendency to show off by adding too much weight. Happened to me about 10 years (running the rack) ago and it took weeks to heal.

Po , don't bother with idiot slayer , it's just the cuban menace acting like a jackazzz !! He's also JET.

Yhere you go again NJ,Stating false statments....

I for one enjoy the rivalry that goes on between us and the Jets. I love to hear and read the trash talking. I can't hate on Jets fans coming in these boards gloating, because imagine if we were the team playing this weekend, how much fun it would be to talk smack on their boards. It's what make this rivalry so fierce, and unique. As for the win against SD, yes it was very fluky. But I remember we beat the Jets with 2 KO return td's and a JT fumble return td, while gaining a total of 104 yards. Henne looked equally inept in that game as Sanchez looked this past weekend. And I'm sure Jet fans were saying what a crappy victory for us, to which most of us replied a win is a win. Same thing with their win Sunday. And about other teams laying down, what do you want the Jets to do about that? Lucky, yes. But they have subsequently won 2 more games. It is unbelievable a kicker whose team franchised this past year, and the most accurate kicker of all-time, combined to go 0-5. I know this, had the same chain of events of the last 4 weeks happened for the Dolphins, we wouldn't be complaining.

are the locker rooms ready for sanchez ?

Creatine should be taken in moderation , just like anything else IDIOTS!! For how long your ever on it , you should take the same time off. 4 weeks on 4 weeks off , 8 weeks on 8 weeks off. It's Simple and you should be fine. By the way it the Kidneys produce creatie and it;s the kidneys that can produce kidney stone if taken in excess amounts. You idiots should stick to downing cases of beer and liters of vodka and you shoulb be alright . :)

Who cares about stadium name. What needs to change is fins uniforms! Need a "tougher" looking uniform. Darker colors preferably.

"stick to downing cases of beer and liters of vodka and you shoulb be alright"

I'll drink to that!

Armando-- you forgot 'Pro Player Park'

No the locker room is ready for manning... Jackass..Rex Ryan just became the spokesperson fo Jack Links... Fat ass

Typo , Your body produces creatine , should.

NJ, Does scotch dilute creatine better then water?? just asking..

LOL @PO . I knew you would say that. :)

LOL @ menace. You'd be jacked and drunk at the same time.

As much fun as it would be to have the Jets lose this week, I think it would be even funnier for them to lose to Brett and the Vikings in the SB. I would love that. Well, except for all the pregame Favre BS for 2 weeks, and even worse after. I'm just saying what a more painful way for the Jets to lose. Hahahaha

Idiot/dying breed , I shouldn't explain but if you ever notice i'm hardly on here until the afternoon. I'm up from 6 in the morning opening up and working. Then i have some free time in the afternoon . leave later and come on back in the evening. There's also a thing called a computer that is available at people work places all over the world. You see i'm the boss and can come on a blog while at work in my office. Maybe you never heard about that. thanks for stopping by :)

Fins uniforms don't need to change. As if color made you play differently.

Boo, Thats why Iam rooting for a Colts vs Saints super bowl, I cant stand a 2 week love fest for farve and surely cant stomach a Rex(Two Ton)Ryan led team any where near miami, Its bad enough that this Blimp lives in the same Hemisphere as we do, the thought of that Behemoth going down to miami and scaring all those all-you-can-eat joints is upsetting....

We need to once and for all come up with a nickname for Rex Ryan.

Rex(Two ton)Ryans so fat that whenever a group japanese tourist sees him they get excited and start sharpening there harpoons...

the jets are heading for the super bowl while you all talking no thing .

can any one tell me the name of a defensive player in the fins team that doesn't suck .

On Rex(Larger then a mall)Ryans tombstone it will read "Never met a meal he didn't finish"

Hey Jet, There is a Window with your name on it, Get Ta jumpin...

Take Sancheeze With ya..

Off topic....just read that our star FS, Wilson has ALREADY received the 8 mil in guaranteed money. Signing bonus, workout bonus, the whole enchilada. Not real news maybe but when you see it in print, wow. Didn't Wilford get 8 mil too? I can't remember.

Rex is soooooooo fat he has his own zip code...

Rex(Wide load)Ryan's so fat he makes Bill(The tuna)Percells look anorexic..

Mando, what is the total amount of money spent by Parcells on FA failures. This blog is about finances, inquiring minds want to know. Ross might want to know too.

Do you think I can apply for funding towards my NFL/DirectV season ticket??

Hey jet... The j-e-t-s suck suck suck are going to the AFC playoffs you DA... Get yer facts straight...

I'm new to this blog. And I have one word for you as respected AFC East brethren:


You're renaming your stadium.

The Jets are going to be renaming your practice facility to JetSouth.

I just want to thank Mr. Salg, salge, Armando for providing this lovely forum for people such as me -- winners -- to roast people such as you -- losers.

It is humbling to see how the other half lives.

the losers are the fin fans but the winners are us jet fans .

Rex is so fat they made him the 9th planet...

Armando, as far as i'm concerned that statdium will alway be JRS. First off he tried to get the state to finance the new stadium and they said, No. Instead he used his own money (if memory serves me) to build the stadium and move from the Orange Bowl. The Robbies kids never got along, so they sold the team and stadium to Wayne H. Since then, taxpayers have paid to build the "pink elephant" downtown for the Heat and Pathers. They moved to new taxpayer built facilities. Now the Marlins got a new stadium and once again the taxpayer pays. The worst part is that the dolphins now want $250 million to add a roof and fix the facilities at taxpayer expense. Let's give Joe Robbie the name he deserved for building his own when other wouldn't. They can put whatever logo they want, I'll just call it JRS!!!!!!

Guys, How Fat is Rex(two ton)Ryan... Lets here it...

Amazing, Go Jets and Jet...two unbelievably stupid D'ck suckers here at the same time... Both are probaly 12 yearsold and already they are hom'os..amazing

I haven't heard much in the way of FA safety help (assuming Wilson is cut). Is there any help out there?

That's a Jet fan for u..plain stupid...haven't won a thing since 1969, always had to play in someone elses stadium, always second team in their own city, universally the stupidest fans in football, crossover choking Meta fans and they actually believe they are going to the Superbowl...A'sHOLES deluxe, just like ur parents and their parents, must be a genetic thin passed down generation to generation...choking losers


That's the lost of S options in FA, also shows who is RFA and UFA. Hope it helps.

If that doesn't work, it's on foxsports scout.com website, NFL, NFL free agents

Mike Nolan was fired as DC by Denver. A fit in Miami ?

mike nolan new DC!!!

MIKE NOLAN NOW. Sparano falls backward into $hit

Per NFL Network Miami has expressed an interest in Mike Nolan As Defensive coordinator.

2000 DC for the Jets & 2001–2004 DC for the Ravens

wide receivers coach 2001 Ravens. Sorry

Ravens had some Good D in that Period.

2009 Mike Nolan ran a 3-4 defense, the Denver Broncos gave up the fewest points in the NFL (66) during the first six games of the season.

Mr Nolan should be the new DC by 1/20/2010. He had the 7th ranked defense in Denver with our cast a ways.

I'd rather have Elvis Dumerville

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