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Unsavory possibilities during Super Bowl week

As you might have read at the top of my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald the Dolphins practice facility will be the headquarters for the AFC Champions the week before the Super Bowl.

And so Miami players had to clean out their lockers to make room for another team --  a better team -- to come in and use the space before the Super Bowl.

The truth is the entire practice facility will be on lockdown the week the AFC champs are in town. No Dolphins players will be allowed to work out in the weight room or use the training room. And the second floor of the facility, while open to Miami staff, will be locked up in certain places so folks like Tony Sparano or Bill Parcells or Jeff Ireland won't be peeking at the AFC champions' practices.

I've been told it is possible Sparano will give his coaching staff that week off so as to limit the insult of not having full run of the facility and also maximize the efficiency of the weeks they are working on post-season evaluations.

"That's crazy and what really hurts is you look up the street and see the Jets made the playoffs," Dolphins safety Yeremiah Bell said. "I mean, we beat them twice this year. But at the saem time, they earned it. They found a way to get it together at the end of the year and get themelves in. It is what it is and we'll try again next year."

Can you believe it?

There is a possibility -- a small one I admit, but a possibility nonetheless -- that the team using Miami's facility will be the New York Jets. Yeah, the same team that scoffed at the Dolphins twice this season after Miami beat them twice.

There's also a chance the team using the Miami facility will be the New England Patriots. The Patriots have an easier road to the Super Bowl than New York as they actually will have at least one home playoff game when the tournament begins this weekend.

The fact of the matter is four three of the six teams in the AFC playoffs beat Miami this year -- San Diego, Indy and New England. Baltimore and Cincinnati did not play the Dolphins in 2009.

And then, of course, is this usavory irony: One of the coaches that might be using the Miami facility before the Super Bowl? Baltimore offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

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Cam Cameron should never be allowed back in the stadium for making some of the worst coaching / personnel decisions in the history of football.

Think about it. The guy not only traded Welker for what would become Satele - but he signed John Beck - TWICE!


Jets, Pats, CamMoron!?!?!?

When will this nightmare end?

Mando 4 of the 6 afc playoff teams did not beat Miami. Yes we did not play cincy or Balt but we swept te jets and split with the dolphins. Miami only surrendered defeat against Indy and SD...

Meant to say split with NE my bad

Not worried about the Jets in the Dolphins' facility, they'll be too busy showering together and playing tickle fights as Rex Ryan weeps because no one invited him. He's a sensitive guy!!

Man this is freakin lame. So the blank what. The facility is being used for the betterment of the entire S Flordia area, consider it charity. It's also not the 1st time for this, it's like, the 4th, so boo hoo.

Thanks for pointing this out, Mando. I'm now on suicide watch.

Finally, the year of you kicking us around like an old mule is over. Please go away and find work at Fox or ESPN or NFL Network or something because we're tired of getting abused.

Anyway, great reading you this year. Please keep it up in the offseason, yo!


Next you're going to tell us Nick Saban has some ties and he'll be coming back as well.

That was a good column today. Outlined interesting stuff about where the team is. Thanks for a very fine year of coverage. Keep up the good work.

You know what, I'll take Sparano's route on this one: If they feel bad because of all of this...good. They should. Despite all the talk about the receivers, Linebackers, injuries, yadda, yadda... The 53 man roster at the beginning of the year had the ability to beat any team. We proved it by smacking the Saints and Colts around for awhile. Then we caved and let wins get away from us for whatever the reason.

I'm one of the few left that hasn't succumbed to the current fads of slamming my team all time, putting on paper bags, booing and stupid crap when things aren't going well, but I still support Sparano's idea that they all need to be accountable and face reality. No Sugar coating, this team had the ability to do good things...If they feel like crap for the Jets coming in and using their home for the Super Bowl, so be it. Next time when you're up 21-3 on the current best team in the league at half time, you'll remember that crappy feeling and not pack it in.

Good luck in 2010 Dolphins...I'm right there with you, just like I have been the last 20 years.

Aaron, good post. It was the story of turnovers on offense and big plays on defense. Fix those and we'll be in the thick of things next year. Hopefully using someone else's locker come superbowl week.

Well, I hope it ticks off Bell, Sparano, and the rest of them. Use that anger as motivation for next season.

Here is an idea, build the visiting AFC team a seperate locker room, make it small and paint it all PINK...

The Colts have used our facility once in their recent Super Bowl win, so at least if they make it to the Super Bowl it won't be a team that has not already used OUR locker room...

Chris S - They should of used that motivation THIS SEASON. They knew all along if they didn't succeed another team would be in their house, their locker room during the Super Bowl

well said
omar kooky &etc... fn hilarious.maybe even better than armando.

Ok,this team wasn't going to play in this year's super bowl, no matter where it was - neither are the Jets. Pats might though.

Pats wont be there without Welker and a bad defense...if Chad Henne can throw like he is Dan Marino with the receivers we have that defense is NOT good...

Pats = 1st round loss
Jets = 2nd round loss

Pats vs Bolts for Super Bowl...mark it down! No other team is good enough or better!

NE's defense is not bad, 11th overall. Better than SD or Indy. Offense is 3rd, better than Indy or SD. If the Pats aren't going to the Super Bowl, then Baltimore is.

And they will be playing the Packers. Vikings or Cowboys might have something to say about it though.

Curious. Where does the NFC go?



Are you defending the Pats? Their defense is bad. Why do you think Billacheat went for it on 4th and 2? Because he knew Manning would score a TD no matter if it was 30 yards or 80.

Patriots will lose to the Ravens, then get beat by the Chargers. Jets will beat the Bengals (as much as I hate saying that) and then will lose to the Colts...

Not defending them, just think they're the better team.

It won't be the Jets or Patsies.....Green Bay and the Colts will be in Miami.

why the jets or patriots have to use the facility of the DOLPHINS Stadium thats realy sucks man



you better clean the bath rooms before we come.

I'm pretty sure that the winner of the winner between the winner of SD's 1st playoff game and Indy's 1st playoff game will go to the Superbowl and play the winner of the winner between NO's 1st playoff game and Minn's 1st playoff game. You heard it hear first!

The fact is, Sparano has no ties to So Fla. or even Fla in general. He's a goomba trying to make it as a HC. It just so happened he landed here. He might make or might not but he's still a goomba.

Correction - You heard it HERE first! I can't have my smarta$$ comment contain grammatical errorz.

The superbowl will be The Chargers Vs. Cowboys

The jets made the playoffs and we didn't. We could have taken care of business but we didn't. Our coaches did not prepare the team and the players weren't ready. Not one week, not for the last month. Nobody talks about it, but here it is: sparano and co. Play to the level of their damn competition, and no matter if we are up by 14 or 24, we let teams back in, and no matter if we are playing the colts or the bucs, we didn't try to score every time we had the ball. We did twice in 32 damn games. That's 30 games we played down or too conservative to pit anyone away. The dolphins are hurting and nothing is being done to stop it.

I have supported Sparano. He was green and still is, HC. But he always exhibited a fire...call it what you want it. Looked stupid on the sidelines but you knew he wanted to win.

But now, if he wants to survive, he has to fire the coordinators. Pi$$ off Parcells? Probably but it's his job on the line not Parcells.

Pats vs. Bolts in the superbowl... wow, who's playing for the NFC then.

Fatal Three Way Football Game for the Lombardi Belt.

The Pats are going to sneak attack the Packers in the tunnel before the game and put on their gear. After winning the game, who everyone thinks is Aaron Rodgers will take off his helmet only to reveal himself as Tom Brady. The game will forever be known as the Miami Screwjob!

Simple solution for all u "Experts" who think ur better suited then Parcells or Sprano to run this team..if ur so unhappy, just don't watch anymore, go away, find something else to do in life..It's that simple, because Parcells and Sprano and Ireland are going to continue to do what they think is best...support the team or jump off the bandwagon but stop being such crybabies

Can't imagine why the players and general manager don't want to talk to you. "And so Miami players had to clean out their lockers to make room for another team -- a better team". You take cheap shots at the staff and the players on a consistent basis and then you want them to give you information and tell you what they think? Are you out of your mind? It's almost as if you get some sort of personal satisfaction when the Dolphins lose. Why would you write that Mando?! We haven't suffered enough so you just need to stick the knife in a little deeper? Couldn't just say they had to make room for another team. Just like every other gosh darn team does when someone else plays in their stadium! You're such a putz.

To the guy constantly making fun of Omar; whats the matter, can't understand the articles because they have too much to do with football? Omar has more football knowledge than the combined effort this crap paper puts out on a daily basis. But you keep coming back here for the Heralds unique brand of enquirer like "football" stories.

while i don't think the jets are worthy or deserving, they took care of business...to the victors belongs the spoils. The Fins controlled their own destiny & failed to get it done hence we're on the outside looking in...simple as that in my book. Though I'm disappointed, I'm not surprised. The fins are still a work in progress but at least our upside is on the positive.

Call me nutz, but as much as I love Wes Welker I think Julian Edelman is a dynamite young player w/ plenty of talent & potential. Plus, he's MOT, which is a plus in my book.

No chance- the jets sucked and backed into the playoff ONLY due to teams laying down and giving up. This is a PATHETIC EXAMPLE of the NFl and any wet fan "proud" of this should have their head explode

Must be end of the year, cause Mando's running out of things to get mad at (Dolphins being "locked out" of their facility for the SuperBowl). Big friggin' deal. I know the coaches have work to do, but they're gettin' paid big bucks, I'm sure they'll find another option. And it's ONE week. There are many more issues out there to worry about Mando, and it's the beginning of the year. Why don't you take a breathe and CHILL (come up to D.C., you'll chill just walking out of the airport).

Hope it really burns the teams a s s.

Next year use it to maybe make the difference.

Maybe they will be able to translate it to the needed amount of effort.

This year they fell far short.

I cannot believe no one has made the point that the Jets scored a lot of their points by running Wildcat stuff.

I thought that was high school crap?

Only got one comment about the Jets....


New england and the fails have no shot. But Dan marino Jr. will. the Chargers are gonna be there, and I hope they win.

Who really thinks jets make the super bowl?

The jets are so...they talk bout our wildcat,turn around n do it.if I where a fan of them I'd b ashamed

Cameron was terrible as a head coach. I'm with everyone on that. But let's not confuse him with Randy Mueller, the man responsible for drafting and trading players. Welker is on Mueller.
Now, a perfect scenario would be if the Jets were to play the Colts again, and win. I just want to hear Polian and Caldwell in that news conference tell all football fans how resting his/their players paid off. Of course, the Jets would lose to San Diego.
I have the utmost respect for Bellicek,(Herm Edwards chimes in here). They wouldn't beat the Chargers anyway(just my opinion). I'm looking for the Packers / Chargers in the super bowl. The Packers? Yeah, I know, we all have dreams. They just remind me of the Steelers a few years back, when Bettis was retiring.

Seeing packers in there would b cool,better w/Manning beating them.

It would be great for our Krispy Kreme franchises if Rex Ryan and the jets made the super bowl think about it.

Guys Root against the colts, also no way chargers go, there head coach is almost as big as loser as the ravins o.c.....

Did I also say.....


For letten the Jets in the Playoffs...

Rex Ryan is"HUNGRY" to get to the super Bowl, It was 3 weeks ago that he heard Shula's Steak house had a 96 Ounce T=bone, Look for the Jets to make a super run....(HAHAHA, No really this is a team that's had two teams play there second and third team scrubs, Look for Cinn. To have this game sewed up by half-time).....

Aaron you are a tool. If our 53 man roster at the beginning of the year was good enough to beat anybody, why were we 0-3 at the beginning of the year?

God, some people say stupid things.

Bengals 21 to 0 at half time, final score 24 to10........

Harold you seem very defensive about a mere sentence. Dude, please don't get behind the wheel of a car.

And calling Armando a putz is not a good idea, especially since you're on his blog trolling for information and entertainment. So what does that make you?

Mark my words.

The Jets will lose only if Sanchez tries to win the games on his own and tosses game changing interceptions.

The Ravens and Bucs both had the #1 defense when they won their SBs. Dilfer and Brad Johnson played conservatively and minimized their turnovers. That is how Sanchez needs to play.

The Jets have been successful with their version of the Wildcat. Wouldn't it be ironic if the Jets win it all due to their use of the Wildcat.

You can bet most teams would be adding Wildcat plays in 2010 if that happens.

Meh... I could really care less about this... Is Gibril fired yet???

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