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An opportunity to agree with Mel Kiper

There was seemingly no amount of emnity left unused by Dolphins fans for Mel Kiper when the ESPN draft guru said and insisted the Dolphins made a mistake in picking Jake Long over Matt Ryan in 2008.

So if you are a Kiper hater, you are officially excused if you -- because this post is about the loquacious man with the helmet hair.

Kiper published his first mock draft of 2010 on Wednesday and, drum roll please, he's got Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain going to the Fins at No. 12 in the first round

"A potential home run for Miami, a team that needs an inside linebacker and could get the best one in the whole draft after the top 10," Kiper writes. "The Dolphins also could go after Dez Bryant if he were to fall to them here, because they also must address WR."

Yeah Mel, they also must address NT and OLB and maybe FS. They also will need to find help at TE and maybe RB, but that might come later in the draft.

Kiper has Bryant going to the Denver Broncos at No. 11 and rationalizes their need because he believes Brandon Marshall will be traded and the team will see the need as being too important. I happen to disagree with Kiper on this.

He forgets that Marshall was not a first round pick and neither was Eddie Royal and expert personnel departments can these days identify outstanding receivers in the second and third rounds. They call them value picks. So I wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos do not pick Bryant so high.

I also wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos do pick C.J. Spiller of Clemson because he's as much a home run threat as Bryant -- albeit in a different way -- and his intangibles and character blows Bryant out of the water.

I'm told the Dolphins are similarly impressed by Spiller and Bill Parcells especially likes him because he played a whopping 52 games in college and is quick as a lightning bolt.

I would submit to you that faced with having both McClain and Spiller on the board when they pick, the Dolphins (Parcells) would likely go with the elite defender at a position of need over the elite offensive playmaker that seems more like a luxury.

But that's just a guess based on The Big Tuna's history. He hasn't called lately to give me his draft strategy.

Meanwhile, has Dolphins' nation finally found common ground with Mel Kiper?


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Dolphins4life. You have to be kidding me Right ??? I'm glad you found me funny . Doing some kind of mock draft to see who Miami might end up , just like milions of NFL fans do . is funny. Really ??? You come off a little envious my friend. You know what's funny ? You Gambling on Football games thinking you're going to come out on top and making lots of money. You thinking throughout the year miami was going to make the playoffs. I showed that to my friends along with your posts last night and they a good laugh.

philm - I love Shipley's style of play, but I highly doubt he will be around in the 3rd round. He is a draft day 1 pick in my opinion!

Dolphins4life. One more thing. Every time you come on here talking about the draft , you continiously show how little you know about the draft. First , youtold me taylor mays was going to go ahead of Eric Berry, Then you told us how you hoping greg hardy will be able to fall to miami at 12 and now you talking about dan williams who at 12 is way to high and will be talking late 1st maybe even early 2nd. LMAO at all of the above !! I also showed that to my friends and they had a good laugh. Hey you what ?? I was the first on here to mention Mcclain back in Sept and was the first on here to talk about dan williams when people were only ralking about cody at NT but hey you can always have google , just make sure it's up to date so you don't give us ratings from 2009 about hardy and mays. :)

Indiana dolphin fan:

I recognize it is only a guess but when somebody is considered the best at a position in the entire draft especially at a key position such as MLB it is hard to see that person not being picked in the top 10. Look at the teams in the top 10, many of them could use Mclain. I just don't see him being around at 12.

NJ is furious today

Guys , don't do mock drafts or see where some football players might end up with your favorite team because dolphins4life will think it's funny. Just wait until later and you can always google.don't have some fun with . just go out and throw you money away gambling on football games. LOL !!

Did Dolphins4life type ;) after what he said? If so, he is ok. If not, he is a cruel soul.

LOL @ Carlito. I just read his posts and was very suprised at his attitude. I feel better now. Tell me you haven't done some kind of draft to see who miami might get.

Did any of those mock drafts have Miami picking Ted Ginn Jr a few years ago? Mock drafts are a decent guide to the draft, but they mean nothing. At least wait until after the Combine to judge or closer to draft day. To much can happen between now and draft.

I am guilty of mocking the nfl draft.

Carlito , go back and see. No he didn't .He thought it was funny and showed his friends but yet he comes on here and makes an attempt to talk about the draft all the time. Talk about a walking contradiction.


Bay Area is fine living, no question.
But Granpa Davis is a cruel mistress.
And the more I think about nutty Raider
drafts, the more I think something else
might happen in Oakland:
Tim Tebow.


I'm guilty...

LOL @ carlito. The Draft has become so huge and Popular it will be on for 3 days 2 of them in primetime. The 1st round will be on thursday night , rounds 2-3 will be on friday night and the rest of the draft is on saturday during the day.

I feel so ashamed...

What's up NJ? Bodhisattva from the SS blog...

The article by Israel Gutierrez is completely idiotic. Sure let's root for the hated Jets because their team is similiar to ours. That is ridiculously stupid. Man I hate the f'n Jets. Hopefully we can address most of our needs in FA and get BPA in each round.

Yep Jimmy, I was thinking WTF! The thought of the Jets in our locker room turn my stomach.

Bod , what's up my good friend. LOL @ your posts. I also feel so ashamed....

I'd prefer we take Spillar and trade Camarillo for a LB. Adelious Thomas is available and Welker's career is over.


What do you know about this kid Ricky Sapp out of Clemson, I saw him training today and was impressed

NJ, I had to make a change over to here... I prefer Omar's football knowledge and sometimes I think Armando gets too sensational but at least he moderates his blog.

I just can't take the freaking jerk over there who posts the same BS over and over again using 20 different aliases. It's ridiculous and a serious waste of my time scrolling thru all that crap.

Good to see you over here. There seems to be some other knowledgeable football folks as well...

Carlito, good eye . ricky sapp is a good football player who can fit at rush linebacker in the 3-4. Sapp should be a consideration in round 2.

Hello Patrick, and welcome to the madhouse

Patrick. F'n home with his Damn Chemitrails has lost his mind. I refuse to talk to him or about him.To sift through pages and pages of conspiracy theories on chemtrials is F'n annoying and the SS needs to do somehing about it.

Patrick, if you admire Omar's football knowledge you should listen to Tony Sparano's press conferences. The guy asks questions and Sparano slaps him down all the time because he makes assumptions that are wrong.

He says things like Coach you had nine men in the box. And Sparano will say, that's your opinion. We didn't have nine men in the box.

Listen to it, it is what convinced me Omar doesn't know sh it.

The funny part is, then you hear Mando ask a question and Sparano addresses him by name and gives him great answers that all the other writers use in their blogs. Not all the time, but often.


There were alot of good prospects there. Eric Norwood looks like a good LB too. Eric Berry was supposedly there, but I couldn't tell who he was... Dan Williams was easy to spot

Hey Carlito! Yep NJ, I refuse to sift through that crap any longer... If they don't do something about it they'll lose more than you and I.

I hope the Jets don't write a message in urine on the Phins locker room carpet.
They might be tempted to write out the message: The Wildcat Is BACKDOOR Football with urine.
Not only would it stink but let's face it they're probably not good spellers.

Mando, I agree the Dolphins will go defense over offense in the first round. Good stuff.

Patrick, welcome to the new world. You may not love Mando, but he doesn't pull punches. And he HATES the JEts and Patriots. You should read what he wrote about them yesterday. Made my day.

Did anyone see the Ravens come in to NE and run for 250 on the ground vs. Wilfork and the Patsies. Letting a nervous QB in Flacco throw for 30 yards and win easily on the road. Mind you it is one game but when the inside LBs dont make tackles, and fill the right gaps in a 3-4 you will get gashed in a 3-4. Paul Soliai is our future at the position he is huge, and athletic and you saw what he did to Mankins in New York. He has the upside and just needs to get more consistent. We def need another NT for depth but a starter no way. Grab a young backup like Gabe Watson from Arizona and then we are set at that position with two guys who are in their mid 20s

Carlito , yeah they're training for the combine. Norwood at only 6-0 tall turns me off but he's also good fit at rush linebacker. Hey look at dumervil and freeney. There also about 6-0 tall .

Ricky Sapp is 6'5

Bod/patrick. i'm on there now , it's safe. :)

McClain will be gone I'm afraid but I would absolutely LOVE the pick. (After how Saban treated the Dolphins, maybe he WILL slide to us to make things right "kharma" wise!) If McClain is gone Spiller would be a nice choice too, though at 12 we could be in a nice position to trade down this year and gather some important extra first day picks. All the analysts are saying this Draft is exceptionally deep so gaining extra picks if McClain is gone would be my hope

Carlito, Sapp is 6-5 ??? He's actually 6-4. I said norwood is 6-0 tall.


The only thing I will concede is my bias for USC and Taylor Mays and Everson Griffin. And last years good crop of line backers from SC.

But as far as Greg Hardy, that was before I knew what juniors were declaring for the draft and coming out...oh and by the way hows your mock draft going? Have any of your picks been right? ;)
Specifically your picks for the Dolphins? How about your picks last year?
Right....hey hows that pick at NT you had us taking in what the fifth round Terrance Taylor right? How that pan out for you.LMAO
Ohh and its cool that you love to mock draft just dont show any of the ladies you might try to date. LOL!

you must be looking at old scouting reports Nj

because Sapp is 6'5 and Norwood is 6'1

Dolphins4life , believe me , i can still show the ladies my mock drafts and they won't go anywhere. Don't you worry about that. Money in my pocket , looks and Physique to die for. Just don't tell ladies your a degenerate gambler you try to date . LOL !! They need a REAL MAN that some money and looks. LOL !!

Fact is no one knows who Parcells is gonna take unless you know something we dont'? :0
Dan Williams at 12 would be a reach according to you and your stocker George. lol
But hes on few mock drafts at 12, cbs sports to name one has him at 12.
Another fact is Parcells could care less what the draft gurus have any one place at 12. Parcells has proven his willingness to invest high draft picks on front seven defenders throughout his career, even reaching for players who fit his scheme. Williams fits his scheme.
Yes I said and would love McClain to go to the Dolphins, but as you know and some of us on here that Parcells could care less who is ranked where. And he likes to draft OLB's in the first and thinks mlb's can be taken after the first. Parcells never has been one to make the popular pick right? Right what the hell do you or I know...hey but if you want to be know as the draft GURU on this blog have at it. ;)

Dolphins4life, WOOOOW !!! you came off real desperate. You're going to talk about a 5th round pick. T taylor was mentioned as potential late round NT's for miami. That's IT. Nice try. And the excuses about hardy are BS. You mentioned hardy at 12 just last week . The juniors were already out. Nice try !!. How did that work out.

As far as betting on games I put my money where my mouth is. The fact that I not afraid to talk about win or lose is no big deal to me. I often win more than I lose. The bet against the Jets was one in which I lost a cee note but it was house money, the night before when I whent to Tahoe I made $350 on a three way parlay. I put 100 on the boltz and I got good odds on the Vikings to win it all at 6-1, dropping another cee note. I think the Vikings will win it all, but if they lose I'm still ahead and that is something the ladies would rather see than a mock draft. lol

Dolphins4life. Every scout has williams a late ist round pick early 2nd. Dan williams is a REACH at 12 and everybody knows except you. Nobody else has a problem with me except you . what's your problem ?? You coming off pretty pathetic.

Hardy was mentioned agian before I knew who was declaring but whatever...your the guru so tend to the sheep. lol

Do you think that Parcells cares about who has whom going at where ever? Come on you should know that? Right?

Hey armado did u read Israel's article? He said the jets win would make the dolphins style of play valid AAANNNNDDDDD we should root for them!!! Whaaaaaaat is going on Armando???

LMAO @ dolphins4life. you have nothing on me with the ladies.

you guys sound funny arguing about if "the ladies" like gambling or the nfl draft better ;)


Carlito funny huh;)

Carlito , i kept it straight football talk but when someone is cornered and embarressed the come out with the insults. It's very amusing.

LMFAOROTHF @ dolphins4life.

if for wsome strange reason the Jets win the super bowl... how are they gonna carry Fat Boy around????

Its cool NJPHIN Fan, I apologize if I insulted you or anyone, for I would still by you and any Fin fan a beer if I came accross them.

All right have work to do it's been fun. And in Parcells we trust.

Indy 31 Jets 17 . Take the points. :)

I Know ZILCH about the draft, can I still post???

I hope your right NJ, looking forward to the jet fans paying my way to Miami...

McClain won't be there at 12, bank on it. We better have a backup plan.

I'm right there with you Cuban. I think mark in Toronto and NJ Phin Fan stand out with draft knowledge, and Carlito and some others do as well, but I for one know very little about the College game or prospects.

I see you guys talk folks up and I go read about them.. I am of the opinion that we need a definite infusion of defensive talent, but aside from that, am waiting for the buzz to hit after the combine...

although, there are always a few athletic ones that score well but never have the football smarts needed... so it is interesting to see what people think BEFORE they focus on the 40 run times and other metrics..

Cuban, I would love to tell people that I know a fellow Dolphins fan thatflew home to Miami on the back of Jets fans wallets... even though I don't really know you, that is how I will tell the story.. it is less lame than saying some guy on the internet.. ;)

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