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An opportunity to agree with Mel Kiper

There was seemingly no amount of emnity left unused by Dolphins fans for Mel Kiper when the ESPN draft guru said and insisted the Dolphins made a mistake in picking Jake Long over Matt Ryan in 2008.

So if you are a Kiper hater, you are officially excused if you -- because this post is about the loquacious man with the helmet hair.

Kiper published his first mock draft of 2010 on Wednesday and, drum roll please, he's got Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain going to the Fins at No. 12 in the first round

"A potential home run for Miami, a team that needs an inside linebacker and could get the best one in the whole draft after the top 10," Kiper writes. "The Dolphins also could go after Dez Bryant if he were to fall to them here, because they also must address WR."

Yeah Mel, they also must address NT and OLB and maybe FS. They also will need to find help at TE and maybe RB, but that might come later in the draft.

Kiper has Bryant going to the Denver Broncos at No. 11 and rationalizes their need because he believes Brandon Marshall will be traded and the team will see the need as being too important. I happen to disagree with Kiper on this.

He forgets that Marshall was not a first round pick and neither was Eddie Royal and expert personnel departments can these days identify outstanding receivers in the second and third rounds. They call them value picks. So I wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos do not pick Bryant so high.

I also wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos do pick C.J. Spiller of Clemson because he's as much a home run threat as Bryant -- albeit in a different way -- and his intangibles and character blows Bryant out of the water.

I'm told the Dolphins are similarly impressed by Spiller and Bill Parcells especially likes him because he played a whopping 52 games in college and is quick as a lightning bolt.

I would submit to you that faced with having both McClain and Spiller on the board when they pick, the Dolphins (Parcells) would likely go with the elite defender at a position of need over the elite offensive playmaker that seems more like a luxury.

But that's just a guess based on The Big Tuna's history. He hasn't called lately to give me his draft strategy.

Meanwhile, has Dolphins' nation finally found common ground with Mel Kiper?


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that's not true ROdge .Boldin isn't better than ted ginn .

My bad ALoco, Ginn is the best WR in the universe...

Aloco, what is the best meat to make meatballs (non-fermented) besides beef?

The Fins need 2 linebackers....they need DANSBY, and other FA's Wilfork and Marshall....they then need Mclain via the draft....thats what they really need...all other areas can be addressed via the draft....

Brandon Marshall is a MUST and without this we continue to have NO OFFENSIVE WEAPON....this will define PARCELLS tenure Armando...he MUST pull the trigger....I do not agree that you can find good to greta receievers in the 3rd round...aka Patrick Turner....almost certainly a disappointment....the draft is a crap shoot...we need to invest with 100% surety right NOW....pull the trigger on 26 year old Marshall..

Nice to see some fin fans down south in THE OC-Rob and you have a few valid points but Rodge was right in that the other teams ran ragged over our defense. And the main focus is the front seven. Signing Dansby would be bigger than signing Boldin because as mentioned he's fearless and plays reckless and gets hurt in the process. Also the Dolphins just drafted two WR's this past draft and have Bess from the year before who will be entering his third year. What I expect from our wr corps is continued improvment.
But we need to shore up our NT, ILB's and add a differance maker at out side linebacker.
If we get Dansby that would be big.

Not again with the Brandon Marshall. lol

Please, no more Marshall, Boldin, or any other overpriced players that will go to waste here. Sign him on Madden, sign Peyton Manning and Bobby Boucher from that little college in Louisiana.

dear phinfan from birth73
ginn has denied the help of former Dolphin receivers that if i may add are still the best receivers to ever wear a dolphin uniform. you cant compare him to marvin harrison because there is a minor difference, harrison can catch the ball. he is fast, but faster to get to the out of bounds line. hes afraid of getting hit, he cant catch, is there any reason as to why we should spend more money and time on him? yea bess, hartline, camarillo will never have the speed that ginn has, but they dont give up on plays and arent afraid of taking a hit here or there. so i laugh at you that still has hope for this guy

This year is gonna be a good year.


lamb is good .

I think you guys should draft Pat White's cousin with the 12th pick. Btw, how is Pat working out for you guys. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Hey Tortured, you're so cool! Talking smack on another team's blog! You're so cool that from now on I'm going to refer to you as Snookie. Now I feel better. Keep talking Snookie!!

If and that's a big if the jets somehow beat the colts we will need to have 12ft wide roll up doors installed on our locker room so Rexy can enter without greasing him up.

As much as i hate to say it, If the Jets win, then they win because they have done a good job as a team. No matter what happens though, the Jets' fans like Snookie (Tortured) will ALWAYS be losers.

Rodge ,go get the locker room clean .will you .

Oh great, another jet loser. Did you come to rescue your girlfriend? I'll clean the locker room when you go back to the Jersey Shore.......... I'm waiting

We owned the jets this season!

Jets fans are on more than ever... They figure they better get their ny scum lowlife commets out now because they know their fantasy comes to and end sunday and it's back to the local bar and rooting for the same old jets with yet another FAT coach who comes up short.. Mangini.. Ryan they love the fat ones!!!!

is your locker room is cleaned and ready for sanchez and what about the ice tea that he loves .

GMann, ur wrong about Jet fans... After Sunday they will put on their Met hats and become losers right thru the summer into fall...I guess if ur gonna be a loser might as well go all the way, right??? Mets/Jets choke all year long and no one in NY actually cares because they are both second class teams behind the Giants/Yankees

I've got a tea-bag for you and Sanchez jet!!!!!

People need to realize something. The odds are better that Rolando McClain will make it to the 12th spot because denver will draft C.J. Spiller or Dez Bryant. If McClain is avaliable you have to take him because he is the best all around LB in the draft second best being Sergio kindle.FA PICK UPS THERE NEEDS TO BE THREE MIAMI HAS THE CASH FOR THEM AND NEED TO TAKE THEM....Antrel Rolle, Vince Wilfork, and Vincent Jackson so they don't have to trade for Brandon Marshall. Oh and Crowder is a good enough LB to be in this line up add Mclain then trade Camarillo, Gibril Wilson and joey porter for two good draft picks so they can draft up for sergio kindle then have great LB core cuz JT WILL BE BACK FOR ONE LAST SEASON SO YOU HAVE WAKE,Mclain,Crowder,and JT/Sergio Kindle for your starting LB CORE AND FIXED SECONDARY WITH THE ADDITION OF Antrel Rolle AND A RUN STOPPER IN Vince Wilfork to keep him fresh they should draft Terrence Cody NT. IN TOP OF 2ND ROUND IF AVAILABLE. SO THE FISRT THREE PICKS IN DRAFT SHOULD BE McClain, Kindle, Cody. Now thats a brillant draft and FA SIGNINGS IN THE MAKING.SO ALL THE PIECES WOULD BE PUT TOGETHER EXCEPT FOR A TRUE #1 TE WHICH CAN WAIT FOR ANOTHER SEASON THEN ITS NOTHING BUT SKILL PLAYERS AFTER THAT LIKE A NEW RB,OR KEEP AMPING UP THE OL WITH A DOMINATING CENTER AND LG. THE MAKING OF THE NEW SUPERBOWL CHAMPS FOR A LONG TIME COMING.SO DO NOT TRADE CROWDER AND HAVE JT COME BACK TO HELP SERGIO KINDLE AND MCCLAIN DON'T NEED A TEACHER HE IS A PATRICK WILLIS IN THE MAKING WITH MIKE NOLAN THERE AWESOME.

what if we win on sunday ? baaaaaaaaaaaa

2 must-have free agents, and they are Vince Wilfork and Richard Seymour. Adding those to the d-line along with Nolan at d-coordinator would put our d in the top 10 guaranteed.

WOOOOW !!! dolfan88 , you just gave me the biggest headache and my eyes are killing me. :)

McClain would be a great fit, Spiller has looked good but I have McClain ahead of Spiller on my big board. Alot can happen at the combine and things can change in a hurry.

Mel Kiper knows wats up except for that Jake Long Lienhart comment,I would listen to that man.

Gotta say, I hope Kiper nailed this one. McClain is a beast. That might make up for missing out on Pat Willis.

Gotta say, I hope Kiper nailed it. That would make up for passing on Pat Willis.

We need to build our Defense. Crowder was AWFUL last year. Taylor and Porter disappeared WAY too often. Hopefully Mclain will give us the speed needed to stop TE's from owning the middle against us!!

miami should draft McClain, im gonna say hes better than Patrick willis..

Maybe with the later rounds we can draft a DT, TE and an OLB.
We need a WR to replace ginn in the starting lineup.

BTW i think ronnie should stay and we are Good with Gibril, the guy is a beast but he was covering too much; let him play his game, his run stopping game so we make one dimensional offenses.

expert personnel departments can these days identify outstanding receivers in the second and third rounds. They call them value picks.



WOOOOW !!! dolfan88 , you just gave me the biggest headache and my eyes are killing me. :)

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 21, 2010 at 09:37 PM

supposedly, whacking off to the internet gives you the same symptoms.

So we draft McClain. Big deal! We still can't stop the screens, the end runs or the deep ball. Smart teams will just double up on McClain. At the very least, chip him then set up for the screen. What are you guys looking for? A one man blitz? Where will the rest of the heat come from? Tell me, how is Mario Willians doing these days? One man don't make a defense folks. And he went #1 overall.

What we need is to be able to trade jabs on offense. No defense can make every stop. No ONE man can give this defense a makeover. But the only way to win is to score.

Drafting McClain is putting the cart before the horse guys. Its closing the barn door after the cow already got out. Its counting your chickens before they hatch.

You folks are FOOLS!

How do you know ??? LMFAO !!!!!

I know alot about those symptoms , in fact i'm an expert.

Ummm Rick when did you see crowder play awfull ? When he was injured ?

Guys...we all agree we need Wifork...I can see it from here in Australia....then McClain....then Dansby.....

Id trade White for a 2nd rounder....I bet he gets taken.....then use that on a TE ...Haynos and Fasano are not good enough by a mile....

Alf from..Ozzzzzzzzz

Good you give me a headache. Look all im saying is its simple miami just need to spend the money for some playmakers and be extremely smart in the draft.I believe what i said will lead them to sucess if they do it right and the Hire of Mike Nolan was Brillant

Dolfan88, none of what you said in that s#it heap of a post will happen. We'll get McLain and maybe sign Marshall if Parcells is fellin' him if the price is right. P.S. Try using some periods in your PARAGRAPH! Yes cuz' if you said all that crap in one breath you need a lung transplant......... .

Rodge, I think trying to add Vince W. and Richard Seymour would not make fiscal sense.

The reason I said Dansby is because he is an upgrade over our current ILB's. They can play him next to Crowder if they dont draft a replacement for Crowder in the draft. Dansby can play and is a solidly built LB like Parcells likes.

The reason why Anquan Boldin makes sense is the price should be more palitable now. AZ was asking a #1 from the Phins or other teams. They told the Card's to pound sand. Now that Breaston and Early Doucet have stepped up for AZ, they should be more inclined to lower the asking price.

With the lower price, a passion for the game, #1 receiver size and desire for the ball, with strong hands for the tuff grabs it all makes him a great value. If they can get him for say a 3rd round pick I say pull the trigger.

Boldin has already been a damn good player in the NFL. I think he would leave AZ with a huge chip on his shoulder and be motivated to prove it wasn't all Warner. He played ball locally in college. Boldin has had a couple of injuries but those come to everyone. The injury where the Jet's safety broke his jaw was not his fault at all. It would be great if AB could pay them back 2 x per year for that.

I think this makes AB a good value addition.

With Dansby in the fold and AB in a Phins uni as FA's it would be great to enter the draft with eyes on wide vision. This would free up the Phins to go in get who they want.

It's ok that we disagree. It makes the offseason fun.


Thanks for the post. It sounds to me as if we are in agreement on Dansby but you would pair him with maybe V. Wilfork if we landed 2 free agents. Does that sound about right?

I say Dansby and Anquan Bolden. Meh, 1 outta 2 aint bad. I would say WR Vincent Jackson but again, VJ will ask for crazy amounts. That's why I stick with AB due to what I believe will be a great value for such an accomplished receiver.

For everyone that keeps saying " We owned the Jets," I'd trade those two victories for a spot in the AFC championship. That's a no-brainer.

Let me ask you guys a question would you take p.willis or ted ginn(and his family)? I bet everyone would take willis,so i say take McClain and I wouldn't touch Dez because he's going to holdout just like cashtree.

Kiper, is A predictionless individual. We are going to trade the following players Porter,Ginn,Brown, and Crowder which will clear up money and bring more picks. Then we will be drafting players which fit our needs of impact players: Spiller, TE Jimmy Graham, an interior player & defense players. For FA will get a #1 WR, obtain Vince Wilfork or a playerin his mode, another ILB to replace Crowder but productive, and be scary to the AFC from then on.

AdventureTC... Of course, but you hold on to what you can. lol.

I think if anything it shows me how close the Phins really are. The Jets, a team the Dolphins swept, are playing a team that set an NFL record for least amount of time possessing the ball in a victory vs the Phins. If the Phins make a play or two on offense or def they probably win that game. The Colts may have had some close games during the year but I bet the Colts players all knew they were seriously tested that day. The old adage being they "escaped with a win".

If the Phins make the right moves, Nolan is a great start, add some good new talent through FA and the draft, they should be targeting playoffs next year.


That is some logic...

If your saying you think because Patrick Willis can play a mean ILB that means McClain can too... don't. It simply makes no sense. The NFL is litered with workout warriors, can't miss prospects and college wonder kids that NEVER pan out. That is what makes the NFL draft so awesome. Every team gets an educated guess as to who they feel will be the best player. They have ALL the height, weight, body fat, bicep measurements etc and then they run exhaustive psychological tests, interviews, how high they can jump, how much they bench, time there running speeds and still... its an inexact science. They can not measure the heart, will, desire and team fit of that player until after they get chosen and put on the pads. Voila, Zack Thomas goes in the 5th while Mike Mamula goes in the 1st.

Heck, even after teams get a player he can bounce around before sticking. Wes Welker goes undrafted out of T.T. college and the Chargers pick him up as a FA. Then he gets CUT and lands with the Phins. Then they trade him to the Pats for a 2nd and a 7th round pick. He proceeds to throw up huge numbers. Wikipedia him sometime... his numbers are really insane.

It happens time and time again. Do you think the Jags are wishing they had Starks back? Most likely but, maybe he didn't fit their scheme or respond to their coaching.

In the end you just can't pass on talented players to fill needs if the need filler can't play. Think the Jets would like that Vernon Gholston pick back about now? lol.

Any rational Phins fan, besides the Ginn family, would want Patrick Willis over Ted Ginn. I will ask you the same question in a different way... would you like CJ Spiller if he plays like Chris Johnson or Rolando McClain if he plays like Reggie Torbor? We won't know for sure until they get on the field.

I watched quite a few highlights and low lights of McClain and was not overyl impressed. I know are most serious needs are on defense but I'm here to tell you that if CJ Spiller is available at #12 the Dolphins should take him. CJ is a scoring threat everywhere on the field: Running, catching, wildcat, kick and punt returns. He would be a great pick considering Ricky's last year and Ronnie's injury woes.

Trade the first round pick and Ginn with Denver for Brandon Marshall and their first round pick and get Terrance Cody, get Dansby as a FA

FA Signings need to be FS Antrel Rolle,V.Wilfork/C.Hampton NT/DT,D.Ryans ILB,V.Jackson/A.Boldin WR

Trades: J.Porter,G.Camarillo,G.Wilson and Poss. T.Ginn FOR SOME DRAFT PICKS.

1.Rolando McClain ILB
2.Sergio Kindle OLB
3.Terrence Cody DT/NT
4.Arrelious Benn WR
5.Jerry Hughes OLB
6.Marion Rolle S
7.Rob Gronkowski TE
8.Jarvis James RB
9.Freddie Barnes WR

If Miami can accomplish this in the offseason and address these issues i expect them to make a superbowl run.

Ronnie Brown will be resigned to a 4yr. deal
Anthony Fasano might not make it throught the offseason but maybe.
Jason Ferguson will retire after a great career.
J.Taylor will return for one last season then retire.
Mike Nolan was a brillant hire for the DC position.
NOTE:Make ZACK THOMAS the other linebacker coach.
C.Pennington will come back as backup or retire.
C.Henne will be the starter for 2010/2011 season and will be our Franchise quarterback for the next decade.
Tyler Thigpen good backup for Henne.
Ricky Williams will retire after this next season.

Thats my Predictions for the FA,Draft,Trades....

I believe we will see at least 1 "frivolous" pick. It is the habit of this staff to take a wild shot at a talent and hope it pans out. Nothing wrong with that as long as the bases are covered. I did not like it then and still do not when it comes to Pat White. What an incredible College QB. NOT a NFL QB however. Today they start at 6-3 and go up from there. Otherwise they are tossing rainbows or throwing darts between LB's (Int heaven for any good ILB crew. But taking a pop at a 2 or 3 round RB or WR is not going to make me nuts. I have seen way too many guys from the 4th through 6th round come on strong and have great careers. I will say one thing... I feel this draft is the maker or breaker for this coaching staff. Not that this is the end of the line. Ya gotta figure that they will have a team that is 100% theirs in less then 5 years now... its time we see some results at 1/2 way that all I am saying. 7-9 is okay for a 2nd year... 3rd year will need some improvement if they wish to keep the peace of mind in fan land.

If McClain is there at 12 I would be a happy man. McCluster in the 2nd and very happy.

Trade Brown get Spiller and use the extra 2nd round pick on a linebacker


In your mock draft the first 4 players you name may be 1st round picks and are in many mocks...

How do the Phins accomplish that?

Armando Salguero I agree with you 100%!

most likely sergio kindle and terrence cody will slip to the 2nd. rd. and miami has two very high 2nd rd picks thats how.

Rob in OC


U better check ur facts bud...

Dolphins have ONLY 1 pick in the 2nd round and its #43. There are 10 teams ahead of us in the 2nd round. This means we are twice as close to the middle of round 2 than the beginning.

I will bet you my keen drafting ouija board and Elvis's original blue suede shoes that Sergio Kindle does not fall into the 2nd round and dang sure not to us at #43. Scouts Inc has Kindle as the 16th best player overall. Most sites rate him #1 or #2 among OLB prospects. With so many teams beefing up 3-4 Defenses you honestly think he won't be a 1st rounder?

Cody possibly but I think he will be a late 1st or earlier than our only pick in the 2nd.

You have listed the concensus #1 ILB in McClain, a top 2 OLB in Sergio Kindle, a top 2 true NT in Cody and a Top 2-5 WR and you think the Fins will get them all? I would dig but there is zero chance that it happens... none.



No need to get aggro'd with the all caps thing dude.

I am thinking that one of us is missing something...right now, the Fins have the #43 pick in the second round and that is it.

You made a list of players that stretched rounds 1 thru 4 in your dreamlist mock or whatever you want to call it. (see ur post Jan 22 9:19pm) I responded by stating I thought you had misjudged the talent and draft status of your stated My Mock Draft players: "McClain rd1, Kindle rd2, Cody rd3, Benn rd4."

I simply asked how you thought the Phins would pull this off? I stated in my post that probably as many as 3 or 4 from your list could be 1st rounders.

If you are referring to this vague statement in your post: "Trades: J.Porter,G.Camarillo,G.Wilson and Poss. T.Ginn FOR SOME DRAFT PICKS." that we are going to get a bunch of great draft choices I belive you are wrong.

In stating you think that teams are going to take these castoff players from the Fins and turn over quality 1st or 2nd round picks you are dead wrong. Secondly, in your post as it is written you have a number next to the player and you have 9 total picks on a list. It is fair to assume that you are stating the player and the round. Cody will NEVER make it to the 3rd round and Benn will NEVER make it to the 4rth.

Sadly the most in demand player you have on that list would probably be Camarillo. If Randy Moss was obtained for a 4rth round pick, what is Camarillo's value?

You honestly think other teams would give early round picks for an elder OLB that is past his prime, a WR with speed but with little heart that runs scared, a WR with pedestrian speed coming off injury and a Safety with suspect tackling/coverage skills?

I have checked my facts and the Fins have the #12 1st rd pick and the #43 2nd rd pick. I believe you have those 4 playersrs completely undervalued and they will be long gone by the time the Fins draft. There is a potential McClain could be there at #12 but Kindle, Cody, and Benn will be gone by time the Fins choose in the 2nd round. Can you better explain your original post that has these 4 players going in rounds 1 thru 4?

I could be wrong as we are all speculating on the draft positions of players but, I think I am right...just my opinion.

Are you disagreeing that the Fins only have the #43 pick in the 2nd?

* Correction, last post should start: dolfan88. Its late and I am tired, sorry for the spell error.

I see we both agree that Tyler Thigpen should make a good back-up QB. I was very impressed with the way he moved the team after a short time with the team and literally no reps in practice as the 3rd guy. I would like to see him push to make Henne better or take his job if he does fantastic next preseason and camp.

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