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The latest on the Miami Dolphins at this hour

[Updated 1:30 p.m.]

I'm hearing whispers out of Mobile, Alabama where the Dolphins staff is coaching the South team that offensive lineman John Jerry is among the players that has caught the coaches' collective eyeballs.

Yes, I know. Aside from Dexter McCluster -- who you will see running the Wildcat in the game on Saturday. I'm told the Dolphins want to see him working the formation. Hmmmm.

Anyway, about Jerry: He played left tackle almost exclusively at Ole Miss. But the Dolphins are curious about him as a guy that might be able to play either tackle or guard spot. At 6-5 and 335 pounds he has a bit of that swing size. He isn't very well built, I'm told. I haven't seen him. But he apparently has good quickness for his ... girth.

Why in heaven's name am I discussing offensive linemen? Well, the depressing truth is that after two years of construction and $156 million in total contracts starting in 2009, the Miami offensive line isn't completely solidified yet.

The right guard spot continues to be a question mark for the team. Donald Thomas, the player everyone hoped would be the answer, spent his entire rookie season injured, and then struggled late in his second season to the point he lost his starting job late in the year.

The Dolphins like Nate Garner but aren't prepared to anoint him the starter by any means. Jerry could be a mid-round answer (assuming he lasts that long). The team is curious about how well Jerry would work as a T/G swing man, something that would add more value to him should injury arise at tackle.


Well, now maybe now we know one reason Eric Green, the cornerback signed as a free agent last offseason, struggled so mightily during training camp. He had, shall we say, issues in his personal life if a lawsuit filed in Florida could be believed.

According a the suit, a transgender woman man person is claiming that Green forcibly sodomized the alleged victim. The suit claims the two met in Scottsdale, Arizona early in 2009 and went back to Green's condo where the alleged assault happened.

The suit seeks $10 million.

Green, you will recall, was signed by the Dolphins on March 12, 2009 but it soon became evident he was a free agent bust. He was routinely beaten on deep routes by every receiver on the team, most notably Anthony Armstrong, who wasn't even good enough to earn a spot on the practice squad.

Green was cut in August by the team. He was picked up by San Francisco and promptly ripped the Dolphins for being an "uptight" organization. He was then cut by the 49'ers and was out of the league the rest of the season.

This is clearly not the kind of publicity Green must have expected to come out of 2009.


Many Dolphins fans have been discussing the possibility of having receiver Brandon Marshall come to the Dolphins based on the fact the team needs help at wide receiver and Marshall is a wide receiver who apparently fell out of favor late last season in Denver when he was benched by coach Josh McDaniels.

Marshall is at the Pro Bowl now and working with the AFC team locally at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Marshall would be a free agent if this offseason were operating under the usual rules, but as there is likely to be no cap, Marshall would not qualify as an unrestricted free agent. So he is in limbo.

I'd like to tell you what Marshall thinks of his situation, but he is perhaps the only player at the Pro Bowl that is refusing to do any media interviews.


The Dolphins got something of a scare this week when the University of Mississippi came calling about talking to quarterback coach David Lee about their offensive coordinator job.

Lee was the offensive coordinator for Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt when the two were at the University of Arkansas. Although Lee remains a candidate, he has not interviewed and a television station in Tulsa reported Dave Rader is expected to get the job.

The Clarion-Ledger is reporting Rader hasn't gotten the job quite yet so one must assume anything can happen. I'll keep you updated.


Come back later today as I'll have un update from the Senior Bowl, complete with a scouting report of the top wide receivers at the game from a guest blogger at the game. In the meantime, we'll give you the latest on things Dolphins throughout the day.


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The folks in patsyville are starting their Jason Taylor would be a perfect fit for the Patsies reporting again.

Yea, Eric Green needs to move to San Francisco or Boston so he could have a "ball" with other sodomites. In those cities, they actually 'promote/encourage' that type of behavior. Wait a minute? Darn, so does South Beach. LOL.

$156,000,000 for a Oline and still looking for a tackle/guard? What's wrong with this picture?

Well, after this embarrassing news breaking out about Eric Green, Barak Obama may just give him a call about hiring him for some position in his administration. Obama seems to have an obsession with people who like that type of behavior....

beerndrums - I believe J. Taylor is either going to play for Miami or retire. He tried to play elsewhere and didn't like it since he was away from his family. I don't think he will play for a different team again and the Patriots are dominant like they use to be. I feel Fins have more to look forward to in future than the Pats.


Because Eric Green molestered a transvestite, I figured it was our favorite he/she Dolphins fan Marc.


Was Eric Green gentle?

Posted by: carlito from golfito | January 28, 2010 at 03:59 PM


I am going to get looks for laughing at the office like this.. haha

The great thing about a blog is that everyone has an opinion. Who's right? Obviously I think I am but who's to say.

Also, Rob, a modern Bill Parcells is anything but gorund n pound. When the Tuna left the Cowboys 2 years ago, they were among the more talented teams in the league and could pass with anyone.

Does anyone also remember Bill making Vinny Testaverde a borderline MVP candidate with the Jets?

Also the Dolphin offense was vastly different with henne vs Pennington.

His teams were balanced and could do everything well. He will do the same thing here. Despite many people's cries for more offense, it's the defense that has been neglected more during the Trifecta's reign here. This draft needs more defense. Can't play a season with 5 starters on defense past their prime.

Also, when I stated the offense has no starters over 30, Ronnie Brown was the undisputed starter at RB and he was 28.

You'd think Eric Green would be better in bump n run coverage?????

Mark in Toronto,

He was too busy trying to playing grab ass and whisper in they ear as they run by

Well that is what I am precisely saying Indiana Dolfan... Phins went with their strengths at the time. Though, I feel if we had a dominant passing game, I believe we would exploit that. Completely, but even with the pass, I feel the Trifecta would be looking for players that could still destroy you physically, especially sap your will over 4 quarters of play. Hence the search for a dominant Tight End and not a finesse one. So essentially, we agree. Though I just don't think the Tuna or Ireland will ever stop building on what they have, before getting to the Passing game. But the last draft makes you wonder.

Hahaha, this would also explain why we haven't heard from Marc in a while. His lawyer might be advising him.

Mark - Ricky was still our starter for almost half the season and we have a 30 year old lineman! HaHa

You would like Eric Green to bump and run you wouldn't you?

Mark in Toronto,

Marc isn't worried about Armando's blog right now, he/she's trying to get his/hers 10 million dollars and deciding what dress to wear to trial.

Carlito, he can buy a lot of dresses with that money - couture!!!!

Indiana, if I need to spell it out for you, Ricky was not our starter - he was bumped to starter after injury.

And yes, I would have liked it if Eric Green was going to bump n run with opposing receivers. he would have completely shut down his side of the field. makes you wonder what Darrell Revis does to get similar results????

Too bad about Green. He must have been great covering tight ends and on man to man coverage.
Does anyone know our new DC's take on B Marshall?

SO - you want to make the bumped to starter comparison let's look at our ORIGINAL QB...

either way you look at it you are still wrong!!



Thanks for the updates, Looking forward to your synopsis of all that you witnessed and your favorite players we should watch.

Please, no Marc, blog has been so much better without


The pursuit of perfection is obviously very expensive. Maybe this year they will get it right.

I think Indiana Dolfan is an idiotic jerk . You can also also throw in a complete tool.

Mark @ 4:41,

Right, that’s why we come here, to hear what people are saying, nothing wrong with that.

coco there is nothing wrong with this picture other than this regime is trying to fix all the goofs of past regimes for the last 8-10 years or soo of bad picks, free agent singing and gving away draft picks.

They had to solidify the line before they even started because you cant start with nothing or the process of making the Dolphins contenders would take 6-8 years. Also this shows that no matter who gets what if there is a better player then the Trifecta is gonna find them and if they fit the mantra and scheme of this regime then all the more better. And though we we were a top rushing team for most of the season when some O-line men whent down the running game suffered some along with losing Ronnie Brown. There is nothing wrong with that picture, if there is a better player out there that is within the reach of this regime they will get him. It all starts with the O-line, the Oline my friend. The final four playoffs teams all had good to great O-line men.

Mando, have you heard anything about the coaching staff's interest in Iowa's Iupati? I know he's on the north team but from what I hear he's easily the best o-linemen at the senior bowl and could possibly play all five positions on the line. If we lose out on McClain I think he'd be a great addition.

stop the madness - That is quite humerous. No reasoning huh? Can't take a little busting of the chops for fun huh? Interesting...

I hear Vernon Carey is a member of B.A.

Buffets Anonymous and that it is not going to well.....

Indiana , I also forgot to mention you're a complete jacka$$. The reason is some of the ways you treat posters.

Hey guys what time and channel is the Seinor Bowl?

NFL Network @ 4:00 Saturday.

bacala is good for you .

Dried cod?

No more Steak for me.....

dried cod salad is great , you let the water run for 4 hours then cut the dried fish like hair .

All you guys are jerk and a waste of time. We have idiots talking about food on a football blog. Go screw yourselves . You guys are pathetic.

Thats not nice stop the madness.

stop and think . the madness is like a meat ball ready to explode any minute .

I was gonna send ya a fruit basket.

ALoco. lol.

Guess i'm pathetic and you won't be my friend.

Here's an interesting dilemma guys,

Lets say the Dolphins sign MLB Carlos Dansby in Free Agency which is somewhat of a possibility,do the Dolphins pick Rolando McClain (if he's available)in the draft?

Considering Dansby would cost quite a bit and knowing Crowder was resigned just last year for alot of money,it would be interesting to know what afew of us would do...

Here's an interesting dilemma guys,

Lets say the Dolphins sign MLB Carlos Dansby in Free Agency which is somewhat of a possibility,do the Dolphins pick Rolando McClain (if he's available)in the draft?

Considering Dansby would cost quite a bit and knowing Crowder was resigned just last year for alot of money,it would be interesting to know what afew of us would do...

stop the madness has no soul

stop the madness can't wait to hear from his pal, NJ

Mark, then you don't draft McClain. I mean you can't justify that pick after spending that money on a MLB.

Correct on that Mark/Toronto. You would not draft McClain

Ace the devil is back and mark the baseball guy is back .

Aloco,, what makes Mark a baseball guy?

he always talk baseball as if it's a real sport .

my girl friend wants me to buy her the ipad ?

Aloco, Is a Ipad similar to a IPOD??? or is it something only chicks use???


YES...they should pick McClain....He's got good reflexes and will only get better working under Nolan. acquiring both will stabilize the (LLB) positions for the next 4 or 5 years.

I also have to comment on Rob in OC's "Y o u t u b e.. concerns"...

Try to remember that NFL Scouts have access to 2 and 3 YEARS worth of tape on a given player. The 7 minutes and 33 seconds on Youtube is almost meaningless. If scouts (who are paid to do this) rate him in the first round.....then there's a reason. They're just exposed to much more film then we can possibly have time (or the patients) to look at (...even NJ Phin Fan.) Lastly, Parcells knows Linebackers better than most of the NFL. If he ends up drafting the guy, it will mean that McClain has the potential to be a stud.


joey in jersey, i am sick of seeing every name ending w/ the word JERSEY .CAN YOU PLEASE CHANGE YOUR NAME ?

LOL @ poor aloco . jersey is invading this blog. :)

Just got in and would like to remind you guys that Dansby was a olb in college and started out with arizona as a olb. He's be perfect as a SOLB with mcclain , crowder and wake/taylor.

What do you want from me...I'm from there.


Aloco, What's a ipad????

NJ, Collected 880 dollars from my Brothers in blue, trying to get a first class ticket to miami, but they want to much... What would you do "O mighty one"lol...:)

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