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Sun Life Stadium comes on line Wednesday

The stadium where the Dolphins have played their home games since 1987 has had more aliases than a fugitive on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

Let's see, it was Dolphins Stadium, Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphins Stadium again, Dolphin Stadium (big difference, no S), and this past season, Land Shark Stadium. Well the team has invited season ticket holders to attend a "major announcement" at the stadium formerly known as, well, everything to announce the re-renaming of the facility.

As The Miami Herald reported first on Dec. 24th,the Dolphins have entered into an agreement with Sun Life Financial and will call the place Sun Life Stadium starting Wednesday. The name will apparently be in place for the playing of the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl in a few weeks.

SportsBusiness Daily reports the naming rights deal pays the Dolphins approximately $7.5 million per year.

How is the extra $$$$ important to you, the fans?

Well, the hope is the extra funds will mitigate the need for a ticket price increase in 2010 or, at the very least, help keep some seats at current prices.

And this likely being an uncapped year, it will benefit the team having a couple of extra million bucks in the coffers to use on, say, a free safety that actually makes plays.


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Life Support Stadium...where our defense brings opposing offenses to life.

Man, you people are lame. The obvious nickname for Rex Ryan is "Jabba the Coach". There, done.

Sun Life Stadium is better then Sun Life Finacial Field or something I guess. But it would be nice to see it keep the same name for at least a few years at a time...

personally i like sun life financial stadium rather than sun life stadium...just sayin

What a great deal for Sun Life.. $7.5m per year and getting the name changed before the superbowl... Do you know how much a commercial cost? and the name of the stadium will be announced at least 5 times during the superbowl.. What a nice deal by them.. The fins adm. should have gotten more $$...

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