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How does Groh fit with a more aggressive D?

The Dolphins defense last year was bland. Can we agree on that?

It was mostly the same-old-same-old, snap after snap, quarter after quarter, game after game. It took defensive coaches weeks to decide that cornerbacks Sean Smith and Vontae Davis should match up with receivers rather than putting them in the same spot every down -- thus allowing offenses to dictate matchups they wanted.

While I watched the Jets bring safeties and drop linebackers and sometimes play as if they had 13 guys on the field, the Dolphins definition of surprising was the same slot cornerback blitz with Nate Jones. While other teams overmatched quarterbacks with six guys on the attack, the Dolphins rarely brought that many.

Deposed defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni repeated time and again that he wanted to get a lot of pressure. But he wanted to get it with his four rushers.


Well, the days of the Dolphins vanilla defense might be coming to an end.

Word on the NFL grapevine is that Tony Sparano wants 33 flavors not the same steady diet of vanilla. And Sparano, apparently recognizing there is no super dominant player on the defense right now, believes the way to get better (aside from adding more talent) is to become more aggressive.

We'll see if this is true or not. But I would tell you that the hiring of Bill Sheridan as a linebacker coach is good in the regard that his roots have been pressure defense. The interviewing of Pittsburgh linebacker coach Keith Butler is good in that his days in Pittsburgh have been filled with fire zone blitzes and other means of freaking out offenses.

I am, however, left scratching my head about Miami's flirtation with Al Groh as it pertains to becoming more aggressive. I remember watching Groh's defenses with the Giants and Patriots and there was nothing exceedingly exotic about them -- unless Lawrence Taylor playing like a crazed dog qualifies.

The University of Virginia, which Groh coached until being fired in 2009, fielded a sound defense but it was by no means cutting edge.

Perhaps Groh, at age 65, can embrace an updated approach to slowing down today's modern-day, rocket-fueled offenses. But I'll have to see it to believe it.



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J-E-T-S. Journey ends this Sunday.

Litos, He jumped ship after a 1-15 season and play for the SKINS...wheres the loyalty. Meanwhile he did nothing of note for the skins and we had our best season in 8-9 years.

The fact that he is on the all decade team only proves my point. Its time to find the next Jason Taylor, The next Joey Porter (the one that actually made plays like in PITT), The next middle linebacker that teams will fear. The next John Offeradol, Not Zach (never get to the quarterback when he blitzed therefore leaving the corners in coverage for too long) Thomas.


Gohr headed to Georgia tech

Are you guys really still talking about J Taylor? Get a room... Not that there's anything wrong with that.

John Offerdahl, while a nice guy, was a walking IR list. He sat out as much as he played. Thomas was twice the player he was. Taylor can still be effective if used in the correct role, which he wasn't this past year.

Now here's some advice for you:


Would someone kindly contact Coach Rex Cry'in Ryan for me? I'm missing a pair of my pants. Thank you.

And while your at it, call Coach Belicheat. I'm missing half my wardrobe. TY.

now who we targeting as D.C.?

My son just updated his resume. Any chance you give him a shot?

Kiss my back door,

What was Taylor's role. Break it down for me. Was his role to pout and cry because he wasn't "used correctly" please. There is no I in team and there is no room on this team for prima donnas. Thats the culture thats being built here. Its called SHUT UP AND MAKE A PLAY. What a concept. Players playing and coaches coaching. Taylor is a prima donna and his time has past. We never should have let him come back. To small to paly the run...to slow to get the quarterback...what do you do with that?

As for your advice. I don't do any drugs nor do i take advice from those who do. Plus it must have sounded better in your drug induced head, because it reads terrible


You know whats really sad. We are hurting so bad for stars on this team that i'm talking about john offerdol and zach thomas....TUNA HELPER WHATS UP WITH THAT?

Bring us some play makers this off season.



It's only fitting that Groh is going to Georgia Tech, since they beat Virginia silly on UVA's home field last year. On the other hand, Tech's D is so porous, even Groh will be able to improve it.

For the Dolphins, I hear Tom Olivadotti is looking for his old job back. I think he'd be a good fit for Jason and the Tackle-nots.

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