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The latest on the Miami Dolphins at this hour

[Updated 1:30 p.m.]

I'm hearing whispers out of Mobile, Alabama where the Dolphins staff is coaching the South team that offensive lineman John Jerry is among the players that has caught the coaches' collective eyeballs.

Yes, I know. Aside from Dexter McCluster -- who you will see running the Wildcat in the game on Saturday. I'm told the Dolphins want to see him working the formation. Hmmmm.

Anyway, about Jerry: He played left tackle almost exclusively at Ole Miss. But the Dolphins are curious about him as a guy that might be able to play either tackle or guard spot. At 6-5 and 335 pounds he has a bit of that swing size. He isn't very well built, I'm told. I haven't seen him. But he apparently has good quickness for his ... girth.

Why in heaven's name am I discussing offensive linemen? Well, the depressing truth is that after two years of construction and $156 million in total contracts starting in 2009, the Miami offensive line isn't completely solidified yet.

The right guard spot continues to be a question mark for the team. Donald Thomas, the player everyone hoped would be the answer, spent his entire rookie season injured, and then struggled late in his second season to the point he lost his starting job late in the year.

The Dolphins like Nate Garner but aren't prepared to anoint him the starter by any means. Jerry could be a mid-round answer (assuming he lasts that long). The team is curious about how well Jerry would work as a T/G swing man, something that would add more value to him should injury arise at tackle.


Well, now maybe now we know one reason Eric Green, the cornerback signed as a free agent last offseason, struggled so mightily during training camp. He had, shall we say, issues in his personal life if a lawsuit filed in Florida could be believed.

According a the suit, a transgender woman man person is claiming that Green forcibly sodomized the alleged victim. The suit claims the two met in Scottsdale, Arizona early in 2009 and went back to Green's condo where the alleged assault happened.

The suit seeks $10 million.

Green, you will recall, was signed by the Dolphins on March 12, 2009 but it soon became evident he was a free agent bust. He was routinely beaten on deep routes by every receiver on the team, most notably Anthony Armstrong, who wasn't even good enough to earn a spot on the practice squad.

Green was cut in August by the team. He was picked up by San Francisco and promptly ripped the Dolphins for being an "uptight" organization. He was then cut by the 49'ers and was out of the league the rest of the season.

This is clearly not the kind of publicity Green must have expected to come out of 2009.


Many Dolphins fans have been discussing the possibility of having receiver Brandon Marshall come to the Dolphins based on the fact the team needs help at wide receiver and Marshall is a wide receiver who apparently fell out of favor late last season in Denver when he was benched by coach Josh McDaniels.

Marshall is at the Pro Bowl now and working with the AFC team locally at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Marshall would be a free agent if this offseason were operating under the usual rules, but as there is likely to be no cap, Marshall would not qualify as an unrestricted free agent. So he is in limbo.

I'd like to tell you what Marshall thinks of his situation, but he is perhaps the only player at the Pro Bowl that is refusing to do any media interviews.


The Dolphins got something of a scare this week when the University of Mississippi came calling about talking to quarterback coach David Lee about their offensive coordinator job.

Lee was the offensive coordinator for Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt when the two were at the University of Arkansas. Although Lee remains a candidate, he has not interviewed and a television station in Tulsa reported Dave Rader is expected to get the job.

The Clarion-Ledger is reporting Rader hasn't gotten the job quite yet so one must assume anything can happen. I'll keep you updated.


Come back later today as I'll have un update from the Senior Bowl, complete with a scouting report of the top wide receivers at the game from a guest blogger at the game. In the meantime, we'll give you the latest on things Dolphins throughout the day.


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AL-Loco, $499.00 is for the stripped down minimum version... If u want Internet access and all the bells and whistles, which of course everyone will want, it's closer to a grand.

Cuban, Jet Blue has the best fares and service, did u chk them??

Aloco, Buy her a meatball sub with all the toppings buddy.......


I'll check them now....

So the Dolphins will have to get most of their help in the draft. It' going to be tough.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | January 28, 2010 at 01:54 PM

Mando, add RB to that list. Two of our top three coming off season ending injury, and one who is only going to play one more year.


We DO have some pretty good GOLF Courses up here...that true.

Sorry if we're stressing you out...
There's just a lot of us. (eg: more people per square mile in the northeast)...(I'm guessing you knew that.)


I have 3 aliases that I use on this Blog..."Joey in Jersey" just happens to be a (nostalgic) tribute to a couple of Nightclubs up here.

I don't know..if something pops into my head, then maybe I'll change. (I don't feel like thinking that deep right now...(:)


Joey . are you talking about joey's in clifton now known as bliss. There's also joey harrison's surf club down the shore.

Just cut or trade all the dead weight like porter , that idiot ginn, and that loser gibril . Man was that ginn selection the worst in fin history or what . I still hate cam for that one .

Joey sounds an awful like Soiled Bottom....

CHEERS ???. We don't say that in Jersey.

You talk about the solidification of the O-line as if it is a unit that when put together will play every game for 5 consecutive years. That has never happened on any team. Players get injured, traded, fat,slow, expensive whatever.
There is only 1 player position on the Phins that is set:
Chad Henne.
Because Stephen Ross is the biggest single alumni contributor to Michigan football. Stephen Ross likes Chad Henne so much he bought the team.

You Got it.

Chicagos (Soundgarden /-- and whatever its now called) was pretty good too.


Even relatively minor experiences shape who we are.


AHHHH , Chicago's !!! Tuesday night ladies night. Soundgarden too. It's called RISE now.

Punishthesox, what does your name mean? I think I know.

In Lodi????

Menace , yeah !!!

It means screw the red sox . I hate them with a passion

Been There, Had a great time, but it was like 2 years ago, it was Soundgarden......

I got lucky in a cemetery right down the street if memory serves me right(Though she was a live one, not a Corpse)Good times....

I knew it. I could feel the hate as well. I hate them with even more passion than you. I am assuming you are a NYY fan. I don't like the Patriots also. Maybe I should log in as "punishthepats" sometimes.

LMAO@Menace "corpse" comment.

lol Cuban

LOL @ Menace.

(...I'm, breaking my own rule here, but I'll continue this thread because its enjoyable...)

I a m e ll o
"mixed the music"

The thing about Tuesdays were that you could meet women who had their lives together... They could stay out semi-late and still be worth something at work the next day. There were five or six other clubs that I'll resist the urge to mention. Everybody dressed with class.
To this day I've never seen such a collection of people all in one place.

Anyway, I gotta sign off and do some preparation for work tomorrow.

God Bless.

eric green let's guys get behind him just like he gets behind trans...... whatever they are!!

I'm glad I'm not the only Boston hater in this blog. Hard core NYY fan along with my BADASS FINS. Glad to meet u ace . And just for the record , even though I'm a Yankee fan I still hate the jets


I explained this awhile back to another poster who had trouble understanding how you can be fan of one team and hate another. I too am a hardcore NYY fan and Dolphin fan. Hate the sox, jets, pats, bills. I believe there are a few sox haters on this blog. I hope to get spring training tickets to see them in Tampa.


Wasnt Dansby a 4-3 out side line backer?

And did he have his best years at ILB?

Guys...new blog up!

I have to say I am just a bit confused with all of the angst that seems to be coursing through the Blog today. I would only give pause to remember that, as fans, we are EXTREMELY limited in our real knowledge of the thought processes of Parcells, Sparano and Ireland. Because of his proximity to the teams on any given day as a beat writer. I will always give Armando the benefit of doubt. I have never had a problem with ANYONE on this site and would not ever expect to. Suffice it to say Ladies and Gentlemen... This entire exercise, blogging and replying to others Blogs, is nothing more then a new found electronic pass time. Taking what you say or what another may say seriously is a waste of mental energy and in all honestly... A bit silly given the PURE speculation and Santa Clause wishing that happens here.
All said I would like to say to each and everyone of you... Thank You... Thank you for spending a few moments, as I do. To empty a few brain cells into a Blog box just to help communicate the actions and direction of our Team.. The Miami Dolphins...
Nuff said by me... Just in case anyone was wondering... YES... The Jets still suck!

Now to what I wanted to say.... Miami would not be picking stupidly to take a GOOD Tackle or Guard if one were available and he was the best player on the board (opinions very here) and was sitting there. I saw plenty of times when The O-line disintegrated and we got stuffed or lost a sack. My opinion is this... If you are absolutely and completely DOMINANT on either of the two lines... You are on the way to the trophy presentation. I feel that the Lines are the keys to the Trophy. Take a WR at #2 pick... there are 2 I like for the #2 pick... Brandon LaFell from LSU... and as a RB... CJ Spiller would be nice... but he would have to be picked up in the 12th pick. Then build the D from the 2nd 3rd, 4th & 5th picks... see if a TE falls to us.... perhaps a even a late round shot at another RB. I do believe there comes a time when you stop shopping and start taking the best talent on the board. If you don't you raise the Bust percentage chasing positions instead of picking football players. I remember last year was a low talent draft... by the end of the 5th... it was "Coaches Choice" and very little position shopping.

Joey in Jersey,

Is that what you're gonna hang your hat on? That NFL scouts do all the homework, 100% better and more of it so they are automatically right?

It's not a test where the more you study means you win or automatically find the stud(s).

Do you know how many countless hours of study, scouting, discussion, praying and hard work went into picking LB Andray Bruce, LB Eric Kumerow, LB Trev Alberts, DE/LB Mike Mamula, LB Brian Bosworth and for a newer example LB Vernon Gholston? Lord knows all the NFL teams involed spent countless hours debating their options, using time, effort and resources with the best football minds in the country. Well maybe not in the Jet's case (Bam-roasted!).

How about one of the best slot receivers in the game today in our own WR D. Bess going undrafted?? How could other scouts not have found him with all their study, film review and hard work? Why did these guys go so late?... DE Richard Dent, LB Zack Thomas, WR Pierre Garcon, WR Marques Colston, etc... the list is crazy long.

The answer is: It's STILL a crapshoot. No matter what scouts, myself, yourself, Mayock, NFL mucky mucks, draftniks and idiot savants (which are Jet fans sans the savant) have to say about who's going to be a pro bowler and who is a Buster McGholston.

So I, like many folks connected to the draft process in spirit or for an actual job, like to take a stab at the talent guessing game. Eye balling the field and venturing a guess at what Parcells will do or what the Fins need. I prefer framing things in a "what I would do if I ran the show" format. I feel it's sticks the neck out further as you get set up for the pie in the face or get to ride the wave of accolades knowing you chose correctly. That's all. No harm meant, no fouling others even if their opinions are radically different than my own.

Thanks for the shout out Joey in Jersey.

In the same vein as Derek in WPB...

Here is what I wanted to say.

With all that said, I cannot stomach those "insignificant" 7:33 seconds of utube vid on Rolando McClain and in good faith tell a soul that the Fins should touch him with a 10 ft pole. That's as strong a statement as I can make.

I do reserve the right to eat my words if McClain is a King Kong mauler stud as most think he will be. The Fins mean enough to me that if they end up chosing McClain I will be praying I am 100% wrong on him.

I am sticking to my guns...

Want but can't have S Eric Berry

Possibly there @ #12 RB CJ Spiller.

Next possible @ #12 WR Dez Bryant

If they are not there I trade back maybe just s few spots to snag an extra pick and grab G/? Mike Iupati.
If no one will trade I take Mike Iupati at #12. Our Oline is still very unsettled and this guy can probably play any of the spots along line. Even if he just plays a rock solid G it will be worth it. Trench warfare wins most games.


As a lifelong Phins fan that lives in the Boston area, I agree that Vince Wilfork would be an outstanding addition.
However, the chances of getting him are extremely remote. He is probably going to receive the franchise tag from the Pats.
I would love to see Brandon Marshall in Miami, but VJackson and Miles Austin would be suitable alternatives. They NEED a No.1 WR. Anyone you draft will have a learning curve and won't be much of a factor right away. I prefer going to get one of the established guys.

So the only wide receivers Green can cover are the ones that have a pole to grab.....LOL Green's favoite movie is the Bird Cage :)

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