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The latest on the Miami Dolphins at this hour

[Updated 1:30 p.m.]

I'm hearing whispers out of Mobile, Alabama where the Dolphins staff is coaching the South team that offensive lineman John Jerry is among the players that has caught the coaches' collective eyeballs.

Yes, I know. Aside from Dexter McCluster -- who you will see running the Wildcat in the game on Saturday. I'm told the Dolphins want to see him working the formation. Hmmmm.

Anyway, about Jerry: He played left tackle almost exclusively at Ole Miss. But the Dolphins are curious about him as a guy that might be able to play either tackle or guard spot. At 6-5 and 335 pounds he has a bit of that swing size. He isn't very well built, I'm told. I haven't seen him. But he apparently has good quickness for his ... girth.

Why in heaven's name am I discussing offensive linemen? Well, the depressing truth is that after two years of construction and $156 million in total contracts starting in 2009, the Miami offensive line isn't completely solidified yet.

The right guard spot continues to be a question mark for the team. Donald Thomas, the player everyone hoped would be the answer, spent his entire rookie season injured, and then struggled late in his second season to the point he lost his starting job late in the year.

The Dolphins like Nate Garner but aren't prepared to anoint him the starter by any means. Jerry could be a mid-round answer (assuming he lasts that long). The team is curious about how well Jerry would work as a T/G swing man, something that would add more value to him should injury arise at tackle.


Well, now maybe now we know one reason Eric Green, the cornerback signed as a free agent last offseason, struggled so mightily during training camp. He had, shall we say, issues in his personal life if a lawsuit filed in Florida could be believed.

According a the suit, a transgender woman man person is claiming that Green forcibly sodomized the alleged victim. The suit claims the two met in Scottsdale, Arizona early in 2009 and went back to Green's condo where the alleged assault happened.

The suit seeks $10 million.

Green, you will recall, was signed by the Dolphins on March 12, 2009 but it soon became evident he was a free agent bust. He was routinely beaten on deep routes by every receiver on the team, most notably Anthony Armstrong, who wasn't even good enough to earn a spot on the practice squad.

Green was cut in August by the team. He was picked up by San Francisco and promptly ripped the Dolphins for being an "uptight" organization. He was then cut by the 49'ers and was out of the league the rest of the season.

This is clearly not the kind of publicity Green must have expected to come out of 2009.


Many Dolphins fans have been discussing the possibility of having receiver Brandon Marshall come to the Dolphins based on the fact the team needs help at wide receiver and Marshall is a wide receiver who apparently fell out of favor late last season in Denver when he was benched by coach Josh McDaniels.

Marshall is at the Pro Bowl now and working with the AFC team locally at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Marshall would be a free agent if this offseason were operating under the usual rules, but as there is likely to be no cap, Marshall would not qualify as an unrestricted free agent. So he is in limbo.

I'd like to tell you what Marshall thinks of his situation, but he is perhaps the only player at the Pro Bowl that is refusing to do any media interviews.


The Dolphins got something of a scare this week when the University of Mississippi came calling about talking to quarterback coach David Lee about their offensive coordinator job.

Lee was the offensive coordinator for Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt when the two were at the University of Arkansas. Although Lee remains a candidate, he has not interviewed and a television station in Tulsa reported Dave Rader is expected to get the job.

The Clarion-Ledger is reporting Rader hasn't gotten the job quite yet so one must assume anything can happen. I'll keep you updated.


Come back later today as I'll have un update from the Senior Bowl, complete with a scouting report of the top wide receivers at the game from a guest blogger at the game. In the meantime, we'll give you the latest on things Dolphins throughout the day.


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Short answer, Indiana? I would.

It won't happen, but I'd take him in a heartbeat.

Let me put it to you this way, Vincent Jackson could miss a game, two games, four games even and he'll still end up with a better season in 2010 than any Miami WR on the roster.

And let's face it, he's not getting a four-game suspension.

I'm not condoning driving drunk or without a license. It's wrong. But these are not felonies. He didn't kill anyone. And he can hire a driver in the future.

Moreoever, which player on any team is perfect? They all have their, shall we say, private business we don't know anything about.

I think the Eric Green details in this post should convince you of that.

Having said that, Vincent Jackson has about a .0001 chance of becoming a Dolphin in 2010. Unfortunately for the Dolphins, IMO.

V jackson is gonna be restricted with no CBA. dont see us getting him

I promised a short answer and wrote a book chapter instead. Sorry.

Hampton NT (Less money then Wilfork and Pats won't let him come here)

Dansby ILB/OLB Has position flexiblity and would be the best on the team after he arrives.

My #1 player in the draft for the Fins would be S Eric Berry who will be gone in top 5 picks.

@#12 If he's there I would go for RB CJ Spiller. Too much speed, talent and would give the offense and ST a huge boost.

With Spiller gone I like WR Dez Bryant because I think he represents the next, most talented guy that could come in and help the Fins win. Kind of a T.O. type big guy, that is big, strong and with better hand eye coordination.

I wouldn't draft McClain in the 1st round anyways. See other post(s).

Derrick Morgan reminds of Merling. He may have a little better talent but I dont see him blowing up offenses

Jason-Pierre Paul flashes the most upside (Like a very poor mans Demarcus Ware) but he is extrememly raw. He needs to gain awareness of potential blocks among other things. It will be interesting to see how he develops. A project of this magnitude should not go at #12.

If the Spiller and Bryant are gone and no one slides I would trade back for an extra pick or two and get into position to draft G Mike Iupati. This guy the rock AND the hard spot...lol. Seriously though, he will play at a pro bowl level very soon in the NFL.

Just my opinions. I can respect if you have differing ones. Time will tell who has the eye for talent and who is just woofin.

Fins 4ho Lyfe!! you're dumb.

LOL @ MANDO . Also Notice how the jacka$$ isn't here with mando around ???.

NJ PHIN FAN - What is your take on Rolle? Have you got a chance to see him up close?

I think NJ has wet dreams of being a GM / EXPERT one day lololol.

Mando, any fallout from the Joey Porter story you've been writing about?

Are the Dolphins pissed?

And what about the turdhead at the S-S who kind of questioned your integrety on a post yesterday saying your reporting was sketchy.

Agreed Armando,

The dui thing can be overlooked and rectified. Due to V. Jacksons talent, he will not get out of SD's sights.

I went to the SD vs Cinn game late in the year. Vincent Jackson is a huge, but athletic guy in person. They have groomed him over a long period of time too.

Seeing as he has DUI I think there may be a .08 chance he comes to the Fins... lol

Fins 4ho Lyfe!!! now you are even dumber.

Ha! Rob made a funny. Very good.

Rob, I went to the Pro Bowl practice Wednesday. Watching Jackson and Brandon Marshall is pretty impressive. These guys look like latter day tight ends.

Except, of course, that they run 4.4s. You have no idea how imposing they are until you see them in person. TV don't do them justice.

FLPD, I haven't heard of any fallout. As for everything else you mentioned, I stand by my reporting.

Alex - Yes the guy is money, but a pending DUI could result in a suspension from the league possibly. Just something to watch out for and to be cautious

The Joey. Do you also go by son of a son of shula LOL ??? Rolle is alot like taylor mays in that they have great size requirements for the saftey position but he looks a little stiff and needs work in pass coverage. He needs to play in a game because he hasn't played in one for a year . This sat and the combine will go along way to where he is drafted. Right now . i'd say the 3rd round.

lol Rob, very clever.

I heard Dan LeFevour talk earlier. I watched Central Michigan a few times this year. Dan was hailed this year as the best MAC QB of all times. Recent MAC grads who played in the NFL incude Chad Pennington, Byron Leftwich, and Ben Rothliesberger.

Granted he had an awesome career at CM, I doubt he will be a great NFL QB. His arm strength is average at best, he is shorter at 6'2, and struggles throwing on the run.

I wouldn't go near him

You say that the pro bowl needs fixing that I do agree, however I propose that we take out to preseason games (as the NFL has already shown a interest in shorten the preseason) and have a added midseason bye for team. These two extra weeks will be composed of the pro bowl and a bye week so players and coaches and get back on the same page. I believe this will make the game mean more and not count out the BIG stars like Manning and etc.

Armando, the Dolphins aren't the only ones looking at Peria Jerry's "little" brother. CBS had an article directed at him earlier this week. He was awesome at the practices and is "on the radar"

:) Thnx for the props on the chuckle!

You are not kidding Armando, that guy is a skyscraper in person!

Yeah, it's very in vogue to have at least one big, tall guy that can leap up and grab the ball at it's highest point. V. Jackson is along the lines of some of the best playin right now at that.

That is why I have mentioned trying again for Anquan Bolden. He is a big bodied leaper that due to some injury concerns and the development of AZ WR Steve Breaston and WR Early Doucet he should be more expendable... especially for a dsicounted price tag.

Armando - I can agree with you on seeing pro athletes in person. Last night I went to the Paces/Lakers game here in Indianpolis and was sitting center court row 14. It was my first NBA game I attended live and I have to say the NBA game is very different to watch live and much different than college. Anywho, them NBA players are freaking monsters. Seeing Bynum, Gasol and Odom on the court at the same time along with Roy Hibbert was just flat out amazing. They don't seem as big on TV and SportsCenter

Thanks NJ PHIN FAN! And no I am not him. I am not as pessimistic as Son of Shula. I actually believe this regime is doing good things at the top speed that they can "actually" do it.

I would just like to see Rolle fall into the Dolphins hands, but only in the right draft position. Looks like he would be a great 3rd round pick up.

BTW: How do you see the Dolphins drafting at this point?

Dan lefevour's arm strength has looked pretty damn good this wee so much so Mike mayock and cory chavous now having him going in the 2nd round. It doesn't matter though , I don't think miami will be drafting another qb in the 2nd round. LOL

LOL, yeah NJ...That would make us Detroit with its WR's.

And Rob in OC, further to your point on offense vs defense. I am not happy obviously with the performance of the defense nor do I think the offense is there yet.

However, at least the offense is young. No starters over the age of 29 and many under the age of 25. The RB position is aging though.

I don't necessarily buy this entire offense is irrelevant argument Mando has been floating around. Sure the 2 teams in the SB have average at best defenses. However, they also have the best 2 QBs in the game. Not a lot of those guys floating around. And definitely not enough for anyone to dismiss the importance of defense.

Does anyone know who the best passing offense in the NFL was? Houston - no playoffs. 3rd best? NE, bounced at home in the first round.

So if you don't have a galactico of a QB, you have to shore up the other parts of your team. And another fact that is never mentioned on this blog is that the top 6 defenses in the NFL last year are all playoff teams - regardless of who their QB is or how good their offense is. Can't say that about offense.

LOL @ Rob in OC nice!

As for the SS, I stopped reading O when he said he doesn’t do the stock report because of dirty looks he gets from players after putting them on the down list. How can you be a legitimate journalist and be afraid of upsetting your subject?

LOL @ the joey. so you do know son of son. He loves rolle. Anyway , i see this draft as defense and LB heavy at the top. Throw in a Te , wr and guard later in the draft. I do one thing , miami won't be drafting a RB at 12.

Do you know what LBs specifically we have on radar? Outside of McClain?

LOL @ Always right , i think i know who you are after that give away regarding omar and the stock report. You were at ss asking for the stock report time after time. I won't reveal who you are and i'll leave it at that. LOL :)

Mark in Toronto - No starters over the age of 29 on offense??? Ricky Williams started almost half our games this year...Also, Jake Grove is 30

Get your facts straight or do they not teach those things north of the border?

NJ - How do you know they won't go with RB with #12? McCluster is a RB and they could go after him or even CJ Spiller. What if their top prospects are all gone before 12? They just may take the best talent available...

Did you call Parcells and ask him since you "know"...

South Practice is about to begin.


I remember that guy too although I don’t remember his name. That wasn’t me. I used to post on the SS occasionally but was telling the truth that I really have only read Mando’s blog and just started posting the other day.

Indiana, don't be a douche - Mark noted that the RB's are aging... and Jake turned 30 6 days ago.. I don't think the Dolphins have started a game in the last 6 days.

Well Indiana and NJ, Don't you think we could let RB slide by right now as we address our needs down the middle of our DEFENSE?

The joey ???? I said that and i agree .

So far nothing but tebow until now. mayock is singing the praises of mike nolan and how miami fans are going to love his defense.

Actually Mark in Toronto,

If you go to NFL.com/stats

It shows Houston 4rth in yards per game and 10th in points per game.

New England was 3rd in YPG and 6th in PPG.

With regards to Yards Per Game AND Points Per Game allowed Defensively league wide the teams that were in the top 10 that did NOT make the playoffs were: Pitt, Denver, Car and SF.

With regards to the same stats Offensively the only two teams that did NOT make the playoffs were: Pitt and the Giants.

Using these stats it would tell me that you are twice as likely to get to the SB if you have a better Off than Def. This is the quick strike, rules totally favor off, gotta be able to make up points in a hurry NFL. The NFL braintrust know that 3 to 6 games don't get the golden reviews.

The Jets were best in both categories defensively and they got ousted.

I am a former defensive player. I love pressure DEF all day long. I'm glad Nolan is a bigtime blitzer.

Hear me when I say I am not shunning the DEF. I simply feel that you win more often by having the more talented group of players as a whole. Of course, scheme, play calling, injuries, luck come into play but talent weighs heaviest.

That is why I stake claim to Spiller as I think he is the most talented player that we may have access to at #12. I would pick Def S Eric Berry over Spiller in a second. I think Berry will go in the top 5.

They got mike nolan miked up working with LB's . He's got me wanting to run through a wall right now.:)

Nice...NJ, I hope we become Blitzkrieg South under Nolan.

If we had 44 sacks and tied for third in the NFL, we should be able to add to the figure.

Thanks for answering Mando.

By the way, I agree with you about adding some Canes on the team. Jimmy Graham baby!

Good value in middle rounds. He's 6-6!

Rob in OC - Mark only stated passing yards, not total offense...

"I simply feel that you win more often by having the more talented group of players as a whole" -- NO KIDDING CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! If you have the best O in the league but the worst D in the league, things may not work out in your favor. So when you say a team would win more often with having a more talented group as a whole that is plain obvious. Why do you think less talented teams "as a whole" don't make the playoffs or win SuperBowls than the "more talented" teams...

According to Twitter, Sean Smith and his brother along with Vontae and Vernon Davis (brothers for those who didn't know that) are partying it up hard this weekend, but I sure hope they stay out of trouble...

Well I'll tell ya Indy Jones Dolfan.

I bring up the more talented group as a whole "obvious" statement as it better supports my theory of how to build through the draft. I am a big believer in best athlete available. That is why I include statements like that.

It simply best illustrates how a Def minded guy like myself could possibly cross over and agree with taking offensive talent like Spiller or Dez Bryant. Heck, our team a number of spots to fill and probably more of Def. You just can't solve it by taking bodies to plug in if you want to get better. I really don't see the talent flowing @ #12 on the Def side of the ball this year.

Signed Cap'n Obvious

Also, for anyone who cares NFL Network will have "Dolphins Cheerleaders: Making the Squad" on 1/31 at 7:30pm

Hey, what can I say I won't refuse the opportunity to check out some hot cheerleaders!!

If they are even thinking about getting dez bryant in first round I'd say give up that pick and go get marshall. he's a beast

They just talked about taylor mays and how he's aware of the criticism. Mays says he does need to work on his back pedal , coverage and play the ball more instead of just going for the hit. All weaknesses i've discussed before.

Signed Cap'n Obvious - AWESOME!! Love it!! I don't completely disagree, but I just had to give you a hard time...


Was Eric Green gentle?


Nice to see you reporting on prospects for the OL. As I had stated yesterday I watched the replay of the Dolphins v Panthers game and had some interesting observations, one being the O-line. Particularly Nate Garner who in a pinch played tackle, guard, and center when both Berger and Grove whent down and Thomas came out of the game. He is a good O-line man and is very versitle. But the Dolphins regime will not stop there because they are always looking to upgrade the O-line at all times and again will never leave any stone un-turned. Even if they had spent 156 mil they will always look to make the Dolphins better at every position. Go trifecta! Go!

BoulderFinFan - Stop with Marshall...especially giving up a pick, not to mention a 1st rounder

LOL, Indiana. Hey ya gotta bust some chops sometimes man... Thanks for being a great sport about the blog stuff.

Another thing Indiana Dolfan...

As for the comments I made about Marks post I feel I posted the more relevant numbers in Yards Per Game and Points Per Game.

Fouts and Marino through for massive yards and both are sadly lacking in the ring department.

Better yet, if I asked you before a season if you would prefer to have the Fins give up an NFL worst ever record for most yards on Def but lead the league in Points Against scoring Def, would you take it? I would in a heart beat... I think Nolan would too.

Cheers ID

Practice is over. I'm out til later.

It's fun to bust a chop here and there. If I am not kidding and really don't like you (Josh, ALoco) I would let you know...

I agree YPG and PPG are more relevant, but offense these days must have a better passing game. That has been proved with Indy and the Saints when they both played the Fins this year. Ground and pound doesn't work as good as the old days anymore...changing of the guards!!

BTW, Nolan proved that in Denver (or at least the first half of the season)...they didn't give up points and that is how they won their first 6! That style is here in Miami now. We will be in SB soon!! Hopefully when the SB is in Indy, so I won't have to travel but 20 minutes max to get to the stadium!! :)

Indiana Dolfan--

I've previously expounded on this at length, but in sum:

If the Dolphins Front Office were to follow Sean Smith's Tweets, or cHECK out the fine folks he exchanges Tweets with, their HEADS WOULD START SPINNING LIKE lINDA bLAIR'S.

Mark in Toronto

i agree with you on Derrick Morgan regarding coming on strong late in the season and had those three sacks in the game, and how he reminds you of Shawn Merriman. But he may struggle in coverage and many believe he is better suited for the 4-3 defense. That said against Iowa O-line and Bulaga he struggled and I can only imagine what the pros will do to him. Most left tackles are very good in the NFL. All right heres to your man crush. lol
Talk to you later.

I don't think this current regime is only ground and pound. I just think they put a huge emphasis on being able to physically impose your will on your opponent in any possible way. Our strengths going into this year were definitely a solid run defense. In the last draft, it looked as though, Trifecta was looking for big, strong receivers for a passing game. Just they did not pan out.

The Seer - Couldn't agree more. He is an interesting character!

TheJoey - They were ground and pound because Pennington couldn't throw the ball deep, then Henne was not fortunate to have his receivers go deep consistently. They had (before Brown's injury) 2 stud RB's, so why wouldn't you ground and pound. If you take away the 2 games the Colts sat their players I still say Miami gave them the toughest game of the year or at least the best game plan on how to stop Peyton Manning --> he can't pass and score when he is on the sidelines. Minus 2 big plays (first play of game and go ahead TD, both fluke BS) we dominated everything they tried to do with GROUND AND POUND!!!

Carlito, why did you ask if Eric Green was gentle?

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