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The latest on the Miami Dolphins at this hour

[Updated 1:30 p.m.]

I'm hearing whispers out of Mobile, Alabama where the Dolphins staff is coaching the South team that offensive lineman John Jerry is among the players that has caught the coaches' collective eyeballs.

Yes, I know. Aside from Dexter McCluster -- who you will see running the Wildcat in the game on Saturday. I'm told the Dolphins want to see him working the formation. Hmmmm.

Anyway, about Jerry: He played left tackle almost exclusively at Ole Miss. But the Dolphins are curious about him as a guy that might be able to play either tackle or guard spot. At 6-5 and 335 pounds he has a bit of that swing size. He isn't very well built, I'm told. I haven't seen him. But he apparently has good quickness for his ... girth.

Why in heaven's name am I discussing offensive linemen? Well, the depressing truth is that after two years of construction and $156 million in total contracts starting in 2009, the Miami offensive line isn't completely solidified yet.

The right guard spot continues to be a question mark for the team. Donald Thomas, the player everyone hoped would be the answer, spent his entire rookie season injured, and then struggled late in his second season to the point he lost his starting job late in the year.

The Dolphins like Nate Garner but aren't prepared to anoint him the starter by any means. Jerry could be a mid-round answer (assuming he lasts that long). The team is curious about how well Jerry would work as a T/G swing man, something that would add more value to him should injury arise at tackle.


Well, now maybe now we know one reason Eric Green, the cornerback signed as a free agent last offseason, struggled so mightily during training camp. He had, shall we say, issues in his personal life if a lawsuit filed in Florida could be believed.

According a the suit, a transgender woman man person is claiming that Green forcibly sodomized the alleged victim. The suit claims the two met in Scottsdale, Arizona early in 2009 and went back to Green's condo where the alleged assault happened.

The suit seeks $10 million.

Green, you will recall, was signed by the Dolphins on March 12, 2009 but it soon became evident he was a free agent bust. He was routinely beaten on deep routes by every receiver on the team, most notably Anthony Armstrong, who wasn't even good enough to earn a spot on the practice squad.

Green was cut in August by the team. He was picked up by San Francisco and promptly ripped the Dolphins for being an "uptight" organization. He was then cut by the 49'ers and was out of the league the rest of the season.

This is clearly not the kind of publicity Green must have expected to come out of 2009.


Many Dolphins fans have been discussing the possibility of having receiver Brandon Marshall come to the Dolphins based on the fact the team needs help at wide receiver and Marshall is a wide receiver who apparently fell out of favor late last season in Denver when he was benched by coach Josh McDaniels.

Marshall is at the Pro Bowl now and working with the AFC team locally at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Marshall would be a free agent if this offseason were operating under the usual rules, but as there is likely to be no cap, Marshall would not qualify as an unrestricted free agent. So he is in limbo.

I'd like to tell you what Marshall thinks of his situation, but he is perhaps the only player at the Pro Bowl that is refusing to do any media interviews.


The Dolphins got something of a scare this week when the University of Mississippi came calling about talking to quarterback coach David Lee about their offensive coordinator job.

Lee was the offensive coordinator for Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt when the two were at the University of Arkansas. Although Lee remains a candidate, he has not interviewed and a television station in Tulsa reported Dave Rader is expected to get the job.

The Clarion-Ledger is reporting Rader hasn't gotten the job quite yet so one must assume anything can happen. I'll keep you updated.


Come back later today as I'll have un update from the Senior Bowl, complete with a scouting report of the top wide receivers at the game from a guest blogger at the game. In the meantime, we'll give you the latest on things Dolphins throughout the day.


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Thank the Lord we will not have to hear this crap about getting Bradnon Marshall. He will not even be available and WILL NOT be worth giving up the drafts picks Denver will want which would be at least a 1st rounder...


With Mrashall not being a UFA, what WR's are available that we could get without giving up draft picks, because we all know Parcells DOES NOT like to do that...

Hey Indiana Dolfan,

Here is a pretty good link I found. Maybe a few additions since then but a pretty good snapshot just the same. Cheers
Based on this site we should hope for a CBA cause Miles Austin would be Unrestricted and Ireland/ Parcells drafted the kid!!http://www.footballsfuture.com/2010/fa/wr.html

OK , this is the last day of senior bowl practices and They're about to show the North squad at 12 . I will fill you guys in with analysis .

I think Lee should be the Dolphins OC.

This is Tuna's 3rd draft folks. When are the players from the 1st draft going to show up? This next season should be the break out year on that 1st draft correct?

Um Marshall is wortha first, and a player or two. He is 25, has more talent than most wr's in the league, oh yeah he also holds the seasons most reciving yards in one game, he hates being coached by a 32 year old man, who is younger than about 10 players on his team, and yeah he is still imature, but if brought into a new environment, then he could thrive, especialy scince he would be the vet wr leader on this team. MAN WE WOULD OWN fools, but i guess you fans who dont want him are ok with being mediocre, and boring, and love complainging about having Ginn as our number 1. DONT EVER complain about being soft in the wr department, if we dont make a move to acquire Marshall.

Marshall is not worth it if he was free...yeah he has talent (I've never denied that), BUT the guy is not a team player and Parcells will not have a player like that on his team!!!

Thanks for the link Uncle Dave!

I guess Green let so many receivers get behind him he wanted to see what it was like to have the shoe on the other foot. What an a$$hole.

Josh, just for the sake of argument, say we trade for Marshall giving up a 1st and a 3rd or something similar and 2 weeks into next season it blows up in our face with Marshall either getting into trouble off the field and getting suspended for an extended period of time or creating a rift in the locker room because he is unhappy that we don’t throw the ball to him 15 times a game; what would the fans who clamored for Marshall not be able to do or say at that point?

Much as I'm unhappy that many players who would be unrestricted in a "normal" contract year are no longer so (& hence unavailable), I AM happy that in anuncapped year we can dump players w/o as much adverse impact on budget (tho Ross still must be willing to "eat" a buncha money -- hope he is). Inother words, we can get rid of Wilson & whoever else needs be gone w/ less adverse impact.

Hate to be a bother, but I was unable to follow yesterday's stuff from SenBowl---could you please summarize the good, the bad & the ugly---you need not repeat all your stuff, just a summary would be most appreciated.

BTW--Iheard afew nat'l radio talk shows & the too are criticizing how ESPN & NFLnet have turned SenBowl into TeBowL.

Seer - NJ has explained a couple different times in the previous 2 blogs about yesterdays Senior bowl...you can find it there if you want and if he doesn't respond.

Am I the only one that is THRILLED Eric Green isn't on this team right now. I mean, pretty embarrassing stuff there.

I guess Green let so many receivers get behind him he wanted to see what it was like to have the shoe on the other foot. What an a**hole.

Josh, just for the sake of argument, say we trade for Marshall giving up a 1st and a 3rd or something similar and 2 weeks into next season it blows up in our face with Marshall either getting into trouble off the field and getting suspended for an extended period of time or creating a rift in the locker room because he is unhappy that we don’t throw the ball to him 15 times a game; what would the fans who clamored for Marshall not be able to do or say at that point?

Eric Green, two words.......you nasty!

Seer , you to the previous blog on page 1 on my post to carlito at 9:44 pm. I gave a summary.

Sorry to go off topic here but I wanted to relate this to the draft nicks...

I’ve seen the name Jason Pierre-Paul show up a lot in the blog as a potential OLB for the Dolphins but I would not be so quick to overlook George Selvie who also played at USF. Selvie was a complete beast until teams started to double team him on every down, at that point Pierre-Paul suddenly appeared as a force from the opposite side. While I don’t know if either of these two is a first round pick I would be careful considering Pierre-Paul because if he did not have Selvie on the other side I doubt he would have put up the numbers he did as a one year wonder. Now Selvie on the other hand has the tools to be something special.

As a season ticket holder for USF I can tell you this first hand. The USF coaching sucked, plain and simple. I’m not going to go into the Jim Levitt saga, but this has to be one of the most poorly coached football teams I have ever watched. The lack of preparation, bone headed lack of discipline and inability to adjust was by far the worst I have ever seen. I’m saying this because I think George Selvie has the potential to be a great player once he has the benefit of NFL coaching. Pierre-Paul could also be very good, but given the choice, I would take Selvie any day and I hope the Dolphin coaches see what I have seen watching this guy play.

Seer You can go to the privious blog. Boy Central michigan qb dan lefevour looks real good. He's a 2nd ronder.

George Selvie has had a disappointing week to go along with a disappinting senior season. He will probably go in the 3rd round.

I really hope this will quiet all those crying for Marshall. The guy has talent worthy of a couple of high round picks, but has the character I wouldn't give a 7th for. The last thing I'd want for our team is to throw away picks in what's supposed to be an excellent draft class this year for a player who'll potentially cause headache after headache. Seriously, why do you think Denver would want to trade him in the first place? Just look at Mando's piece on Porter...the man's production is no longer worth the headaches he causes from Monday through Saturday. With Marshall, his excellent production is no longer worth the headaches...if you can't see that as a red flag, you've got desperation issues. Teams so desperate to trade for locker room disruptions are grasping for straws...Sparano, don't let that happen to our Fins.

NJ, I hope he does sink in the draft and the Dolphins pick him up later... As I said, given some real coaching Selvie could be a sleeper.

The Eric Green story gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "horse play in the locker room"...

I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!! - Looks like Josh shut up real quick like...

OK , this is the last day of senior bowl practices and They're about to show the North squad at 12 . I will fill you guys in with analysis .

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 28, 2010 at 11:53 AM

Am I missing something here?? I respect Mandos opinion (THAN AGAIN ITS HIS BLOG LOL) when it comes to the fins; however who the f--k does this NJ clown think he is??

Dude you are like another fan state your opinion and move on.... YOU ARE GOING TO UPDATE US HAHAHAHAH.

You will fill us in with analysis? Are you at the senior bowl??? Dude its a practice THERE IS NO ANALYSIS!!!! Pat White was the MVP of that game last year..... your analysis means NOTHING!!!



And cornerback signed as a free agent offseason the past, fought hard during training camp. That, say, and issues in his personal life if the case was filed in Florida can be believed.http://usspost.com/eric-green-4532/

Can't say I've "followed" LeFevour, but I recall hin ripping it up in the GMAC bowl, and the announcers (fwiw) saying he had the size & the "goods" for sundays.

Green (allegedly) does a he/she in the back door. Then says the Dolphins are uptight? That's sick. Now I know why he was letting everyone (beat) him. He likes the "rear" view of the guys he was covering.
Marshall is an excellent player, when he wants to be. He reminds me of Moss when he was in Minnesota. Which carried over to Oakland. Moss is once again an excellent player thanks to Brady and the Patriots. Something tells me Marshall will only perform when it suits him. He did miss the last game in Denver with a playoff spot at risk. That is risky business. Yes, worth it when he performs. Who knows when that will be though.

Cam thomas who can play nt is a beast. I want this guy . He can be the future at nt for miami. Talk about power and enthusiasm !! Great motor. i don't think he's going to sneak up on anybody anymore. Look for him 3rd or 4rth round. Sean witherspoon LB has looked excellent in coverage making a great play on the reciever and reading the qb.

Always right, nice post and example on B Marshall..

Patrick , selvie could be a steal but he needs to work on getting bigger and stronger.


Cam is a beast vs who??? lol this has to be a joke.

Spoon is a 4-3 guy, just in case you didn't know the fins run a 3-4 FAKE EXPERT.

What a dope!!!!!

Indiana, Josh has been on here with the same refrain over and over for weeks now as you know (I’m pretty sure you already mixed it up with him over this issue.) We get it Josh, you want Marshall, Wilfork and…I forget what the 3rd step of his 12 step fix the Dolphins program was.

Thanks NJ. I’m trying to come up with a new name so I don’t feel like it’s a dig on you every time I post and for what it’s worth I am glad you give us your assessment on the players at the Senior Bowl practices. Nobody else does and I can’t watch while I’m at work.

LOL @ Fins 4ho Lyfe!!! - - really ripping NJ PHIN FAN haha

comical stuff!

These seniors are going against other seniors and in 8 months the will be going against NFL professionals...that's why White was the MVP. being the MVP of the Senior Bowl is like winning the NIT tournament...doesn't mean CRAP!!

Ok north practice is over. The south team practice and the dolphin coaches will be at 3pm. More analysis to Follow.

Always Right - yes Josh has lobbied for Marshall for weeks!! Frustratingthat he cannot get smoe common sense knocked into him!! I agree with Wilfork though

LOL @ Always right , I'm glad i can be of Help.

Indiana . Really ??? somebody making a jack@ZZ out of himself is funny ???


How could you let Eric Green do this to you?

Damn, why do my posts not show up at times? :/

LOL @ Indiana Dolfan

Man I can take opinions that's what blogs are for; but dam man when a dope like NJ comes on here and tells the world (he will be tuning in on the last Senior practices, so he can update us on THE GREATEST SENIORS VS SENIORS OF ALL TIME)!!! HAHAHHA.

This dude is a Pathetic clown!!!

Everyone is wrong HES ALWAYS RIGHT.

Sparano & Parcells & Ireland (3-6 MAFIA) lefts draft Cam Thomas because NJ says he a beast and would LOVE him.


let me try again:

1. When I started on this blog, I was immidiately anti-NJ. His style is much more aggressive and self promoting for my taste..

2. Then one day, Armando made a comment about how NJ's football knowledge was like top 2% of those that ever comment here.

3. At this point, I started reading past his self promoting and aggressive ways and said, damn, he is right, he does provide good commentary..

4. In addition, he IS a phins fan in Jets country. How could he not be aggressive in his football views. He probably works out to avoid being gang raped by the wets fans.

5. There are a few folks that offer very good commentary and analysis.. MarkinToronto for one.. and I note that Mark, someone who is very well informed himself, often asks for NJ's opinion..

6. and for anyone who thinks I am an NJ follower, again, refer back to item 1... I don't think NJ and I would ever be real life pals.. our styles are off.. BUT.. I do value his blog contributions..

7. And as someone else said... no one else is watching the senior bowl and providing updates.. so thanks NJ.. if an 'expert' later says something that contradicts NJ's opinion, then you choose who to believe..

Some observations:

1) While I have never sodomized anyone, I, and countless other Americans, have been metaphorically sodomized by the Obama Administration.

2) Sodomy is named for the city of Sodom from the Holy Bible. Soiled Bottom is named for his great uncle, Soiled Bottom.

3) Sodomy, which typically describes the act of anal penetration, has also been used legally to encompass oral copulation.

4) When I went for my check-up at the age of 40, the doctor did something to me that was never done to me before. He put his finger in a place where it just doesn't belong. I felt violated, cheap, used and demeaned. Nevertheless, it's essential that we all periodically undergo this version of sodomy. In all seriousness, Vince Lombardi could have had years added to his life if he had been willing to undergo a colonoscopy.

5) Sodomy. Sodomy. Sodomy.

So glad to see folks are finally seeing through NJ's phony facade. The Revolution has Begun!!! Fin Fans to seize back their blogs before the Draft. Yay!

WOOOOW !!! LIP. thank you for the kind words. It's greatly appreciated. Almost Everything i do from the music i listen to , to my businesses and to my body-building is agrressive. That's just the ex-player in me and where i'm from but to correct you on your point #6 , i beg to differ. I'll bet we do get along. I've got one of the kindest hearts and if i knew somebody real well , i'd give them the shirt off my back. I'm a guy that loves Family and friends. This is just a blog and i have some fun with it and my attitude. :)


I respect your last post; however line 6 of your last blog says it all (blog contributions) NOT FAKE GM / EXPECTS contributions.

Blogs are used for fans to give there opinion and have great discussions.

NJ Really believes hes smarter then everyone else and REALITY is hes just like me and you ANOTHER FAN OF THE FINS

I just updated the top of the blog if you guys would like to go there and check out the latest.

Armando , during a recent live blog , i kept telling you miami still needs to work on the OL in FA or through The draft. You told me that the line was fine and how the front office has spent 156 mil and it needs to show it's worth. What Happened ??? I told You . :)

Excellent point re the O-Line, Mando....it still needs work......but then again, I warned everyone that Grove was overrated/injury-prone. Shame that that unit still needs work after the $$$, time & picks spent on it.

NJPhINFan: You obviously know more than me.

I had a whole riff I just did on sodomy, but it hasn't been posted. Bummer. Sodomy bummer.

LOL @ MANDO. THAT'S RIGHT !!! All joking aside We could use another guard. I'm worried about smiley with his injuries and thomas regressing. Jerry ( haven't seen much him ) or somebody needs to come in and help.

Fins 4ho Lyfe!!!, but my point is - who cares what he thinks about himself.. he may just be f'in around since he knows his stuff and he wants to mess with people, or he really is EXACTLY how he portrays himself.. but in the end, it is his opinion that I like reading since he does seem to spend time catching up on football/dolphins news and he is a Phins fan..

And NJ, you are right - I can't really make claim 6 - I don't know how you are in real life.. and I am reminded about the time you offered to let some other blogger that lives in your area to go watch DirectTV at your place (as long as he isn't a stalker or something like that lol) so you probably are a good dude

Indiana, I also agree with picking up Wilfork if possible. He’s a beast in the middle, I’m not sold on Soliai and Ferg’s ability to stay healthy scares me a bit. I would love to keep Ferg as back-up and sign Wilfork to man the middle for the next 4-5 years.

Lips, as I said yesterday, I like your perspective on NJ and have adopted it as my own and I absolutely do respect his football knowledge.

In regards to the Oline, Smiley is the biggest problem IMO. He may be the best while healthy but unfortunately he is just too injury prone for us to have any true continuity.

Sorry, reposted as this is a much better thread...

* To all Rolando McClain fans, can you please go to Utube and type in that name and watch the entire 7:33 min vid of his, ahem, highlights?

After watching it can you honestly say that, besides being big, that his is some incredible dominator on Def? There are so many mop up tackles, missed tackles, no explosion or hitting through ball carriers, tackles very upright many times, will grab and sling or hang on till they are on the ground. When I see it I wonder how is rated so highly??

My worry and my discomfort is that the Dolphins could use A LOT of things.


It is a lot to ask and what makes is worse is that free agency is getting cut off at the knees this year with the talented young guys that normally come out, now either restricted or under contract.

So the Dolphins will have to get most of their help in the draft. It' going to be tough.

Absolutely, Armando. There is no question we need help at each spot you mentioned, and I think it is appropriate that the first 4 positions listed are on the defensive side.

I think the RG position could use serious upgrade to get the OL to the elite status the price tag warrants, but it is less of a need than other spots.

Am hoping they don't go crazy and grab a G too early in the draft!

LOL @ LIPS . you remember that ??. I felt bad for the poster. He was at a sports bar in my neighborhood and was getting trounced by jets fans.

Found this aout about Vincent Jackson....

Jackson could face up to six months in jail and/or a fine of $1,000 in connection with two counts, and was also charged for driving with an expired registration, which is punishable by a fine. While jail time seems unlikely, the fact that Jackson still has a 2009 DUI case pending and has a 2006 conviction on a misdemeanor drunken-driving charge on his record could be grounds for him to receive a suspension to open the 2010 regular season.

Would we really want this guy?

I have nothing against NJ and his updates on the Senior Bowl. I thought it was just comical someone just come on here to rip him for it for no reason. Like NJ said earlier --> A JACKA$$

Mando . It is going to tough. that's why it 's good thing the coaches are down there at the senior bowl. They afford to many misses this year.

Indiana Dolfan
Yes the guy is money when it comes to catching the ball on sunday. The Chargers are not the type of team to tag players. So may be we could get him.

To all you guy that keep crying about the dolphins not doing much. this is the 3rd year for the big tuna. It toke payton 4 years to get the saints in the SB. Give Tuna time and we will get there.

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