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Tired of the Dolphins always playing catch-up?

I told you in the previous post that part of Paul Pasqualoni's undoing as Dolphins defensive coordinator was the fact his unit didn't get off the block quick enough the final three games of the season.

The Miami defense was slooooooow to get interested in games, giving up two and sometimes three scores in the first half before getting into the assignment and finishing better.

Well, isn't it ironic that in searching for Pasqualoni's successor, the Dolphins are seemingly playing catch-up again?

Barring the regime naming Todd Bowles, an in-house guy, or being able to pull a major surprise name out of the coaching ranks as the new defensive coordinator, the Dolphins have been a day late on at least one potential candidate.

Today the Chiefs got their man as reports confirm Romeo Crennel is going to be the defensive coordinator in Kansas City. An NFL source close to Crennel tells me the Dolphins inquired about the coach's interest in coming to Miami (he owns a house in Palm Beach) but he had already promised KC first dibs.

So what does that say?

The Dolphins got to Crennel after the Chiefs and basically had to take a number.

There are other reports the Dolphins are also interested in former Virginia head coach Al Groh as a DC candidate. Well, Georgia Tech already talked to Groh about becoming the DC in Atlanta and so if the Dolphins want Groh, they have to pull a comeback to get him.

And I'm starting to see a troubling trend here.

The Dolphins were 0-2 in 2008.

They were 0-3 in 2009.

They were late waking up defensively while going 0-3 to finish the season.

Are they late getting started on finding their defensive coordinator, too?

In the case of Crennel, that answer is yes. 


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please lets not make Romeo Crennel or be the next great DC. now he's been part of winning teams Gmen and Pats but really, i won't lose sleep over it as a Dolphin fan. like i've mentioned before, some of the players need to be fired too!

So , you'd rather roll the dice with someone early ? That would set a team back years. williams is still a project that's never played NT. Remember he's a DT that will have to be Converted to NT, Cody is a FAT tub of lard who takes plays of/disappears and can eat his way out of the league. Both are even bigger risky propositions early than getting a project Nt later.

please lets not make Romeo Crennel out to be the next great DC. now he's been part of winning teams ie Gmen and Pats but really, i won't lose sleep over it as a Dolphin fan. like i've mentioned before, some of the players need to be fired too!

I am happy that Parcells chose accountability over continuity, and fired Pasqualoni.

Next in the accountability tree: Tony Sparano. The guy blew a 7-6 record, and his coaching has still many flaws.

I am not saying Sparano is a bad coach. I am saying that lots of coaches are BETTER than Sparano.

So, if we don't go the playoffs next season, we must fire Sparano.

I remember watching Wilson break up Bradys desperation pass in the waining seconds of SB XLII,and I thought to myself " Damn he's good ".Didn't take long for that buzz to wear off.

Sparano don't threw a interception vs Tennessee in overtime. Start to rebuilt the defense ,( I prefer a WR for 1st draft pick draft but we need a NT ILB and a FS) but the Dolphins are too slow looking for a DC .
Any confirmation about Sheridan?

There is a possibility they have permission to talk to someone that is still in the playoffs. Makes sense watching the clock tick with Groh and nothing new to report. They need fresh blood. A young aggressive, creative mind would be what the team needs. Could be someone from the Chargers or Ravens. Dallas is still playing to. Just a thought.

I like the fact that our list of needs gets shorter every year.

gregz,you bring up an interesting point about Ginn.....he earned his money by helping to beat the Jets both times this year.He has earned one more shot to prove his worth to the Dolphins,even though he dropped that pass against the Colts.

First you are slow with the story and 2nd you are not giving your readers the full story...they are late because KC wanted Crennel last yr but he couldnt do it because of health reasons. So in order for them to beat the chiefs they would have had to approach Crennel about a job that wasnt open yet, over a yr ago. Come on Amando u can do better than that...there is plenty of mistakes this FO has made, being slow on Crennel is not one of them.

Short bus dropped some people off at the blog today...To u complete idiots calling for Sprano/Ireland/Tuna to be fired, do you know WHY the Cowboys are still playing today??? The players and the plan the trifecta installed, that's why...if u have that short of an attention span or lack patience then there is a medication for that, contact ur doctor or mental health clinic and tell them ur just stupid...second, let's find a young DC...well guess what, there is a limited number of coaches that have experience with the 3-4 that we want to run, and the expertise to do it...wanna wait another 4 or 5 years for a playoff game, bring in a young coach who has never run the 3-4...idiots

Yann - So when Miami's starting QB, RB, CB, and NT are lost for the season along with other injuries (offensive line throughout season, Joey Porter, Channing Crowder, Patrick Cobbs, ect.) you think it is the head coaches job? We can't and won't be switiching coaches every couple years. Sparano is the right guy and has not been terrible after only 2 years being a head coach. He will improve his holes just as our young players will...

NJ, I read up on Troupe the other night. Definitly should be on our radar screen

bobbyd12 - Thank you!! Yann is an idiot!!

bobbyd12 - Thank you! Yann is a dumba$$, but I guess we will get that from time to time!

Ginn will be back as a kick returner, situational receiver. He's under contract and inexpensive. Keep an eye on Hartline. He's getting those "chunk yards" Sparano keeps talking about.

I don't really follow College Football that much,so I have to google potential stars of the NFL, but ESPN and that insider crap really irks me.I just can't see paying $$ to read what the so-called experts have to say.Know what I mean?

Fins requested to talk to Steeler LB coach Keith Butler to fill DC position. Steelers agreed.

perspective - I believe they will not get rid of Ginn either. I don't think they should either. Yeah he has troubles catching the ball at times, but he has speed. I think it is great they talk about all these great receivers who have been stopped by Derrel Revis, but they fail to talk about the receivers who have burnt Revis. Who was that who got behind him for a LONG LONG touchdown (his only TD catch all season)? Ted Ginn! Speed can't be taught! Toughness can be taught. They will teach him to NOT sun out of bounds and he will get bigger (I hope) in offseason. Stop being a pu$$y Teddy!

We don't have to request to talk to any coach that is not in the playoffs...

perspective - I believe they will not get rid of Ginn either. I don't think they should either. Yeah he has troubles catching the ball at times, but he has speed. I think it is great they talk about all these great receivers who have been stopped by Derrel Revis, but they fail to talk about the receivers who have burnt Revis. Who was that who got behind him for a LONG LONG touchdown (his only TD catch all season)? Ted Ginn! Speed can't be taught! Toughness can be taught. They will teach him to NOT sun out of bounds and he will get bigger (I hope) in offseason. Stop being a pu$$y Teddy!

perspective - I believe they will not get rid of Ginn either. I don't think they should either. Yeah he has troubles catching the ball at times, but he has speed. I think it is great they talk about all these great receivers who have been stopped by Derrel Revis, but they fail to talk about the receivers who have burnt Revis. Who was that who got behind him for a LONG LONG touchdown (his only TD catch all season)? Ted Ginn! Speed can't be taught! Toughness can be taught. They will teach him to NOT sun out of bounds and he will get bigger (I hope) in offseason. Stop being a pu $$ y Teddy!

This regime build the Cowboys and I believe they have been in the playoffs 4 out of 5 years and with some further maturing, they are now looking dangerous and advancing with mostly Parcells/Irelands FA and draft picks. I will also note that this GM/front office has found 2 starting CB, 2 starting DE, a starting QB, starting WR or 3rd WR at worst (Davone Bess), starting FB (pro bowl quality), and starting LT, LG, C, and RT all in 2 years time. Might add he added depth at OL with some FA signings as well. They have made some mistakes with draft picks but so does every other team in the NFL and for every mistake this team has signed an undrafted free agent who excelled. If the Dolphins are not 10-6 next year, I would be concerned but we have turned over an entire team and this was always a long term plan. Dolphins fans and idiot reporters who feed into it annoy the crap out of me.

What the hell is the 0-2 in 2008 referencing because going from 1-15 to 11-5 is nothing short of perfection. I also want to know why missing out on an older coach with health issues that kept him from coaching would be a good idea? What makes Groh a great idea with his age. Just because people have coached with Parcells in the past, does not make them the best candidates. I might stop reading this blog because of Mando's inability to come up with his own thoughts. What a loser.

This is not simply a question of football, it's a question of good management. If Miami knew by week 10 Pasqualoni was toast they should have had the replacement in hand.

If the decision was made post season after a review of the total effort that's another story. Then you release P immediately so he can particitape in the feeding frenzy now underway for new jobs.

I said it before and I'll say I again, if this was well managed the Dolphins already have chosen their man. There are many reasons they are not ready to announce it. Hopefully he will be in place in time for the Senior Bowl.

Just because the Trifecta's moves don't match up with press corp speculation doesn't make them slow, indecisive or clumsy. You don't know anything until they name their man. To think they got caught sleeping on either Crennel or Groh, considering the history of all the parties, is the most reckless of speculations.

Hope the new man is announced soon. Hope it's in time for the Senior Bowl. And, like some others, hope he's a breath of fresh air and not just another mastadon who can remember back when....

Indiana Dolfan,

Please stay calm and polite.

I just said that there are better coaching options than Sparano in NFL, and that somewhere in the future he must accountable for his results. And that future must be next year: three years are enough to assess someone's work.

Soo how do any of you have any idea if we already do have one in place but is on a playoff team and can't be anoinced yet ?

No, if I had my choice, I would sign another stopgap like Hampton or pay up for someone in his prime like Wilfork if available. But if we were looking towards the draft for a player that we could play next year - I'd feel more comfortable if that player wasn't ssuch a project. Definitely don't think there is a NT to be taken with the 1st pick in it's current slot.

You know very well that my favourite player (after Suh and Berry, who will be gone) is Derrick Morgan.

Bottom line is that this defense has so many holes that you aren't going to be able to address more than 2 or 3 of the positions in the draft. That means signing at least 2 or 3 free agents. But the administration knows more about talent scouting than i do so I'm sure they have a plan.

Keith Butler The LB coach of the steelers is being considered as the new DC and Miami is taking a good , long , Hard look at Him. I like him. it would be a good move.




Craig Feldman - we started 0-2 in 2008 and we started 0-3 in 2009, so that is what Armando has referencing.

Yann - After taking over a 1-15 team and winning the division 1 out of the 2 years following is pretty good. They have added wuite a bit of young talent in just a short 2 years. Just because we had the toughest schedule in the NFL this year and had injuries you think Sparano should be fired after next season. You over reacting a little bit and have NO FAITH!!!

NJ PHIN FAN - What do you know about the guy? Was he at Pitt when Joey was playing there? Maybe he can shape him up and actually find a way for Porter and Taylor to play well together on the same team!!

Indiana. Butler has been with the steelers 7 years and has won 2 super bowls. He's coached Porter , farrior , harrison and Lamar woodley to pro bowls. The steelers have had one of the better d's in the league for all 7 years and kmows the 3-4.

Wayne, when I look behind there's nobody gaining on me. I can afford to take my time. Dolphins can't.

I suppose you are correct when Omar Kelly is you competition. LOL

Good point NJ. Maybe he could teach Wake to become the stud LB he needs to become and possibly wake Crowder up a little bit to become DOMINANT in the middle and not just average!

Indiana Dolphan,

Read my post: Sparano should be fired IF we don't get to the playoffs next season. Three years is a nice trial period.

And I am not overreacting: It's just that I have no faith in Sparano. I have seen absolutely no progress in his coaching in 2009. The guy is average, and that's not what I want for my Dolphins. Sorry amigo.

Pittsburgh is a good team to look tofor defensive help. Sonds like he's got a nice resume.

Mando, it seems Omar and his lackey baseball castoff are on this blog spewing hate. Why don't you just erase their post?

I know you said IF and for what we have seen in Sparano the past 2 seasons after cleaning house after the 1-15 season you SHOULD have faith or you are not a real true fan...

It is a little more difficult to progress when you are trying to teah rookies all over the place when injuries piled up a little more on us this year then expected. In the long run the injuries I feel helped us though.

Do you think Bill Polian quit on his QB and coach after jsut 3 seasons? NO..he had faith they would become one of the most successful teams in one decade of all time, which if they did not do came pretty darn close!!



You are overreacting. No progress in his coaching? This years Dolphins would have won 13 games against our 2008 schedule. Maybe more. That schedule was CAKE - and its clogging your judgement. Last years team vs. this years schedule wins maybe 5.

Yann, be patient with Sparano. Bellicek was in Cleveland, before he was with the Patriots. Sparano hasn't made to many mistakes. Two years removed from 1-15, and already you want a new coach? If this guy was like Wannstedt, I'd agree with you. He's far from that though.

As I told carlito and the rest.. Groh won't be coming they will go with Bowles... Everyone said I was 100 percent wrong and that's not the case... If groh wante Miami he would have had the position by now... As I said prior... Bowles wasn't the problem nor was the secondary... Your krappy lb,s were. The reason why the safties played poor and by the way George Edwards leaving is no sweat of my back and the same goes for the Reid guy... Their units were always playing poorly

I didn't think they were playing catch up. Lasst I heard they were interested in Keith Butler, LB coach from Pitt.

mike and perspective - THANK YOU for making my point aa little more clear to Yann. Like many of us said, inlcuding Armando, before the season started "we will have a better team in 2009 than 2008, but have a worse record". That is exactly what happend. If we could play a game that hosted 2008 Miami Dolphins vs. 2009 Miami Dolphins I do not think it would be a close game AT ALL!!

ChrisFree - That point has been made already,, but thanks for the insight...

How about one of the JETS all time great coaches Rich Kotite?

Is he still available?

My mama always said if you have nothing good to say about somone, don't say anythimg. So nothing personal Armando, just business, re your post.

That was I think the silliest, most petty and stupid post I believe I have ever read by any sportwriter.

So Cromel goes to KC cause Ireland is a day late calling him? Give me a break. How bout the fact that Cromel used to work with the current KC head coach when they were at the Pats? And OMG, we might lose Al Groh cause were late again? What BS. Groh and Tuna go way back, if Groh does not come here it will be for other reasons.

I just cannot believe you would write such dribble.

Indiana Dolfan, seems there will always be the fan that just wants to add water, stir and Voilla! Sparano isn't doing a bad job. It seems like taking one step forward, two steps backwards. Yet, they are getting younger and stronger. For all the Ginn haters, the team is finally figuring out how to use him. If after one more season with Henne, he doesn'tget it, I'll say o.k. get rid of him. Something tells me Ginn is finally going to get it. And no, he'll never be a #1 or tough. But he will be good in situations.


MONTE KIFFIN would be a great DC if he didn't decide to follow his son to USC. He might want to stay in Florida and I doubt he'll come back to Tampa.

The Bucs won their SB using his Tampa 2 defense. Maybe the Trifecta should try calling him.

Tomlin (one SB, won) and other head coaches (e.g., Lovie Smith, one SB-lost)are part of the Kiffin tree.

I don't know who made 3 years the magic number for seeing if a coach is good or not. It seems a lot of people are calling for Sparano's head after one loosing season. That would be a big mistake. As for the 3 year thing and adding a little history lesson, lets look at a true dynasty, the 49ers of the 80s. Throughout 70's the 49ers were mediocre at best. In comes Walsh in 79. He went 2-14 and 6-10 his first 2 seasons. Yes #3 brought the Super Bowl in 81. I am sure a lot of fans were calling for his head those first 2 years, but look at what he built, a team that went on to dominate for the next 15 years.

Now look at the Fins. I think the mistake Sporano made was going 11-5 his first year. He needs more and younger talent and this actually set the team back. I believe that given another 2 years of good draft picks and FA acquisitions, this team will be good enough to contend for a Super Bowl. If we are extremely lucky, we have a Dynasty in the making. We have some super stars in the making in key positions already. We now need to finish out this roster. I am very optimistic and am looking forward to a run at the division lead next year.


I agree TOTALLY w/ you Mando----the Fins really missed the boat on Crennel.

Hye Mando....how about Randy Shannon? Great defensive mind and perfect for the fins...this way the U can get an upgrade...just saying..

this story is a day late. sorry, couldnt help myself

Armando....why don't YOU apply since you would make a great DC for the Dolphins!!!!!!!!

It seems that the dolphins really are not interested in winning any time soon. everything they do they are way behind. yeah they got to wilson first, he,s a bust same with white. i don't think groh will be any better than p.p.

Typical Mando, always negative thinking first come first served... Love the updates and blog either way though.

Hey Mando, here's an idea no one has suggested yet. How about Randy Shannon...good defensive mind. Would help the U a lot if the Dolphins gave him another chance...just saying.

Who care about Crennel? Not me! Neither should anybody else. When you build a winning oganization you do it with winners. Not with loser ex-head coaches like Crennel. Let him go ruin somebody elses Orginization

I hope they are not just looking for a "warm bod" to fill the defensive coordinator's job. And speaking of defense...they need to DUMP Jason Taylor & Joey Porter. They both had good careers.....but now is now!!!

I agree with Indiana Dolfan.. Ireland has a heck of a job with his first 2 drafts... Don't forget that White, Turner, and Hartline were drafted as development players with the idea of using them in the future; however, you have to admire the trifecta for findig Hartline, Clemons, and Gardner late in the draft. those are 3 really good picks. let's not forget that Vontae Davis and SEan Smith started most of the entire season, which is something rare to see from rookie CBs, considered one of the toughest positions in football... and let's not forge the 2008 draft class.. How many people have criticized them for drafting Long and not Matt Ryan... WEll, I've been one of the few that has said all along that Miami's first 2 picks were much better than Atlanta's.. you look at overall value, and Henne is just a couple of talented offensive players away from being considered better than M. Ryan. LEt's not forget that Ryan had a bunch of weapons around him, and Henne doesn't. Go fins!

Ok it not even the offseason and we fired 1 coach and one left so were looking for a dc so were not playing catch up its not even the offseason

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