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Salguero All-Pro ballot right here

The Associated Press asks 50 voters nationwide to select its annual All-Pro team and also cast ballots on its postseason awards. Those awards started coming out this week, including the naming of Tom Brady as the comeback player of the year.

I voted for Brady and make no apologies for it because his return from a terrible knee injury was impressive. I also voted for a couple of Dolphins on the team, not because they are Dolphins but because I believe they were worthy.

As I've done the last couple of years, I am today sharing my ballot with you.

Let me know where you agree or disagree -- not that it's going to change anything as I'm a pretty stubborn guy and, well, the ballot's in already.

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Salguero Ballot:
WR (2): DeSean Jackson (PHI), Andre Johnson (HOU).
TE (1): Antonio Gates (SD)
T (2): Jake Long (MIA), Ryan Clady (DEN). 
G (2) Steve Hutchinson (MIN), Alan Faneca (NYJ).
C (1) Andre Gurode (DAL)
QB (1) Peyton Manning (IND)
RBs (2) Chris Johnson (TEN), Ray Rice (BALT).
FBs (1) Lousaka Polite (MIA)
Place Kicker (1) Rob Bironas (TEN)
Kick Returner (1): Joshua Cribbs (CLE)
DE (2) Jared Allen (MIN), Dwight Freeney (IND)
DT (2) Vince Wilfork (NE), Jay Ratliff (DAL)
OLB (2) Elvis Dumervil (DEN), Brian Cushing (HOU).
ILB (2) Patrick Willis (SF), David Harris (NYJ)
CB (2) Darrell Revis (NYJ), Charles Woodson (GB)
S (2) Ed Reed (BALT),  Darren Sharper (NO)
Punter (1) Shane Lechler (OAK).
The awards:
Most Valuable Player: Peyton Manning (IND)
Comeback Player: Tom Brady (NE)
Defensive Rookie: Jairus Byrd (BUF)
Offensive Rookie: Mike Wallace, (PIT)
Defensive Player: Darren Sharper (NO)
Offensive Player: Chris Johnson (Tenn)
Coach: Marvin Lewis (CIN).



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That's pretty AFC heavy...do they pick 25 writers that cover AFC and 25 that cover NFC?


That's a good group of players.

Every time I see DeSean Jackson I think of what Ted Ginn should have become. Shameful.


Very cold in Florida, maybe even snow in some parts of the state saturday night

Like Payton as the best qb, though Mando, Brady? Granted he came back and won AFCE, but Brady?

Armando one slight. You voted Cushing all-pro olb but came back to give Byrd defensive rookie of the year. If Cushing makes 1st team all-pro doesnt that automatically makes him defensive rookie of the year?

Harvin not the Offensive rookie of the year...that's offensive!



How do you feel about pats chances to be destroyed in first round by Ravens like Dolphins of 2008?

I feel the chances are strong

That was an interesting pick of Wallace as the ROY, Mando. But after watching what he did to the Dolphins, I can understand the pick.

we will be playing in very cold weather and ravens is coming thinking it's a good thing to escape the cold in the south but wait until they get defeated soundly and carlito ,get these locker rooms in miami ready for the new england super bowl day .

hahaha, Chargers are going to the super bowl for AFC

Mike Wallace suprises me. He didn't do that much as a rookie and his team didn't even make the playoffs. I believe Percy Harvin was the best rookie. Ray Rice is a good pick, but Cedric Benson could be in the category as well. His injury did hurt his status, but I think he contributed A LOT to the Bengals succcess!

GOpats - Do you not think it is cold in Baltimore? Baltimore and NE are not that far away. They will be use to the cold...

Without Welker and a not so good defense I look forward to the Pats being a ONE AND DONE!!


You're in waaay over your head


Hey Armando, I only disagree on your free safety selection, it should have been Gibril Wilson ...hands down...

FZB - Awesome PICK!! LOL

GOpats - news alert...Cheaters will LOSE!!!

Faneca is not an all pro, that is a reputation pick.

hhmmmmmm??? u have cushing as a all pro but byrd as rookie of the year on def but he's not on your all pro. go figure

i like our 2 young corners, but they didnt play like that kid

Hey Indiana Dolfan, maybe we should start a written petition to get gibril wilson on the pro bowl....

ps...honorable mention...tedd ginns family

Darrelle Revis is the best cover-corner since Deion Sanders. He shut down EVERYBODY this year. EVERYBODY. He should be the Defensive Player of the Year hands down, but I am happy you didnt vote for him b/c I hate the Jets.

Pretty good picks except for the Brady comeback award. Cedric benson would have been my pick, but they might as well change the name to "most popular player to return from an injury"

mike Wallace over Harvin?

How are you going to vote Cushing to the Probowl but Defensive rookie of the year?

Revis blanked everyone except for oddly enough ... Ted Ginn. Go figure.

Faneca is garbage, obviously you didn't see at least Randy Starks and Kyle Williams toss him around like his name was Marc. He also was mediocre at best along the way.

Darren Sharper? Really? Maybe you stopped watching the Saints after they beat the Dolphins but they Saints defense really went south in the second half. Their defense was barely statistically better than our Dolphins by the end of the year.

Guys have a look at what madden thinks of the latest review of ratings...

Gibril Wilson S MIA Decrease, from 80 to 75OVR
Vontae Davis CB MIA Increase, from 77 to 80OVR
Yeremiah Bell S MIA Increase, from 80 to 82OVR
Randy Starks DL MIA Increase, from 83 to 86OVR
Ricky Williams HB MIA Increase, from 86 to 87OVR
Jake Long OL MIA Increase, from 90 to 92OVR
Cameron Wake LB MIA Increase, from JMP; from 76 to 77OVR
Lousaka Polite FB MIA Increase, from TRK; from 84 to 91OVR

FZB - I agree. I believe he should be voted in for the MVP cause he was our opponent's best player (example: Indianapolis --> Dallas Clark should of taken him out to a nice steak dinner for his great performance in that game) What made that game worse was me being in the first row with 3 of my fiends who were Colts fans...I came all the way from Indianapolis to watch my beloved Phins from row 1 to see him tackle the way he did was just amazing! I think I could of tackled better than him that night and I was half drunk, well ok really drunk!! - an entire day on the beach in South Beach will do that to a person!

Lol, rivas can't even cover ginn or his family. Just like jake long can't block anybody on the falcons...

figures Lechler is all pro... stinky Oak off has him punting all the time lol

GOpats, why all the yelling?

twitter.com/andilubio - Interesting information!

DC Dolfan - Him and his boyfriend got into a fight this morning and he is all upset!

Those were pretty good picks, but I would put Dallas Clark as TE instead of Gates (Clark IS the Colts offense). Also, how is Moorman(sp) from the Bills NOT your punter. ESPECIALLY if you cover the Dolphins. That guy punts it out of bounds inside the 5 yd. line ALL DAY! He's definitely my pick for punter (and if you WERE gonna pick an Oakland player, how's it not Nnamdi Asomugha)?

DC Finatic - Oakland's punter is really really good also!

I agree with the Clark over Gates vote.

I strongly disagree with your coach of the year whether he wins or not. What has he really ever done besides being at the right place at the right time when he was def coordinator for the best defense of all time in which my 5 year old could've coached that defense!

Place kicker should of been Oakland's kicker. That dude has been a stud for years!

Sebastian Janikowski kicked a 61 yarder this year, December 27th!!

How was Bironas so special besides the Dolphins game?

Bironas was 27 of 32 (84%) (long 53 - against Miami)
Janikowski was 26 of 29 (90%) (long 61)

Even Miami's kicker was better than Bironas

Wallace over Harvin? That's a joke.

Marvin Lewis def. coord. for the best defense of all time?? WHAT THE HECK YOU MEAN?

explain flipper013...

Ed Reed - he was hurt and banged up quite a bit this year!

Jairus Byrd as defensive rookie, but not on all pro ballot as your safety?? Interesting...

Ed Reed only played in 12 games 50 tackles 3 int's 3 forced fumbles

Jairus Byrd - 14 games played 9 int's (league leading) 45 tackles


You have a serious man-crush on FANECA!!!!


I can not believe you left off Gibril Wilson. Is there no justice?

Hutchinson & Faneca are not what they used to be. Those guys were dominant in Seattle and Pitt, but not anymore.

But the guard position is boring, no one really cares and the same guys always get votes.

Same with Ed Reed: he has had his worst year ever. That's still pretty good, but not All-Pro worthy.

Proof that no one really cares for the guard position: Peter King has Vernon Carey as an All-Pro.

Ok Indiana, I'll give you Lechler. How about this one for Def. rookie -- Clay Matthews? I have to say, Byrd is a stud, so I'm not angry about that pick, but if Mando wanted to be more fair to the NFC, that kid really played well his rookie season (wish we had him)

Mando, LOVE the Wallace pick over Harvin.
I might have gone with the Colts HC, as the Bengals had a very weak division, and the Colts lost 3 starters on offense, and 2 on defense.

Good job, and Lou Polite was deserving, and Starks would be for 2nd team.

That's pretty AFC heavy...do they pick 25 writers that cover AFC and 25 that cover NFC?
Posted by: InFINcible | January 08, 2010 at 12:10 PM
Normally, i'd say the same, BUT... NFC teams that perennially produce ALL Pros were down. The Giants, for one usually have 3, even 4 guys.
The Bears, Atlanta we're also down. Last year, I believe 2 Falcons made the team.

mark in ottawa . you still want Terrance cody. He sucks !!!! Like the scouts said ' call us when he makes a play. LOL !!!!!

Jake long pulling out of the pro bowl with an injury.

Does anybody feel safe with this 3 ring circus of a NOBAMA ADMIN ? WHAT A PHUCKEN JOKE !!!!

Dolphins signed a wide receiver and fullback from the Canadien football league today...also find it interesting that they signed 6 people off the practice squad BUT Patrick Turner wasn't in that list

that's because patrick turner wasn't on the practice squad. He already is on the 53 man roster. LOL !

DC Finatic - Clay Matthews did have a good year, but all the USC linebackers had a good year...didn't we skip out on getting one of those stud linebackers? I believe so, but at least we got some decent promising for the future CB's.

The Pat White pick only looks bad cause we chose him in the second round. We still could of got him in the 4th or 5th probably and he wouldn't look like such a bad pick from the Trifecta

Oh sh't my bad, I thought he stayed on practice all year, oh well I f'd up, just call O'bobbyma, Change I didn't know about!!!

Pete Carroll to coach the Seahawks... call me crazy if you want... you heard it here first...

damn... thought I was breaking news... turns out, not so much...

NJ, Even Jon (Lefty)Stwarts making jokes about "Our" commander in chief........

Cuban menace aka look up . That's because NOBAMA is a joke and his in over his head There's no defending him.

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