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How does Groh fit with a more aggressive D?

The Dolphins defense last year was bland. Can we agree on that?

It was mostly the same-old-same-old, snap after snap, quarter after quarter, game after game. It took defensive coaches weeks to decide that cornerbacks Sean Smith and Vontae Davis should match up with receivers rather than putting them in the same spot every down -- thus allowing offenses to dictate matchups they wanted.

While I watched the Jets bring safeties and drop linebackers and sometimes play as if they had 13 guys on the field, the Dolphins definition of surprising was the same slot cornerback blitz with Nate Jones. While other teams overmatched quarterbacks with six guys on the attack, the Dolphins rarely brought that many.

Deposed defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni repeated time and again that he wanted to get a lot of pressure. But he wanted to get it with his four rushers.


Well, the days of the Dolphins vanilla defense might be coming to an end.

Word on the NFL grapevine is that Tony Sparano wants 33 flavors not the same steady diet of vanilla. And Sparano, apparently recognizing there is no super dominant player on the defense right now, believes the way to get better (aside from adding more talent) is to become more aggressive.

We'll see if this is true or not. But I would tell you that the hiring of Bill Sheridan as a linebacker coach is good in the regard that his roots have been pressure defense. The interviewing of Pittsburgh linebacker coach Keith Butler is good in that his days in Pittsburgh have been filled with fire zone blitzes and other means of freaking out offenses.

I am, however, left scratching my head about Miami's flirtation with Al Groh as it pertains to becoming more aggressive. I remember watching Groh's defenses with the Giants and Patriots and there was nothing exceedingly exotic about them -- unless Lawrence Taylor playing like a crazed dog qualifies.

The University of Virginia, which Groh coached until being fired in 2009, fielded a sound defense but it was by no means cutting edge.

Perhaps Groh, at age 65, can embrace an updated approach to slowing down today's modern-day, rocket-fueled offenses. But I'll have to see it to believe it.



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Tzey did Schefter give a reason why Butler may not be in the running? Makes no sense, unless the brass wasnt impressed with his interview.

Silk, Butler is scheduled to be interviewing later today so who knows where Schefter got this tidbit. Anybody else notice the Herald has been getting slower to report breaking Fins news lately?

Dean Pees DC from New England has decided not to return, possible candidate??? By the way, just because Butler is interviewing doesn't mean HE will be willing to take the job if offered...

If Groh is going to GT, as has been reported, then obviously this is Sprano and Ireland's decision, because I believe Parcells would have hired him if he was coaching, but he is not...Parcells stayed behind the scenes all year and let Sprano coach and pretty much do his thing, which I give him a lot of credit for...

I agree with you b12. I've seen a lot of sources saying Butler is hanging on in Pittsburgh to eventually be Lebeau's successor. I have a feeling if he doesn't become our offensive coordinator it will be due to his decision, not ours.

It is reported on both ESPN, the sun-sentinel and the Palm Beach post that Groh as accepted GA Tech and that Butler will interview today. My best bet would be that he would be the new DC which would be huge. I suggest we draft defense in the first 3 rounds, MLB, NT, FS.

Don't forget about Todd Bowles, the Dolphins secondary coach and assistant head coach. This guy was a candidate for head coaching jobs last year, and the trifecta really likes him.

Not saying he would be the best choice, but he is definitely an option and his name kind of gets lost in the mix

They better close fast w/ Butler before he leaves town.....Pittsburgh assts are loyal & he's in line to succeed LeBeau.

Bummer. Shoulda nabbed Crennel.

Emo, we had zero shot at Crennel, he wanted to go to KC for awhile and be reunited with his buddies over there..Again, a coach has to feel comfortable with his other coaches and Crennel really wanted to be with the KC staff

I couldn't agree more Mando. Al Groh isn't going to cut it for me either. I think he is a name. I think he might run a solid but very much if same vanilla style of defense. I am not going to pretend I know who Kevin Butler is but he is from under Dick Lebeua's wing and that sounds qualified enough to me. Just that fact he has worked under a defensive system that I admire very much.

Now is it the talent or scheme in Pittsburgh? Most likely a comibination of both. When Cam Wake was given the opportunity he looked like he could bring it. All the stuff at him not being able to break down against the run is probably true (remember the fake punt and fake out by the Jets punter?) but he needs to get a chance to prove himself. Speaking of letting loose let Porter loose as in cut him. Thanks for one really good year and helping the best turn around in league history but you are washed up and got really old over night. I still say bring Jason Taylor back. I think he was a victim of the wonderful idea to take him out on passing downs. He would of had at least 10 sacks if not for that wise(sarcasm) decision. With that said we have good talent on D but missing a few parts and an impact identity.

Sleeper candidate - Kirby Smart - Nick Ahole’s DC at Alabama - would pretty much guarantee we draft Rolando McClain 1st and Terrance Cody 2nd in the draft

Doesn't matter anyways. Groh will be defensive coordinator at Georgia Tech.

McClain will be gone by 12, unless something amazing happens

No matter who is defensive coordinator, without d-line talent, opposing teams' o-lines will continue control the line of scrimmage. We have become all too familiar with that.

Broncos could go qb or wr, if they do there is a chance McClain falls to the fins

Will MAndo or someone please find out why Schefter is tweeting that Butler won't be hired?

Promoting Bowles is the "Peter Principle" -- advancing someone to a levelat which he cannot perform. The secondary was hardly stellar this season---why reward its coach, regardless of how many interviews he had LAST year!!

If Rolando Mclain is available when the Phins draft, they need to move heaven and earth to get him. The guy is a freak and will be a force in the NFL for the next 10-12 years. He was un-blockable at Bama. Draft Mclain!!!!!

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Yayayayaya. No Groh! Was not enthused about that.

Somebody (jet fan ) messed around with shefter's tweet that was completly false. According to a new shefter tweet , butler is interviewing today is the front-runner with a Possible Contract offer by tonight,

In Richmond, Va., former Virginia head coach Al Groh told the Associated Press he would succeed Dave Wommack, who was fired after two seasons as the Jackets' defensive coordinator.

Groh told the AP he had set out several criteria before deciding where he wanted to coach in 2010, and Georgia Tech meets them. The top priority was taking a job where there's a chance to win championships, he said.

The Post is reporting Butler turned the job down. Bummer.

Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground.... Sparano and Parcells DROP YOUR PANTS ON THE GROUND FOR BUTLER!!!

More posts Armando!

I agree with bobbyd12 - Every draft board I have seen has McLain going in the top 5 picks

Our offensive coordinator is close to 70, parcells is close to 70, now they want to bring a guy on, groh thats close to 70,for god sake bring in some youth and send these guys to sit on a porch together with there white shoes and talk about the good ole days

Looks like Keith Butler turned down the job according to the Pittsburgh Gazette. Oh well !!

Groh signed somewhere else

There is no Draft Reports i've seen having mcclain going in the top 5 . That's BS !! . Suh , Mccoy , Berry , Okung and bradford/clausen are top 5 Locks. The earlist Mcclain could go might be the raiders at 8 but i doubt it. Denver could be the Problem but they could easily go QB or Wr in marshell is traded ( Dez bryant ). ILB tend to drop . Patrick willis was supposed to go higher and went AT 11 .

Patriots are also looking for a defense cordinator

I hope they take a look at Kirby Smart.

Turned down twice, starting to look like the ugly girl no one wants to dance with. Could be because Parcells has been cutting those awful boiled egg farts.

Seriously now, I hope they have other options besides Todd Bowles.

I hope whoever they bring in is of am aggressive mentality. I like that Sparano feels the same way.
Good post Armando. I had the same thoughts while watching the vanilla, predictable Dolphins defense last year.
They also need more talent out there.Dump Porter keep Taylor, add talent.
Now lets hope Sparano is pushing for a more aggressive offense too.

soooo basically theres no one who wants to be our D coordinator, maybe our crappy D backs coach will be it... >.<

I thought Butler turning us down was a possibility with him being the DC in waiting in Pittsburg. Im not mad at him for that at all. Maybe Bowles wont be as bad as we think. He is familiar with some of the players and hopefully he knows who should stay and who should go. Maybe deep down inside he has the attacking mentality and just need a DC job to show it. I wouldnt have that much of an issue with him getting the job shows that we can promoote from within and grow our own talent the say way we should rebuild our team.

Mando can you give us Todd Bowles' history? Where he's been and the type of defense he was in? Attacking? Blitzing? etc.

In looking at possibilities for the DC job (not including Todd Bowles) I would look at what coaches the Jets, Ravens, Cowboys, and maybe 49ers, Chargers, and Bengals have. These teams run much more aggressive versions of the 3-4 defense than we do and are bound to have some bright, up and coming coach who can help retool this defense (I'm leaving the steelers out as they're best Apparently shot us down). If not, my choice is Kirby Smart from Alabama as that was a team that won a championship (college I know) with the same formula that we want (running team, strong 3-4 defense).

Wow here is a news flash, Dallas just hired Paul Pasqualoni as their D.L. coach. Their current DL coach is going to Georgia as its DC and Paul was hired to replace him. And get this Paul is already on the job according to ESPN. The good ole boy network keep chruning!!!

Anybody know Kirby Smarts background? Has he ever coached in the NFL? Has he been the DC at any other major college?

Ace, I haven't heard much about Muschamp. I watched a few of Texas' games this year, and they were impressive. Does he have NFL experience? Any ties to the Trifecta?

Bummed about Butler.....The Curse continues.

Bowles' secondary underpeformed; promoting him is settling for 2d or 3rd or 4th best.

When will this team catch a break?

maybe all these DC candidates took a good look at the defense and saw what we all saw all year long.......... a buncha slow, poor-tackling, heartless, gutless underperformers. maybe THAT challenge is too great for the Grohs & Butlers of the football world.

Wasn't that Crenell (sp) character with the Patriots during the spygate scandal?I always found it amusing that he and Weiss left just before they got caught.Talk about perfect timeing.It's like they knew something was fixin to happen and they both kinda stunk in their college coaching careers.

DC , Muschamp was A dolphins coach when Saban was here . He broght him to miamim from LSU.

Not sure if anyone is paying attention....

Groh went back to College

Butler declined the DC job (not sure if the interview even happened)

So - back to the drawing board for the fish.... no Groh/Butler/Crennel...

Bowles now makes the most sense - although I think they are better off looking outside. Not that I don't think Bowles would be a good choice but I feel they should be mixing it up a little... get some new/fresh faces in the organization.

Let's see what the weekend brings

Former Virginia head coach Al Groh will become the next defensive coordinator at Georgia Tech.

Groh said Friday that he and the school have an agreement in principle, but did not disclose terms of the contract.

"I'm pleased about it," Groh said. "It was my intention right from the start to continue to be actively involved. I have a lot of energy and a lot of ambition and I feel I have as much to prove as I did 30 years ago. So we're ready to go."

With Groh out the picture let's cross our fingers and toes we get Butler Dolfans.

How long until someone (maybe even me!) blames Ross & the Celebrity-Culture for "losing" Butler?

And btw imho, picking Bowles is settling for a way lesser talent whose group did not perform well this year.

mike w---for your own sake, read a few comments upstream.....butler's gone, apparently

Groh to go to Yellow Jackets

Email Print Share By Heather Dinich
Former Virginia head coach Al Groh will become the next defensive coordinator at Georgia Tech.

Groh said Friday that he and the school have an agreement in principle, but did not disclose terms of the contract.

"I'm pleased about it," Groh said. "It was my intention right from the start to continue to be actively involved. I have a lot of energy and a lot of ambition and I feel I have as much to prove as I did 30 years ago. So we're ready to go."

Let's hope Sparano get's what he wants: Keith Butler

Mike W , we knoe about groh and butler turned down the job. Thanks for stopping By :)

The trifecta needs to bring back Jim Bates as d-coordinator. The defense was always top-notch while was here. He was the only positive during the Wannsedt-Nightmare... I mean the Wannstedt-era...

I still wouldn't put all our vanilla D on Pasq. I'm not sure the rookie corners could have handled switching sides and matching up early in the year. They were still developing and had to take step 1 before moving on to step 2.

That said, I welcome a much more aggressive defensive system and hope Sparano can find the right guy, perhaps with one of the playoff teams' coaches.

Our corners did fine considering our d-line was crapola. I never realized how good Ferguson was until I had to watch opposing teams' QBs have more than enough time to exploit our slow LBs. Sorry Channing...

I have a question...Why does every body love Jason Taylor so much? He won't play the run (we have watched for years on 3rd and 1 or 2 teams would run to his side). Without him we went 11-5. With him 7-9. PLEASE don't be fooled because Armando won't talk bad about him. I personally feel as if he may have gotten to close to his work because he is rarely objective when it comes to Taylor. When Taylor was in you never heard his name and almost never saw him in the screen.

Dump Taylor. Dump Porter. Play Wake. Play Merling.


Dump Taylor? He is on the NFL all decade team. Have some damn loyalty. He has played his a** off for this team.

Now we got people blaming Ross because Butler turned down the job....cmon, Butler turned down the Arizona job with his good friend.. The man obviously doesn't want to leave Pittsburg, he is happy so be it..

Litos, loyality is what gets teams in trouble...Sorry, I want a winner, not a name on back of my shirt...I agree, Taylor is on the downside on both age and skills..he is also not signed so he is not even a Dolphin...time to move on

where's that punk YoBackDoor? I need to speak to him.

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