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An opportunity to agree with Mel Kiper

There was seemingly no amount of emnity left unused by Dolphins fans for Mel Kiper when the ESPN draft guru said and insisted the Dolphins made a mistake in picking Jake Long over Matt Ryan in 2008.

So if you are a Kiper hater, you are officially excused if you -- because this post is about the loquacious man with the helmet hair.

Kiper published his first mock draft of 2010 on Wednesday and, drum roll please, he's got Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain going to the Fins at No. 12 in the first round

"A potential home run for Miami, a team that needs an inside linebacker and could get the best one in the whole draft after the top 10," Kiper writes. "The Dolphins also could go after Dez Bryant if he were to fall to them here, because they also must address WR."

Yeah Mel, they also must address NT and OLB and maybe FS. They also will need to find help at TE and maybe RB, but that might come later in the draft.

Kiper has Bryant going to the Denver Broncos at No. 11 and rationalizes their need because he believes Brandon Marshall will be traded and the team will see the need as being too important. I happen to disagree with Kiper on this.

He forgets that Marshall was not a first round pick and neither was Eddie Royal and expert personnel departments can these days identify outstanding receivers in the second and third rounds. They call them value picks. So I wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos do not pick Bryant so high.

I also wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos do pick C.J. Spiller of Clemson because he's as much a home run threat as Bryant -- albeit in a different way -- and his intangibles and character blows Bryant out of the water.

I'm told the Dolphins are similarly impressed by Spiller and Bill Parcells especially likes him because he played a whopping 52 games in college and is quick as a lightning bolt.

I would submit to you that faced with having both McClain and Spiller on the board when they pick, the Dolphins (Parcells) would likely go with the elite defender at a position of need over the elite offensive playmaker that seems more like a luxury.

But that's just a guess based on The Big Tuna's history. He hasn't called lately to give me his draft strategy.

Meanwhile, has Dolphins' nation finally found common ground with Mel Kiper?


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no the numbers just meant the order they would go theses are there picks

1.12th McClain
2.43rd. Kindle
2.80's i think Cody or Williams
3rd.?pk Arrelious Benn
4rd.?pk Jerry Hughes
6rd.?pk Marion Rolle
7rd.?pk and so on.

Sorry if the way i put was confusing for you Rob

Oic... No worries Dolfan88. Not a prob at all. I was just confused as to how you had it laid out. Thanks for clarifying it for me bro.

It would be awesome to snag your list but I would be extremely suprised if Kindle and Cody last that long. Kindle is young and looks pretty good as a pass rusher and they dont usually last. Cody would be really the best size fit for ANY 3-4 teams at NT. It is for that reason and not his play I think he will go early round 2. I think Benn will be gone by rnd 2 as well. He is a big body WR with good speed. Probably rated top 3-5 in WR. He may be gone by early 2nd rnd as well.

I say these things knowing full well I could be wrong. I know sometimes the rankings are different by the NFL teams than they are from the general concensus/pundits/peanut gallery folks. It's just kinda fun to rank and rate the new crop of talent and then wait and hold your breath that the Fins get some great new players.


Well id Terrence Cody does'nt make it to there first pick in rd 2 and sergio kindle is gone then i would think they go wr or go with Dan Williams NT. RATED ROUGHLY 4TH BEST OUT OF NT.
It just depends but it would be sweet if my mock draft came true we would be automatic superbowl contenders oh i just recently found out that since Mike Nolan is there in Miami now that they are trying to lure Elvis Dumervil and Brandon Marshall both to Miami how sweet would that make our LB CORE

HIT ME BACK Rob in OC want to know what you think later............



That's some very interesting news. It would be hard for me to fathom why Denver would let go of it's best pass rusher?? Unless someone gave up the farm in players and/or multiple draft choices. The pass rushing end is such a difficult spot to find an outstanding one. That would leave a huge hole that Denver would have to fill again. I had not heard that Elvis D was going to be a free or restricted agent this upcoming season. Even if he was, I think there is an extra transitional tag that can be applied to players by their respective teams if a new cba doesn't go into effect.

It would be freakin sweet if that did happen though as ED is really a good, sound hustle player that gets the job done! I would toss Joey Porter from the line-up in a second if ED came to the Fins.

In actuality I think Cameron Wake could be a really nice pass rusher if he ever gets a full time chance. Maybe under Nolan's more blitzing style of def it will happen? Cam Wake is a super athlete. Have you seen the Utube clip of Cam Wake snatching the bill off the ceiling in a Canadian locker room? He can leap out of the stadium. Look it up...it's pretty clear how atheltic he is.

As for Marshall I think he is a supremely gifted #1 type receiver. I was thinking that because he was so pouty and had all the antics that he would not be coming to the Fins. It's very interesting that you said Nolan may campaign for Marshall or at least give the Fins brass all the inside info on the player and his quirky personality. There is NO questioning his gigantic potential as one of the leagues best WR's. Since Parcells lived through a T.O. diva nightmare, you would think BP would say "Never again" with a problem child...especially at WR as they seem to be the biggest personalities, most problematic of all positions.

It's hard for us(the fans) to see if Marshall is a head case, just an odd guy, a true brat, a guy that is money hungry, a respect oriented guy, a me,me,me guy or all of the above. I know there was a time were he was playing lights out in Denver so who knows his exact motivation?

2 very interesting prospects from Denver my friend. It's very hard for me to see them in a Fins uni for the above reasons but, I would be glad to cheer them on if they became Fins from some twist of fate. Denver coach McDaniels has gotten rid of a big name player before in Jay Cutler so you never know...

Thanks for the scoop on the info.

Go Phins!


No problem yeah Adam Shefter reported it as a possibility since Nolan is there new DC and yes I believe the Dumervil is a restriceted FA but if they try hard enough they could poss. get him in trade with J.Pezzy and Nolan will have dumervil on one side and Wake on the other in passing situations now that would be awesome. Marshall justs wants a solid contract so he can actually have a place called home so if Miami offered the right kind of contract for him he would be in aqua and orange on a drop of a dime.
Mike Nolan could lure alot of good Def. talent to Miami because of his reputation.

Oh and i know longer believe Miami will draft Terrence Cody because he has serious weight issues if he is there at a later round like 4th maybe but i think they'll go with Dan Williams instead.

If they can't get Sergio Kindle in the 2nd rnd. theyll take Jerry Hughes at OLB I still see them taking Rolando McClain at the 12th tho.

Go Phins.

and your welcome, Rob in OC


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