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Tired of the Dolphins always playing catch-up?

I told you in the previous post that part of Paul Pasqualoni's undoing as Dolphins defensive coordinator was the fact his unit didn't get off the block quick enough the final three games of the season.

The Miami defense was slooooooow to get interested in games, giving up two and sometimes three scores in the first half before getting into the assignment and finishing better.

Well, isn't it ironic that in searching for Pasqualoni's successor, the Dolphins are seemingly playing catch-up again?

Barring the regime naming Todd Bowles, an in-house guy, or being able to pull a major surprise name out of the coaching ranks as the new defensive coordinator, the Dolphins have been a day late on at least one potential candidate.

Today the Chiefs got their man as reports confirm Romeo Crennel is going to be the defensive coordinator in Kansas City. An NFL source close to Crennel tells me the Dolphins inquired about the coach's interest in coming to Miami (he owns a house in Palm Beach) but he had already promised KC first dibs.

So what does that say?

The Dolphins got to Crennel after the Chiefs and basically had to take a number.

There are other reports the Dolphins are also interested in former Virginia head coach Al Groh as a DC candidate. Well, Georgia Tech already talked to Groh about becoming the DC in Atlanta and so if the Dolphins want Groh, they have to pull a comeback to get him.

And I'm starting to see a troubling trend here.

The Dolphins were 0-2 in 2008.

They were 0-3 in 2009.

They were late waking up defensively while going 0-3 to finish the season.

Are they late getting started on finding their defensive coordinator, too?

In the case of Crennel, that answer is yes. 


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reality check... 1-15 2 years ago. toughest schedule in the league by far on '09. and this year, we lost 4 significant starters for the season. this glass is half full and will be completely full after the next draft or 2. even when they loose... the Fins are FUN TO WATCH! not something you could say for most teams in the league. i love this team and i believe in the brass. all this hind-sight 2nd guessing is silly. poking fun at the 2 or 3 busts we have while ignoring all the players we hit on. we're sounding like jet fans! (wow - that's a serious insult! lol), '10 is going to be a fun year - we WILL make the playoffs and win a game or 2 while putting the pats and the stinkin' jets in their place. they've built this team the right way, from the inside out. in '11, we'll have the horses up front AND playmakers on the outside with a matured qb with a cannon for an arm. and THAT's when we make a run at the super bowl. yeah I said it!

u all need to chill, i said it all along play calling was horriable this year. specially on the defencesive side of the ball, so it was a right decision.. That being said we need an agressive play caller, so take your time to choose the correct one..

Every parent old enough to have a teenager has recognized that moment when their sibling has given them the look that says “I don't need you, you've already taught me aeverything you know.” The smart ones stand corrected when it's pointed out that, “no, I've simply taught you everything you know.”

Seems to me there is a strong parallel between that boring story and the relation between sports writers and coaches. Writers are privileged. They sit at the feet of the throne feasting on snap shots of wisdom. Finally, if not careful, they make the mistake of thinking their wisdom challenges that of the teacher.

Mando, you would be well served, and your readers, if you showed a better instinct for when you have enough facts to support your criticisms. Don't get me wrong. We like you. That's why we're readers. You care. You have enough passion to occasionally make a fool of your self. We like that. We fans do it all the time. But sometimes it's time to show the coaches some respect and give them a well deserved benefit of the doubt. They know what they are doing.

I get justifiably criticized for writing to much. So heave a sigh of relief, I won't go into detail. But showing more of an awareness for considerations that maybe the coaches can't discuss will not only show a better appreciation for their smarts will go a long way toward demonstrating yours.

Keep plugging son, you're heading in the right direction.

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