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An opportunity to agree with Mel Kiper

There was seemingly no amount of emnity left unused by Dolphins fans for Mel Kiper when the ESPN draft guru said and insisted the Dolphins made a mistake in picking Jake Long over Matt Ryan in 2008.

So if you are a Kiper hater, you are officially excused if you -- because this post is about the loquacious man with the helmet hair.

Kiper published his first mock draft of 2010 on Wednesday and, drum roll please, he's got Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain going to the Fins at No. 12 in the first round

"A potential home run for Miami, a team that needs an inside linebacker and could get the best one in the whole draft after the top 10," Kiper writes. "The Dolphins also could go after Dez Bryant if he were to fall to them here, because they also must address WR."

Yeah Mel, they also must address NT and OLB and maybe FS. They also will need to find help at TE and maybe RB, but that might come later in the draft.

Kiper has Bryant going to the Denver Broncos at No. 11 and rationalizes their need because he believes Brandon Marshall will be traded and the team will see the need as being too important. I happen to disagree with Kiper on this.

He forgets that Marshall was not a first round pick and neither was Eddie Royal and expert personnel departments can these days identify outstanding receivers in the second and third rounds. They call them value picks. So I wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos do not pick Bryant so high.

I also wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos do pick C.J. Spiller of Clemson because he's as much a home run threat as Bryant -- albeit in a different way -- and his intangibles and character blows Bryant out of the water.

I'm told the Dolphins are similarly impressed by Spiller and Bill Parcells especially likes him because he played a whopping 52 games in college and is quick as a lightning bolt.

I would submit to you that faced with having both McClain and Spiller on the board when they pick, the Dolphins (Parcells) would likely go with the elite defender at a position of need over the elite offensive playmaker that seems more like a luxury.

But that's just a guess based on The Big Tuna's history. He hasn't called lately to give me his draft strategy.

Meanwhile, has Dolphins' nation finally found common ground with Mel Kiper?


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The Dolphins have enough needs. It would be difficult for Kiper to look foolish here. I was looking at value picks at receiver, and two names from previous drafts came to me. Colston and Garcon were both value picks in the 7th. rd.
If Kiper wants to know what Parcells is going to do, maybe he should talk to the homeless guy on 17th. st. Defense makes sense though. Alot will depend on free agency and availability. If there's a def. tackle there worthy of the pick, don't be surprised.

good stuff Mando!

say marshall is traded, to say Den picking Bryant would be a suprise is a little far fetch. considering last years draft they made a lot of questionable picks and moves and i think reached on Moreno.

Free agency will obvisouly play a roll in what we do in the draft.

Mel Kiper is an idiot.

as long as the raiders are picking high in the draft nothing will go according to plan! for some strange reason im starting to see CODY being the guy! ferg was great but to old now,hampton see ferg and wilfork will not be here(subject to change)unless we can swindle him from the pats!! the 34 defense is only as good as the NT and the 4 LBs behind him. just ask RAY LEWIS!!! a dominate NT make LBs look great not the other way around!!

Build from the lines out, bottom line. When T Bowens was hurt, Z Thomas and JT had slow years. When Wannstache let our best o-linemen go, Ricky went into the spirit world. See the pattern? If you control the line of scrimmage, everyone else looks better. No team has win the Super Bowl with mediocre lines. Emmitt Smith was great, but he wasn't the fastest or strongest. He had the best o-line opening holes. We need young healthy lineman yesterday!!

mel is on point with this one and if we see something good out of a brandon pikes we might trade down and pick him but we have to take a ilb with the first pick , we might be able to pick up dansby from arizona and wilfork, with the talent we already have at corner we might just become a contender lol

Terry Glenn was Bob Kraft's pick...that is what started the rift that ended with Parcell's leaving.

Randy Moss used to be a side line receiver when he first came into the league, but after a while he learned how to use the whole field.There's a chance Ginn could end up being the same way,but we need a #1 receiver to help open up the field for him.

'Mando, the Broncos just picked Moreno last year in the 1st round and you think they'd pick Spiller this year? C'mon, man!

another player i would give strong consideration too with a high third or maybe if we can get a 2nd pick in the 2nd round would be the wr from GT. this was the only kid making catchs on the team and defenders could NOT stop him!!!!!!!!

Right on Rodge.It all starts with the line being able to controll the flow of the game.If you watched the Cowboys vs Vikings you could see the momentum swing when Flozell Adams left with an injury.The Cowboys were moving the ball pretty good (fumbles killed drives)but once Adams left,they had no answer for J Allen.Romo looked scared and played horrible.Get the lines in tact,then go after the play makers.This draft needs to shore up the lines,then next year we should be in great shape.I don't think Parcells is gonna steal Vince from the Pats either.

Rodge, outside of Ferg, we don't have a player over the age of 28 on either line. Check this out (estimates) - O-Line- Big Jack (24), Smiley (28), Grove (27), Thomas (24), Carey (28)..even backups - Berger (26) & Garner (25). On defense line - Langord (24), Merling (23), Starks (26), McDaniel (26), Dotson (24), Solai (26). That is why you have to be excited about our future. Think about defense, we also have a young secondary with Davis (21), Smith (22), Clemons (22), and along with Crowder (26)and Wake (27) at LB. We add another two linebackers and a safety and we are set for awhile. Nose tackles can be older, how about Hampton (30) or Pickett (28) to team with Ferg for another year or two while we either develop a young guy or draft a stud in 2011 or 2012.

Why does everyone think we are drafting a S. We are not going to draft a Safety in any round.

Well the final decision on Defensive Coordinator was Sparano's as Groh was Parcells' choice. No offer was made to Groh.

Yeah, it will be great if the Fins draft Spiller. However, there's a concern about Spiller. I heard he tends to avoid contact and run out of bound a lot. I hope that's not true cuz we don't need another Ginn here.

I prefer them to go defense in the 1st round. Defensive players seldom bust. WR in the 2nd would be great. Just don't draft another DAMN QB IN THE 2ND ROUND PLEASE!

dude Denver took Moreno last year. i doubt they take another RB this high

To Birth73,

Get rid of the OC and keep Ginn?? What are you? On crack? Ever since we drafted Ginn, he has problem learning how to run routes, scare of being hit, now he said he has to learn his hand and eye cordination??? How much longer do you want to wait for him? It's his MENTALITY.
Please don't make excuses and excuses for him.

Forget drafting a RB with the first pick it will never happen. I think we will give Ronnie one more chance to prove he can play a full year, but trust me this will be his last opportunity to show us he can handle a full 16+ game season. I hope he can I love what Ronnie brings to the table, power & speed.

well if the line is the most important(which i agree) then the choice is obvious (CODY). i can see this happening but not at 12,we trade down staying ahead of pats and shitty jets and take cody barring we dont get wilfork. i can see cody teaming with starks langford,merling,mcdaniels,and big paul. now that a serious line if everybody improve or stay at the same level of play b/c they dont get pushed around preiod. now the key will be to find two starting OLBs with pass rush, coverage and run stopping ability. whoever we get to be the strong-side OLB needs to have all 3 of these qualities and on the weak-side i would give up the run stopping as long as he show max effort unlike porter, who only wanted to rush the passer. i like channing unlike most ppl in here, i feel channing was trying to hard to cover up for the garbage he was sandwiched between(porter and akin) thus having him out of position and looking like he's taking bad angles on most plays. one thing i noticed about channing is he DONT PLAY SCARED its all out or nothing. we will not draft a safety unless someone wants one or two from the roster now. we will give wilson and some one on the teams,say will or jason allen,culver or clemons to fight for that spot it dont make sense to draft a safety when we have big and fast ones already who just need a shot or to grow the F*ck up and play ball

I think, as much as most would care not to admit, the Dolphins actually found common ground with Kiper when Brady Quinn was sitting there at #9 a few years ago.

^ I should say Dolphins *fans* found common ground.

Which brings me to another point; It doesn't matter if the fans find common ground with Kiper, but if this regime does.

But honestly, I think we could all care less what Kiper thinks.

phinfan from birth73.. in my opinion you are right, they use Ginn wrong sometimes. however, this guy is horrible! no way can you compare him to moss or harrison 2 hall of famers!! thats an insult. moss catches TDs and harrison never dropped a ball. ginn cant even run a route... he's a guy with speed on a football field thats all

Eric Berry, Dan Williams, Ricky Sapp, Eric Norwood, Jacoby Ford, Jahvid Best, among other top NFL Draft prospects are training at my the gym I go to in South Florida.

I met a couple of them, they seem like nice kids... you can even sign up to train with them if you want... they will be there for a few weeks, I see them in there every morning...

Level 5 fitness and conditioning Delray Beach/Boca


Get, come and get the scoop on these guys!

Tell Dan Williams he might need to get fitted for Dolphins jersey carlito!

To Birth73,

Get rid of the OC and keep Ginn?? What are you? On crack? Ever since we drafted Ginn, he has problem learning how to run routes, scare of being hit, now he said he has to learn his hand and eye cordination??? How much longer do you want to wait for him? It's his MENTALITY.
Please don't make excuses and excuses for him.

Posted by: Henry | January 21, 2010 at 09:42 AM
you have your opinion i have mine!! ginn is the only WR on the team with speed. we just dont use him right, truth be told ginn has been playing WR for all of 4 or 5 years top unlike most wr who start from little league to the pros. the kid never had a real mentor to school him and take away the pressure to allow him to grow. you've seen his skills on display many of times and probably was screaming at the top of your lungs too. yes he makes mistakes but they can all be corrected,we have a team full of wes welker's and the last time i checked wes had like 70+ straight catches(maybe more) and no TDs. how many kickoff have been called back b/c of holding,why is slow ass bess still returning punts,why does bess run bubble screens for 2-5 yrd gains, why is rickie trying to throw from the wildcat on the goalline,why did we put pat white in for 2 plays and have henne come in on 3rd down to try and make a 3rd and 13 into a first, so yes the OC was to f*ckin cute on many of drives to be a smash mouth team!!! you pair GINN with a. johnson or l. fitzgerald he would be a real threat for that matter m. austin or v. jackson or r.white or b. jennings and b. marshall

Dan Williams is a big boy

phinfan from birth73.. in my opinion you are right, they use Ginn wrong sometimes. however, this guy is horrible! no way can you compare him to moss or harrison 2 hall of famers!! thats an insult. moss catches TDs and harrison never dropped a ball. ginn cant even run a route... he's a guy with speed on a football field thats all

Posted by: PhinFan82 | January 21, 2010 at 10:07 AM

my point with that was marvin always fell to the ground in the middle of the field instead of taking big hits and he ran out of bounds when by the sideline and moss rarely goes cross the middle at least you will see ginn go! all im saying is dont give up on a player 3yrs in to the league just put him in the position to succeed

I hope beyond hope that the Dolphins get McClain, but if Kiper is predicting it we are doomed

I hope beyond hope that the Dolphins get McClain, but if Kiper is predicting it we are doomed

Posted by: carlito from golfito | January 21, 2010 at 10:21 AM
you know when i first saw the report i was happy as hell,but then it hit me MEL KIPER,thats why ive been seeing mt. cody today or some massive DT to play the NT but not at 12th pick

I would love that pick, but its far from a sure thing. First we have to see where the team is at after free agency. Its possible there will not be a glaring need there by the time the draft rolls around. Also, there are so many holes in every level of the Dolphin D that they could pick just about anyone. Sorry, but I compeltely disagree wiht the poster re Wilson will be a Pro Bowl player just b/c of Nolan. That is giving way too much credit to Nolan (who I believe is going to be great). Aside from his coverage gafs, Wilson was an awful tackler this year. Last thing you want from an aggressive or blitzing safety is someone who can't tackle. He is brutal and can't be on the field next year.

What happen to the people who were saying last night that Gibril Wilson will have a great year in 2010? I know they serve the drinks strong at local bars, but WOW!

Gibril Wilson will not in any way be in a Dolphins uniform next year.

no way does Denver pick Spiller! They drafted Moreno in the first round last year and their offense doesn't even feature running backs as much as most.

As for Miami's pick, I can see us taking McClain if he is there. I don't think he is a steal at 12, but he would be the right pick for us. I actually could see us taking Bryant if we can't trade down and McClain is off the board. Niether Nolan or Parcells or Ireland have ever drafted a NT high from what I have seen. They consider it a very important position, but I think they believe in their own ability to get one late or grab a back up from somewhere else and turn him into a stud. (Ratliff, Franklin, Fields, etc.)

How does Eric Norwood look Carlito? I think he would be a great pick in the 2nd round. My neighbor is a SC fan and we watched a lot of games and he always seemed to be everywhere..either rushing the passer, making tackles or even in coverage.

"Gibril Wilson will not in any way be in a Dolphins uniform next year."

I certainly hope so. If he is it would be great to see him play well, but he made so many glaring mistakes this year that it is hard to imagine him doing well. There is a reason the Giants let him go after the Super Bowl me thinks.


What free agents will be available this coming year?


He is not super-big but he is ripped... I saw him doing sprints pulling a weighted sled behind him and that was pretty impressive... Ricky Sapp was a stand out too, that dude is tall!

I meant to say DEFENSIVE free agents, sorry...

Can anyone cut & paste kipers draft on here. It's in the "ESPN Insider" section and if you're not a member, you can only see the top 5. Thanks

Mclain will not be on the board when we pick, he is not going to make it out of the top 10. Dez Bryant has chance to make it to #12 and would fit a great need. I think he is a better fit than Spiller although Spiller is intriguing.

harrison was a professional route runner.. he fell to the ground, sure but after he caught the ball! Ginn can not get seperation at the line, drops mostly everything his way. and on kick offs, the object is to get up field, not side line to side line. and moss, well ginn wishes he had moss's football tools. anyways... he would be a fine 3rd or 4th WR in the group just cause his speed, PERIOD!

ESPN is over rated!!!

give me channel 212(NFL Network) any day of the week

For all those wanting CJ Spiller please keep in mind that his size is not an attribute that the current mgmt likes......Remember Lorenzo Booker when Parcells took over....immediate trade to Philly for a 3rd or a 4th. Havent heard about him since.

My eye for RB is a 6th rd flier on LeGarrette Blount --6'1" 235lbs, he runs hard btwn the tackles and can push a pile much like DTRB

Does Kiper have Jags picking Tebow at 10? If not he's crazy. Tebow will sell tickets. Dont believe it? Look how quick the Senior Bowl sold out after he announced he was playing. He'll put butts in seats.

mando whats the going rate for the number 12 pick in this years draft(your best guess)??? i just looked at the picking order for the first 2 rounds, the only teams that bring value with it seem to be TAMPA and NEW ENGLAND. I could be wrong!!!!!!!!! but if we get two key players in free agency before the draft for defense,do you trade that 12 pick to Tampa for 2 second round pick(35,44),3rd and a 4th or do you make a deal with the devil and try for PATS 3 second round pick(42,48,53)and a 5th. we pick 43rd in the second

Ken - What makes you so sure? I you a draft guru? All of our statements are complete guesses (Kiper included)

Bring on Draft Day 2010!!

definitely ILB. we need a leader on the other side of the ball. the WR position will work it's self out.

I'm more concerned about the RB position then WR.

I would be really, really surprised if Denver picks Spiller, because Al Davis still has the remote in Oakland.

McFadden's a bust, they don't trust him anymore.

C. J. Spiller is going to be a Raider at #8.


Did you miss the Broncos taking Moreno with the 12th pick last year? So 2 years in a row they take a RB in the same range of the 1st round? I think Denver has a lot more pressing needs than CJ Spiller, unless he can play defense or QB. Shame on you, AS.

If McClain falls to us I think it's a given he'll be taken, even over Dez Bryant. Parcells will probably look to the later rounds to draft a WR. Boy, I hate that Pat White pick last year the more and more I think about it.

mando! whats up with shawne merriman's contract? is he free agent?

Good write up Armando.

Kiper is not perfect, but he's still a solid analyst of players.

I like McClain at 12. But, I also wouldn't mind seeing both McClain and Spiller at 12 and would love to see a bidding war by other teams for that particular pick - if Bryant is there, all the better. We could trade down, get other picks and even still land one of those (McClain being the best option of the 3, imo). But, I wouldn't mind going down to #18-20 (if it's possible) getting a couple of other selections and picking up one of the OLB's sure to be there.

This is a deep draft in the first 3-5 rounds with a number of Jr. declarations, and it hurts not having a 5th rounder (traded to KC). Especially with multiple team needs.

give me d. thomas from GT over all those WR!!!!!!!!!

I use to be on the fence about keepng Ginn but he does need to go unless management decides and come to the conclusion that he is not the #1 wr for us. I think most of us have expected more than a total of 5 rec.TD's after 48 games with 10 fumbles though only one was lost. His sparks are too inconsistant and far between to keep a fire going it seems. I think we could find someone else that would be better suited for his position at wr.

Wow, I am both shocked and thrilled by the fact that Parcells is said to be thinking so highly of CJ Spiller. If you guys remember, back in his days as the head coach of the Giants, he was outvoted in the decision to draft Rodney Hampton in the first round (he was adamantly opposed to it). I still believe McClain should be priority one. But if a talent like Spiller is there, take him.

I think its clear that the fins draft Raj Turner of OCU or Mike Kelley (LTSW)- both are Parcells kind of guys with speed beyond belief for their size and both have the beast mentality.

hjp - If you are right I feel bad for CJ Spiller...who would want to play for the Raiders other than it is decent weather??

Parcells will not waste a draft so deep with talent on the D side of the ball on a WR. Third round is the earliest I see him taking a WR. Our offense was boring but it still put up points our defense just couldnt hold the late leads our offense gave us. Our back end was horrible because we played with two SS all season. Decide who is better Bell or Wilson for SS and find a FS or devolop Clemons. McClian if he falls and aggresivley go after Wilfork.

Anyone think Shippley the wr from Texas thats a bigger version of wes welker will be available in the 3rd round ? I see the Pats jumping on this kid he can catch everything and has wheels.. This kid with Welker and Moss would be sick.. Think we should consider this kid he is an upgrade over our guys and might be a nice upgrade that we can get in the 3rd round ????? He is a COMPLETE FOOTBALL PLAYER. almost brought the Horns back against the Tide..


Let's get the facts straight, I don't see how Ricky throw the ball on goal line or Pat White with the wildcat have anything to do with Ginn's problem. Don't relate these things together.

I guess you have your own opinion with Ginn but ....blame it on OC for his problem???
C'mon, u don't see it with other receives like Hartline or Bess ....etc. Since when does an NFL player need someone to babysit for him to grow into a man?

Speaking of speed, you can find lots of guy in Liberty city can run really FAST but whether he can play football in the NFL is another issue. You can run fast but if u don't get seperated from the defenders or can't catch the ball, then what good does it do? Do you honestly believe Dolphin's opponents respect our deep receiver such as Ginn?

It's not that I don't give Ginn time but he always comes up with some excuses for his poor performance. If it's not running route, then dropping ball, running out of bound ...etc
year after year. Just like Parcel say :" If they don't bite as puppy, they don't bite at all"

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