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The Senior Bowl recap from our scout

We take a pause from blogging about Rex Ryan's weekend escapades to discuss football again.

As you know, Chris Cordero spent four days last week in Mobile, Alabama scouting players at the Super Bowl for this blog. I'm certain he was trying to hook up a job with an NFL team as well. Anyway, the scouting reports are finished.

This is his post-game recap of the game. Please be sure to thank Chris for his diligence and expertise in the comments section. Also feel free to say if you agree or disagree with our scout's opinions.


A little disclaimer: I have always found practices to be every bit as if not more important than the game. The game had a very "big-time" feel to it as it was sold out and rocking. It was a obviously a Pro-South crowd with Tim Tebow and players from the Alabama National Championship team.
ILB Sean Weatherspoon stood out right from the start and made plays not only on defense (if he can cover McCluster - well who CAN'T he cover?), but special teams as well. Weatherspoon is a player and I would take him on my team anyday. OLB Brandon Graham was also spectacular throughout - using his speed and great leverage to get by on more than one occasion, finishing with 2 sacks and a forced fumble. Another guy I would want on my side. They were so good they were the biggest part of why the North team dominated. 
OLB Cameron Sheffield and Brandon Lang got pressure on the QBs and Koa Misi also was very active. George Selvie was around the ball on some plays - but not overly impressive. ILB Jamar Chaney was all over every running play and had a hand on what liked like every South tackle. Donald Butler was rather quiet.
The Top 3 Nose Tackles (Dan Williams, Cam Thomas, Terrence Cody) all had great success to a varying degree. Williams, the most impressive, consistently holding up blockers, stuffing the run, and even batting down pass. Thomas, who had had a sack, also held up at the POA and displayed great strength. Cody also was quite good - consistently drawing a double team - but he wore down some.
WR Mardy Gilyard was impressive - despite at least one drop that I saw; displaying his great speed, quicks, and playmaking ability receiving and returning. My #1 guy - Andre Roberts - dropped the first pass I saw all week but made a nice catch in the middle of the field and taking a big hit. Jeremy Williams of Tulane, who had a decent week - played well; but also had at least one drop. Taylor Price was rather quiet and his inconsistencies showed up during the game.
FS Nate Allen was always around the ball even though it won't show up on the stat sheet - and did nothing to knock him off my #1 spot. Taylor Mays had an interception on an easy read and weak throw by Sean Canfield - outside of that he wasn't much of a factor. Myron Rolle didn't look as good in game action as in practice, his speed is still a question.
TE Ed Dickson had one nice play on a deep 31-yard pass. Jimmy Graham looked good also - although he did have one drop; but could have had more receptions if the south QBs (cough Tebow cough) would have targeted him more. Colin Peek stepped up and did a great job to hold on to a TD after a big hit. Anthony McCoy was quiet with just one catch.
OL Mike Iupati, who did get caught holding, and Vladimir Ducasse looked dominant - although Geno Atkins of Georgia did get some great rushes in the interior on Iupati - and did as well as you could expect versus the big DTs of the South. John Jerry got pushed a little by Cam Thomas, and looked better at good than tackle.
RB LaGarrette Blount of Oregon had a great day and could be a very good back in the league. The best QBs were Dan LeFevour of Central Michigan and Zac Robinson of Oklahoma St. CB Kyle Wilson of Boise St. also looked good. DE Alex Carrington of Arkansas State followed up a great week of practice with a good showing at the game.


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Great job Chris, thank u for ur views and expertise the last couple days!!

where nj ? he had a live blog the senior bowl. he know everything, everybody bow to him

i suprise nj no here, he talk about the draft any time.

Thanks again Chris excellent work - but what happened to the Offensive Line report??

Great job - I thought you were spot on in most of your reports.

Good luck in future endeavors!

I thought tebow lookd bad anyone agree

definatly thought Tebows passes looked good,but they just came out of his hand so slow that the CB can alway break on it.I'm glad to see that Jimmy did well and i hope the Phins kept an eye on him.

good job chris,lets now see how the draft unfolds.
is usain bolt going to race titans running back ?heard some rumors at usual watering hole.

does anyone know chris jonson of titans speed vs ted ginn jr?even deon sanders time?thanks im out

nj still no here ? i think he be here for draft talk . he know everything

Thank you Cordero, good job

Thanks for the good information, Chris. Best of luck from Ireland,

Good job. Watching college players play during a game says nothing about what they can really do. You never know the quality of the opponent that they are facing.

Great job. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Brandon G is the real deal, and I think the fins would have a great all round LB if they draft him. He would be a great guy to target! Parcells loves seniors, too!

My questions is does any of this shake up possible draft boards for the Dolphins? Do you think that anyone has steped up to the point of by passing a McClain or Dez Bryant in the eys of the Tri-Fecta?

Your thoughts please...

NJ NJ NJ NJ please respond GOD

I want to respond but i'm a fraud

hey that is easy

Pointless, stuiped and childish...but still easy.

Kris, will you be joining the NJ phin fan club????

Most of you are you...and you know what i mean. I am here to break YOU...and turn this back into a BLOG. not fake request for me to type to myself.

Soo are we talkin dolphins football or just going to cry about someone who is not even on here posting right now?

Here we go, trade back from 12 to 20 and get s. Weatherspoon and a third rounder. Trade up to the top of the 2nd using that same third rounder and take B. Graham. Used picks 3-7 on athletic TE (McCoy), NT(C. Thomas) and free safety(maybe C. Cook since we need more of a cover guy vs a tackler). Sign A. Rolle and maybe a 2nd tier veteran offensive lineman for depth and start printing AFC East championship T-Shirts.


That really doesnt sound bad at all but im going to ask since i know someone else will, what about that helps our office as far as a #1 reciever.?

intersting...you didn't type anything football related...but yet and still you use the word "cry".

Post ur football thoughts. Draft, Seniorbowl, Dolphin in general. Take ur pick.

funny u fraud


Thats not a bad plan. I love McClain but Spoon really helps me move on if need be. I definitely would pick him over Spikes now. C Thomas may not make it to 3rd though. It's a damn pity him and Williams played so well. Their stock rose to the roof this week and they will go pretty fast.

I agree that we still need a #1 receiver but it is not a priority over our defensive needs. Our receiver core is solid. We did not lose games last year because of our WR, we lost it because we couldn't cover in the middle of the field and at the end of the season stop the run. Marshall would cost too much in terms of picks and $, Bolden doesn't make sense since he is not a stretch the field type of receiver and is 30 and injury prone. Dez Bryant could be a surprise at #1 but I doubt it with the amount of quality LB in this draft. I think we go heavy on LB early in the draft. This could all change if we get one in FA like a Dansby but I doubt it.

Sean Weatherspoon is the man!!!

I am still a big fan of Dan williams and we can drop back some spots and pick up an extra pick or so to get him.

Fat Boy Rex is on the back cover of the Daily News flipping off Dolphin Fans. What a Piece of garbage he is. No class a hole !!! Perfect for the jets.

RB LaGarrette Blount if he is there in the third round hed be a steal, dude is monster!!

Live Blog Tonight 8:30!!!! Kris-sy will be hosting "Gay Phin Fans" please join Kris-sy as he relates his experience on this issue!!!


blount looks like a beast. I bet he'll be gone in the first 2 rounds though

Rex Ryan is a no good FAT piece of garbage...

i know that i'm a bit crazy by saying this, but Julius Peppers will be an unrestricted free agent. We all know NE will try to get him. I say screw the patriots and get him or if the patriots get him, they will most likely let Wilfork go and we'll get him... I know its a big dream but we really need to improve our defense if the league goes into uncapped year this coming year. the jets are already thinking about getting the corner from the raiders to pair with Revis, its time for us to make a big impact in the division.

Dude, keep your day job.

so and so looked good, so and so looked ok...what kind of 'scouting' is that?

Observations any average fan can make. Player scout you are not.

I didn't watch much of the game, but the bits and pieces I did watch was enough for me to see that we need to go after S. Weatherspoon! This guys has all the tools to become a playmaker in the NFL. It's hard to say that any pick is a "sure" pick, but I'll go as far as to say it this time around. Thoughts???

Remember that this is only a shorten version of his analysis. His purpose here is to inform us fans of possible picks for the Fins, i.e. key positions to look for.

If spoon means no wilson then that would be great!!!! If peppers came to miami game over for our division and those stupid jets!!!!!!! I know that probably wont happen but wow if it did.

Rex Ryan is an over rated jerk. His ego is even bigger then his waist size. And now with the Wets ridiculous post season run he actually thinks his pooh don’t stink.

I’m from NJ, unfortunately, and I know people who know Rex. Trust me when I tell you, the guy is a dic. The worst thing about NJ is all the Wet fans, lol… Just like Rex.

I understand the man is a good defensive football coach. I was in shock all season; memorized by the crap his team pulled off all season. But it was a gift at the Dolphins expense. We beat them twice, fair n square during the season.

Just think we were called for the most ridiculous penalties during the most critical points in games this season. Plus the Wets had the Colts and the Bengals lay down. The Wets clearly backed into the playoffs.

Shut the hell up about being a better team Rex.

Lots of typos. I hope those were yours and not his. I wouln't hire him based on that alone

enrique, I am 100% on board with you on Weatherspoon. It's like someone said what kind of ILB would the Dolphins need to be a sure tackler and athletic enough to cover the TEs and Backs that tore the Dolphins up during the season. And poof! Sean Weatherspoon appears.

He's a leader too. Seems to good to be true.

Marc, are you sure that blogging here won't jeopardize your suit against Eric Green?

My questions is does any of this shake up possible draft boards for the Dolphins? Do you think that anyone has steped up to the point of by passing a McClain or Dez Bryant in the eys of the Tri-Fecta?
Posted by Kris 09:23.....and u criticize others??? When has Bill Parcells used a first round pick on a WR??? And NO, Parcells didn't pick Keyshown Johnson before u say it...Dez Bryant isn't even on the radar...Kris-sy, u should know just a LITTLE about Parcells and the Dolphins before posting things that make u look more stupid then u are... Majority of people on this blog know more about football then u ever will. MORON

Wide reciever needs to be addressed but certainly not before our defense. This draft is sooo loaded with defensive talent. If we draft all defense along with a good tight end then we are in better shape then taking a wr. I dont really like any of them other than bryant but i have concerns at what type of team player he can be and if he is goign to be another problem wr in the league.

Chris & Mando--

Thank you very much for the info & the fresh point of view.

I don't believe for one second Parcells will be looking at WR in this draft....First off, we know nothing about Patrick Turner except he wasn't ready this year.. I could see maybe a FA Pickup but no more...

Why is everyone still condisering getting Dez Bryant? He didn't play this year because he lied to NCAA officials which already proves bad judgement and character and he hired Eugene Parker as his agent. It will be the same situation as Crabtree, early first round pick but will want top 5 money and will hold out. Our recievers are good but Bryant won't get us to the next level. We need to stack up on defense. I really like the way weatherspoon played and trading down to pick up another pick isn't a bad idea.

agreed with fupa-- also must add that i believe that is the funniest name i have ever came across lol!!! Draft is too defense heavy to not come out of it with quality players on that side of the ball. wr should def. be fixed in free agency.

I was sold on McClain by watching him play through out the season and Championship games. If he falls to 12, I say take him; if not, let's trade down for S. Weatherspoon. Too much of a gamble??? Tough choices to make this draft.

Thanks for taking the time to give us your insights Chris. Good luck.

The start of a successful offseason is going to be signing solid free agents and not washed up old guys.

Chris pretty good job but not that much detail or insight. Anybody intersted in more deatail and actual play by play can you to my live blog of the senior bowl i had with fellow dolphin fans on this blog can go to the blog titled " antrel roll loves the idea of playing for the dolphins " on the left hand side click. Read pages 2 -7. Thanks and thank you all for participating.

yypo: can go to

Just a few insights. Brandon Graham , sean witherspoon and dan williams locked themselves in the 1st round in 20 -30 area. That's why isaid earlier miami is better off finding a trade partner and trading down to get a shot at these players while getting a extra draft pick.

Like chris said you can't to much stock in the game. These players were only together a week . There's no chemistry particually the OL. The practices were more important. T.Cody might have dropped to the 3-4 round area. He pushed around a little and was huffing and puffing to get off the field every other play. His lack of stamina , not being in shape . only a 2 down lineman have scouts saying he'll only be playing about 15 plays a game in the NFL/ Scouts have dropped him to the later rounds.

the guy is to unfuckingreal!! and people actually defend this clown!! what the hell you bring to the table nj, we all watched the same game!! at least chris was at the actual game!! where was you? HOME!! you are a joke!! nj is a joke!!

he gonna say this is a fake post too

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