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Ten thoughts about the '10 Dolphins

I'm not even going to bother discussing Sunday's game except to tell you the Dolphins lost 30-24 to Pittsburgh to finish the season with three consecutive losses.

Afterward, I talked with club owner Stephen Ross and we discussed whether Bill Parcells will return for 2010. Read the previous post for the answer, which starts with a y and ends with an s. Ross also told me he has more ideas to be implemented for next season to, "make the Dolphins the NFL's best franchise both on and off the field."

Well, if it's going to happen on the field, I have some ideas about what the Dolphins must do. I'd tell you what Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland believes is important for Miami to accomplish in the offseason but when I tried to speak with him, he blew me off in the locker room after the game.

So you get my thoughts instead:

Thought One: Fire Ireland for not talking to me! Kidding.

Thought One:  Fire Ted Ginn Jr. I'm serious about this one. Look, there are times Ginn shows great promise. There are times he looks like a a guy with elite speed. But that happens about 20 percent of the time. The other 80 percent of the time, he's dropping a pass or running a poor pass pattern, or looking for the nearest sideline to run toward, or looking for a place on the turf to get down before he picks up a first down. It sends a bad message, folks. It is also ironic that a team that prides itself on being physical has such a timorous player on the roster. He's got to go.

Thought Two: Decide whether Jason Taylor or Joey Porter is the right guy to bring back in 2010. But not both. As I wrote in my column for Monday's Miami Herald, these two players don't work well when they're on the same team. They basically play the same position and it simply doesn't work when you ask one or the other to play out of position.

Last year Porter had 17.5 sacks without Taylor on the team. In 2006, Taylor was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year without Porter on the team. But when they were together in 2007 and 2009, it simply didn't work out very well.

I believe Taylor is the better player. I believe Taylor would be the right choice to bring back for 2010. I do know, as was written here, Taylor wanted to return to the team for 2010 until the Dolphins started benching him on many passing downs a couple of months ago. He will not return unless the team gives him some sort of idea that he will be used correctly, meaning as a pass rusher on passing downs.

Thought Three: Hire some help at inside linebacker. Miami inside linebackers had trouble getting off blocks this year. They had trouble taking the right lanes to tackles. They struggled to make any plays in pass coverage. Miami needs to find players that don't have so many issues playing their position.

Thought Four: Give serious thought to giving Patrick Turner a chance to play in 2010. Coaches obviously didn't think he was ready to contribute throughout the season. That's the same coaching staff that somehow believed Pat White was a better answer as a change-up quarterback than Tyler Thigpen. Thigpen is the better player. It's been that way for some time. Sunday's game proved that.

The coaches would counter that Thigpen can be good enough to bring you back from a 24-10 deficit, but he's also capable of killing that comeback with two consecutive interceptions on the game's final two possessions. That was true Sunday, but did you think maybe Thigpen would be better if he had a chance to take some practice snaps with the offense rather than run the scout team all the time?

The point is if the coaches can make a mistake in evaluating White ahead of Thigpen, where is it written they aren't making a mistake on Turner? Free Patrick Turner!

Thought Five: Add speed anywhere and everywhere you can get it. The Dolphins are a plodding, physical team. And that would be awesome if this was 1990. But it's 2010 people, and the NFL is about playing fast and getting there yesterday. The NFL is a pass-first league. It is dominated by 4,000-yard passers and 1,200-yard receivers. It is also a playmaker's paradise for defenders returning fumbles or interceptions. Miami needs speed to make those plays.

Thought Six: Find your offensive line then stick with it. The Dolphins on Sunday continued mixing and matching at the offensive line. Joe Berger started at center but Jake Grove finished. Nate Garner started at right guard but Donald Thomas finished. Pick somebody and go with him. That is how one finds consistency.

Thought Seven: Resolve the nose tackle position. The Dolphins were ranked No. 7 against the run when 35-year-old Jason Ferguson was injured and went out of the season. Then the run defense dropped as low as No. 14. They yielded a season-high 202 rushing yards on Sunday. That isn't all about the nose tackle, but whatever is happening at that position hasn't been good enough since Ferguson went down.

Thought Eight. Find a team to conduct dual practices against in the preseason. The Dolphins have put themselves in a hole at the outset of each of the last two seasons. They lost the first two games in 2008 and the first three games in 2009. That should tell you they weren't ready to play at the beginning of the year. Perhaps working against another team -- maybe the Saints -- would help prepare the Dolphins for a quicker start in 2010.

Thought Nine: Stop overpaying for the free safety. The Dolphins did that in 2010 as Gibril Wilson didn't play up to his salary. Maybe Wilson figures things out in his second year in the Dolphins system. Maybe he can still be rehabilitated. But he isn't worth the money the team paid this season. It is, of course, possible the Dolphins simply cut Wilson.

Thought Ten: Add a tight end that can attack the seam of the defense. Coach Tony Sparano made the point earlier this year that Miami's tight ends are handicapped by the fact many teams crowd the tackle box with safeties to stop the Miami running game. His thinking is that hurts Miami's tight ends because the area in the middle of the field is cluttered with defenders.

Um, maybe if the Dolphins had a tight end that can run, he would be able to force the safeties to back off because staying with him would be difficult. Just saying.


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Thought nine: have a winning attitude all 4 quarters and keep from turning over the ball znd for god sakes put greater value in momdmtum than creativity.

More thoughts, coach Mando

What other team lost their starting QB,C,RB,CB,best utility player (Cobbs), started two rookies in the defensive backfield, and made it to the playoffs?

Taylor and Porter still had what, 16 sacks between them and we had one of the best sack totals in Team history?

Agree, Ginn must go, dropped too many passes, too many negatives around him.

I wouldn't fire Ireland for not talking to you...I might fire him for being a piss-poor talent scout however...

thought 11:

For christ sake coach stop being so stubborn and make the changes when it counts, aka why put White for an entire quarter when the guy cannot throw the ball??!!

I liked the 2009 Dolphins but I sincerely believe Sparanno's decisions and clock management was responsable for two or three of the nine defeats this season.

The Fins had a tough season, tough schedule, and too many injuries. The ILB's are terrible, Crowder is the best one and he isn't great.... without him? Look out. They are dying for a WR with some speed and who isn't scared to death(Ginn). The need a weapon who can spread the defense and make some big plays. Other than Ronnie and Ricky(at times)who is a real weapon?

I think it is clear to all.... ILB, NT, FS, and WR. how ever you can address this, it is critical. Also, try Turner, what do you have to lose? Fire Pasqualoni asap!

I wanna know what was up with that bogus eye injury fi
Or Henne. How could anyone have a game ending eye injury and not even rub it, ice it, patch it, or anything to indicate his eye hurt? What really happened here?

...am I the only one who read this all, "Yeah, totally, cool, I agree with you, Mando!" And then you're on like "thought 4" and you're thinking, "alright, this is losing its impact, come on Mando say something good that makes a difference when reading an article online" and then you get to "thought 7" and you're like, "Okay, no one cares anymore."

Look, I'm not saying you're horrible or even a bad blogger, I'm just saying, in this particular case you got kinda lame and then only got lamer. It was like watching "Bad Boys II" in the theater before your friends told you "it was good, but it was too long." Like, there was a point that it was just like, "...alright already with this. We get it, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are wacky and awesome at the same time! Cool! Moving on now, why is this movie almost 3 frigging hours long!?"

My point is, I believe you made the mistake of being too long, and essentially not justifying the extra length. Was it horrible? No. Do I continue to read your blogs? Yes. But are my points valid? Yes.

As far as the Fins go. We got this. Next year, baby. I've been saying that since week one's loss to the Falcons. Literally, the second Fasano fumbled that pass on a drive that clearly would have scored, I was all, "...you know what, forget it, I know its only week 1, but this year is practice. Watch what happens next year."

Ronnie Brown is injury prone
Channing Crowder is injury prone
Joey Porter is old and slow
Jason Taylor (Props to you)! But too old and bad luck
Never saw a linebacker or safety lay the wood to anyone all season (need some nasty hitters) intimidators!
Nose for sure
Game Changing TE (new qb's best safety valve)
Ginnvisible has to go!
Something is wrong with the mindset of this team. They have not played a complete all around game from start to finish all season. There is no killer instinct on this team. Too many nice guys.

Go Phins! DRAFT! :(

Good assessment. It's a bit disheartening that there are so many "Thoughts" for a team that was 11-5 last year. It seems we have a ways to go.

A couple of additional thoughts: I think Ginn's only chance to stay on the roster would be as a punt and kick return specialist. Maybe practicing and performing both full time will make him effective. Otherwise, he should go as it would benefit both sides.

Keep Taylor

Draft McClain or Spikes in Rd 1.

Go after Wilfork OR pick the best NT available in RD 2. Wilfork is a longshot as this front office seems to avoid competing for the "best" UFA available at any given position, but it would be a nice double whammy to land this guy and steal him from the Pats. If Ferg were to somehow make it back, I would trust the Trifecta on that decision.

Go after Bryant OR Austin in FA. This is what I expect. I would be shocked if the Trifecta tried to fill this need in the draft alone and in the first two rounds. It's not their M.O. I think they'll stay away from a potential distraction like Marshall too. And yes, give Patrick Turner a ton of playing time in the pre season to determine if he has what it takes...

My top 10

1. Keep thigpen
2. Use white in multiple formations idiots ( sorry nut this seems obvious)
3. Raise for Starks and bell and Camarillo and hartline and bess
4. Cut porter
5. Help sparano with clock mngt
6. Load up on lb's in the draft as we could not stop the deep ball
7. Please KEEP JT!!!! And pat Ronnie!
8. get only 1 big fast playmaker at wr
9. Cut ginn I am sorry to say
10. Get a freaking kick returner


I agree Juan about sparanos mistakes!!

On Armando's thoughts.....

1. I dislike Ginn as much as everyone, but his speed and return ability is a bargain a $1 million per season. Definitely don't release him. Trade him if you can.

2. I agree. Keep JT. Say goodbye to Joey. I was lobbying for a JP trade before the deadline.

3. Hell, yeah. The most under-diagnosed weakness on the team is at ILB.

4. Pat Turner's gone. He won't make the team next year.

5. Not a big deal. Ginn's fast. Obviously, a big, fast #1 would be a dream.

6. I trust Sparano when it comes to O-line. Plus, it improves depth if someone goes down.

7. Yeah, NT is a gaping hole. I'd back the truck up to get Wilfork. If they overpaid one guy in their tenure, I hope it's him.

8. The Dolphins just had a difficult opening schedule. They played Atlanta at the wrong time and then played 2 of the best 3 teams in the NFL (Indy + San Diego).

9. I'm getting the feeling that no one in the organization knows the safety position. Crocker and Wilson were jokes. With Renaldo Hill back there, this team would have made the playoffs this year. They don't need "flashy", but they do need "competent".

10. They really could use a good TE. Unfortunately, TEs and WRs are going to be slim pickings in free agency and it's going to be tough to ask a rookie to step in.

Can someone please hit the pause button on Stephen Ross? Just write the checks, enjoy your seats, and STFU.

Get Brandon Marshall
Free Patrick Turner

Thought 11-20. get pat white f'n outta here !!!!

Danny and where's the help for one of the worst defenses in the league, get the F outta here !!!

First and foremost the Fins need a playmaker on offense! whether it be at TE, RB, or WR. In my opinion all 3 positions need upgrading. Ronnie(up until the injury) and Rickey were great, but Ronnie will never finish a full season and Rickey is done after next season. Fasano is #2 TE at best. The WR position played above my expectations this year. Bess & Camarillo showed thier value, Hartline was a nice surprise. I hope that Turner can get in the mix next year, however, he does not posses the speed for a true #1. WR is a hit or miss in the draft, i would prefer the Fins to try and sign or trade for a true #1 WR.
On the Defense side of the ball I hope they address the NT, S, & ILB positions. Running the 3-4, they need to find a big NT that can take up 2 OL so that the ILB's can make make plays. Seems like we are the only team in East that doesnt have that domintating NT. I agree with the earlier post that Crowder is a good player not great, they need a upgrade! The Safties did not give the young CB's the help they needed on all the big plays they gave up. Well not all of them, they were rookies on the outside, inconsistant. But, Wilson played far below his contract! Bell was solid but not the big playmaker, we need a ball hawk in that secondary!!
Overall, I am very pleased on the direction of this team. I see a lot of upside to this team! Henne did a good job, cant really knock him considering the talent at WR. I just wonder what numbers he could've had if he had a true #1 WR. Although, he does need to find his touch, he doesnt have to fire the ball in there every throw! We should get a decent pick in this years draft. I'm not a big college football fan so I just sit back and take in everyone elses opinion on talent coming out!

"In Parcells We Trust!"

get a freakin quarterback
chad henne sucks
and i know u kats on here dont agree but what has he done armando absolutely nothing...he has potential he has potential...ryan leaf had potential but what has he done nothing zilch nada zero. if we are evaluating quarterbacks on their talent then he is probably not that good.not a thing he is below average if u dont believe look at his stats.

he has strong arm
decision making - below average
2 minute drill - below average
avoid sacks - below average
mobility - average
pocket presence - below average
makes all the throws - below average
runs offense- sat out a year and still does not manage the offense that well
Td/Int - terrible
quarterback rating - below average

What does he do good with?


you take terrance cody from alabama in the first round as we will have a top 15 pick...... than in the second round you try to get a golden tate from notre dame or a dez bryant from oklahoma state..... then you pick up eric norwood OLB from south carolina in the third round and your good to go and finish the draft with a TE, a few MLB's, and some safeties..... and if possible trade for anquan boldin or get brandon marshall...... if we get wilfork than you can take CJ spiller in the first round and put his speedy ass wherever you want...... jacoby ford would be a nice pick up in the later rounds as well

I'm just worried about Pat White....the Guy was playing his heart out and trying to get that last yard for a first down.I respect his game and hope he comes back strong and healthy next year.So pray for Pat White Phin Fans...he deserves our love and support.

Thigpen can really make plays when things break down...I say let the best man win and earn his job of starting QB.I wonder if Pat white can be made into a WR?

Here's to a great year of football and a even better future this team has ahead.It was great to be around some real Dolphin Fans...lets get ready for the draft ha much love

I can't believe some Miami Fans are actually talking bad about Pat White after what happen today...have some damn respect this is Pats life and career.I never want to see anyone injured...no matter what team he plays for or who the playe is.

I'm actually really impressed with the way the entire Steelers football team and Coach dealt with the Pat White injury by their own sideline.They called for help and didn't celebrate the hit at all.They also prayed and showed a lot of love to Pat.Coach Tomlin actually went up to Pat and talked to him.The defender that hit Pat showed a lot of concern as well...I truly have a lot of respect for the Steelers as a football team.Its great to see a team with some class after playing losers like the Jets all year ha

I was also really happy with the way Coach Sparano an our Dolphins treated Pat.I love how Sparano walked across the field to check on Pat....a lot of coaches don't check on injured players.Our Dolphins also have a lot of class and seem like a close team.

We need some bangers on defense. Linebackers and safeties.
Sign Wilfork, sign a good wide reciever and a good linebacker.
Cut, Wilson, Ginn, Crowder, Porter. Big names with big fat contracts with little results. Or offer Ginn a new contract. League minimum with incentive bonuses.
Make Sean Smith grow up before he gets himself into trouble.
And pay attention to the people signed. Don't sign a guy and ask him to play out of his position. JT and Roth are examples of this.
If you aren't going to use Wake trade him. No point in keeping talent on the bench.

Im not a big Ginn fan...TRUST ME!! I still would rather see we trade him, then just cut him and have the Pats turn him against us...
I think a much bigger piss ant player than Ginn, was Gibril Wilson...SERIOUSLY...just drop that p.o.s. He lost games for us long before Ginn...Ginn just didnt win them....

my #11: SIGN BESS

GABRIL WILSON HAS TO GO!!!!!!!! ONLY REASON to keep him would be for Special Teams. I think our secondary is set, with the Allen brothers providing decent backup. DRAFT A SAFETY and LINEBACKERS/DT/DE with SPEED AND NASTINESS! THEN DRAFT 1 WR WITH SPEED and a TE WITH SPEED!

#11 Fire Vernon Carey-too slow

the rat and ginn have to go. no spot for white either. where the hell were the LB's? inside or outside, minus JT, all starters played like wimps all season

hope ronnie & cobbs make it back-keep hilliard

anyone know what # Draft pick we have now?????

get WR jackson from SD at all costs-

he hates the coach, coach hates him. we have to be able to make that deal. he would immediately scare defender out of the box!!

pat white is valuable if the coaching staff actually knew what to do with him!!! he should have been the swing man in the wild cat. not the guy taking the snaps. and they shouldn't have messed with his game. dumb move!! you took a guy with great football instincts and turned him into a guy who is thinking about everything instead of just playing.

JT is the best LB on the team. period. keep him!

here would be my WR set up. b. marshall number 1 guy. brian hartline number 2 guy. bess the slot receiver. camarillo and ginn as 4th and fifth guys.

give sheets a real shot. draft a big back. marion barber type. let brown go. use ricky one more year.

other than a big back, draft defense all day long both days. best available NT and LB's.

other than marshall stay consevative in FA. only sure bets and depth guys. no over spending!!

Just saw the hit on Pat White, WOW, but did you notice the guy trying to get every yard possible, the man my not make it in the NFL, but he's got a set of balls, maybe he could loan some to a certain guy that wears a Dolphin jersey with a Number 19 on it....just saying...

Some observations:

1) To my recollection, the Dolphins have never had a 7 win season before. They've had multiple 8 win seasons, and multiple 6 win seasons, but never 7 wins. This 7 win season is very strange, and doing tricks to my equilibrium.

2) I am now 42 years old. I was 25 the last time the Dolphins made the AFC championship. I was 17 the last time they were in the Super Bowl. I have gone from a young man to a middle aged man with nothing to show for it in my "football life."

3) The above notwithstanding, how can you not love the Dolphins when they put on that uniform? I mean - they're the Dolphins! They're the MIAMI DOLPHINS!!!!!

4) Speaking of uniforms, why don't the Dolphins go back to the old helmet and the old uniform? The aqua pants suck and I don't like the 3-D numbered jerseys. I appreciate that the sleeves are pushed so high these days that the stripes often go missing. So why not go back to the pre-1972 uniforms which had no stripes? (By the way, the year 1972 saw some Dolphins players wearing the "new" jerseys with stripes, and some continued to wear the old ones with no stripes on the sleeves. By 1973, they all had stripes on their sleeves.)

5) I was shocked yesterday when Davonne Bess ran a deep pattern and actually put distance between himself and the defensive back. I mean Davonne Bess is the classic example of "quick, not fast." That touchdown surprised me about as much as a courtesy flush from Soiled Bottom.

6) Here's the problem as I see it with the 2009 Dolphins. They gave up way too many big plays for big yardage, and made far too few big plays with big yardage. I don't mean to go out on a limb, but that's what I believe.

7) I thought it was moving yesterday to see a group of Pittsburgh Steelers kneeling in prayer when Pat White took that devastating shot and lay on the ground with a serious injury. I wonder if it was the same group of Steelers who knelt in prayer later on in the game after the game started to turn in Miami's direction. Are you kidding me? It's one thing to pray to God when someone is hurt. It's another thing to pray to God when you're not converting on 3rd down!

8) Barry Williams (Greg Brady) on "The Brady Bunch" had romantic trysts of varying intensity with both Florence Henderson (Carol Brady) and Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady). Wow! What a lucky guy! If it weren't for horribly uncomfortable early 1970s clothing, I'd say Williams had an almost perfect life!!! (Don't forget the Brady Bunch ran from 1969 - 1974. The Dolphins had some pretty wonderful years twixt 1970 and 1974.)

9) When I grew up in Toronto, and I was miserable, I would say to my mother, "I'm miserable." And she would say, "Awww." It made me feel better. Armando, you say that you read all these comments. Prove it. Say "Awww." (And I want the real Armando in blue. Not a fake "Armando.")

Mr. Dodsworth, "Happy days" will soon be Here soon my friend, 2016 is right around the corner.And speaking of "Happy Days" did you notice how Joanie went from a freckle face geek to a stunner during it's run??? She grew into a women before our eyes, now thats priceless... On another note i'am thinking maybe Mr. Soiled bottom might be a great secretary of state, What are your thoughts??? Yours truly, Cuban Menace.... "VOTE DODSWORTH/MENACE IN 2016"


I don´t know why I feel so much drama in the wake of a final game loss, that was good for last week and the week before, I truly believe the best thing happened sunday we LOST, and in the bigger picture we LOST but WON come draft time, and please just let it go...

However, there are always arguments that I can agree on specially on Mr. Ginn and his family, they can leave.. The other is Pat White this guy is an accident waiting to happen and it was proved sunday they almost kill him. I still could not understand How in (??) Bunkers was this guy the second quaterback, the guy throws a mean curve ball though...jajajajaja

Happy New Year, Dolphins 10

Cuban, while our political enemies (which are legion) may use this against us, I am not ashamed to say that my pre and post-pubescent thoughts often turned towards the shapely, soft and sassy Erin Moran (Joanie from "Happy Days"). I thought she looked her hottest in the episode with the "Amazing Randi" in which Fonzie performed Houdini's famous Oil Can Escape. (By the way, I knew Fonzie would work his magic. He's the Fonz!) Anyways, Joanie was dressed in this sequin outfit, and she just looked SO HOT! She was curvy in that incredible Sophia Loren way, which you don't see too often among the thin-obsessed women today. This being a family blog, I won't comment on what seeing Joanie led me to do, but let's just say the refs flagged me for "Unnecessary Messiness" everytime that episode was aired.

As to Soiled Bottom for Secretary of State? He gets all his money from the Saudis. So he's out.

Really?? Soiled is in the pocket of the Saudis???? Amazing sir the intellence that you've gathered... Would never have guessed, maybe that's why your the future president and i'am your understudy, any hoo,what are your thoughts on where the mighty air-breathers should draft in the upcoming NFL draft???and is it true that you were once the head of the C.I.A office in canada??

Hood article Armando, those are all great thoughts, but wilson needs to go, draft a bad mo fo for the saftey position, trade for anquion bolden, and draft a bad a linebacker, most of your problems are solved, a good te is a dime a dozen, although I do believe it is the most underused postion in the NFL.

i was very pleased they finally put thigpen in as they had no other choice. tyler is an nfl QB as you can see. he came in cold without the benefit of 1st or 2nd team snaps all year. even his throw to ginn was right on the money;nice and low. if you watch the replay one DB was on ginns back well before the ball got there(obvious pass interference). anyways he directed the offense with style and energy,commanded the huddle and threw a variety of touch passes and crisp throwsthat were receiver friendly. if there is a true QB competition thigpen wins it!

Find out what really happened in the locker room with Henne....it was obvious that he was not injured.....Did he talk back to TS?

11. Fire Defensive Coordinator - How many times did this defense fold?

12. Cut Pat White. Experiment over. I would rather have Tebow.

13. Pick up a legit Wide Receiver. We need a TO type player. Someone that can THREATEN the other team.

14. PICK UP A NEW OLB. Why is everyone married to JT and Porter? They were AVERAGE at best. Taylor keeps disappearing late in games.

15. uh...PLAY CAMERON WAKE. Everytime this dude gets on the feel he gets pressure! COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!

Lakecity, I too think a conspiracy is amiss here, I'll contact Oliver Stone....

i guess what frustrates me the most is that we didn't improve as the year went by.. we kept making the same mistakes with the same results. sparano's answer was to keep doing the same things but expecting different results. the coaching staff couldn't get shawn murphy,patrick turner, kory sheets, ryan baker etc ready to play on sundays. as much as i hate the jets they are playing D and have found ways to win on defense. our D played with little to no emotion in the last 3 "big games". we lack that veteran presence like a brian dawkins or a ray lewis who don't let you lay down. instead we coddle a joke like joey porter who chooses when he wants to practice. the coaching staff better evaluate itself!!!

Draft Toby Gerhart!
Draft Toby Gerhart!
Draft Toby Gerhart!

Greg, The Jets had 2 "Bye" weeks there last two games buddy, They'll get the real Bengals this weekend and will lose 24 to 10..........My first prediction of the upcoming play-offs....

We need to stop worrying about who we want to cut or trade away until we find a better replacement.

I think the key to next year is to pick up a big name NT like Wilfork (if he comes available).

A true dominating MLB and move Crowder to the other spot.

On offense we need at least 1 big name free agent WR and try to pick up another one with the #1 spot.

If you clog the middle on defense with a NT and a MLB you will free the safeties and OLB to make plays on the perimeter.

On offense you really need to get respect from the other teams defense. With top quality WR you push the safeties out of the box and open up the short passing game and the run.

IMHO: If you make these changes you move from being a pretender to being a contender.

If Jeff Ireland blew you off, he SHOULD be fired. He's got a lot of 'splaining to do to US.

And talking to you is the way to do it.

You feel sorry for Pat White. It's not his fault he isn't ready to play in the NFL but was drafted in the second round.

I would say this group made mistakes with White, Wilson, Turner, Wilford, Murphy, Merling (drafted too early for his production), Folsom, Nalbone, Dotson, Eric Green, Torbor, McCown, Crocker, amd Sean Ryan.

When you really study it, Ireland and Parcells have done OK, but not great. The media has everyone convinced the Dolphins are rebuilt.

The Dolphins are nowhere near rebuilt. And the guys rebuilding are only average.

Mando, you made me LMAO with that Ireland joke. Worth reading the entire looooong post for that one line alone.

I think the defense was very poorly coached again this year. I saw them as very bland and subpar, especially for the viable talent that they have. They just didn't make the best use of it very well on defense.

No creative schemes like the Jets overload blitz or Wildcat on offense to establish an identity for itself. Very disappointing to see games like the Colts and Saints slip away primarily to coaching and being outcoached.

I bet they had less than 10 corner blitzes all year and less stunts than most teams. If you want to see how effective the corner blitz can be to kill a drive, just watch Nick Saban's team on Thursday.

Trying to single cover receivers like Moss again this season after he torched them last season is not a sign of good coaching.

At critical times when a pass rush was needed, it was the same result almost every play - straight ahead rush, no blitz or stunts, with the outside LB's/ ends overrunning the QB and the middle blocked. A paradigm pocket for the offense.

Very few plays if any from the defense like the sack that Timmons got on White on a well called and executed 3rd down blitz Sunday. We didn't even utilize Camaron Wake's pass skills rushing (maybe our best pass rusher) the first few games including the Colts coaching debacle.

I saw nothing done on defense all year to create favorable matchups while teams created favorable matchups against us all the time, to the point of deciding the outcome of games. It's up to the coaches to put players in a position to make plays. Jason Taylor 20-30 yards down field covering a TE or RB on a pass tells you what you need to know about how well they accomplished that.

Armando writes well thought out articles and u can tell is a fan...very interesting to me that except for the Ginn comment, the receiver position wasn't in any of his other thoughts...I'm still not sure about Ginn or if either Yaylor or Porter should come back...If Parcells holds true to form, we will be seeing changes happening pretty quickly, I expect some draft picks being stockpiled with a major emphasis on defense during the draft,,,Exciting offseason coming with lots of opinions, but only Parcells will count

i didn't like the fact that ireland blew off armando when he tried to talk with him in the locker room. jeff ireland needs to be held accountable for all his misteps. he follows parcells around so close they are going to need a tow truck to pull him out! jeff whiffed on a # of free agents and draft picks. can't he even try to answer some tough questions????

Bra1n,Double Covering Moss means letting Welker roam free, I think its a no win situation also known as "Chose your poison"...

FLPD: If these guys are so bad you should move up here to Detroit where I live.

These guys took a 1-15 team and made it a team that was a few breaks away from going to the playoffs for the second time.

Yeah the've made a bunch of mistakes but show me any organization that's right all the time.

Thought Eleven: Fire Dan Henning. He already got Ronnie hurt, the almost got Ricky hurt a few weeks ago, NOW he got Pat hurt.

We also need better corners we gave up way to many big plays

Ok. Anyone who thinks Chad Henne is not the answer is jumping the gun. Consider the guy is a first year starter, has a limited receiving core and was throwing from behind and alot almost every game. I think he did great! How many teams out there would bring him in to compete to start if they could (maybe 10), how many would bring him in as a backup (25). Feel bad for White but he is no QB. Thigpen as backup next year. Can White return kicks?

Who want's to see Ted (No jock strap required)Ginn back on the team next year??? Discuss....

Alot to do with free agents this year depends on the CBA, so the focus to consider now should be the draft. A good TE might be Quarless from Penn State. Looks like their will be some good NT, ILB, and FS in the draft this year, but harder to find a good WR. So I would draft defensive help and add a WR through free agency. Also I would make upgrades to the interior OL if possible. Trade Joey Porter for whatever you can get for him, bring back Taylor, he's cheaper and brings more leadership and emotion to the sidelines that a young Dolphins defense needs.

thought 11 get rid of pat white and bring in Penny or draft another QB to develop. White was a mistake. The sooner they get rid of him the better

we need a new Defensive Coordinator. The defense lost many games for us this year

It a shame to watch the the jets go to the playoffs even though we beat them twice what a waist of another season we had the colts beat we had the saints beat it's just a shame I'm not getting any younger I wander if I will ever see them win it all in my life time

Hey armando, you say we need speed and then you want us to cut one of the fastest guys in the NFL...And then you say he runs out of bounds, well should he have done what Pat White did yesterday... I mean Pat White did gain that extra yard, but he almost lost his life at the same time... Its not a bad thing going out of bounds. The guy is only 190 pounds.

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