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An opportunity to agree with Mel Kiper

There was seemingly no amount of emnity left unused by Dolphins fans for Mel Kiper when the ESPN draft guru said and insisted the Dolphins made a mistake in picking Jake Long over Matt Ryan in 2008.

So if you are a Kiper hater, you are officially excused if you -- because this post is about the loquacious man with the helmet hair.

Kiper published his first mock draft of 2010 on Wednesday and, drum roll please, he's got Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain going to the Fins at No. 12 in the first round

"A potential home run for Miami, a team that needs an inside linebacker and could get the best one in the whole draft after the top 10," Kiper writes. "The Dolphins also could go after Dez Bryant if he were to fall to them here, because they also must address WR."

Yeah Mel, they also must address NT and OLB and maybe FS. They also will need to find help at TE and maybe RB, but that might come later in the draft.

Kiper has Bryant going to the Denver Broncos at No. 11 and rationalizes their need because he believes Brandon Marshall will be traded and the team will see the need as being too important. I happen to disagree with Kiper on this.

He forgets that Marshall was not a first round pick and neither was Eddie Royal and expert personnel departments can these days identify outstanding receivers in the second and third rounds. They call them value picks. So I wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos do not pick Bryant so high.

I also wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos do pick C.J. Spiller of Clemson because he's as much a home run threat as Bryant -- albeit in a different way -- and his intangibles and character blows Bryant out of the water.

I'm told the Dolphins are similarly impressed by Spiller and Bill Parcells especially likes him because he played a whopping 52 games in college and is quick as a lightning bolt.

I would submit to you that faced with having both McClain and Spiller on the board when they pick, the Dolphins (Parcells) would likely go with the elite defender at a position of need over the elite offensive playmaker that seems more like a luxury.

But that's just a guess based on The Big Tuna's history. He hasn't called lately to give me his draft strategy.

Meanwhile, has Dolphins' nation finally found common ground with Mel Kiper?


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I can't believe the people that think Gerbil Wilson will play better next year with a new DC. The problem with the gerbil was he was playing out of position. We basically had two strong safeties and no free safety. Our most pressing needs are NT and WR. Ferguson is OLD. Give him a year to train his replacement. We need to have an accomplished veteran WR and a new young gun to stock our WR corps. In Ginn's second season he was the teams most experienced WR. Chambers was traded away mid-season and Booker was gone in the off-season. Bring in the vet that is on his last leg and let him be the coach on the field to the new guys

Cuban , i told you to pack your bags.

Anybody has a good assessment of Tyrone Culver? Can he start (and produce, of course) or am I just dreaming?

Just dont have the time or energy to make a educated discussion about the draft, But i do realize that the fins need a run stopper ,some one to replace Gibril(Again what mother would name there kid Gibril)and someone to replace Channing(Conch)Crowder, that much is certain, and of course some help at Wide'out and maybe a little help in the T;E position... Damn they need some work huh...

I find it hard to watch college football since I don't root for a team, so I am not as into it as I am when a team I root for is playing (like the Dolphins or Habs), plus with the football and hockey I watch, I need Saturdays to get things done around the house ;)

LMAO @ CUBAN MENACE. He doesn't have the time ?? Now that's Funny.

Agree With you there lips,Being a (Mall) cop (LOL) my days on and off change more then my Girlfriends moods, So if Iam off on sat chances are good I wont be at home watching a Collage game...

I think Pittsburgh can be a very good trading partner. Come to think of it, McClain will be gone for sure, and if we picks for a need, we will be reaching. Meanwhile, OT Trent Willams (maybe top ten talent) will still be there when Miami picks, and both the 49ers and the Seahawks (who come right after Miami) need OTs. At 18 (Pitt's slot), maybe we can still get Brandon Spikes or some other guy we would have otherwise reached for at 12.

Realist , why should we bank on Mcclain not being there ??? Please explain rather than just throwing something out there.

NJ, I just think if they have the chance, Denver won't blink to take him.

I often hear the term luxury pick being thrown around as if it makes perfect sense every time it is used.

In my own humble opinion, if the Colts drafted a QB in the 1st round next year, that would be a luxury pick. Peyton is doing just fine at QB for them and he seems to be able to avoid injury. He also has no inclination of retiring anytime soon.

Ronnie Brown is a good RB but, has only made it through one season healthy. Ricky will be a year older and 17 games from retirement unless the Fins go to the playoffs in 2010. Hilliard is a bruiser and will probably get some more action in 2010 but, he's no threat to go the distance. P. Cobbs is coming off of injury and is decent in his role when healthy but scares no one. I see no "luxury" in taking a potential Chris Johnson type RB given the stable we have. What I contend is that I want CJ Spiller as a Fin as I think he is closer to Chris Johnson than McClain is to say ILB Patrick Willis. I think McClain could end up being a little better than Channing Crowder. A starter but not a difference maker. Strong words to some but, simply my own educated guess.

Can anyone really say with absolute 100% certainty that LB McClain will be more Patrick Willis than Brian Bosworth? In that vein, I would say the same goes for any player from any year. Busts abound with most every team. Some teams seem to have the draft figured out more than others...Baltimore and Indy come to mind. Jimmy J. drafted LB Zack Thomas as a special teams player and potential back-up ILB. Zack ended up proving to the world (as so many draft choices do year in and year out) that the draft is inexact science.

With this in mind, I say I would rather have RB C.J. Spiller as a Fin than LB McClain. It is simply based on the fact that I believe he will be a better, more impactful football player... period. I believe the Raiders and their desire to always get the fastest guy may grab CJ @ #8 anyways. There also seems to be chatter about McClain going to Denver but, time will tell.

The guy I would absolutely LOVE to have would be DB/S Eric Berry as I think he will be the best player in the draft. Alas, he will be looooong gone in the top 5. Parcells and Co won't give up the farm to trade up and therefore we will get whomever they deem worthy @ #12. A trade back may be in the cards as well. I hope C. J. Spiller is there when we draft and I hope the Fins take him. With his speed, vision, side to side cuts n jukes, and an NFL that favors offense, I think he will be an awesome player in the NFL. Just one mans opinion.

NJ, Iam glad i could bring a chuckel to you... stay tuned for more humor and buffonary....

Maco , why ?? If marshall is traded they have a huge hole to fill at wr. dez bryant could fill that hole. mcdaniels loves offense.

True, but I believe if they trade Marshall they might do it the way they traded Cutler, and would ask for a receiver in the package that comes back, but hey, maybe you're right; it's all speculation.

Just a thought,

I think if WR DeSean Jackson were the pick that Cam made (although it couldnt happen as he was a year later when Cam was gone) Phination would not feel as if the #9 pick was wasted.

Although the best scenario that year would of had us taking ILB Patrick Willis. I would say even drafting WR Dwayne Bowe would have given us more bang for the buck and he went like 23 in the 1st that year.

Both Ginn and Jackson are speed guys with smallish, slender builds. Jackson is simply a better football player all around. Better side to side, better routes, more heart, wants the end zone. Jackson is much more scary to defend.

Here endeth the random rant.

I will say that guy Spiller remains me of Ted (No Jock strap required)Ginn... except WITH testicles...

I hope that one of the guys we pick up in the 4th, 6th or 7th turns out to be FANTASTIC. It has been a while since we've uncovered a fantastic shocker like that in later rounds..

I mean the undrafted guys have contributed, but if we had a legit #1 and #2 receiver, Bess wouldn't be leading the team in stats.. I mean, I love his heart (not so much his hands/fumbles) but he is not FANTASTIC..

This article explains perfectly the problem with the Miami dolphins! We will go for a 'solid lb pick' and not the PLAYMAKER....but what does this team NOT have? Uhhh....PLAYMAKERS. An my god, we MIGHT need fs? Our secondary is crap! Vontae is going to be great, will Allen is solid, Sean smith is ok (needs to be better) but Bell sucks (how many picks?) and gibril Wilson was the biggest mistake of parcells part. WE NEED PLAYMAKERS! We have the third highest payroll but no playmakers? We are te redsox but with no name guys. PATHETIC.

I watched McClain in the championship game and although he made a couple of nice tackles, he was easily taken out of plays courtesy of the Texas Offensive line and TE. Unless he demonstrates some unreal skills at the combine, I would look to trade down if we are not going with Bryant or Spiller either.

Whoever said we should be pulling for the Jets needs to play in the street with a blind fold on.

I originally didn't believe McClain wouldn't be there at 12, but the more I read and get into this draft info, there looks like a good shot he will be there...

Lips , donald thomas was taken in the 6th round. B.hartline was taken in the 4rth round. Hilliard was taken in the 6th round Bess and Carpenter were undrafted. Maimi has found some players later in the draft. You're right miami needs more of it and maybe a pro bowler or 2.

As far as Denver goes, McDaniels is looking for offense after blowing the whole Cutler deal and getting rid of Nolan because he wants to blitz less...Denver looks like a nice fit for Dez Bryant....

Flipper , good thing you're not a scout. :)

Hehe, I'm with ya on that cuban menace. If Ted Ginn had say smallish WR Steve Smith from Carolina's attitude alone, he would be a much better ball player.

Good players are aggresive and have crazy drive and desire. I think Ginn is simply too much in survival mode which is why he has some drops, gets down too early or heads out of bounds too early.

The one super game he had was the Jets game in which his entire manhood was called into question. He got those two stellar returns to win us that game. When teams started covering him from the outside in, making Ginn run through traffic he went back to being average on KR. He does't have enough side to side ability to be an effective PR.

The one thing I am amazed at from the coaching staff is why we take downfield shots to guys like Camarillo and Bess when that would be the best play for Ginn? Ginn can run straight faster than anyone on our offense. If he gets behind people I think his concentration would go up as he knows he isn't going to get smashed. If the offense would make sure they take 2-3 deep shots to Ginn per game he would be in the best position to shine. ALL the underneath and mid ranged stuff should go to the guys with heart Bess, Camarillo, Hartline.

I am not sure what future Ginn has in Miami as he just doesn't seem to be a Parcell's type player. We need to get his salary waaay down or lose him as the production doesn't merit his pay.

NJ, What do you thank about Jason Pierre Paul????

Menace , Great athlete but wery raw as a football player.

Hey Rob, how about us not only missing out on Patrick Willis but Darrelle Revis, Michael Griffin, Jon Beason, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Merriweather, Anthony Spencer, Greg Olsen, Sidney Rice, Steve Smith, LaMarr Woodley, Lawrence Timmons, Leon Hall, Reggie Nelson, Robert Meachem, Joe Staley, Ben Grubbs, Eric Weddle, David Harris, Zach Miller, Paul Posluszny, Justin Blalock, Ryan Kalil (that was a pretty good draft huh? and those were only 1st and 2nd rounders selected after Ginny).

There's nothing we can do now except look back in horror; and I prefer to look forward. I was at that Draft Party and remember when Cam Cameron came out and addressed everyone the anger that we all felt (yea we wanted Brady Quinn - but Ted Ginn really?).

Oh Well.


If McClain is there at 12... which in my opinion is an "IF" if sizable proportions... Bil P. Will grab him. If he didn't... the draft will have already gone the wrong way. Taking WR or RB with #1 picks when they are not clear cut Top #1 receivers (There are none in this draft IMO) is a HUGE gamble and 60-70% of the time... they will bust. Even if they don't you are talking 3 to 4 years for the development to come through. Hey, Ginn is going to his 4th season. Should he break out (I don't expect him too) it will be the same as another Guys time table. A long wait. Miami needs player who will make an IMMEDIATE impact on this club. Like Davis, Smith, Long and Hartline (Speaking for his ST work more than Receiver work). A top of the line ILB or Head pounding NT will do just that. There are NO 1st round NT in this class... just our luck. Ron Brace was our guy and NE traded up to kill that for us last year... May crotch rot attack that team for all top.... Want Miami to win 112 games next year? Want them to look dominant doing it? Get our Defense ready to go after some QB's... because with the rules of no touching after 5yrds... there are no more shut down corners or things like that... you HAVE to make the other QB MISERABLE from kickoff on. Look at the last 4 play-off games... the team who's QB was running for his life lost every time. That is the new way to win... For now... in the NFL elite big arm QB clubs.

Thought maybe you reverted back to Elmer Fudd talk...lol...Menace , Great athlete but wery raw as a football player

Hey Just Because,

U nailed it....lotta talent came out of that draft. I for one, was a WR Dwayne Bowe fan before that draft as I thought he brought a good all around game and had the toughness to make rugged grabs as well as athleticism. I saw him as a poor mans T.O. when T.O. had more game.

I like to pause and reflect. I do think it's wise to look back sometimes as it helps keep history from repeating itself...hopefully.

I remember the boos fans doled out as Cam announced the pick. I still say it is way too telling that Cam was too close to Ginn (and his family) as he said as much in that draft day announcement. .

Cam can run an offense as he had with the Chargers for years and did this year with Baltimore. I doubt anyone gives him a shot at HC in the future though.

ABOVE ALL ELSE I HOPE THE FINS GET A BONAFIDE FOOTBALL PLAYER WITH #12! If he is an LB, DT, S, RB or WR I dont care as long as he can make plays...alot! The other positions I left out as I think they can be addressed in other rounds.


Be Warrry, warrry Quit, Iam hunting Middle Winebaccckers hahahahah.....lol....

People need to calm down with the idea that the Phins need a rb that is a touchdown waiting to happen. There aren't many teams that have those type of backs, and the evolution of the modern offense calls for more passing, and ball control. With backs that can block and catch the ball out of the backfield, a glorfied hand-off.Who knows if Ronnie will be healthy, or Bong Pipe motivated.But with Hilliard, and Cobbs we have the perfect backs for this offense. Draft some D lineman so The Phins can stop the run, and put some more pressure on the passer. draft someone that can catch the ball, and stretch the field. Leave rb alone

Hey Derek in WPB,

You make valid points about "If" McClain is there and about Brace as well. I disagree and think that NT Mount Cody will go in the 1st round. As low as #12 I don't think so. I like McClain but am not as sold on him as some are. If the Fins end up with him I hope I'm dead wrong and he is a pro bowler like Ray Lewis or Pat Willis. Like I you and I both stated I don't think he will be there @ #12.

I am a HUGE fan of pressure based defenses. I love a hunting, relentless, blitzing style DEF akin to what Pitt, Balt and Jets run. The Fins pressed the opposing QBs and had a pretty dang good sack attack statistically. What the Phins did is melt when we needed crucial stops and gave up way too many big plays. We had the Colts and the Saints on the ropes but, gave up too many big plays.

We swept the Jets and they are in the Championship game. That tells me that the Phins are not as far away as some think. I feel that when Nolan cranks up the blitzes and pressure I think the big plays may start happening more often for our def.

Sean Smith needs to step up and make more plays like he did in preseason vs the Saints. (Insane one handed grab int) Vontae had a good year but I look forward to his 2nd season as he can just play his game with better technique.

It will be interesting to see who the Phins get in FA as well as the draft to help us climb the ladder.

The Perfect Offseason:

-New England does not franchise Vince Wilfork and we sign him for whatever he wants
-Arizona does not franchise Karlos Dansby and we sign him for whatever he wants
-Arizona decides they feel Anquan Boldin is done and they are happy with Early Doucet, Steve Breaston, and Jereme Urhban and Boldin is traded to the Dolphins for a 4th Rounder and maybe one of our receivers (you decide!)
-Rolando McClain is available at #12 - the Dolphins draft him
-USF Free Safety Nate Allen falls to us in the 2nd round and we draft him
-I might be reaching here but; we trade down in the 3rd Round to pick back up a 4th Rounder (and maybe a 5th Rounder we don't have) and draft Jimmy Graham (I'm a UM homer - but even so kids' got skills)

-That fills our 6 biggest needs
ILB Rolando McClain
OLB Karlos Dansby
NT Vince Wilfork
WR Anquan Boldin
FS Nate Allen
TE Jimmy Graham

Of course it won't happen because it is too perfect. We can sign free agents and use the rest of our draft picks for depth in this case.

And remember, it is just my opinion....

Just because . Wake UP !!! Wake UP !!! You're freaking Dreaming.

nj phin is a dumb azzzzzzzz

For those of us who won't pay the ESPN Insider extortion fees could you relay Kiper's mock draft?

No doubt I am dreaming NJ - but at the same time what do you see that's so unrealistic? Wilfork being franchised (can see that happening), maybe Boldin not getting traded for a 4th (can see that happening), McClain not being there at #12 (can see that happening) - but all those things could happen too; and even if those specific players aren't available we can get players in their place that can do well for us also. (Hampton, Franklin in place of Wilfork) (Wake, Taylor, Porter in place of Dansby - not really improving but they can play there and Nolan wil get the best out of them) (Signing Antonio Bryant in place of Boldin) I think McClain will be there though so I will keep that part of my dream alive :)

It is a nice dream too......


While great backs are hard to find so is any other position... I mean the "great ones". Drafting at #12 what is the Def pick that you feel will be there and is the true difference maker you are talking about? You can't just say draft ILB's or DT's and call it good. You should call out a name or 2 or 3? This named player has to suit up for the Fins and shine week in and week out. I am saying I will stack RB C.J. Spiller's talent vs anyone on either side of the ball. ** Important Disclaimer ** They have to be available at #12 or after. Hell Spiller may be gone to the Raiders (speed grabbers) or Denver as McDaniels had seen a ton of success with Welker in NE. He may move on the speedy back with hands.

Now in making this bold claim I realize that time will show me to be a genius along with all others that want CJ or a fool depending on how he does in the NFL regardless of the team he goes to.

I get the whole we are good enough in a ceratin area we "have" to draft this heavy need area ideology. I just feel very strongly that because a team has a need and drafts the #1 consensus rated guy at said position it doesn't mean that guy can play. That's how busts happen.

I will cede the fact that Spiller may not be the best blocker in the draft. I would counter by saying between, Hilliard, Polite, Ronnie and Ricky there may be some blocking already on the team.

You want hands, Spiller can catch. Go to Utube and punch in CJ Spiller and watch him catch the ball. I see Spiller as a cross between Percy Harvin and Chris Johnson type player. He can return punts and fix that area of Phins ST. He can be split out wide for reverses, bubble screens as well as do all the normal routes required of a complete back.

My question to you is which Defensive players are you naming that will be there at #12 that will transform the Phins?

Jets are already selling AFC champions gear... lol... on Sunday night they will be giving them to kids in Nicaragua!

Just Because,

In your dream you turned our owner into Bill Gates as well???

You end most FA dream aquisitions with "give em whatever they want"? Not good, not so much.

I wouldn't mind trying to add LB Karlos Dansby but I think his price tag is what will scare us out of the race. Wolfork prolly same but, I think he is too much on the downside of his career to add much value to the Fins.

I share your belief that AZ has a bunch of good WR's and so they may lower the going price on WR Anquan Boldin. Down to a 4rth and AZ won't trade him. Maybe 3rd and a player or 2nd round as they were asking for a 1st before.

Ya, am talking Brady good. Like superbowl MVP and all pro type of late round steal. Maybe hartline surprises us and becomes a Welker and probowler.

Rob in OC , Bingo !!! that was the point at just because. That's alot of money to be spent on all those players. If miami gets just 1 of those big name FA the fans should be happy.

Can they front load contracts so the big money gets paid in the uncapped year?

NJ Phin Fan,

I echo your desire man. I would love for the Phins brass to pursue at least one talented free agent and land him.

The market will dictate if we can but it sure would be nice to have a Dansby or Anquan Boldin in a Phins uni as you know they have at least done the job in the NFL already. With the early 1st rounders you get fat salaries that many times don't meet the performance. Vernon Gholston anyone? He was a very highly rated, super buff, maler of an LB and luckily the Jets thought enough of him to draft him top 10 round 1. Lol, now he anchors their bench.

The Dolphins don't need Boldin or Dansby. We need a playmaker who is a leader too, not decent players who are products of their respective systems. Boldin can be great, when opposing teams focus on Fitzgerald. If Miami was one or two good free agents away from the super bowl, then maybe. Miami is at least two seasons away from even winning a playoff game.

Lipsin in Toronto,

I won't even pretend to know about how the contracts go. I do know this, without the CBA in place it should be a diffent type of landscape financially for players and owners as time marches on.

I simply hope they get the early round draft picks to move more to pay for performance than gauranteed riches. I mean Jake has worked out ok but I believe he is the highest paid LT in the league. Seems upside down from any other business where the guys that perform and have been doing it for years get the most most $$.

Mr. Ross might have a few nickels laying around (hell how much did we pay for Gerbil Wilson?) if we can shave some money off our payroll - Ayodele, Wilson, Porter, then we can have some money to throw around. Remember we had the 3rd highest payroll in the league so Mr. Ross will spend whatever King Tuna asks him to spend. Granted I might have gotten a little ahead of myself with the "give them whatever they want" how about "give them fair market value" does that make it more feasible?

Chris, I agree with you about shaving the payroll by releasing Porter, G Wilson, W Allen, etc. That leftover money should be used on stud lineman on both sides of the ball. We had no pass rush last year besides Starks who played well enough to keep. That's it. Teams ran on us at will and opposing QBs had lots of time to pick apart Pasqualoni's basic zone coverage schemes (which were to help the rookie CBs) and expose the fact we had no safety-support.


I beg to differ. Some of the Phins current receivers are decent. Anquan Boldin is much, much better than any receiver we have. He can make the tough grabs and is fearless when using his body to make plays downfield. I am not as sure as much about Dansby but, I think he too would be a big upgrade over our current stable of Lb's.

We swept the Jets and they backed into the playoffs. Then they knock off the mighty Bolts? WTH? They are going to play the same Colts team that we played tooth and nail. If the Phins make a play or two on DEF they win that Indy game. I am only bringing this stuff up to illustrate how close we are to making playoffs a reality instead of a pipe dream. The reason why the NFL is so great is many teams are only a few players or a better system away from making the playoffs and doing damage.

I am not gonna be delusional and talk Super next year or bust but, I say we will have a better team that we had this year. We will have an easier schedule (if only on paper). We will have two young CB's that now have all kinds of game experience. We will have a different DC in Nolan. Now we are just about to add some new talent to this mix as well. I think the Phins are in decent position to make the playoffs next year.

Once you are in, anything can happen. I live near SD and have many friends there. They can't believe what just happened. It did take 3 missed field goals from a guy that hardly misses. Numerous penalties and some conservative play calling but, that's why they play the games.

NP Chris,

"Give them fair market value" sounds a ton more feasible. It's your dream, so dream the way ya want man, I was just funin. I was just taken aback as Albert Haynesworth got "whatever he wanted" from the Redskins and we know how that worked out.

100 million reasons not to overspend.

All I'm trying to say is that a WR is not going to take us to the next level. Will we get a few more 1st downs and more TDs, yes. Maybe giving us 2 more wins.

Boldin is not going to line up at NT, DE, LB, RG, or LB. He isn't going to pressure the opposing team's QBs or block for our RBs. With the money Boldin would cost we could get a couple of badly needed anchors for our lines!!!

Yes Rob in OC, Boldin is better than any WR we have. There are peewee football teams with better WRs than Miami has. If Miami had dominant lines on BOTH sides of the ball and we had a chance to grab a big-time WR, then I say go for it. We are a long long long way from dominating the line of scrimmage on either side.

Just because on you signed Boldin on your Madden team set to rookie-mode and it worked doesn't mean it will work in the pros.

Miami is suffering right now because of Wannstedt. He drafted horribly and got rid of the wrong players. Jimmy Johnson left because he was ready to move past Marino and rebuild the team the JJ way. I don't blame him for leaving because it was a lose-lose situation for him. Marino was classy enough to retire but it was too late. We lost an awesome coach in Johnson. I've talked to former Dolphins and they agreed that JJ was their favorite coach. When Wannstedt took over was the beginning of the end for Miami. Look what he did in Chicago when he was their HC.

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