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The Senior Bowl recap from our scout

We take a pause from blogging about Rex Ryan's weekend escapades to discuss football again.

As you know, Chris Cordero spent four days last week in Mobile, Alabama scouting players at the Super Bowl for this blog. I'm certain he was trying to hook up a job with an NFL team as well. Anyway, the scouting reports are finished.

This is his post-game recap of the game. Please be sure to thank Chris for his diligence and expertise in the comments section. Also feel free to say if you agree or disagree with our scout's opinions.


A little disclaimer: I have always found practices to be every bit as if not more important than the game. The game had a very "big-time" feel to it as it was sold out and rocking. It was a obviously a Pro-South crowd with Tim Tebow and players from the Alabama National Championship team.
ILB Sean Weatherspoon stood out right from the start and made plays not only on defense (if he can cover McCluster - well who CAN'T he cover?), but special teams as well. Weatherspoon is a player and I would take him on my team anyday. OLB Brandon Graham was also spectacular throughout - using his speed and great leverage to get by on more than one occasion, finishing with 2 sacks and a forced fumble. Another guy I would want on my side. They were so good they were the biggest part of why the North team dominated. 
OLB Cameron Sheffield and Brandon Lang got pressure on the QBs and Koa Misi also was very active. George Selvie was around the ball on some plays - but not overly impressive. ILB Jamar Chaney was all over every running play and had a hand on what liked like every South tackle. Donald Butler was rather quiet.
The Top 3 Nose Tackles (Dan Williams, Cam Thomas, Terrence Cody) all had great success to a varying degree. Williams, the most impressive, consistently holding up blockers, stuffing the run, and even batting down pass. Thomas, who had had a sack, also held up at the POA and displayed great strength. Cody also was quite good - consistently drawing a double team - but he wore down some.
WR Mardy Gilyard was impressive - despite at least one drop that I saw; displaying his great speed, quicks, and playmaking ability receiving and returning. My #1 guy - Andre Roberts - dropped the first pass I saw all week but made a nice catch in the middle of the field and taking a big hit. Jeremy Williams of Tulane, who had a decent week - played well; but also had at least one drop. Taylor Price was rather quiet and his inconsistencies showed up during the game.
FS Nate Allen was always around the ball even though it won't show up on the stat sheet - and did nothing to knock him off my #1 spot. Taylor Mays had an interception on an easy read and weak throw by Sean Canfield - outside of that he wasn't much of a factor. Myron Rolle didn't look as good in game action as in practice, his speed is still a question.
TE Ed Dickson had one nice play on a deep 31-yard pass. Jimmy Graham looked good also - although he did have one drop; but could have had more receptions if the south QBs (cough Tebow cough) would have targeted him more. Colin Peek stepped up and did a great job to hold on to a TD after a big hit. Anthony McCoy was quiet with just one catch.
OL Mike Iupati, who did get caught holding, and Vladimir Ducasse looked dominant - although Geno Atkins of Georgia did get some great rushes in the interior on Iupati - and did as well as you could expect versus the big DTs of the South. John Jerry got pushed a little by Cam Thomas, and looked better at good than tackle.
RB LaGarrette Blount of Oregon had a great day and could be a very good back in the league. The best QBs were Dan LeFevour of Central Michigan and Zac Robinson of Oklahoma St. CB Kyle Wilson of Boise St. also looked good. DE Alex Carrington of Arkansas State followed up a great week of practice with a good showing at the game.


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Mark , scouts are saying 3 round or later. Scouts on the sporting news are even saying 5th round. You don't waste high draft picks on players who will see the field for about only 15 plays a game and who are fat and out of shape. Yet i got a couple of buffons on here questioning those facts, Somebody might take a chance on him higher in the 2-3 round than where he should go.

OH YEAH , i'm in tears making good money with my own businesses while somebody is looking for a job as a junior scout making ZILCH !!! Do you see the tears ???? NOT !!! lmfao !!

Ya, I don't think he's the kind of player this regime wants. They want stout big, not fat big. Ratliff and Ferg are excellent examples of that. No way Ferg would have lasted until 35 weighing 370 lbs.

Parcells preaches strength, size, and fitness to the max. Cody doesn't resemble that philosophy.

I was loving Dan LeFevour of Central Michigan all season. Amazing heart. Glad to see you thought so as well. Hope he gets a chance in the show.

Anyone one have an idea who we might be able to trade down with?

Nice touch.

Trash Chris, who did us ALL a service, and Mando, who selected him to provide that service, on Mando's blog!

Get your own website, NJ.

Then you can live-blog off the TV, and talk to yourself without any criticism, to your heart's content.

From the mind of Marcus....(Trying to get my own blog like NJ)

NJ, your boy Iupati got his lunch money took by the kid from Georgia... Iupati looks like a good prospect, but I think he is getting too much hype...

I kept saying Brandon Graham was a beast... After a Senior Bowl MVP and dominating performance... He is a definite first rounder... Now, watch this former track star run a 4.6 and bench press 225 35 - 40 times and he will go in the teens... He is better than Larry English and he went at 15 last year...

Surprised by Weatherspoon... Lived up to the hype from the entire week by having a great game... Is solid in the run game and can cover well... Exactly the player Miami needs... Brings a whole lotta other stuff to the game that make the defense a whole lot more enertaining to watch... I think he has more value at 25 than McClain has at 12... Like I said ten times before, I am not impressed with McClain....

Impressed with Dan Williams.... I have a feeling he maybe Miami's pick... All will depend on FA...

Chris Cook could be a player...

Liked Ben Tate...

McCluster showed his speed, think he may fall to the 3rd... Tebow should have ridden this kid's coat tails to MVP... McCluster was open on just about every play he was on the field and Tebow through it to him once... Then spent the rest of the game squeezing the air out of the ball....

My mind is clear now... Will take questions on others in the game for those who are curious...

LMFAO @ MARCUS , nice !!! MY BOY Iupati ?? Really . I gave fact' s on what a great week he had and scouts agreed. Don't take to much from a all-star game . These guys were together only a week to play a game. Iupati will still be drafted in the 1st round, I'm for dfrafting defense and you know who i like. LOL !! Nice try !!

For teams wnting CJ Spiller, logical partners may be:

San Francisco #13 and #17
Seattle #14
NY Giants #15
Pittsburgh #18
Houston #20
Green Bay #23
Philadelphia #24
San Diego #28
Indianapolis #31/32

For teams wanting Dez Bryant, logical partners may be:

Tennesee #16
Cincinnati #21
New England #22
Baltimore #25
NY Jets #29

So if one or both of them fall to #12 there should be lots of options


Nice post Marcus and I concur, Weatherspoon later on does have a lot more value than McClain at #12. Weatherspoon's coverage ability are unreal and makes him my favourite ILB for the Miami Dolphins.

This blog is hilarious!!

It depends on who is available at 12 who will want to trade up.... Here are some reasons why we will have suitors...

1. 12 is a spot that isn't toxic when it comes to the player's contract... Teams selecting won't have to be shelling out 30 million guaranteed like the #1 overall pick...

2. The top ten looks to be mostly meat and potatoes players...(Lineman)... One or more of the top position players will be available and anybody in need will want to be in our spot... Players that come to mind( Joe Haden, CJ Spiller, Dez Bryant, Rolando McClain, Jermaine Gresham, Jimmy Clausen, Earl Thomas)

3. We most likely be in need of whoever drops to us at 12 so we will have leverage in the fact we have no problem using the pick... Teams calling in to offer a trade will not be able to low-ball us, which is good...

LOL @ EX . I trashed you and your pathetic attempt to take a shot at me . nice try and thanks for stopping by :) Cha ching !! cha ching !! that's the sound of money coming in baby !!

Good points Marcus. And true. At any rate, the team should be able to get good value from that draft pick - whether they use it or trade it.

So the fact that Chris is an aspiring scout, with a great deal of obvious talent, as Mando recognizes, is laughable to you because you are making (so you say) mad money?

The rest of us appreciate Chris. We are grateful for his insights, and we thank Mando for allowing him to express himself on this blog.

And unlike you, many of us do not judge people based on their economic status, and we do not worship Money instead of The Lord.

NJ, I didn't take too much from the game... Just let the game firm up the opinions I had going in.... Brandon Graham is a stud... Point Blank... I thought it before the week started... He dominated in practice.... He dominated the game... He will dominate the combine... He will go between 10 - 20....Denver, Jacksonville, Tennesee, Cinci, Atl could all use pass rushers... He looks like a Patriot... He may go there at 22.

I hope its Steelers at #18. Could still take Weatherspoon before Pats. Take J. Hughes in Rd.2 and have at least two Rd.3 picks. If you could get a 3 for T. Ginn you could take C. Thomas at NT, J> Graham at TE and a FS.

This is going to be a long couple of months. Does anyone know when free agent signings will start?

This is the last time i will respond to you because i don't like to indulge coward idiots. You came on here first , posting out the blue of how jealous i was of chris , who is doing a fine job , of having a this guest blog. I responded to your idiotic accusations by stating how happy and succssesful i'am doing what i do with my businesses. You cant continue to make idiotic remarks but your just embarrassing yourself and putiing you on the same jealous level as that buffoon stop the madness. Good luck wasting your time and than ks for stopping by :) say hi to FLPD for me . LOL !!!

Marcus , Yeah on graham going between 20-30.

Free agency starts in early March - after the combine

I think that the dolphins have the Brandon Graham position filled but i think that they may need a good big reciever. Gilyard is fast but not very big, we need a bigger 6'3 6'4 reciever that can make plays.

I really like vincent jackson but i know the legal issues and what not but really like how he can stretch the field.

I shall attend 3p.m. Mass today, and pray that The Lord gives you the strength and wisdom to turn your back on Mammon and to return to His flock.

I shall no longer repond to your insults of me, of Chris, or of our gracious host, Armando.

Good Day, Sir.


I agree 100% with you on S. Weatherspoon, but I am not sure we can pass up on McClain at #12 without a reasonable trade offer for a later first rounder and another mid-to-late rounder. If the situation gives itself, and the cards look promising at the time of the Fins pick then I say trade down, if not, I say we must go with McClain. He's young and smart, two things Miami can use on defense.

Ex-AcoNUT...take ur religious horsesh"t elsewhere, here is ur Tim Tebow Jersey, go to church and give ur money to child molesters and people selling snake oil

PWSICK, i agree with u, vincent jackson is a big guy who can make a good play. the dolphins have to have a good QB that can bring the best out of young WR. or a good WR, that can make a bad play into a good play.

bobbyd12 is NJ PHIN FAN

Lmao @ Bobbyd12-
I'm a religious man, not the most, but I do try to keep my faith. However I must admit that last comment was pretty funny!

Good day to you sir. Light a candle for yourself. Thou shall not be envious or jealous of others. Maybe you will see your ways. :) I 've already attended mass at my greek orthodox church yesterday. God bless and good luck.

enrigue, i believe we can get more out of Mclain, all of us have seen him play, he is smart, he can make good decisions. Crowder and Ayodele arent able to step up in times when the dolphins need them to.

LMFAO @ bobbyd12. me too

Really, Enrique?

You find it funny when a commenter says that the Catholic Church is full of child molesters and snake oil salesman?


"This is the last time i will respond to you"
NJ @2:16p.m.

Yet another NJ untruth.

I really wish we could have seen some Wildcat plays with Tim Tebow at quarterback. After all, that's all he'll probably be good for during the first couple of years, if he's lucky.

god bless you to sir :)

tebow takes a long time to throw the ball, and when he does, he starts at the bottom and goes to a circular motion, that could cause many fumbles and many sacks.

McClain is who I'd rather see in a Dolphin jersey, but the truth is that the Fins need more than just a good ILB. If they're able to pass up on McClain in order to pick up Weatherspoon and later rounder NT or FS then I wouldn't be upset either. Point is that this draft has a lot of Defensive talent and the Fins are in a position to take advantage of it.

@ Enrique Es Frique-
Enrique is freaky, just ask your momma.

Is that Esa Tikkanen of Edmonton Oiler fame at 2:43????

NJ, the Leafs got themselves another big defenceman. Glad they did that. With Komisarek, Beauchemin, and Schenn already back there, it was something they needed. :((( sigh

i agree, enrique, there are many players like dan williams or terence cody who can replace ferguson if he isnt fit and who knows, the dolphins could sign him but i doubt it, they need dan williams, terence cody, etc

mclain would be good in a dolphins jersey, he could replace crowder or ayodele, i would not be smart to pass him up if he is still thereby #12

WOW , just saw it . You guys got phaneuf ?? Great pickup but you gave up some good young guys but so what, Nive pickup.

Little has really been said about ferg's injury but a torn quad is horrible - on par with a torn ACL if not worse. I don't think he's ever coming back. If he does, I'll be surprised but the way I see it, the Dolphins have Soliai and perhaps on obvious passing downs, Starks playing NT. They definitely need more as anyone can see this situation is not ideal.

I am such a loser! The only thing that gets me up in the mornings is this blog! I really work the late shift at Taco Bell, and spend my days at the public library monitoring this blog!

Meh, not excited about the deal.

F the jets in the A

Any baseball fans in here?

Posted by Kris 09:23

Do you think that anyone has steped up to the point of by passing a McClain or Dez Bryant in the eys of the Tri-Fecta?

I think Weatherspoon ILB had a very strong showing at the Senior Bowl. While 1 game shouldn't shake the foundations of any major body of work, I think he may have made a strong case for being rated at least as high as McClain. OUTSTANDING INTANGIBLES for SW! I believe the Fins will move away from JP I think this guy would be a excellent high energy guy to help motivate troops and get every body's mind right before games ala JP. He seems to have the complete package you look for passionate, coverage ability, good angles, tough vs the run and pass. He will strike a ballcarier.

I am NOT a fan of McClain. I think he would be a tremendously bad choice for the Fins at #12. I don't he offers any value there anyways. I got lambasted a few times for asking folks to check out the 7:33 youtube vid of McClain and relay any thoughts. To me, a player has to be more than just big and clock a fast 40 time. I feel that the video shows an awful lot of "hop on your back or help finish what was already started type tackling". McClain too high on many off his tackles and doesn't seem to decisively go into tackles like a missle. He feels his way slowly through trash until he goes into tackle many times. He also had an all star team funneling him action. Not McClain's fault his team was good on that one just a note. It's like saying David Klingler put up big stats due to offense he ran...similar comment. Just my own humble opinion obviously not shared by McClain supporters. I can handle that as they will all have to button chinstraps and play in the NFL at some point...well unless he is another Vernon Gholston (Bam Raosted! lol)

As for Dez Bryant. Now one in the Senior Bowl that played well at WR was of Bryant's body type. Gilyard looked pretty good but is very small. Doesn't mean he won't be dangerous at the NFL level. Bryants biggest woes center around not having much of year due to his lying/suspension issues. He is a bigtime tallent and I think he will be pretty good as a pro. Because of these facts I feel the Fins will look elsewhere as they would be loathed to grab a guy with such big question marks...at least that early anyways.

OK guys the Cuban has arrived, what are we talking about today????

... Or Insulting today????.

I think that im with you i dont really think much of MCClain either. I think we can get better value and/or more picks for someone else.

I like big Hairy balz and also enjoy a fat hairy butt here and there. If interseted please call me at 1-800 - Kris-y loves hairy balz. Thanks .

Rob RE: Dez Bryant, would you give this guy 1st round money with his integratery issues????

I love bryants talent i jsut think we will see the same bs that the niners had to go through with crabtree, and he did look good but you have to think did the niners think it was truly worth it.

A lot is going to depend on what happens in the month and a half leading up to the draft; with free agency, trades, and players being released.

If we are able to make moves to fill up some of our "Must-Haves" and "Needs" than it will come down to us either trading down or taking the best available player that fits those two categories. (Dez Bryant, Dan Williams, Rolando McClain, Earl Thomas, Brandon Graham, etc.)

If the right moves are made - there is no reason we shouldn't be back in the playoffs and back there for many years to come.

(I feel so much more knowledgeable on Draft Doings after this week by the way!)

NEW BLOG UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New blog up

I just hope we land quality FA that give us some room in the draft to possibly take someone explosive on offense or special teams.

Marcus, you have a lot of valid comments and pose lots of food for thought.

I do think the Fins have a moveable, desirable position in the draft. Mark in Toronto, nice break down of teams that may want the spot if those players are there.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I feel CJ Spiller is a super blue chip talent (Like McCluster on steriods) and would take him in a second at #12. I feel he is so talented that BP and Co could cause a detour in their normal draft strategy. This would be my choice as the player fairly likely to be there with the talent befitting the #12 spot. Again, for those that think I'm too Offense only gaga because I like Spiller, my #1 choice would be S Eric Berry but I know he will go top 5 and many have him 3rd overall.

With that said, I know the Fins need Def bigtime and much more than Off right now. If they trade back and snag an extra draft pick (2nd or 3rd) and get one of these 3: DE/OLB Brandon Graham, ILB Weatherspoon or DT/NT Dan Willaims in the 20-30 range I would say that would be a great move! Those guys have super value around the 20-30 range. Taking any one of those guys at #12 would be reaching imho.

Ff they end up with ANY one of these players in round one in this order I will be kewl with it...

S Eric Berry (Dream weaver! lol)

RB CJ Spiller (Pound for pound most talented all around football player at #12 to me)

DE/OLB Brandon Graham (Sets the edge nice and rushes passer.)

ILB Sean Weatherspoon (He was a monster at the Senior Bowl, many intangibles, great tude! He and B. Graham jockey for position on my list)

DT/NT Dan Williams (Versatile, heavy enough to anchor some and active enough to split double teams and get tfl's)

Any of these guys would help the cause and are 1st round talents. A trade back and getting one of them late 1st should net and extra 2nd or 3rd depending on how many spots jumped. In this draft the Top 10 or so doesn't have a bunch of crazy talented players but, it appears there is some good depth. Sliding back and getting extra picks would have a big impact on the influx of talent to the Fins.

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