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Tired of the Dolphins always playing catch-up?

I told you in the previous post that part of Paul Pasqualoni's undoing as Dolphins defensive coordinator was the fact his unit didn't get off the block quick enough the final three games of the season.

The Miami defense was slooooooow to get interested in games, giving up two and sometimes three scores in the first half before getting into the assignment and finishing better.

Well, isn't it ironic that in searching for Pasqualoni's successor, the Dolphins are seemingly playing catch-up again?

Barring the regime naming Todd Bowles, an in-house guy, or being able to pull a major surprise name out of the coaching ranks as the new defensive coordinator, the Dolphins have been a day late on at least one potential candidate.

Today the Chiefs got their man as reports confirm Romeo Crennel is going to be the defensive coordinator in Kansas City. An NFL source close to Crennel tells me the Dolphins inquired about the coach's interest in coming to Miami (he owns a house in Palm Beach) but he had already promised KC first dibs.

So what does that say?

The Dolphins got to Crennel after the Chiefs and basically had to take a number.

There are other reports the Dolphins are also interested in former Virginia head coach Al Groh as a DC candidate. Well, Georgia Tech already talked to Groh about becoming the DC in Atlanta and so if the Dolphins want Groh, they have to pull a comeback to get him.

And I'm starting to see a troubling trend here.

The Dolphins were 0-2 in 2008.

They were 0-3 in 2009.

They were late waking up defensively while going 0-3 to finish the season.

Are they late getting started on finding their defensive coordinator, too?

In the case of Crennel, that answer is yes. 


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Relax Mando. There is no correlation to what you are talking about.

You're conveniently leaving out all of the times the Dolphins were first and didn't have to play catch-up. They got to Gibril Wilson first. They got to Shawn Murphy first, and even traded up to make sure they did. They got to Pat White first, before the Pats could take him. And they got to

By the way, weren't you playing catch up with Coach P's firing?

Thank God they are slow! Crennel is a good guy, but we can do better. The same with Groh.

Dear Trifecta:

Take your time. 2009 season is not even done yet. We have plenty of time. Get THE right guy!

El Mago de la vida

patience, bro, patience.

I have to say that I have felt the exact same way over the last many years BUT I didn't expect it with Percells!

How in the world did they not know four weeks ago that Paul was going to be gone?

With that being the case the only thing I can figure is that they thought they were bringing him back but after Sprano and Percells went over the film on a long weekend with some beer and pizza they had to come to the same conclusion. We love him but we can't keep him

That is propably not the case but somewhere between that and they are just plain dumb is the truth of the matter. (I don't think eaither coach is Dumb by the way)

I don't think ghors age is detremental as I still belive that a strong defense will always be the key to winning.

Look at the F***ing JETS!

And I'm starting to see a troubling trend here.

Totally, I couldn't agree more.

This draft will say A LOT about this management team.

So far Ireland is OVERRATED bigtime !

This trifecta starting to suck it up,first on finding players on offense,deffense and special teams, now they fired the DC and are late to hired one please think and act fast cus the draft are just 80 to 85 days away commomon man.
Dolphin fanatic

Shush mando. It's been well reported that KC was Romeos number 1 choice no matter what.

It is a bummer we weren't able to get Crennel. I hope we get someone aggressive, we should have a solid D after the draft. Well as long as Wilson isn't our starting FS next year.

I don't think it is a big loss to miss out on Crennel. How about getting somebody younger, with energy, and enthusiasm? I think they should have known by week 10 the PP wasn't coming back and wasn't doing a good job as DC.

This next draft is going to be key.... No more Pat White's or Turner's. The Fins aren't loaded enough to miss out on players. If you can't make the field as a receiver with the group the Fins have.. that is saying something! Don't the Fins evaluate these players before the draft them?

Wayne, when I look behind there's nobody gaining on me. I can afford to take my time. Dolphins can't.

Luis Morales Puerto Rico - This trifecta had to rebuild an ENTIRE team. That is not going to happen overnight. It takes a little bit of time to get the right guys and develop them. Remember folks we were 1-15 2 seasons ago and have been irrelevant almost this entire decade until the trifecta has come onboard!!

Patience is a vertue, but after next season or the following and things are still not totally right, then we can complain!!

There are a lot of qualified people out there. And Mark in Ottawa, I don't know how you can say Ireland is overrated. Last two drafts have brought a lot of promise. If the previous 10 drafts were a quarter as good, we wouldn't be in this mess.

crennel is a fat over rated guy. We want some young blood here. I'm glad he's going to kc

I hope pat white mistake is over now and penny can come back and compete with henne

Oh god, what a slack blog. The chiefs have talked with Crennel for weeks. Everyone was reporting, the real reporters, that he was going there before Miami fired Pasqualoni. Nobody with a brain thought this was a 2 year rebuild, the team had no talent and has to be built back up. U jerksoffs who mention draft missed don't mention players like Bess, Polite, Garner (waiver pickup) ect. So stay in your momma's basement and keep reading the most stupid blog in the USA.

Penny compete with Henne - No freaking way. We are a better team with Henne for sure. Henne was able to hit Ginn on some deep plays and Penny didn't even have a chance to hit Ginn when he got open. I like Penny and all, but he can't outplay Henne...

Mark In Ottawa, Ireland is overrated? Really, how? Let's see:

2008 FA - Pennington, Starks, Smiley
2008 Draft - Long, Merling, Henne, Langford, D. Thomas, L. Hillard, D. Carpenter and Bess as free agent
2008 Trades - Ferguson, A. Akoyle, Fasano
2009 FA - Wilson (we all thought at the time it was good), Grove. Gardner, Berger
2009 Draft - V. Davis, S. Smith, Hartline, Clemons

In two years they have brought in 18 players that have started or played significant snaps. Our team had no starting talent or depth in 2007. Yes they have missed on a few players (Wilford, Wilson) but in two years we have gone from an older team with no future or depth to a young, strong up and coming team. Look at Dallas now....two years ago they were a superbowl favorite but took a step back but because of a solid core they have jumped back up and should be good for another 4-5 years because of guys like Romo, Ware, Spencer, M. Austin, Spears, Barber, the NT, etc. All guys Ireland and Parcells drafted. You don't know what you are talking about

Tell em HP. Ireland and Parcells left Dallas with so much talent that even Mr. Facelift can't completely screw it up.

" We all thoght at the time wilson was good ". HP in PA. Speak for yourself. I thought wilson was a terrible pickup and bashed miami for it. Otherewise good post.

You have to take what Mark in ottawa says with a grain of salt. This is a man who thinks FAT CODY is a Great player and possiible pick @ 12. LOL !

Mando , sorry man but these teams were talking to Groh and Crennel long before miami fired pasq.

I am glad he Dolphins let go of PP but he was not the only reason for the dolphin defensive woes.

The loss of Matt Roth was more important then most think. He really threw off the OLB rotation forcing JT to play more. We brought in JT to rush not run block. We grew tired and gave up so many in the fourth.

Plus the loss of Jason Ferguson opened the middle up, while causing the LBs to pick up the slack, tiring our old vets even further.

Will Allen going down opened the outside making us vulnerable to the big play. Though our rookie CBs are much improved and showed us they are for real.

Next year you will see the how well the Dolphins performed in all 3 drafts during the Parcells Era. Smart move by Miami to let PP go. An easier schedule, better draft picks, maturation of current players, that big name WR!! Oh yea its going to be good!

Armando and every dolphins fan out there this is only their second year from the basement can anyone actually sit here and tell me that after a 1-15 season that over next 2 years we would be 18-14 ? We are by no chance done rebuilding parcells and the crew build from the inside out also so we won't see significant difference till third and fourth year when we start drafting playmakers

Armando, KC asked Crennel to be their DC LAST OFFSEASON! He told them he wasn't physically ready at that point. How could Miami have beat KC to him? By asking him during our '08 season if he'd be our DC some year in the future?

Jncrdn, great post. If I told you are the 1-15 season that we would go 7-9 and 11-5 you would be very happy with our current front office. Well that happened, just not in the order we might have thought.

Crennel is 100 years old. He was terrible as the Browns coach, just terrible. Why would you want him? The guy has no energy or charisma at all, because he's 100 years old.

Poor Pasqualoni. He will have nightmares of Gibril Wilson blowing coverages for the rest of his life. I also wonder how Wilson feels considering he single handedly cost Pasqualoni his job.

It most definetly was not Wilson all by himself that cost coach p his job

they need a fire eater at Def Coor position...

Maybe they are just clearing the path and not behind at all...Might there not be an assistant Defensive Coach from one of the playoff teams ready to jump ship for a promotion to Coordinator?

I don't care who the next DC is, as long as they aren't afraid to bring the heat. So tired of watching teams move the ball down the field against a 3-4 man pass rush, especially if we have a big lead or if playing an inexperienced QB. I would rather live by the sword, die by the sword. Teams with good defenses, Ravens, Eagles, Steelers, Jets, Cowboys are successful because they are aggressive.

Billy will hire Pepper johnson as Defensive Coordinator.

We need someone young, enthusiastic and aggressive for a DC. Everyone can admit there was little emotion on both sides of the ball last year and you can't only blame the players. Now to discredit myself, I didn't think Wilson was that bad. He was just playing the wrong position. We don't need 2 Ybells out there at the same time. We need a cover safety (and a cover ILB while we are at it) and wilson is not that. He is good against the run and good at blitzing but he was used to cover. If we end up keeping him, he would be a good rotation and backup for Bell.

I'm not upset we didn't get Crennel. I disagree with above posts that he's a horrible coach (he isn't, and it's not fair laying the whole Cleveland debacle at his feet, that's a terrible organization), but I also don't think he's the one that's gonna right the Dolphins D either. Hate to say this, but I would like to see a Rex Ryan-type of DC. I mean, that philosophy worked like a charm in Baltimore, 1 year in NY, works in Philly (which plays a similar style), so maybe we need to try it here. All these guys being mentioned (Crennel, Groh) are all old-school defense guys. Just like Henning being an old-school offense guy. We need to adapt to the NEW NFL. I don't know if the Trifecta has come around to that position yet (actually, I doubt they have). I think they believe they can still win with their age-old philosophy. And I'm not so sure about that (see the Saints, see the Cards, see the Colts). We need surprise in our D. Stunts, creative blitz packages, speed on the line. These big huge guys are fine at NT, but in any other position they're just too slow (see Merling). I mean, if the Trifecta is completely remaking this team, how about finding the right guys for this NEW style of winning in this league (not a team that would have won in the 90's).

In Bill We Trust. I'm sure we'll get the right guy for the position.

NJ, what is your attitude towards Cody? Do you just not want him at #12, or do you not want him at all? If he somehow fell to the 2nd rd and Miami grabbed him, I would be happy with that. There are only a handful of NTs available right now it seems - Casey Hampton (great player but getting up there), Wilfork who may or may not be available, Cody and Williams.

Clifton Ryan has good size and may be available but he's much more of a gamble in free agency. He may not even be a free agent at all without the CBA.

Martink, the conversation KC had with Crennel last year had ZERO to do with him going there this year.

Also, the Dolphins and Chiefs ended their seasons AT THE SAME TIME. So the fact KC was on Crennel before Miami makes the point for me.

Armando - Maybe they did not want Crennel or maybe Crennel didn't want to be in Miami. It's not like we lostout on a big time free agent or anything. Maybe they are targeting a current playoff team's coach for DC and they can't talk to those coaches until the particular team loses...

I just don't feel Crennel is a huge L for us as you are making it out to be...

Who's to say Romeo or Groh are Sparano's first choices? There are also still many great coaches out there still coaching playoff teams. Perhaps Sparano's next DC is simply not avialable yet.

I believe Dolfans like our new QB the most out of anyone on our team. Check out this price ladies and gentlemen:


HP in PA

You forgot Wake as well. While he didn't play a ton, he looks to be right on track to being a disruptive OLB. He needs a bit of work in stopping the run and pass coverage but he looked good in his first year here.

Big Dawgg - We pretty much said the same thing! Good thinking bro!

Great post HP!!! I hate when people blog about things they know little about. This regime has restructured the roster in just two seasons. Parcells has done it so many times and some people on here still have the odasity to say he's not worth a damn. I guess they prefer the Cam Cameron's over the trifecta.

dear mr. gore, how's that whole global warming thing working out for you? i'am curious on the stage of the planet's fever. it seems as though the polar ice caps are not merely melting at a rapid rate, but rather, reforming completely in my back yard. sincerely, freezing my fkn a$$ off! also, please let the chiefs have crennel.

Good post Mando, I think every real Dolphin fan that has been around for more than 15 years can feel some of what you just talked about. The Fins have had a tendency to always be late at crucial times, I'm hoping that this wont happen under this regime. So far, I think it's been promising and too soon to panic.

Mark in Toronto, I am sure NJ has a similiar opinion of T. Cody that the rest of us have. He is a big, run stuffing nose tackle that we could use if he fell to us in the 2nd round. I think most of us would be disappointed if we picked him in the first round because he is only a two down player who doesn't generate big plays. He also has a history of being lazy and out of shape which once given a big contract could eat his way out of the league in 3-4 years.

Big Dawgg- Welcome to the side of the people with good football IQ's!

Bill...Make a play for Chargers DC Rivera or bring me back.

We don't need a big name DC. We need great players. That will make any DC look good. We need more players with the heart of Yeremiah Bell.

Mark in toronto , HP in PA. summed it up pretty good. I wpoldn't touch Cody and either wpould the tuna. I can also add the the tuna likes to add NT's later on in the draft ( I.E Fergie and Jay Ratliff in the 7th round ). One player to keep an eye on is Terrel troupe of C. Florida 6-3 315 in the later rounds.

Wouldn't , would.

I have question regarding your professional relationship with the Dolphins. When you speak with the coaches/management and players, do you inform them of some of the things your bloggers say? I just want to know if our voice is somehow heard by the team.

I know Troupe, saw him play a few times. My point is that there are a lot of projects out there and the only ones that look prominent are Cody and Williams. It's not like we have a good NT situation and can afford to roll the dice with someone late. But I'm also aware of BP's history with NTs. Risky proposition.

Romeo Crennel is a great defensive coordinator......in 2004! There has to be some sort of young talent out there that isn't plucked from the recycle bin.

Regarding the Chiefs supposedly hoodwinking the rest of the league in acquiring Crennel and to a lesser extent, Charlie Weis:

Scott Pioli, has hardly been revered as a genius during his short time in KC. Matt Cassel didn't wow anyone (and they had some veteran receivers and an up an coming running back, Jammal Charles). And Pioli dumped Tony Gonzalez who would have been a perfect safety blanket for Cassel.

Tyson Jackson - picked #3 overall last year by Pioli made little impact and didn't even show flashes that he might become even a good defensive lineman.

Pioli picked up Andy Alleman and Ike Ndukwe from Miami - ouch!

Pioli dumped safety Bernard Pollard who went on to have a Matt Roth like impact in Houston. And went, instead, with the ancient Mike Brown at safety.

Pioli has already had to fire his first choice at d-coordinator (Clancy Pendergast) in favor of Crennel.

Pioli OK'd the firing of underrated Chan Gailey (a week before the season) and watched all their preseason preparation go up in smoke during the first half of the schedule.

Pioli is still firmly under Bill Belichick's shadow in my opinion.

Parcells had to have known that Crennel was a long shot, especially with Pioli on the other end. Maybe he wasn't on his radar to begin with, we'll never know.

Let's all hope there's a smart, innovative defensive mind out there. Hopefully, not a AARP member.

i think jeff ireland is too busy turning over rocks instead of seeing whats in front of him.. they should have been talking to candidates 2 months ago when they awoke from their self induced coma! it was obvious we couldnt play D. we really need a guy similar to rex ryan in that we need to "shut down" teams. thank god ted ginn won both games against them! we underachieved big time and it was embarassing at the end of the year when we couldnt even start a game (ie. texans)

The 0-2 and 0-3 starts do bother me. I much prefer the winning starts under the Shula era. However, I did not like the faiding at the end of the season back then. My preference is to start strong and finish stronger. My Xmas wish was for the Fins to have a dominating defence and and an offence with theats on the ground and in the air. In other words, a Superbowl contender. I hope Parcells can find what ever talent is out there to make that happen.

Mike from San Diego

Thanks for the response. I just find it hard to believe that Romeo wanted to give KC 1st shot this year solely because of KC's contact with him after this season ended. I would think KC's courtship last year (and possibly during the '09 season) influenced his decision.

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